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Topics - Ray Lalleu

1119 carrier, 1120 music, pop about "half a million miles"
1123 more pops
1140 approx, now IDs and pop parts, 1144 song in Dutch(orGerman?)
1144 ID like 'Generali, music for you and  me', pop singer
1151 "Apache", then a fade and brass music medley
1156 off
Not found elsewhere around.
The IDs where introduced by "On the 48m, you are tuned to station...."
Well, there's no insurance about 'Generali'....

0904 music (barely heard, carrier is realů)
0911 just the same (L-side is noisy)
(later barely a carrier)

(UKdxer logged Ronnie AM)

0836 Unid, end of an ID
0840 very weak, Yes"Ower of a lonely heart", a few words
0908 very weak music
0925 music. (Irish Paul has logged Blue Moon R. on 6250 - QSY from 6265)
0927 more pop, 1034 extra weak

0743 known voice, "Tainted love"
0856 talking, multi-ID, pop, noisy and stanag bursts
0859 jingle ID (motor)

speech in US English
2310 speech by another voice
(Quite like what I heard a few weeks ago)
2320 the first voice now again

0015 now clear, WWII speech, references to Thomas Jefferson

Unid, very weak, but neat signal, QRM from 6270 on U-sideband
2126 "Call me", 2135 "Sweets for my sweet"
2149 on 6265.6 "Jungle rock"
2154 "All right now"(listening on LSB, but the QRM from 6270 is fading down)
2202 hard to listen, the storms are striking back
2351 "A-frica"

2026 good signal, folk/C&W song, maybe Johnny Cash, more C&W,
2032 allo, known voice, ID as R. ABU DHABI, greetings, tnx !,  music
2035 or Abu Dhabi Radio in reverse order, music goes on
2037 Helen Shapiro "Walking back to happiness"
2100 going strong, programme of C&W, also some pops from the early 60's
2122 said closing down

1928 music, 1929 typical talking/chatting, 'Bogusman' in the middle
much storm crashes, 1932 going on chatting about records
2024 RTTY on U-side, ID, indie rock

2237 still on the air, humorist on stage. \crashes, RTTY, traffic 6320U
2240 music

1918 Unid, instrum. music, maybe music from Asia, same at 1926
weak, much strorm crashes
1948 same music, could be from a Korean movie
2052 was off
2115 back on the air, 2117 some talk(no copy), then same music that could be from Korean movie.,
2132 same music

via Dr Tim, it was Trance AM, playing relaxing music from India or China

1905 talking, background : Koto "Dragonslayer"
1908 ID, plus : pandoraradio@hotmail.com, music
1913 ID

1915 Mark Stafford telling the story of the landbased pirate radios

1950 "Dragonslayer" again

1656 ID in a loop (as IS, interval signal)

1658 music begins

(1901 already gone)

1223 Unid with music only, very weak \storm crashes, 1233 same

(1406 gone)

0955 beginning IS on 7310.18 (Kall-Krekel cold TX ?)
several minutes
(1000 I lost the signal, changing antenna), 1001 ..hello to the world.., pop, 1004 DJ Lion Keezer, ID, more pops and IDs.

1018 pops, DJ,IDs, but seems different from 6085 (at least several minutes of shift)

0935 Unid, extra weak, music on peaks,
seems music only (and unlikely to catch any ID), 0947 deeeep fade

Signal in AM-USB (no LSB sideband).
Songs in German, presentation in German, maybe songs by Marlene Dietrich or from same epoch.

0930 same programme

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