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Part 15 AM and FM Station Operation / Re: You can roll your own
« on: October 17, 2020, 1818 UTC »
I have, for the 22M 13MHz band in AM,    http://boomerthedog.net/13560.html      That 2mW, (Ooooooooo, what a flame thrower!), actually covers a few miles to anyone RX'ing with the decent 20M antenna set-up. It was all trashed and recycled parts, except for the 13.560MHz crystal, that was provided by Fearless Fred. (A very nice donation, indeed!) However, I'm not using that anytime soon. Why??? The 22M Beacon freaks went apeschytt on me. Even Glenn Hauser e-mailed to me that it was a bad idea for me to use this mW AM TX. So, O.F.W... However, it was a neat and fun experiment, for a while. So, what's next? An old idea, coming of new, again. A Layman's, Plug & Play, AM Carrier-Current, Medium Wave, Transmitter. And, we have several existing choice ideas to build prototypes from. Stay tuned!!!!!! (Literally.) 

Amateur Radio / Re: 2M SSB
« on: October 17, 2020, 1800 UTC »
What I wished gained more traction is 222MHz SSB. Nothing around to desense you, except maybe if you are next to the VHF TV CH13 transmitter tower. 222MHz is more sensitive to Tropo as well. Unfortunately, I'm in a terrible location for 432MHz SSB, bottom of a river valley and lots of foliage. 2M SSB is planned for a make-over where I am, with only a 3 ele beam, (To start.), and extra RX preamps. I do have a 2M 140W Mirage amp as well, so I can certainly play on 2M SSB in my decent directions.

Yeah... I heard that last night on the drive to work. It does make for a neat propagational beacon, though. (Hi-hi...)

Amateur Radio / Re: ISS with Crossband repeater! Is it down?
« on: October 15, 2020, 1820 UTC »
From KE8ODG:     "I canít remember who spoke about not being able to hear the ISS. So, Iíll post here.
If you click the link below it will show all the available satellites. The ISS has been reported offline for the past few days. You can also click on the numbers in each column and see the reports. Below that, you can also report on them.


Hope this helps, KE8ODG"
Yeah... Come to think of it, I haven't heard ISS for a while on 437.800MHz FM, either.

Wow... Somethin' ain't right there. Well, open that up and look for, either an adjustment POT, or for cold solder joints by a Zener Diode, or an LM78##-like Voltage Regulator. Just for the heck of it, have you put it to a load, like a 12VDC light bulb, and measured the voltage under load? Not having that power supply myself, I'm just speculating, but hopefully enough to help.

Wanna' fun aviation FREQ to check out? Listen anytime on 123.450MHz AM. That's like the CB CH19 equivalent for air traffic. At 2AM, you can hear cargo planes talking like truckers from several states away. Ya never know what, or whom, you might hear on that FREQ.

The RF Workbench / Re: 100W Linear PA for the FM Band?
« on: October 10, 2020, 1716 UTC »
I certainly can see the VHF-High version as the perfect 2M FM HT amp. Duty cycle would be right for two-way, than full bore for broadcasting.

The RF Workbench / Re: Watch out for those cheap components
« on: October 07, 2020, 1814 UTC »
Ehhh??? Huh... Well, one way you could tell that you're getting a 3W carbon resistor, instead of a ceramic wire-wound 5W, is put an inductance checker to it. Look at it this way, at least you could probably use these on RF applications. But, still... Almost makes you not want to break open that carbon resistor, to find out just what's inside that. Hmmmmm, a piece of Tungsten???

Part 15 AM and FM Station Operation / Re: Part 15 EAS kinda?
« on: October 06, 2020, 0623 UTC »
Laugh In German soldier says, "Very interesting..." I've heard the local 2M COVID-19 Net talk about this devices, when they switched to radio-like topics, and summer storms. I suppose you could get it to switch on a NOAA Weather Radio, or a cheap scanner running the NOAA VHF FREQ's. C'est possible. My question is, would an arc welder close-by set it off as a false warning? 

The talk station that I wanted to listen too last night suddenly went off-air just after 4PM. So, pissed with sports radio, until dark. Then, tuned around on a cheap POS QFX portable that I have there. To my surprise, Chicago's WGN just boomed right in for the last 2hrs of work. And, that's inside a steel building, where my AM RX'ing is very limited. So is my FM. I've heard folks say that AM DX'ing seems to be much better now, and I guess so. However, Cleveland's 1100WTAM has been a hard catch at night, lately. Must be too close at 300 miles away, where as WGN is about 500 miles from me.

The stuff that Boomer has collected is now a really nice read, and info downloads! (And then some.)      http://boomerthedog.net/radio.html
Now, probably the best on-line source for Carrier-Current AM operations. Not to mention AM C-QUAM Stereo via Part #15. Another good source is this page about James R. Cunningham,  http://lowpowerradio.blogspot.com/2015/11/low-power-am-circuits-of-james-r.html   
However, what I need to do is to make a good .PDF copy of the Ernest Wilson book - Carrier Current Techniques: The Wired Wireless Broadcasting, from 1979's Panaxis Productions. He shows you how you can build it all from the ground up.   

Yeah... In AM Carrier-Current Broadcasting, coupling to the power lines is what I'm talking about. And, the electrical power lines are a leaky radiating antenna. You may have seen this at home, with those plug-in FM 'so-called' wireless intercoms. They operate in the 1750M Experimenter's Band, around 175kHz NBFM with a RF OUT of about 10mW. They are usually coupled with a capacitor and a can-like Low FREQ transformer network. AM Carrier-Current Coupling also requires a matching network that can handle some pretty low impedance values, like 10 Ohm, or lower. A Carrier-Current Coupler has an RCL network, that's usually adjustable, since every location with be a different impedance. I'm trying to find a site that has like a Radio Systems CP-15 Coupler, or the equivalent LPB one. Even a simple LPB T-8 would be a good one. Huh... I'll have to add the inside PIC's of the CP-15 that's on my AM610, the brown box seen in a PIC that's labeled Phase II.   https://vk.com/realfreeradio?z=photo219315054_381150537%2Fphotos219315054      Yeah, my bench was a real mess years ago, but the station still rocks.   UPDATES 10/1/2020:    I've added more CP-15 PIC's to my VK page, just below the weekly programing listings,     https://vk.com/realfreeradio

Well, there's still AM Carrier-Current Coupling, (Loading to the power lines.), that's still totally permissible, like some schools and colleges still do. However, lack of gear, with Radio Systems and LPB, Inc., gone bye-bye, and the idea of coupling to the power lines, seems to set most folks away from that idea. You can Neutral Inject, like my AM610 is. If a mega church parking lot is big enough, where they have a dozen light poles lighting that, you can couple to those power lines and easily cover that whole lot with less than a watt carrier. Not a new idea either, since many Drive-In Movie Theatres have done that for decades, after they trashed their pull-aside window speakers. (Remember them?) The smart owners just coupled into the old speaker wiring. Can still be done.

Yeah... I know... I could've rolled-my-own, and usually I do. But, I had a $20.00 coupon with DX Expensive-neering, so this was a nice chance to use it, and I had only one more week left to do so. I also went with their experience in the toroid core type and turn windings. I'm really not that experienced upon determining core type make-ups and have only wound toroids a few times. The 1st time was with Fearless Fred's help upon homebrewing a MW 7 Element Chebychev LPF. That was over 25 years ago, and I still have that, which has three self-wound toroid transformers. Anyway... I went the lazy way, but am still glad that I've looked inside that Balun.  Maybe, I've bought one that was built on a Friday? Hmmmmmmm???

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