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0227z, S5-6 into NH with some trippy sounds. Keep it coming...

0017z, Captn Morgan Shortwave ID heard.
Huge S9+10 signal into NH...
Thanks for the great tunes.

Hands down my favorite station.

2330z, banging signal. S9+10 - 20 in New Hampshire.

XFM is the shiznit!

Do you have stickers? T-shirts?

Signal: s9+10/20
Rx : SDRUno/RSPdx w 87ft sloper endfed into 9:1 unun at 50ft.

Alice in Chains, Check my brain

2000z, Sounds good coming into NH. I am enjoying the music selection.
2013z, ID heard with email. More music.

0345z, Hearing some late night rock n roll weirdness with Bruce Springsteen on 6.955u!!
Thank the lard some pirates believe in staying up late...
0348z, some SSTV tried to come through under the horrible OTHR flapping. My copy was unsuccessful.
0350z, The Doors

Very good signal into New Hampshire, USA. S7-8 +
I'm very much enjoying the music...

S6 in New Hampshire, USA. Sounds good. I like hearing this station...

Amazing signal into NH, USA. S8+

I'm sweating my ass off with these glow sticks and black lights!

Heyyyy fella! Sounds good in NH, at a solid S5.... Excellent place to find clowns 🤡 laughing jokes or songs in a circus 🤹‍♂️?!

0105z, excellent signal here in NH by the sea... S9+
Great job guys!

Smacked right under a blob... I can't hear anything on 6960...

Sounds real nice here in NH... S4-5
Real nice hippy tunes... How's about letting them play all the way through.

8 Miles High... My favorite song by the Byrds

0006z, old blues jams coming in just over the noise here in NH.

2350z Don't you want me, coming in at S5-6 here in NH, USA

MW Loggings / Re: 530 AM
« on: April 07, 2020, 0340 UTC »
530am coming into NH pretty OK with some slight fading in and out from another station I can't make out.

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