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Via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.  Several UNID SSB QSOs in the 9-10 MHz region (and lower in frequency, of course)....at least four different stations yakking away on 9220.5 kHz 9.220.5 MHz, decent signals with South American accents, presumed fishing fleet communications HF marine chatter - several numbers heard, talking about cargoes, consistent with previous pescadore chatter logs on various HF frequencies.

That, or its drug traffickers.  ;)

Hearing busy van to dispatcher comms on 29.790 MHz and 31.120 MHz, mobiles signing on and off with dispatcher, solid SIO 555 S9 signal on the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR located on the CT/MA border.  31.120 is the most active frequency at 2050 UTC.  Looking at the waterfall for 30-32 MHz I am seeing other FM signals, although they are much weaker than the Van Pool repeater network under licenses WQMA652 and WQPU857

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6950 USB 2045 UTC 21 Dec 2018
« on: December 21, 2018, 2049 UTC »
6950 kHz USB 6.950 MHz USB busy with Spanish speaking freebanders, amateur radio operators, etc.  Possibly off-frequency (sounds better on 6949.95 kHz) which may point towards pescadores.  Good signals and nearly constant chatter via the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.

Peskies / 4141 kHz USB Spanish Language Traffic 0000 UTC 20 Dec 2018
« on: December 20, 2018, 1350 UTC »
Fishery radio traffic Latin America 4141 kHz 4.141 MHz USB voice SS OMs heard via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR.

This is a log from last night - this time instead of 4131 kHz USB they're using 4141 kHz USB.  I believe its the same group heard on 12/14/18 around 0000 UTC.  Even while 6-8 MHz is busy with Spanish and Portuguese (and sometimes Italian and English) voices all over the various bands and the sun has set a while ago...4 MHz becomes busy too. 4063 kHz to 4438 kHz us the 4 MHz HF-SSB marine maritime mobile band so these frequencies being used makes sense. 

I guess I didn't really realize the scope of how much traffic was coming out of Latin America until I started listening with remote receivers in better locations for propagation from South America, Central America and the Caribbean.  Discussion topics include boat performance and things at the pueblo (town, village).  Lots of QSOs on the 6-7 MHz band last night between OMs and YLs, probably fishermen talking to their wives in their home villages. 

OM and YL having a personal conversation in Spanish, YL is much weaker than the OM.  Sounds like a husband and wife having a pretty standard conversation,  going by the frequency in use I'm going to say its a fisherman talking to his wife (possibly on shore) - with the holidays coming up, etc. this would make sense. 

Heard via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR.  6241 kHz USB 6.241 MHz USB in the 6 MHz maritime mobile band 6200 kHz to 6525 kHz USB.

291305 Position Calling on 6215 USB / 6215.5 USB, UNID ship name heard "743" not sure if that's an identifier or part of a position

Thick Caribbean accented OM speaking English, continues to read position information but there's several other QSOs going on frequency...can hear an end-of-transmission beep.  6215 kHz USB is the 6 MHz marine distress/calling frequency

2150 UTC - UNID ship appears to be working another station, the frequency has quieted down (still on 6215.5 kHz instead of 6215 kHz)

Starting at 2130 UTC.  Receiver: COMMSIGMA SDR KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.

7000 kHz LSB - Spanish language, OM and YL chatting talking about the price of milk and other domestic matters
6985 kHz USB - Spanish language, sounds like freebanders
6967 kHz LSB - Spanish language, weak
6959 kHz LSB - Spanish language, weak
6950 kHz USB - Spanish language, common freebander frequency
6925 kHz LSB - Portuguese language, the usual pescadore suspects
6910 kHz LSB - Spanish language, some very strong signals (likely freebanders)
6900 kHz LSB - Spanish language, "home channel" for 43 meter band bootleggers/freebanders/amateurs
6875 kHz USB - Spanish language
6889 kHz USB - Spanish language, with heavy wideband ute QRM
6868.6 kHz USB - Portuguese language, some distortion
6860 kHz LSB - Portuguese language
6858.5 kHz USB - Spanish language
6838 kHz USB - Spanish language
6838 kHz LSB - Portuguese language
6825 kHz USB - Spanish language, possible radiotelephone call, OM and YL having casual QSO
6815 kHz LSB - Portuguese language, lots of fading
6792 kHz USB - OM and YL talking, the YL has a lot of feedback or hum on her signal (Spanish language)
6790 kHz LSB - Spanish language, with QRM from FSK data signal on 6789 kHz and 6789 USB chatter
6789 kHz USB - Weak chatter, UNID language due to QRM
6780 kHz USB - Spanish language - nice SIO 333 at points good signal
6777 kHz USB - Spanish language, talking about whats going on in the village, OM talking to YL
6768 kHz USB - Spanish language, similar to the other "telephone like" QSOs heard (weak signals)
6765 kHz USB - Spanish language, I think I can hear music underneath (possibly Bangkok Meteo on 6765.1 USB?)
6760 kHz USB - Spanish language, weak signals
6740 kHz USB - Spanish language OM and YL talking, some fading
6720 kHz USB - Spanish language, very good signals and very active at 2206 UTC
6717 kHz USB - Spanish language, good signals, possibly another radiotelephone-like QSO
6710 kHz USB - UNID language, presumably Portuguese or Italian, lots of fading
6699 kHz USB - Spanish language, another active frequency (freebander ham radio like chatter)
6695 kHz USB - Spanish language, freebanders! 
6695 kHz LSB - Spanish language
6670 kHz USB - Spanish language, more freebanders
6666.6 kHz USB - Spanish language, busy frequency
6655 kHz LSB - Spanish language, busy net (freebanders!)
6600 kHz AM - Voice of the People (I believe) SIO 222 or so, no SSB QRM heard
6545 kHz LSB - Portuguese language
6538 kHz USB - Spanish language, I think...very weak
6501 kHz USB - US Coast Guard meteo broadcast, good signal at 2159 UTC
6400 kHz USB - Spanish language mixing in with North Korean signal on 6400 kHz AM
6400 kHz AM - Radio Pyongyang good signal with military anthem heard at 2157 UTC, minor SSB QRM
6374 kHz USB - Spanish language, presumed fisheries/pescadores going by language heard
6360 kHz USB - UNID language, strong carrier on 6360.6 kHz, pretty sure these guys are using regular SSB though
6345 kHz LSB - Portuguese language, with warbling QRM
6277 kHz USB - Spanish language, presumed fishing boats/fishery radio chatter
6255 kHz USB - Spanish language, talking about different boats, most likely fishing fleets, good signals at 2154 UTC
6254 kHz USB - weak traffic heard, suffering from QRM from 6255 USB
6238 kHz USB - Spanish language, sounds like fishing fleet chatter
6215.5 kHz USB - Fishing fleet chatter .5 kHz away from calling/distress frequency, very messy
6215 kHz USB - "743 we're standing by" several other English phrases heard, Jamaican accents
6210 kHz USB - Spanish language, presumed fishing fleets, several different voices heard but very weak
6209 kHz USB - Strong Spanish speaking OM heard for a couple seconds here, drowning out 6210 kHz

