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OM speaking American Indian language at 2223 UTC tune in time.  Some QRM from 6990 USB.  So far only hearing one station.  Some more QRM at 2224

9779 kHz 9.779 MHz USB - heard "Carlito" clearly at 2219 UTC.  Two or three stations talking casually.  Juanito and Carlito, also hiding in the 31 meter band.  Probably fishing boats or freebanders.  I'm leaning more towards fishing boats.  Mention of "El Gordito" at 2220 UTC (Gordito means "the little fat one" but could easily be a term of endearment for a fat fishing boat captain, etc).  Talking about something in kilograms.  Probably fishing catches?  Some fading.  Heard on the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.  Still going strong at 2221 UTC.

OM talking about his fishing catch and other typical sailor talk.  Heard via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR.  Considering the monster SW broadcast signal on 9350 kHz, these guys are just outside the outer edge of the sideband splatter characteristic of a very powerful shortwave signal.  Pretty smart actually.  Compared to their compadres in the 8 MHz and lower edge of 9 MHz these guys are a lot harder to find.  Reminds of the Gloustermen using 6095 kHz and hiding in the 49 meter broadcast band. 

9373 kHz 9.373 MHz USB mode, Latin American fishing fleet communications via HF marine radio, out of band communications....Spanish speakers SS OMs UNID net

Fixed mobile band is 8000 kHz to 8195 kHz, shared with marine users, 8 MHz maritime mobile band is 8195 kHz to 8815 kHz so users in the 8000 kHz to 8815 kHz range are considered "legit" but I'm still logging them under "peskies"

8779 kHz LSB - Portuguese, intermittent signals, probably fishing fleets
8812 kHz USB - Spanish language, likely fishing boats or shipping
8959 kHz USB - Spanish language, weak
8969 kHz USB - Spanish language, with QRM from 8970 USB
8970 kHz USB - Spanish, OMs checking into a net, sounds a lot like freebanders or an informal net
8979 kHz USB - Spanish language, presumably pescadores or freebanders (noticing a pattern here)
8989 kHz USB - Spanish speakers, very good signals at 2202 UTC, this is a near daily log - talking about radio equipment (maybe freebanders)
8992 kHz USB - LIBRARY working UNID station with authentication (USAF HF-GCS coming in nicely)
9000 kHz USB - hearing voices mixing together, along with either feedback or a CW signal on 9001 kHz?
9015 kHz USB - Portuguese language chatter, likely fishing fleet communications
9018 kHz USB - Spanish language chatter, presumably more pescadores on the radio
9030 kHz USB - Spanish language chatter, weak but its there (and busy!)
9055.5 kHz USB - More Spanish speakers
9150 kHz USB - Spanish language, short responses, more professional sounding radio ops here (at 2210 UTC)
9175 kHz USB - UNID net, OM and YL talking about books and other supplies, dollar amounts discussed (Spanish language)
9182 kHz USB - Spanish language chatter, several mentions of "barco" (boat)
9191 kHz USB - UNID net, Asian language
9205 kHz USB - Spanish language chatter, presumably fishing fleets
9221 kHz USB - Spanish language chatter, presumably fishing fleets

Peskies / 9191 kHz USB UNID Language 2155 UTC 7 Jan 2019
« on: January 07, 2019, 2158 UTC »
Unknown language, presumably Asian, heard with good signals on the COMMSIGMA SDR around 2155 UTC, then either off or a very rapid fade out. 

Peskies / 9175 kHz USB OM and YL QSO Spanish 2155 UTC 7 Jan 2019
« on: January 07, 2019, 2157 UTC »
Possibly a missionary net?  Lots of discussion of books, amounts of items, and amounts (in dollars!).  OM and YL talking in Spanish.  Lots of the good old "gambio" pro-word, although the YL keeps saying "QUE?" when she can't understand.  OM whistling into mic at 2157 UTC.

Peskies / 10400 kHz USB UNID Language 1955 UTC 6 Jan 2019
« on: January 06, 2019, 1957 UTC »
Another UNID net heard on the COMMSIGMA SDR just shy of 2000 UTC on 01/06/2019

10008.8 kHz, originally had them tuned on 10009 kHz.  USB voice.  Weak OM chatter heard, I think its the Jamaican like accented chatter heard on the 43 meter band...maybe not though because of the poor signals. 

10022.2 kHz USB

  Very pescadore-like chatter.  Weak signals on the COMMSIGMA SDR.  Might have heard an English word or two in there at 1949 UTC ("tomorrow").  These guys might be related to the island peskies heard on 69xx frequencies lately. 

Utility / 8992 USB EAM in "comical" tone 1942 UTC 6 Jan 2019
« on: January 06, 2019, 1944 UTC »
USAF HF network 8992 kHz 8992 USB 6 Jan 2019

OM reading a EAM with a silly voice, ID'ed as EASY WAY.

This is EASY WAY, out. at 1943 UTC.  8992 kHz USB.  Checked 6712 USB, 11175 USB and 13200 USB and heard nothing.  8992 USB was coming in nicely though.

8850 kHz 8.850 MHz USB mode, several OMs chatting in what sounds like Spanish (weak signals so I'm not 100% sure on the language).   During the daytime the 6-7 MHz guys move up to 8-15 MHz (which makes sense).

Peskies / 6900 kHz LSB Active 1525 UTC 5 Jan 2019 SS OMs Freebanders
« on: January 05, 2019, 1530 UTC »
6900 kHz LSB active with the freebanders/out of band hams Spanish language 6.900 MHz LSB 6900 home channel on the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR

Peskies / 14654.5 kHz LSB Spanish Language Net 1500 UTC 5 Jan 2019
« on: January 05, 2019, 1502 UTC »
Heard via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR.  Weak Spanish language chatter heard, OM said "no problem, I can hear you" and then silence...weird that they're using LSB, which points toward pesky-ness.  Possibly another wayward fishing fleet net operating out of band. 

14.654.5 MHz 14654.5 kHz LSB

27025 AM (CB channel 6), 27005 AM (CB channel 4) and several out of band frequencies, including 26.915 MHz AM are active this morning on the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR.   26.785 MHz AM coming in from the southern USA as I type this.  Possibly a sporadic-E opening, lots of fading up and down

I picked one of these up on eBay several months ago as part of my radio emergency kit - the Uniden PRO 401HH is their bare-bones 40 channel AM CB handheld, similar in form and function to the PRO 510XL and PRO 520XL mobiles, pretty cheap too.  Performance is the same as my RadioShack CB HT but it accepts regular AA batteries (compare to the RadioShack's basically dead unable to keep a charge NiCd pack).

The stock rubber duck antenna is meh so I picked up a Cobra HA-TA telescopic whip (which, according to my tests, actually works really well).  Hearing truckers chatting away on channel 19 - 27.185 MHz AM locally as well as some skip on channels 6 and 11 27.025 AM and 27.085 AM with the telescopic whip.  Did a radio check on 19 and a trucker came back with a good report, he was only about 1.5 miles away but that's not bad for an urban environment with a stock radio. 

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