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Peskies / 6765 kHz USB - Spanish Language Net 2133 UTC 15 Jan 2019
« on: January 15, 2019, 2134 UTC »
Old Time Radio pirate on 6770 AM is coming in so strongly on this remote receiver that its actually QRMing the two-way QSO on 6765 kHz USB.  Hearing two Spanish speaking OMs talking about what the other guy knows (that's really all I was able to copy).  6770 kHz AM is booming in this time of the afternoon on the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR. 

6790 kHz 6.790 MHz busy with YL talking to an OM, presumably her husband/boyfriend, talking about domestic matters on 6790 USB, 6790 LSB has another QSO but is weaker.  Presumed rural radiotelephone fixed links out of South America.  Spanish language.  SIO 222 to SIO 333 with lots of noise and some QRM.

Tune in time: 2125 UTC January 15th, 2019.  Receiver is the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border

6666.6 kHz USB - Spanish language, general ham radio like chatter, ops whistling into mics, talking about what they're doing tomorrow, etc
6670 kHz USB - busier than 6666.6 kHz, nearly nonstop chatter
6695.5 kHz USB - another popular 45 metros frequency...hearing two OMs talking over each other right now
6703 kHz USB - intermittent signal, Spanish language, general chatter

Several other frequencies active in the 6-7 MHz region, but since these are the big 45 metros ones, I wanted to group them together...

9019 kHz 9.019 MHz, lots of signs of pescadore radio nets - fishing fleets operating out of band.  Noted ALE burst on frequency at 1829 UTC, then frequency went back to SSB voice.  ALE burst happened on top of one of the OMs transmissions so I bet the ALE network decided it wasn't the best frequency to use at the moment ;)

1831 UTC - "toda la carga" (all of the cargo)

Via ΣSDR COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR UNID Net Spanish speakers SS OMs presumed fishing fleet communications 9 MHz band out of band HF-SSB marine using unauthorized frequencies...these guys are technically in the 8815 kHz to 9040 kHz aeronautical band.

via ΣSDR KiwiSDR

Sounds like a OM talking to a YL.  Long pauses in between transmissions.  OM is much stronger, YL is nearly unreadable.  Active on the very busy 8815 kHz to 9040 kHz aeronautical band.  Note the use of offset frequency 8935.5 kHz USB. 

COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR located on the CT/MA border.  Started listening at 1815 UTC.

27025 kHz 27.025 MHz AM - CB 6 - OM with overmodulated signal talking about "building dat wall" very distorted audio
27085 kHz 27.085 MHz AM - CB 11 - OM with southern accent heard, no ID given, no as active as channel 6/27.025 AM
27185 kHz 27.185 MHz AM - CB 19 - truckers heard, possibly locals
27245 kHz 27.245 MHz AM - CB 25 - weak traffic heard, southern/midwestern accents
27255 kHz 27.255 MHz FM/FSK - CB 23 - data link bursts, mostly very weak, but one SIO 444 burst at 1818 UTC
27255 kHz 27.255 MHz AM - CB 23 - AM voice heard, weak, mixing with FSK data bursts
27285 kHz 27.285 MHz AM - CB 28 - "35 on this ground plane" "119 sounding mighty fine around Alabama" several other stations heard

Didn't note anything above channel 40 or below channel 1 in the 5 or so minutes I was watching/listening to the band

"I don't know where she get that from..." "quick!" laid back QSO, switching between English and Spanish, although I heard "gringo" come across pretty clear at 2237 UTC.  Talking about a BBQ, "I'll get you back tomorrow" then both stations signed off.  Sounds like a regular net?  Very similar to the traffic heard on 6780 USB and 6612 USB earlier today.  Although these guys had a different accent that was hard to pin down.

6548.5 kHz / 6.5485 MHz USB voice, in the aeronautical band but its full of pirates, bootleggers and 45 metros freebanders or outbanders.  UNID, no callsigns, names or identifiers of any kind heard.  Received via the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.

Peskies / Pescadores on 5000 kHz USB (with WWV!) 2229 UTC 14 Jan 2019
« on: January 14, 2019, 2231 UTC »
Hearing SSB chatter on 5000 kHz USB 5.000 MHz USB with the WWV clicks in the background.  They stopped for the voice announcements at 2230 UTC (from WWV).  Not 100% sure on the language, but its certainly Spanish, Portuguese or Italian.  Considering the fact that Skip heard similar signals previously and they've been logged on nearby frequencies...

Received via the Westminster, MD SDR

Like the station on 6612 kHz USB, these two stations are switching back and forth between English and Spanish.  Heard "eleven" in English distinctly, and several other transmissions including "what can I pay for?" and things like that.  Just heard OM say "outside...outside..." with a thick Caribbean accent. 

