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6872 kHz 6.872 MHz - I logged this with the peskies log from last night but since it had a distinctive military feel to it I wanted to post it here as well.  French language, OM reading from the NATO phonetic alphabet mixed with numbers in French.  Sounded like radio operator training or something similar.  Sort of lost in the Spanish and Portuguese chatter that floods the 6-7 MHz region every afternoon/evening now. 

Monitored using the COMMSIGMA SDR on the CT/MA border.  Starting at 1630 local time (2130 UTC) and ending at 1700 local time (2200 UTC).

6200 kHz USB - Weak traffic here, presumably marine HF-SSB traffic
6205 kHz USB - Spanish language, very weak
6210 kHz USB - Several stations heard, OMs and at least one YL - Spanish language, informal QSOs
6215 kHz USB - very active with Spanish language, as per usual, presumed fishing fleets fishery radio on calling frequency
6230 kHz USB - Meteo broadcast, SIO 222 at 2139 UTC
6232 kHz USB - UNID weak signals, sounds like Spanish but not 100% sure due to poor copy
6235 kHz USB - Sounds like two QSOs going at once, hearing a Spanish word here and there
6238 kHz USB - Two OMs heard chatting, more Spanish, poor copy
6241 kHz USB - OM and YL talking, Spanish language, good signal at 2140 UTC, OM laughing
6294.5 kHz LSB - Spanish language, informal chatter about whats up tomorrow, maybe closer to 6294.6 kHz
6306 kHz LSB - Spanish language chatter getting obliterated by "rushing" ute data signal at 2145 UTC
6306 kHz USB - weak Portuguese heard for a moment
6335 kHz LSB - Portuguese chatter, sounds like the 6925 kHz LSB crowd a bit
6345 kHz LSB - similar to 6335 LSB, multiple stations at once
6556 kHz USB - Spanish language, likely freebanders
6610 kHz USB - UNID language, lots of QRM from 6612 USB, presumed Spanish or Portuguese
6612 kHz USB - UNID language, lots of QRM from 6610 USB, presumed Spanish or Portuguese freebanders
6688 kHz USB - More freebanders (Spanish speaking)
6695 kHz USB - Spanish language, presumed freebanders
6697.7 kHz USB - Spanish speaking stations, distorted audio
6740 kHz USB - Spanish language, laid-back chatter
6775.5 kHz USB - Spanish, weak
6783 kHz USB - Spanish language, getting clobbered by click-click-click wideband QRM (radar?)
6785 kHz USB - similar to 6783 kHz USB, but completely unlistenable due to QRM
6842 kHz LSB - very strong Spanish, one of the stations has carrier reinserted, heard mention of "the sea" at 2154 UTC
6872 kHz USB - OM reading characters in French - possibly a military station
6885 kHz USB - Spanish language, freebanders or outbanders, good signals until the wideband QRM returns at 2157 UTC
6925 kHz LSB - Portuguese....the usual suspects
6950 kHz USB - Spanish
6960 kHz LSB - Spanish
6965 kHz LSB - Portuguese language
6974 kHz USB - Spanish, with QRM from nearby signals, OM whistling into mic at 2159 UTC
6977 kHz LSB - Portuguese, mixing with several other signals
6977 kHz USB - Spanish, with QRM
6980 kHz USB - more Spanish language chatter, weak
6985 kHz USB - Spanish, sounds like CB operators at this point
6990 kHz USB - Spanish, freebanders
6999 kHz LSB - Spanish, more of the same all over 43 meters

Peskies / 6610 USB vs. 6612 USB 2130 UTC 11 Dec 2018
« on: December 11, 2018, 2134 UTC »
Hearing two on-going QSOs on 6610 kHz USB and 6612 kHz USB, both in Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese or Italian).  Lots of QRM at this point...the 6.6 MHz band is full of signals, the freebanders are outnumbering the aeronautical stations that are supposed to be using this band...

Received using the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border

Peskies / 6600 kHz USB UNID English Language 2145 UTC 7 Dec 2018
« on: December 07, 2018, 2148 UTC »
The 4-7 MHz band is full of UNID signals, mostly in Spanish and Portuguese and in the 6-7 MHz band...but these guys are speaking English - 6600 kHz 6.600 MHz USB UNID source, heavy accent

Hearing a pidgin language on 6999 kHz LSB - mention of "okay" "yes" and "antenna"..."the yellow thing" - and several words in an language I don't recognize.  Lots of QRM from peskies on 6997 LSB and 6995 USB. 

2233 UTC - "next time, ya?" - very thick Caribbean accent "that won't work with me ya" "banana ya"

Peskies / 6995 USB vs. 6997 LSB vs. 6999 LSB 2229 UTC 6 Dec 2018
« on: December 06, 2018, 2231 UTC »
via Westminster, MD SDR.

6995 kHz USB, 6997 kHz LSB and 6999 kHz LSB are all active, causing silly amounts of QRM

Peskies / 6980 kHz USB UNID Language? 2227 UTC 6 Dec 2018
« on: December 06, 2018, 2228 UTC »
6980 kHz USB 6.980 MHz USB - these might be the Island Peskies heard on 6980 USB and 6966 USB previously...although I can't say for sure...there's something there but the language is escaping me.  It might very well be a different group of stations.

Listening via the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.

