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Peskies / 7789 kHz USB and 7801 kHz LSB Spanish Nets
« on: February 08, 2019, 2212 UTC »
More UNID Spanish language freeband or outbanders, who knows at this point - they're all over the 7 MHz band just like the 6 MHz band.

7789 kHz USB 7.789 MHz USB - two OMs talking, sounds like the usual freebander net

7801 kHz LSB 7.801 MHz LSB - OM talking to a YL, possibly a husband talking to a wife or girlfriend...OM going on long ranting monologues...YL answers with short answer...good signals (better than 7789 USB).  At 2210 UTC, the YL said "I'm good, everything is good, how are you, over?" to a possible third station?  Maybe not...now (2210 UTC) she's talking about talking to you (presumably the OM) tomorrow.  Pleasantries exchanged, OM talking about how things are going at work at 2211 UTC...

At around this time a third and fourth QSO appeared on 7795 kHz LSB and 7822 kHz LSB

Receiver is the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border...

7537.7 kHz 7.537.7 MHz USB mode.  (tuned at 7537.65 kHz and it sounds a bit better) Spanish language net, at least two stations chatting away.  Presumed freebanders.  Poor signals compared to others.  At 2203 a stronger station joined in, talking about his mother's house....the station he's talking to is very weak to unreadable. 

7499 kHz 7.499 MHz.  UNID SSB radio net in Spanish language, presumed freebanders or outbanders.  Like the other stations heard in the 41 meter band, this QSO is squeezed between strong shortwave broadcast signals.  WBCQ is on 7490 kHz not too far away.  Interesting accent of Spanish, maybe South American.  Heard several curse words, long pauses between transmissions, which is atypical of these types of nets.  Maybe I'm not hearing part of the QSO. 

2158 UTC - a third (maybe?) station joined the "net", and he is transmitting a weak, but noticeable carrier with LSB, the other stations are just using SSB (no carrier).  He's also making heavy use of the pro-word "cambio" (sounds like "gambio" to English speakers, means "over" or "back to you").  General chit-chat continues going into the 2200 UTC hour...

Received via the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border. 

Peskies / 7436 kHz USB Island Peskies, Mon? 2153 UTC 8 Feb 2019
« on: February 08, 2019, 2155 UTC »
7346 kHz USB 7.346 MHz USB

Very thick accented English mixed in with another unknown language, possibly a YL operator talking at 2154 UTC.  Just outside of the LSB of the strong AM shortwave broadcast signal on 7445 kHz. 

After listening for a bit, this might be African in origin, I'm not entirely sure.  Can only hear one side of the QSO, it does not seem like a telephone conversation.  YL (I think) still talking at 2155 UTC.

Receiver is the COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.

Peskies / 6666.6 kHz USB - Very Busy 2145+ UTC 8 February 2019
« on: February 08, 2019, 2151 UTC »
6666.6 kHz USB 6666.6 USB 45 meters 45 metros EC Echo Charlie....etc etc.

Spanish language voices going nearly nonstop.  Several other frequencies in the 6525-6765 kHz aeronautical band and the 6765-7000 kHz fixed/mobile band active with similar freebander traffic.  Sounds like a ham radio pileup....SIO 222 to SIO 333, moderate QRM and noise.  Received via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border remote receiver.

Sounds slightly better on 6676.6 USB, although I classify these stations as freebanders, I heard one OM hand the mic over to "la barca" (the boat) so he might be referring to a handle or actually a station on a boat?  Who knows.  OMs complaining about their bosses, talking about girlfriends and general chatter.  6676.6 kHz is a popular "45 metros" or 45 meter frequency, along with 6666.6 kHz, 6670 kHz, and several others. 

Three or four stations talking in a "roundtable" format.  Sound very much like radio amateurs.  Spanish language, received via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border. 

Peskies / 6300 kHz USB UNID Language 2142 UTC 8 Feb 2019
« on: February 08, 2019, 2144 UTC »
6300 kHz 6.3 MHz 6.300 MHz USB - they're there again, the unknown language chatter guys.  Seems to be their home frequency.  Several other 6 MHz marine band frequencies are active with SSB chatter in the usual Spanish, Portuguese and English languages. 

