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6955 khz, just tuned in, fair signal with heavy noise in western New York, FEB 24-25, 2023

2354z  Previous song IDed as "Caroline (something)"
2354z  Announcer IDs station as "Radio Free Whatever", playing the best music in the whole world
2354z  Next song announced is by Ben Folds
2358z  "This is Radio Free Whatever"
0001z  "Whatever" (I think from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?)
0005z  "light another cigarette, and pour another shot", "Whatever", signal has deteriorated badly, can barely hear it through the noise now. 
0029z  Signal is now much improved

Thanks, Radio Free Whatever!

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west
Pse QSL jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail.com

In western NY, great on 4030, terrible on 6960, between 0315 and of program at 0342.  Several "Ballsmacker" IDs with bowling pins. Web address "ballsmacker.net". Songs included CSNY "Woodstock", "Let's Get Together", by Bryan Ferry (I think). Thanks!

0527z with Booker T on 6925 khz, S-7/8 in western NY
0529z with Canned Heat "Goin' Up the Country"
0532z with the Archies "Sugar, Sugar"
0535z with Leroy Carr "Papa's on the Housetop"
0538z with Dr. Hook Medicine Show "Sylvia's Mother"
0542z with Dr. John "Right Place, Wrong Time"
0545z announcer says "we play on of that antisemitic stuff, we love everybody"
0546z with Allman Brothers Band "Midnight Rider"
0550z with ""Pirate's Lullabye"
0553z with Camper Van Beethoven
0556z announcement saying good night from "Pigs Knuckles", then off.
Nice to get the ID at the last second!

Announcer speaks between each song, almost all of which I could identify! It's in USB, strong signal, but can't quite get a clear sound.

Always happy to receive a QSL at jim (dot) renfrew (at) gmail.com

Drake R8B, 600 foot long wire aimed west

4185 khz, fair signal with steady noise at 0415z, with music I mostly can't identify so far, in western NY.
I'm late to this party, but here's what I am hearing:

0417 Male announcer, UTC time-check
0418 "... there's something about that song ... the one that got away ..."
0419 "... Southern California, kind of 'orangy' ... "
0421 "... on X-FM", music follows
0428 "Broadcasting in C-Quam Stereo  ... to the world; this is X-FM"
0433 Song "Where Do We Go From Here". not sure of artist
0444 "... sit on the porch and drink a beer ... don't get riled up ..."
0445 "...being heard in Maui ... I was talking with Ball Smacker Radio ..."
0447 Music from Everything But the Girl "Nothing Left to Lose"
0451 "Broadcasting in C-Quam Stereo ... X-FM"
0457 "This is X-FM"
0501  Announcer mentions "Jim Renfrew" and "AlleyCat" from Binghamton (thanks for the callout, Mr. Operator)

pse qsl: jim.renfrew(at)gmail.com
Redhat verifield my report by e-mail. Thanks! 

Drake R8B, 600 foot long wire aimed west

Hammond B3 organ at 0330, 6934.97 khz, fair to good in western NY. Now waiting for ID or announcements.  At 0410z the organ music is continuing. No announcements heard.

Please qsl: jim.renfrew(at)gmail.com

0427 - music ends, no announcements heard during the past hour.

Being heard in Cappahayden, Newfoundland at 2253z.  Sorry, I can't identify the music, not yet anyway, but it's mesmerizing in quality.

I'm back again at 2334. Sound quality is poor but the announcer is saying things like "I don't know what's going on".  There was a marine broadcast causing some interference, probably somewhere in the Atlantic. At 2345 I heard the announcer say "We've got one more, you're probably not going to guess it though", apparently in reference to the music that followed.

A QSL would be welcome!  jim.renfrew@gmail.com

Jim Renfrew, western NY
Drake R8B, 700 ft long wire aimed west
Signal strong

0034z   "Whatever"
0039z   "Whatever ... we're shortwave's rock station", music from the Wombats "Is This What it Feels to Feel like This"
0046z   "Hedonism" by Skunk Anansie (I think)
0050z   DJ says, "That's a catchy, poppy tune, Blue Light. Having a fabulous time ... write to djdickweed@gmail.com, good night everyone, 73"
0051z   final instrumental tune, then "whatever".

pse qsl jim.renfrew (at) gmail.com

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WTF 6940 USB 0235 UTC 3 SEP 2022
« on: September 03, 2022, 0336 UTC »
Loud and clear in western NY

0303z  K:  Song about paranoia
0306z  L:  Led Zeppelin "Good Times, Bad Times"
0308z  M:  Steve Miller Band  "Take the Money and Run"
0311z  WTF Radio jingle
0311z  N:  Nirvana  "Come as You Are"
0315z  O:  ??
0318z  P:  ??
0322z  Q:  Queen  "Fat Bottomed Girls"
0326z  R: Rolling Stone  "Under My Thumb"
0328z  S:  ??
0332z  "WTF"

QSLs always appreciated: jim.renfrew (at) gmail.com

Thanks for the QSL, received September 6

0004z Clever Name Radio
0805z The Doors

Strong signal in western New York.

Poor signal at 0340z in western NY.
Just heard the "Two Dog Radio" ID after lengthy blues guitar.
A lot of noise tonight.

Pse QSL  jim.renfrew@gmail.com

0531z AUG 29 2022

Playing Pink Floyd.  Only audible in AM mode, USB and LSB are hash

Jim Renfrew, western NY

0111z Grand Funk Railroad "I'm Getting Closer to My Home" or is it "I'm Your Captain"?
0119z WDOG Code ID in background, dog barking
0120z Interview (?) with Bob Jovi, I think it's a comedy bit

Jim Renfrew, western NY

6925 0244z

CHIL ID at 2244, mention of "monkey business engineer" "hope you're enjoying acid rock".

Strong signal, though the sound is a bit ragged.

Jim in western New York

Noted on 6920 at 0212z in western NY. Mash-up of a few lines "Nice to Meet You". Then an electronic voice reading postings on HF Underground. Mentions "Clever Name Radio".
0506 UTC Came back to listen at 0501z, a little outer space music, then "Hasta la vista, baby, I'll be back". Then seems to be gone.  Heard in western NY

pse qsl jim.renfrew@gmail,com

Finally, hearing more music than static on 6915 from my location in western NY. At 2356 playing music, Joe B?

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