Peskies / Portuguese on 6935 LSB and 6919 LSB 2225 UTC 6 Dec 2018
« on: December 06, 2018, 2226 UTC »
6935 kHz 6.935 MHz LSB 6935 LSB - 10 kHz up from the pescadore watering hole of 6925 LSB, these guys are chatting away.  6919 LSB is active with fishering boat fishery radio chatter in Portuguese as well. 

6698 kHz 6.698 MHz SS OM with very good signal, although I'm only hearing one side of the QSO...it sounds like your run-of-the-mill ham operator ragchew, asking how somebody is doing, radio discussion...."very good very good" stuff like that. 

Via Chris' SDR in Westminster, MD (only hearing on side of the QSO, but the station is SIO 444).

Via a KiwiSDR in Lutsk, Ukraine I can hear several informal CB-like QSOs in the 2-4 MHz band, with most activity centering around 3 MHz or 3000 kHz.  The transmitters seem to all be off-frequency, sometimes by as many as 2-3 kHz and there isn't really a band plan or channeling like there is with CB...but otherwise this sounds just like CB. 

The signals are in AM mode, with significant variation in modulation level, audio quality and bandwidth.

3053 kHz - Russian or Ukrainian OMs chatting, very good signals, one of the transmitters is on 3053.1 kHz, another one 3053.5
3073 kHz - S9+10db very good signal, 10-15 kHz wide AM, two ops, one on 3073.2 kHz, the other on 3073.4 kHz
3086 kHz - distorted audio, but strong signals, several stations chatting, one is on 3088 kHz, another on 3085 kHz
3100 kHz - more strong audio, with the usual frequency variation and wide AM signals
3113 kHz - very busy, more CB-like chatter and some dead carriers too, one on 3113.4 kHz
3120 kHz - another busy frequency, with lots of variation in frequency, one guy was down on 3117 kHz
3131 kHz - 3132 kHz vs. 3130 kHz, two replies to one transmission, you can see one of them swing up in freq. when the mic is keyed
3144 kHz or 3145 kHz - more of the same, 2-4 MHz Russian AM traffic...I wonder if these ops are using surplus military gear
3156 kHz - VERY strong (S9+20db) signal 3156.9 kHz at 2213 UTC (0013 local time) QRM from 3160 kHz
3160 kHz - weak carrier with some modulation, getting obliterated by the 3156 kHz / 3157 kHz crowd
3185 kHz - carrier on 3185.1 kHz, good signal with strong modulation, reminds me of 27025 AM when the band is busy

There were plenty of other signals nearby as well.  I'm hearing a CB-like QSO on 2920 kHz USB at 2216 UTC, but it could very well be marine traffic.  Lots of FSK and other data signals and 80 meters is very busy too.  Siren-sounding signal on 3012 kHz USB and shortly after that the AM signals start as you go higher in frequency...

Peskies / 6570 kHz USB Spanish Language UNID User 2155 6 Dec 2018
« on: December 06, 2018, 2157 UTC »
Mention of "el capitan", my gut says Spanish but the accent is hard to pin down.  Decent signal on the COMMSIGMA SDR just before 2200 UTC on 6570 kHz 6.570 MHz USB mode.....after listening for another minute or two, this is Spanish.  Mention of "the gentlemen" and discussion of what they're doing tomorrow.  Heard "okay" a couple times, somebody whistling into the mic...somebody IDs as Antonio and the usual "gambio" or "cambio" end of transmission pro-word (means "over" in Spanish). 

Via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.

Some good signals on the 6 MHz marine band, these guys are chatting away but sound overmodulated or maybe a little bit muffled?  Sometimes two stations will talk at once, sort of reminds me of the stuff heard on 43 meters, but this is the maritime band (like they really care?)  - heard "74" and "55" mentioned...not sure if those are identifiers or something else.  Also heard a mention of "Europa" (Europe). 

Peskies / 6287 kHz USB Jamaican accented English 2148 UTC 6 Dec 2018
« on: December 06, 2018, 2150 UTC »
6287 kHz 6.287 MHz possibly Caribbean based stations, not sure if they're freebanders or actual marine based stations...signals are still too weak to really make out what they're saying for sure - but it sounds like Jamaican or Islander English

Listening via the COMMSIGMA Sigma SDR KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.  Hearing several QSOs on the 6 MHz band this afternoon...can hear what sounds like a YL operator talking to OM operators on 6200 kHz USB - 6.200 MHz USB.  The very bottom of the 6 MHz marine band, so this blurs the line between utility (maritime traffic in the HF-SSB marine bands) and peskies, since they are likely pescadores.

At 2146 UTC, hearing several series of numbers read out, mention of Venezuela...possibly a fishery radio net. 

Peskies / 6215.5 kHz USB Spanish Language Chatter 2142 UTC 6 Dec 2018
« on: December 06, 2018, 2143 UTC »
Hearing more chit chat offset from the 6 MHz marine band maritime calling distress emergency frequency 6215 kHz 6.215 MHz USB - these guys like to use 6215.5 kHz USB for whatever reason.  Sort of like 6666.6 kHz, I guess.  Several SS stations heard, likely maritime mobile - fishing fleets out of Latin America...general causal QSOs, talking about things fishermen would talk about, with the expected "salty" language (in Spanish of course).

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