UNID net, presumed marine or maritime mobile net 6300 kHz USB mode.  Received via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR.  SIO 444 good signals

Peskies / 8989 kHz USB vs 8990 kHz USB 2137 UTC 8 Feb 2019
« on: February 08, 2019, 2138 UTC »
8989 USB is quite active (as it has been in the past).  Hearing a YL and an OM talking on 8990 USB, seems to be Portuguese?  8989 USB is in Spanish.  Nearly equal signal strengths both right next to the 8992 USB USAF frequency.

Switched remote receivers, these logs are via the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR starting at 2220 UTC.

6565 kHz USB - Spanish language net
6573 kHz USB - Spanish language net, mention of "cellular telephone" at 2227 UTC
6600 kHz AM - Clandestine station Voice Of The People - being jammed with very annoying sound
6610 kHz USB - Spanish language net
6633 kHz USB - Spanish language net
6650 kHz USB - Spanish language net, very active, OM talking very fast at 2222 UTC
6666.6 kHz USB - Spanish language, the 45 metros watering hole
6670 kHz USB - Spanish language net, OM seems to be slightly off-frequency, lots of salty language
6688 kHz - strong carrier, 6687.9 kHz (6687 kHz USB tuned)
6688 kHz USB - Spanish language net (much weaker than the carrier)
6695.5 kHz LSB - Spanish language net, this is another commonly active frequency
6700 kHz LSB - Spanish language net
6707 kHz USB - Spanish language net
6730 kHz LSB - Spanish language net
6730 kHz USB - Spanish language net
6735 kHz USB - Spanish language net
6740 kHz USB - Spanish language and unidentified language OM speaking over music in background, EAM come on the air on 6739 USB around 2233 UTC and obliterated the 6740 USB crowd, although they can still be heard as QRM when tuned to 6739 kHz USB

There were plenty of other active frequencies above 6765 kHz but that's the start of "43 meters" so I didn't include them in this log.  Same for the active frequencies below 6525 kHz (as that's the 6 MHz marine band, where these stations are supposed to be...maybe...) :P

6455.5 kHz 6.455.5 MHz USB voice - Spanish language.  Several mentions of Venezuela, two OMs talking...have a very "professional" (relatively speaking) operating style.  Use of the "gambio" (cambio) pro-word, "I copy" and several other signs of "real" radio operators.  Likely pescadores or fishing fleet comms.  Heard "24" a couple times.  OM talking about things going on at his pueblo and what's going on tomorrow, typical fishermen QSO topics...


Peskies / 6249 USB vs. 6250 AM Really Messy 2205 UTC 6 Feb 2019
« on: February 06, 2019, 2208 UTC »
6250 kHz AM presumed pirate station (or maybe Voice Of The People clandestine) - I have a carrier and some audio, but the pescadores chatting away on 6249 kHz USB are owning the frequency.  The 1000 Hz het makes listening borderline painful, but the guys on 6249 USB don't seem to mind.  They're yakking away.  6250 kHz is an interesting choice given how busy the 6 MHz marine band is.

Nearby frequencies 6248 kHz LSB, 6255 kHz USB and 6256.5 kHz/6256.6 kHz LSB (maybe another QSO on or around 6255 at this point its hard to tell its QRM city) also active with maritime mobile SSB chatter. 

6210 kHz USB 6.210 MHz USB, OM speaking unknown language, although I'm hearing words that sound like Spanish or Portuguese.  Could be another one of the island peskies, mon. 

Of course, 6210 USB is actually within the legal 6 MHz maritime band  :P

6790 kHz is one of the popular ones.  Hearing an OM and a YL talking on 6790 USB, and another QSO on 6792 USB mixing in.  There might be a third, or four QSO on or nearby in frequency as seems to be the norm.  Spanish language, possibly a ship to shore or rig to shore "radiotelephone" type deal...husband talking to his wife at home, etc.

Peskies / 6925 LSB Portuguese vs. 6920 USB Spanish 2150 UTC 6 Feb 2019
« on: February 06, 2019, 2154 UTC »
Via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.

UNID pirate station on 6925 kHz (AM mode, just a carrier at the moment), with the usual suspects Portuguese speaking pescadores on 6925 kHz LSB and some Spanish language chatter on 6920 kHz USB, with 6925 LSB and 6920 USB mixing together at points.  Not pleasant to listen to in AM mode tuned to 6925 kHz.

Received via COMMSIGMA KiwiSDR.  Band is open to Latin America for sure.  OM laughing and carrying on, heavy QRM from carrier/data on 6762 kHz.  Another poor frequency choice due to the USAF using 6761 USB. 

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