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SIO 444/S8-9+ into NH by the coast. 
2330Z, nice slow music sounding very good. Thank you for the show!!

0130z, 6925.0 AM

Coming in very nicely into NH at S9+20 with some slight fading...

I am digging the jams heavily...

0245z, coming into NH by the sea at S8-9 with somewhat low modulation.  I am enjoying the tunes, though. Thanks, Sycko Radio!

2341z, Beach Boys coming in to NH at S8-9+

Sounding good, thanks for the show!

Just happened to hear some good jams coming in at S8~ into NH, USA

2311z ID'd Dead City Radio

2310z, Hearing some music and talking in NH, USA. Some short periods of fading...
Totally listenable though.
Thanks for the show.

0300z, great signal into NH seacoast... Some killer tunes!! Keep it up! S7-8

2230z, S7+ into New Hampshire. I'm hearing a TV show or some kind of show or old movie or something...

1925z, getting ya at S3 almost, right at the noise floor. I can get you clearer in waves where the signal gets better, though.
Thanks for the Zeppelin.


2336z, Sounding great in New Hampshire with some classic rock jamz! Thanks Skunkhole!

2320z, Phil Collins coming into New Hampshire, USA at S7-8...

Its been a while since I have heard Laser! Thanks for the tunes!

0150z, Hearing some kinda music just over the noise...about s4-5 in NH

2250z, coming in at S6 in Eastern NH. I dig the music... Thanks...

2208z, Hearing some xylophone music coming in at S3 into Eastern NH...

2105z, about S4 into New Hampshire. I'm hearing some classic rock stuff... Nice!

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