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Anyone recently gone missing from #wunclub?
The entire lot; ... as of 2006 it would appear.

Edit: For clarity (thinking two thoughts while typing)

From within complaint #2, as if we needed to be informed 'shortwave' is involved in "radiograms" (messages) being passed to 'spys':

"30. Furthermore, during the 2006 Seattle Search, law enforcement
agents entered the Seattle Apartment and observed there a radio
that can be used for receiving short-wave radio transmissions


Interesting ... in this complaint (#2) they describe how steganography was used to pass some 'traffic' (steganography - the process of secreting data in an image; changing some byte data surreptitiously to send a few hundred characters undetected in a picture or image):


The specific complaint filed by the DOJ - includes a few more details:



From: More Russian Spy News :

"The court papers described the defendants communicating with purported Russian
agents using a method not previously described in espionage cases here: by establishing
a short-range wireless network between laptop computers
of the agents and sending
encrypted messages between the computers while they were near each other.

AS technology advances so does the spy business ...

Suspects, Arrested in Four States, Were Highly-Trained Spies Seeking Access to "Policy-Making Circles," FBI Says
So this is why fedgov policies appear to be so 'hosed' lately ...

I work in the radio industry.  GPS antennas are found at every radio installation for syncronizing the system.  If it loses the 10 MHz. sync info, it stops.  No cellular, no internet, no broadband, no power from the substation, nothing.  Except, HF radio!
What do you do, roughly ... just finished a stint here with Cisco/BWBU (Broadband Wireless Business Unit, the old Navini startup they in bought late 2007) where we were completing the P4 WiMAX beam-forming basestation that used GPS for system-synchronization and frequency-locking (we did extensive testing of this feature with a couple different vendor's GPS modules as well as pay attention to ultimate phase-noise of the two S-band synthesizers in the product) ... the previous Navini-proprietary over-the-air protocol (for the P3 product line) only used GPS to assure that all basestations were transmitting in/during the TX time slot (a TDD protocol - time division duplexing like WiMAX is) ... loss of GPS would have meant eventual 'wandering' of the TX slot into adjacent basestation's RX timeslots and some degradation of operation ...

I don't know how dependent routers and internet-backbone systems are on GPS, where accurate time and or frequency would intrinsically play a part, but the TCP/IP protocol itself has no requirement for accurate time/time-stamping per se. The generation of accurate clocks for digital transmission on optical links: generally, they have used PLL techniques to lock onto and 'slave' onto the incoming Layer 1 (phys layer) and demodulate that serial data bit stream.

It used to be that Telco systems required accurate timing to prevent phase-slip/loss of synchonization of T1/T3 et al between equipment and adjacent networks they interfaced with, but later technologies don't require the kind of synchronization that a memoryless, phase-synchronized 1.544 MB/s based system did ... even the Ericsson RBS 882 base stations could be 'slaved' (frequency-locked) off a T1 trunk coming in to the cell site ...

Wow ... some really interesting content at 0330z point in time ..

Nice show guy!

Showing 6925.19 kHz on the dial for 'best fidelity' and intelligibility ...

Tuned up from the previous signal down at 6.923 to Outhouse Radio ID at 03:14
SIO around 333 to 344

3:14 - Outhouse Radio ID/interval signal

Roger that.

03:12 - got voice after the music: laughing, able to make out the words "funny" and "frequency" before apparently shifting frequency

Tuned up to 6.925 to find an "Outhouse Radio" ID.  Same signal?
Different I think ... I started a new topic ... different theme music shall we say, maybe 'mechanical' in nature compared to Bluegrass ...

more to follow


0311z / 10:11 PM CDT still 6923.29 kHz

Signal is just under S2 (no preamp) and I have static crashes at a regular interval to S3 and sometimes S5


0306z / 10:05 PM CDT Frequency shift again - 6923.29 kHz now ...

Just checked the LSB side again and got nothing.  Maybe switched modes?  Or I was hearing things.  Couldn't pull out anything intelligible before anyway.

02:52 - got speech of some sort, but it still isn't making it through well. 
02:53 - back to music - harmonica - bluegrass type?

SIO only around 333 or worse here - getting clobbered by the noise.

I need a receiver that tunes in 1 Hz steps ... this guy is down to 6923.17 kHz now ... that's the biggest problem, is freq shift or drift ... voice comes through at a couple hundred Hz off, but music sounds like ... noise that far off!

Freq = 6923.17 kHz ATTM

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