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Topics - Ray Lalleu

already a trace at 2041
2137 music, on a peak, then down to only a weak carrier
2146 barely heard
then a trace, still there at 2334

2031 retro singer 78  rpm, in German ? or Dutch ?
2034 W singer in English, US style, 2036 words about Hollywood,
more retro music
2112 ID
2330 ID, off

2011 back on the air after a long break today, 2012 ID, duo talking
2016 "Sitting on the dock of the bay",
2019 again talking about Radio Caroline (visiting the fake radio ship?),
"Captain said wot"

1919 Unid, very weak, noisy (here…) with pops, sounds ear pleasing
(Don't know if it could be the previous one on 3920,2 that faded out)

Mainly rock tracks. 1942 Jimi Hendrix "All along the watchtower"
1946 "Dust in the wind", 1949 "Friday on my mind"

1845 blank, 1847 music, pops, 1901 good evening,music
1907 talking, ID, greetings in French to French listeners, music
1909 canned ID+e-mail

2003 IDs (also as LFR Int'l), jingle: Remember that golden classic, "Devil woman" (title?)

1747 music, traffic on USB, thunder crashes

1828 no more traffic, but signal fading down, 1838 only a trace (weak carrier)
1840 even that carrier lost, another one now on 3920,0

Hard to hear at crashes level, 'house music'.
(Same or other station was on at 1605 with better signal and "Self control")
1712 fading up somewhat, non stop music

Tentative R. 319, relaying a pop programme with DJ in Dutch language.
Quite disturbed by continuous thunder crashes.
Probably the same station already around 1230 with "Moonlight shadow"
1654 now better than WMR on 5840, but it was long the reverse.
1955 jingle "3-3-1-1-9" added above relayed programme, promo Mobile Mi Amigo
1958 lost, end ?

Also on the air day long. Very weak in the morning, but with surprisingly (short) good peaks.
1616 ID by DJ, music, only fair with much thunder activity,
1648 same conditions
Heard again at 1844, 2001, 2258, 2324

music and talking, much atmo crashes
1630 typical talking, self naming

0744 trace only, 0915 same conditions,
0938 there's some audio, but much too weak
Probably the same station as yesterday, that also quickly drifted to 6965,2 at night.
1032 good peak, 'energy' pop, then fading down again, pops, a few words at 1036,
1039 at noise level
1213 music (barely heard), growing thunderstorms

Shortwave Broadcast / WMR 5840 UTC 0925 UTC 03 Jun 2018
« on: June 03, 2018, 0928 UTC »
0925 tropical pops, 0927 Compay Segundo "Chan chan"

0851 Unid, pops, soon fading down to extra-weak (maybe undermod helping)
0910 barely heard music, small bit of updrift since the beginning, 0911 lost

updrift: short for drifting upwards, but it was slight (6285,08 to 6285,11)
No the signal was not improving, just the reverse (till I lost even the carrier!)

(See at 2220 on same 6285,1 : R. Rainbow)

0747 music on 6270,1 pops, 0805 ID

0953 Pink panther, or alike

0848 Monkees "I'm a believer", ID, pop

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