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Strong signal in western NY
0150 UTC   Piano music
0151 UTC   Description of the setting at Carnegie Hall
0220 UTC   Date given as 9,23,2023, I think I heard the ID, but only certain of "77"
0221 UTC   Seems to have left the air

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west
PSE QSL jim (dot) renfrew (at) gmail (dot) com

6960 Ballsmacker Radio in western New York, fair/good signal

0131 UTC  - DJ asks for submissions on the music theme, at ballsmacker@protonmail.com
0132 UTC - "New York State of Mind"
0137 UTC -  "Nashville Cats", John Sebastian, I think
0140 UTC -  "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys
0143 UTC -  Ballsmacker Radio ID, bowling pins sfx
0144 UTC -  ?? song
0148 UTC -  "Last Train to Clarksville" by the Monkees
0151 UTC - "Last Train to Bangkok"
0155 UTC - "Do You know the Way to San Jose"
0158 UTC - "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn

Good signal in western NY 0128 UTC 6950 khz
0128 UTC  "Radio 48
0140 UTC  "Mix Radio International"
0142 UTC  "Sweet Home Alabama", or at least based on that song with some "Werewolves of London"
0144 UTC  "Mix Radio International", "This is M-R-I" (woman's voice
0144 UTC  Music from the Tom Tom Club "Genius of Love" (dance mix), voice over "Thank you for your signal report on our station"

Drake R8 B, 600 ft long wire aimed west

UNID 6930 0242 UTC 21 AUG 2023

Heard in western New York, fair signal

0242 UTC  "All That I Need is the Air That I Breath", no announcements yet
0310 UTC   Off, no announcements

Drake R8B, 600 ft longwire aimed west

Great signal in western NY on 6950

0208z   Music that I don't recognize, lyric "pull a fast one on me"
0211z   Music that I don't recognize, lyric "falling"
0213z   Music that I don't recognize, lyric "Down on my knees"
0216z   ID as "WTF Worldwide, broadcasting from East Coast North America"
0216z   Music that I don't recognize, lyric "When I'm down"
0218z   Music that I don't recognize, lyric "Sometimes makes we wonder"
0222z   Music that I don't recognize
0224z   Music "Do You Want My Love", I think by ELO

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west
Please QSL jim.renfrew (at) gmail.com

Noisy in western NY on 6925 but a solid ID at 0138z as Yeah Man Radio, during shout outs to listeners.

At 0148z there was a shout-out to me. Yay, I'm famous now.
At 0157z  Music: "Get Ready"
0200z  now seems gone

I've heard the station previously, but thanks for the broadcast!

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire west

Very weak and noisy signal in western NY at 0227

0227z   Percussive song (yeah, I know, not very descriptive!)

Drake R8B, 600' long wire aimed west

Weak signal in western NY

0310 UTC   weak talk

Hopefully something IDable will come up!

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west

Poor signal in western NY

0230 UTC   Weak music in the noise
0235 UTC   Bowling pins, so must be Ballsmacker Radio

Drake R8B, with 600 ft long wire aimed west

Strong signal on 6950 being heard in western NY

0224 UTC   "Let's Get Down to Business"
0229 UTC   ID:  "DJ Big Willie, live from Mom's BasementPirate "

Drake R8B, 600 foot longwire aimed west

Strong signal in western NY

0303z   Fleetwood Mac
0310z   "Bad Compmany"
0315z   Hendrix: Star Spangled Banner
0323z   Song "We Can be Together"
0326z   ID as "DJ Big Willie"
0327z   Song "You Are the One Thing in My Way"
0334z   "DJ Big Willie from my Mom's Basement"

Someone also on channel trying to provoke, and throwing up interfering sfx.

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west

Strong in western NY

0257z   Strong signal, with a hip hop song "1:30"
0259z   Announcer calls out "Hello, hello, hello, hello"
0301z   Song "Ebay" by Backstreet Boys
0304z   Warbly sfx
0307z   Maybe another op calling out the first op?

Drake R8B, 600 foot long wire aimed west

Fair signal, but noise, in western New York

0220z   The unmistakable sound of bowling pins! 
0223z   Touch-tone sounds, but maybe part of the song?

Too much noise to identify songs played. But - hey - it's mid-summer!

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire.

Great signal in western NY

0122z   Reception reports to Ballsmacker@photonmail.com, all songs have a common theme 

RFW 6955 fair signal in western NY at 0144z

0144z   "Whatever"
0151z   "New rock alternative"
0152z   Musical Grab Bag with "Blame Bret"

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