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UNID, signal is just over the noise level.
S3-4 in NH seacoast... Noise level is almost as high. Using Eton Grundig Satellit and 45' of wire into a 9:1 balun and RG58 at 25' height.

0145 Iggy Pop, lust for life

0148 Almost caught a station ID.
          The Stooges, Raw power
0151 Still can't make out the ID (Half-life?)
           Ramones, I wanna live

Gone into the static
0205 Iggy Pop, The passenger. Got ID as Radio Halfwise.
0207 Iggy Pop, I wanna be your dog
0209 David Bowie, Heroes

0212 gone, into the noise and bad band condx
Static static static
0300 Jimi H., All along the watchtower

Can confirm, 6903 USB.  Solid signal into NH seacoast.  S3-5

1100 Johnny cash, hurt
 S3-4 signal in New Hampshire. This is my first Euro pirate catch, ever. Sounds great!

Crazy noise. UNID.

0117 talking. Music off.

Changed freq to 6955

0119 the doors.
0125 data
0127 Santana.

North American Shortwave Pirate / OTR 6770 AM 0100 UTC 7 Aug 2019
« on: August 07, 2019, 0129 UTC »
Bob Hope show. Good signal into NH Seacoast. S5-6.

0200 off-air

2352 Music. UNID. Good signal into NH Seacoast. Very nice audio. S5-6.
0035 the smoothest of jazz. Great signal.
0056 off-air

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6930 USB 0209 4 Aug 2019
« on: August 04, 2019, 0242 UTC »
0241 Just dialed in, playing some music. Great signal, S5-6 in NH.

0200 NOFX
0213 changing frequencies... Sorry about my post, I thought I was kool for a sec...
0225 Music. Great signal!! Solid S9+ in NH
0244 Sounds like 311...? Anyways, great signal still. Keep it up!
0259 NOFX, We called it America. Great song. Great signal, still!
0310? off-air
0333 6935khz USB, DANZIG Twist of Cain!!!!!!!! Hell yes!! I love this band!! First time hearing it on Shortwave radio!!!
0344 Ministry!!!! Yes!!!
0408 Station ID, 73Radio? Clever name radio? Not sure which. Anyways, playing NOFX again. God bless America.

0135 Just tuned in. Solid S3 signal into NH Seacoast. I love this show!

0144 Signal seems to have gotten stronger. S3-4, using my portable with a longwire/9:1 unun, up in some trees.

0148 Signal seems to be gone here. It was fun while it lasted!

0030 S9+ booming into NH Seacoast, the LOUDEST signal I've ever heard from a pirate in New England. Excellent audio playing electronic music.

0042 Station ID, MIX Radio. S9+
0112 Station ID, S9+
0131 MIX Radio int'l, S9+
0147 Music and station ID, S9+
0204 Station ID, S9+

0245 Sounding great into NH Seacoast. Signal: S4-5 with some atmosphere. Keep up the good work perro!

0149 S2 signal into NH Seacoast... Very faint...
0213 S4-5 signal jump!
0230 MAJOR signal jump! S5-6

0035 S1-3 and lots of storm noise here.

0022 S7-8 into the New Hampshire seacoast!

Hello RFW!

S3-4 into S. New Hampshire!

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