Listening via Chris' KiwiSDR in Westminster, MD.

UNID radio net HF radio Caribbean? area 6780 kHz 6.780 MHz.  This frequency has been logged several times in the past but this is the first time I've heard English language on it.  Every other time it's been Spanish language.

"give him a hard time?" - 2219 UTC
mention of (the island of) Curacao (one of the "ABC islands" located just off the cost of Venezuela) - 2219 UTC
"7963" "63.0, no?" "oh my, come on mon" - 2220 UTC
"keep in touch now" - 2221 UTC
"alright now brotha" "catch you back in the morning man" "island standing by" "okay standing by" - 2221 UTC

Peskies / 6300 kHz USB UNID Language 2207 UTC 14 Jan 2019
« on: January 14, 2019, 2209 UTC »
6300 kHz 6.300 MHz USB voice....UNID two way HF net

Strange accented, heard "cambio" but this sounds like its not Spanish might actually be?  Spanish  Good signals, two OMs and this is within the 6200-6525 kHz USB marine band.  Who knows.  Maybe it is just a weird accent that I'm not used to.  Continuing to chat away at 2208 UTC.  Listening on the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.  Thanks Vince for the heads up (I was listening to 6612 kHz USB). 

Previously logged along with 6610 USB and English/Spanish mixed language on 6612 USB.  45 metros - commonly used by freebanders and pirates or bootleggers, 6.6 MHz.  "One five four, mon" (in English) - Caribbean accents.

2202 UTC - speaking English again (it was Spanish when I tuned in just shy of 2200 UTC).  Mention of "Honduras" at 2203 UTC.  - then switched to Spanish and a third station (a YL) came on frequency - asked her "Venezuela or Honduras?" - OM speaking Spanish at 2204 UTC, rolled his r's perfectly, likely a native speaker.  Keeps asking the YL station to repeat herself.  "We love you buh-bye! buh-buh-buh-bye!" (in English) at 2204 UTC

Later, a similar QSO was heard on 6780 kHz USB.  I do not think it was the same operator(s) heard on 6612 kHz, but they appeared to be coming from the same region.

Peskies / 6979 kHz USB vs. 6977 kHz USB 2155 UTC 14 Jan 2019
« on: January 14, 2019, 2158 UTC »
Via Westminster, MD SDR

6979 kHz USB - good signals, Spanish speaking freebanders - heavy use of GAMBIO
6977 kHz USB - weaker signals, but also in Spanish (a heavily used freebander frequency, logged lots in the past)

The group on 6979 USB has an interesting accent.  "Donde con mi mama, cambio?" ("where with my mom, over?" is the literal translation) at 2157 UTC.  "but of course, over" also at 2157 UTC.  Hearing another conversation in the background (also on 6979 kHz USB).  There might be three QSOs going on at once on one frequency at this point...

via Westminster, MD SDR.

6920 kHz USB - 6.920 MHz USB - two OMs talking with Mexican-sounding accents.
6925 kHz LSB - 6.925 MHz LSB - the usual pescadore crowd speaking Portuguese (likely Brazilian fishing fleets) - the 6925 LSB crowd are heard nearly every day while 6920 USB is often clear

6920 USB - "550" "vato" and several other slang terms heard, further supporting the theory that 6920 USB is Mexican in origin.  Still going strong at 2154 UTC.  Mention of "del norte" at 2154 UTC. 

Peskies / 6789 USB vs. 6790 USB vs. 6790 LSB 2150 UTC 14 Jan 2019
« on: January 14, 2019, 2150 UTC »
6790 kHz has been logged several times in the past, I think I'm hearing a rural radiotelephone service fixed link mix with freebanders.  6790 LSB and USB are both active and 6789 USB is active with an OM ragchewing in the typical freebander way.  6790 USB has a YL and a OM talking about domestic matters.  No IDs or anything heard (no names even).  Lots of QRM though.

UNID Spanish speaking radio nets on 6740 kHz / 6.740 MHz and 6755 kHz 6.755 MHz presumed South American rural radio linked fixed mobile radio service 45 metros 43 metros 6.6 MHz 6.7 MHz

Last logged at 2135 UTC on November 2nd, 2018 with both 6740 USB and 6755 USB active at the same time.  Heard mention of "Peru" at 2145 UTC on 6740 USB.  Hearing OM with SIO 222 or so signal quality on 6740 USB.  6755 USB is even worse, but its there.  Wanted to make a note that both of these frequencies were logged active at the same time previously, possibility indicating that they're coming from the same general area (also note the time of the previous logging).

Received via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.

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