"Alright we got da whole crew dere mon" and other Caribbean or Jamacian sounding chatter heard on 6665 kHz.  One of the stations has a carrier re-inserted with his transmissions, the other doesn't.  Some audio distortion.  QRM from Spanish language chatter on 6666.6 kHz USB. 

Very busy 6-7 MHz band tonight.  Heard via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR.

Strong SS chatter on 6585 kHz USB and 6857.7 USB (also noted 6558 kHz USB), going basically nonstop.  Good signals from the aircraft and controllers, however at 2210 UTC or so the controller had to ask an aircraft to repeat transmission due to heavy QRM from 6577.7 USB/6558.  New York Radio coming in nicely on 6586 kHz USB with dozens of other QSOs going on in the 6525 kHz to 6765 kHz aeronautical band this evening.

4070.7 kHz 4070.7 USB Strong signals in what sounds like Portuguese?  Pushing S9 at points.  Very active frequency at tune-in using COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border. 

Peskies / 15023 kHz USB Spanish Language UNID 1748 UTC 18 Dec 2018
« on: December 18, 2018, 1752 UTC »
15023 kHz USB 15.023 MHz USB - interesting accented Spanish, I think South American.  Two OMs chatting away, using the "cambio" pro-word at the end of transmission.  Good signals via the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR. 

1750 UTC - a third station comes into the mix, barely above the noise floor, the original station (first noticed while band-cruising on my lunch break) is still a good SIO 444.  There's a possible 4th station at 1751 UTC. 

UNID Spanish language net QSO pescadores on 15 MHz 15023 USB.

EDIT:   Apparently this is part of the 15 MHz aeronautical allocation, however the communications I heard were not aircraft, and sounded a lot more like freebanders or fishing fleet communications often heard in the 6 MHz region (43 meters, etc.) only they're using a higher frequency (which would make sense, as the traffic was heard in the middle of the day). 

UNID 6935 kHz USB 6.935 MHz USB 6935 USB December 14th, 2018

2128 UTC - hearing Fleetwood Mac (tune in time) with S9 to S9+10db signal with nice audio
2131 UTC - SSTV - Yeti Radio
2133 UTC - slight pause, then another SSTV
2135 UTC - off?

Possibly a sporadic-E opening given the fading characteristics

27025 AM 27.025 MHz - CB channel 6 busy with stations dropping dat maul (southern accents, typical QRM, several carriers at once)
27115 AM 27.115 MHz - CB channel 13 - sounds like truckers chatting, possibly locals
27185 AM 27.185 MHz - CB channel 19 - more truckers, general chatter
27255 FM 27.255 MHz - CB channel 23 - FSK data link network, I think this is local
27335 AM 27.335 MHz - CB channel 33 - more local CB chatter (I think)
27385 LSB 27.385 MHz LSB - CB channel 38 - stations working DX, one station working another that I can't hear, "the can't call me king mudduck anymore" "man, that's all you need Paul" "David over there is taking you out" and similar traffic...

Noting carriers popping up on other in-band CB frequencies, but 27025 AM, 27185 AM and 27385 LSB are the most active by far....of course as I type this I can hear what sound like local stations chatting on 27245 AM/27.245 MHz CB channel 25.

27255 kHz 27.255 MHz, 25 watts average or carrier power maximum TX under Part 95 of FCC rules.  There's a FSK data link signal readable on the ΣSDR KiwiSDR.  Not sure if this is the same network heard on the New York SDRs but it exhibits the same characteristics, with around 8 kHz of bandwidth. 

Listenable in FM or NFM mode but I generally tune into it in USB mode.  Some minor AM CB voice traffic QRM but when the frequency is clear you can see/hear the FSK signals buzzing away, albeit much weaker than other data networks on 27.255 MHz that I've heard. 

Peskies / 4131 kHz USB Spanish Language Traffic 0000 UTC 14 Dec 2018
« on: December 14, 2018, 0002 UTC »
Listening via COMMSIGMA sigma SDR KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.

4131 kHz 4.131 MHz USB mode.  Strong ute QRM on and nearby frequency is making copy extremely difficult.

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