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Poor into western NY 6974.9
0157 UTC   Music, but nothing that I recognize, we'll have to see what comes next.

It may still be on, but it's faded down to nothing by 0220z

Drake R8B, 600 ft longwire aimed west

Poor, blobby signal in western NY on 5059.97, then - doh! - let's try USB, bingo, good signal on 5060 now
0409 UTC   UNID music
0419 UTC   Jingle, "WTF Radio"
0423 UTC  "You're not the only one, WTF"
0425 UTC  "On the Radio", by Regina Spektor I think
0426 UTC   "Now it's time to let the ionosphere take over"
0430 UTC   Song: "Liked It, Really, Really Liked It"
0433 UTC   "One more from WTF"
0442 UTC   Transmission ends

Thanks WTF!

Drake R8B, 600 feet long wire aimed west

Good signal on 6925 in western NY at 0335 UTC
0332 UTC   "Hot Stuff"
0336 UTC   "Bad Girl"
0340 UTC   "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"
0345 UTC   More music that I can't name. No ID yet!

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire

Late to the party again ... strong signal at 1717 UTC in western New York, with music, and then off at 1719. Oh well.

Hearing a series of doo-wop songs at 0310z in western NY on 6929.9 USV=B
0306 UTC   "In the Heat of the Night"
0311 UTC   "Money Honey"
0314 UTC   "I Walk the Line"
0317 UTC   "Heartbreak Hotel", I think
0319 UTC   "Fever"
0323 UTC   ID:"Outhouse Radio"
0323 UTC   "Ain't That a SHame"
0331 UTC   "Come On Baby, Let the Good Times Roll"
Getting weaker now

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire
pse qsl at jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(dot)com

Pretty good in western NY, decent signal, though hard to find a sweet spot on the BFO

2234 UTC   Her Strut by B. Seger
2235 UTC   ID as Radio Clandestine
2237 UTC   Movie audio clip, Ralph and someone else, "We've Got a Plan"
2240 UTC   "Doggy, Doggy"
2242 UTC   "Radio Clandestine, you can find us here, you can find us there, you find us everywhere"

Drake R8B, 600' long wire aimed west
pse QSL at "jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(dot )com  Thanks!

Fairly good signal in western NY, 6937 khz
2248 UTC - Ranting against a female heavy metal DJ.
2257 UTC - Too many wars against brown people
2315 UTC - Criticism of ham field days, easy ham licensing tests, ham public service, and fat people
2320 UTC - Criticism of FCC, fat people, pile-ups, Bert, fat people again, and Big Bird.
2324 UTC - ID "Too much truth on Cheshire Radio".

Fair signal but very noisy on 6935 at 2120z in western NY

2224z  Radio Beijing/Radio Peking interval signal. and "This is Radio Peking"
2226z  Radio Prague interval signal
2228z  Review of the ten IS recordings (couldn't write them down fast enough!), 9 Saudi Arabia, 7 Radio Azteca, 5 Radio Nederland, 3 Radio Beijing, 2 Radio Prague, 1 WLIS 9 with Blue Ridge Summit PA address
2230z  Radio Bostwana interval signal with cow bells, cows and roosters
2233z  This has been a tribute to the greatest interval signals of all time
2234z  Identification as WLIS, address POB 109, Blue Ridge Summit PA 17214, "73 and 88's to the ladies"

Is this Blue Ridge Summit address still working?

Drake R8B, 600' long wire aimed west
Pse QSL jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(dot)com

Expecting VO Pancho Villa on 4055, I was surprised to hear the Mix Radio International ID at 0531, "Welcome to Mix Radio International", then signal off.

Heard in western NY
Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west

Fair signal in western NY on 6935, noisy though

0322z   Jazz organ
0326z   Two mentions of "B Side Radio"
0327z   Jazz clarinet, trumpet
0350z   Announcer mentions HF Underground
0350z   Can't quite hear the DJ's talk due to noise, but there is mention of Russell Hall as one of the musicians
0401z   Jazz guitar
0408z   More DJ talk, "here we go", "B Side Radio"
0409z   More music
0420z   Barely audible now

Drake R8B, 600 ft long wire aimed west
Pse QSL "jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(dot)com"

Heard on 6930 in western NY, fair signal with noise, no IDs yet

0314z   Heavy metal / Head Banger music
0319z   Slow Scan TV
0327z   Slow scan TV

Solid signal in western NY

2324z   "Born to Be Wild"
2326z   ID, but couldn't catch it, mentioned the "Weekend Show"
2327z   "Light My Fire" (short version)
2330z   "A Million Dollar Weekend", "Yeah Man Radio"
2331z  "Mustang Sally"
2333z  "Solid Gold Million Dollar Weekend"
2333z   "Green-Eyed Lady"
2339z   "Yeah Man Radio"
2340z   Shout out to reporters on HF Underground (including me!), mention of last night's Wayne Shorter tribute
2342z   "Spill the Wine"

Yeah Man Radio is best on USB, there is some marine traffic also on 6925 best on LSB

You can't go wrong for an oldies format with Light My Fire and Born to Be Wild!

Western NY, Drake R8B, 600 ft longwire
Pse qsl jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(dot)com

6925 khz, 0229z FEB 26 2023, poor signal into western NY

Mostly noise, but at 0229z I heard, "You're listening to Radio Jamba International", but other than that mostly noise.

6939.9 khz 0121z FEB 25 2023  Radio Mushroom being heard in western NY

0120z  "The Man Who Sold the World"
0121z  "Radio Mushroom is on the air!"  Siren in background, nuclear reactor pumping out joules
0122   "Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby"
0127   "Here at Radio Mushroom ... pure nuclear power under our feet powering our transmitter ... plug right into the core, Radio Mushroom"
0130   "It's about time ... the cops are closing in. If you see a mushroom cloud, you'll know Radio Mushroom is on the air", siren and explosion.

Drake R8B
600 ft longwire
pse qsl jim(d0t)renfrew(at)gmail(dot)com

6945 khz, 0042z FEB 25, 2023 Irish Rose Radio", heard in western New York

I think this is the one that has been playing Zeppelin for the past while.
0041z ID as "Irish Rose Radio" at 0041, "catch you on St. Patrick's Day ... you have no idea what you're dealing with!"
(there have been some interfering signals and the dj has a strong opinion about that!)
0048z "Good bye, catch you on St. Paddy's Day"

Drake R8B, 600 foot longwire west
pse qsl jim(dot)renfrew(at)gmail(dot)com

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