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0100z Coming in solid at S6-7 here in NH
'Bout time somebody played the friggin' MEATMEN!  TESCO VEE RULES
Killer New Years show!


HOLY CRAP! This guy is blazing in to New Hampshire!!! S-5 on the meter and it sounds like he's NEXT DOOR!!

I don't know who this is but I've never heard such great audio...

2319z faded out, inaudible

S0-1 here in NH but able to fish it out of the noise with the Airspy., Some Metallica at about 0423z, followed by some nu metal stuff.
Good show, thanks!

2249z Just tuned in... S3-4, church music? Organ with a crowd of parishioners?
Sounds good, anyway. Thanks for the tunes, whomever you are!
2251z ... Interlude with the DJ, but couldn't tune up the noise reduction quick enough to get an ID. Barely heard something regarding Christmas music. "Louie Louie"? Not quite sure... TNX, 73!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unid, 6955 usb, 0455 uta, 14 Dec
« on: December 14, 2019, 0550 UTC »
0545z Coming in at about S1 here in NH, USA. The audio is great, though.


S1-3 here in NH with some music playing. No ID heard, yet.

0439z Psychedelic Furs Pretty in Pink, with some other audio under it...

0443z ID heard. Mix Radio Int'l

0449z Almost down to S1, yet still very good, clear audio! Mix Radio ROCKS!

0500z The Clash, coming in at a whopping S1 but still excellent audio.

0510z Turning Japanese, and signal still at S1, yet very listenable. Great job Mix Radio!!

0520z Bono singing with his band, U2 at S1-2 on the meter. SIO 544

0531z Off-air

Thanks Mix Radio! Great show!

2234z Very faint music over the noise floor here in New Hampshire. Hearing Psychedelic Furs at about S1-2...
Good catch, guys.
2236z B52's
2249z signal jumped up to S5-6
2253z lost signal

2105z S7-8 here in New Hampshire USA

1940z hearing barely over the noise, at S2-3, some talking and bits of music here and there.

Just stumbled across this one as the music ended and SSTV came on.
S8 signal in NH.
Off at 0533z

Signal was s6-7 here in NH. I could hear music but fading in and out prevented me from making out what it was.

MW Loggings / CFZM 740 AM 0300Z 22 NOV 2019
« on: November 22, 2019, 0318 UTC »
Zoomer radio coming in to NH tonight from Toronto.  Very good signal, 59+ playing old time radio dramas show "Theater of the Mind." 0300-0400z

0405z Reggae music coming in at S7-8+ here in NH, USA
0415z SSTV
0418z signal getting low, still playing reggae
0425z ... almost caught the ID... "[something] Radio, broadcasting live"
0437z Bankrobber- The Clash
0443z unintelligible words; voice/music is just at the noise level.
0454z Robinhood Radio ID, more reggae jamz
0500z sound getting very low...
0515z still on... Awesome reggae...
0520z I switched to NH, USA KiwiSDR;   W1NT for better sound. It worked.
0527z Bradley, Bud, and Eric of Sublime talking (excerpt from album "Robbin the hood") RIP Brad Nowell
0535z SSTV, then signing off with most excellent microphone feedback
0537z off-air
Thanks for staying up late for all us night owls!

Sick guitar shredding at 0044z

Signal: 57-8+

Hearing male voice talking...
0110z SSTV

2200z R. A. M. O. N. E. S.
Signal 59+ here in New Hampshire USA

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