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Noted with electronic dance music at 2320, "Over and Over Again" (my guess at a song title), can't quite hear the reverberated "Radio xxxx" ID.
Ah, there's the ID at 2328 "Radio 48, Bangor" or "Banger"

Jim in western NY


A nice e-QSL just received, with tonight's theme prominently displayed. Thanks for the quick response! Don't worry, I won't reveal tonight's theme. 

Jim, western NY

Elvis at 0155z, on 6980, IDs as Ball Smacker Radio, "somewhere in the northeast". 
I neglected to power up my phaser at first, but this was still loud and clear on what should have been a fairly dead antenna. So "northeast" sounds about right.

Jim, western NY

6960 Classical music, just tuned in, waiting for an ID.  I'm in western NY.

ID at 0400 UTC as "WDOG". Beatles music being featured. Not as strong as WDDR that was using this frequency previously.

Hear with a fair/poor signal in western NY, "Ye Hah, KDOG" at 0008 EDT / 0408 UTC. I don't recognize song titles.

Wolverine Radio / WDDR Loud and Clear in western NY. 6915 khz. Currently with "Once in a Lifetime", "Dancing in the Moonlight", and Bob Marley "Get Up, Stand Up". Now 2117 EDT, 0117 UTC.

Jim Renfrew, Clarendon NY
Please QSL

Trying SSTV decode for the first time. Not working. Grrr.

Request:  Buzzy Linhart

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