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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1627 pop, 1630 ID (was not on the air at 1620)
1900 time pips (40 seconds late), 1 headline, music
1952 Madness, 1954 ID, pop, weak tonight

Unid on 6299,95 at 1631-1725,

1847 still on, but QRM from the multi-carrier utility
1930 same problem, not the style of Merlin, not the same offset, 1937 going on

1919 trumpet : Il silenzio ?  (tentative ID)
1921 next, "Godfather" theme

(Very weak music at 1656-1718, then off? at 1724)

1835 music again, very weak, no details so far (1845)

fading out and in again, 1909 music

1718 music, 1719 talking, pop, 1720 blank, on 6261,9 kHz
1730 music is back, maybe some hum QRM ?
1733 R. Cuckoo @yahho.com, good peak

1820 back to my shack, much weaker now, and occ. traffic QRM, only music till 1835

(1855 gone)

1712 pop on 6284,95
1713 Coast FM, more music

Try on :
approx. 6235, 6260, 6275, 6295, 6300, 6320

The best ones (some music) : 6300, 6275

1837 That was not a comment on poor propagation, but a tip about early signals on the band, together with low noise level. Now, the noise level is going up. Also, I hoped that somewhere, a few of these signals would be stronger, and I was not sure if they were all from bc station, or from utilities, or even RFI from a neighbour here.

2040 music, DJ in English, sounds like Bogusman
2043 W singer, 2047 DJ ..on the Bogusman Experience, 2048 rock

1957 Unid on 3920,9 (with Nirvana ?)
then music, talking above, drifting to 3921,2
2010 blues, rock, very noisy
2019 Rolling Stones, on 3921,4
2024 DJ, ID as Continental Radio ??, said closing down, more rock, 2030 s/off

1725 very weak, beating,retro music
1945 fair : tango singer, ID, more true oldies, from 'motion pictures', etc

1728 music, hum, off to listen the disturbing carrier, then on with close carrier and no hum.
Then transe tchacs, bpm transe,non stop.... 1944 same thing

(2040 gone)

1850 blank carrier on 6271,95
1853 music begins, pop-rock, good signal at first, then some fading
1903 "Have you ever seen the rain", various pops/R&R/Japan?/Fever-like
1919 "Wind of change", 1922

(1932 gone)

Unid on 6389,95 very weak at 1833 with Dutch instrum. music,
1839 couple of words, pop, Dutch music,pop again, 1846 Radio ...., DJ in Dutch, music, 1847

very weak, noisy, 1924 music, 1926 Beach Boys?, peaking, then deep fade
1937 "Walk on the wild side", very weak

(ID from Ronald_Mullis, see below)

1823 60's rock guitar, 'allo', ID, 1826 S.Davis Group "Keep on running",
cut, whistles, record again, cut again, 1831 s/off

0825 Edith Piaf ? in French, very weak and noisy on the SW this morning
1011 slogan ID, slow down drifting, typical play list, 1019