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While frequencies below 7000 kHz 7.0 MHz are a lot more active (as far as Spanish and Portuguese language chatter goes, naturally the 40 meter amateur band has a lot more activity), the frequency of 7000 kHz itself is another popular spot for unlicensed intruders and other unknown stations that go bump in the night.

Anyway, earlier tonight I logged two groups of Spanish speaking stations using 7000 kHz (both USB and LSB mode).  The stations using USB got a little lesson taught to them by some ham operator either tuning up or just dropping the Morse key on 7001 kHz for several seconds at 2344 UTC.

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6997 LSB 2342 UTC 5 Nov 2018
« on: November 05, 2018, 2344 UTC »
6997 kHz LSB mode - Spanish language, several OMs having a lighthearted QSO, similar to most freebander chatter heard in the 6-7 MHz bands and other portions of HF. 

6997 kHz 6.997 MHz Spanish

Laid back QSO in progress at 2338 UTC tune in time.....talking about communications stations at 2339 UTC.   6.599.5 MHz USB 6599.5 kHz.  2339 UTC distinctly heard "armas" (arms, guns)...sounds like your typical radio operator political banter, only this time its in the 6 MHz aircraft band.

45 meter band operators, freebanders, Echo Charlie EC operators 6.6 MHz 6.5 MHz 6-7 MHz band. 

These guys are all over the band right now..

Peskies / 5150 USB Paulo and Manuelo 2330 UTC 5 Nov 2018
« on: November 05, 2018, 2332 UTC »
UNID Spanish language 5150 kHz 5.150 MHz

Manuelo working Paulo on 5150 kHz USB, pretty sure there's a third station that's down in the noise...very short responses, unlike the ragchew-like pescadores and freebanders usually heard.  Possibly actually a utility station....?  maybe not - heard "sit down!" in English...possibly a YL operator at the third station, long periods of silence so this may be some sort of standby net instead of a ragchew or calling channel...

Peskies / 6851 kHz USB Spanish Language Activity 2323 UTC 5 Nov 2018
« on: November 05, 2018, 2325 UTC »
6851 kHz USB 6.851 MHz USB mode.  Two Spanish speakers talking...mention of "Papa Victor" (in English) at 2324 UTC (possibly a radio club identifier?) - sounds like freebanders.  Better signals than most of the other Latin American traffic heard tonight. 

Heard using the SigmaSDR on the CT/MA border.

Peskies / 6985 USB vs. 6990 LSB vs. 6990 USB 2320 UTC 5 Nov 2018
« on: November 05, 2018, 2322 UTC »
43 meter band busy with lots of the usual suspects, the region just below the bottom edge of 40 meters 7000.0 kHz is an active region for two-way SSB radio chatter of unknown origin.

6985 kHz USB - weak voice heard, unable to positively ID language, presumably Spanish or Portuguese
6990 kHz LSB - OM and YL heard talking to each other, another QSO down in the noise underneath it (Spanish language)
6990 kHz USB - strong Spanish speaking stations coming in, activity on 6990 LSB and 6990 USB at the same time

This has been noted on another common frequency, 6900 kHz...

Peskies / 6666.6 kHz USB Busy Spanish Speakers 2313 UTC 5 Nov 2018
« on: November 05, 2018, 2314 UTC »
Another popular freebander, outbander, etc. watering hole is the easy to remember frequency of 6666.6 kHz USB.  Hearing Spanish speakers talking over each other on 6666.6 kHz this evening.  Listening via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.

Sailboat radio net HF-SSB radio net yacht radio net 4045 kHz 4.045 MHz 4045 USB marine radio net November 5th 2018

4045 USB good signals, several marine stations having an informal QSO - talking about weather, sailing conditions, general banter.  Pretty polite operating procedure though compared to some.   

At 2306 UTC it sounds like there is another QSO going on at the same time as the control station, although its entirely possible that relays are being used. 

"They're heading into the sound to drop off a sick crewmember" - 2307 UTC
another yacht checks in giving lat/long and winds...sounds like a sailing net considering heavy discussion of gulfstream, sailing conditions, winds, all stations are IDing by ship name and no alpha-numeric callsigns have been heard. 

2310 UTC - roll call completed, general call made for any other vessels on frequency - another ship almost instantly answered...

Peskies / 6950 USB vs. 6955 LSB 2300 UTC 5 Nov 2018
« on: November 05, 2018, 2300 UTC »
6950 kHz and 6955 kHz USB and LSB respectively, causing QRM to each other.

Spanish language on 6950 USB (lots of salty sailor talk, or maybe just foul-mouthed radio operators [freebanders on 43 meters]), while at the same time Portuguese or Spanish (too weak to be 100% sure) is heard on 6955 kHz LSB.  Might actually be two QSOs going at once on 6955 LSB.  SSB bandwidth for both groups is wide enough to cause QRM even with the freeband CB like 5 kHz channel spacing. 

7000 kHz LSB mode chatter, YL and OM, then discussion of changing to USB, and...they pop up on 7000 USB....then disappear....for a minute.  At 2256 UTC on 7000 USB I can hear whistling and general Spanish language chatter. 

Spanish language, right at the bottom edge of 40 meters but certainly freebanders or pecadores. 

Listening on the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.

9738 kHz 9.738 MHz USB mode Spanish language OMs talking QSO Spanish speakers SS talk UNID 9738 USB

Several OMs talking with heavy OTHR radar pulse QRM.  OM remarked using several Spanish language curse words after several OTH radar bursts.  Probably complaining about the QRM.  Continued "salty talk".  Mention of "the island" and "23" at 2316 UTC

YL and OM talking about their parents at 2311 UTC and 2312 UTC.  Spanish language.  Reminds me of the radiotelephone nets heard on the 6 MHz band...up to and including the use of the offset decimal frequencies, which the radiotelephone systems seem to be fond of, at least out of South America.

10174.5 kHz USB possibly husband and wife talking about domestic matters...laughing at 2313 UTC, YL continues talking

Peskies / 10410 kHz USB Spanish Language UNID 2307 UTC 2 Nov 2018
« on: November 02, 2018, 2308 UTC »
10410 kHz 10.410 MHz USB voice - Spanish language, mention of "the cargo" several times.  Possibly a fishing fleet net or this is another freebander net.  There are probably about a dozen QSOs going on in 10000-11000 kHz range right now, all of them in Spanish and Portuguese. 

Rapid-fire speech at 2308 UTC. 

Peskies / 10305.5 kHz LSB Spanish Strong 2300 UTC 2 Nov 2018
« on: November 02, 2018, 2303 UTC »
Yet another 10 MHz logging out of Latin America...seems to be suffering from minor QRM form QSOs on nearby frequencies

One station was SIO 444 nice audio, heard mention of Curacao (island in the Caribbean)

Peskies / 10200 kHz USB Spanish Language 2258 UTC 2 Nov 2018
« on: November 02, 2018, 2300 UTC »
10.200 MHz 10200 kHz USB. 

There are now several on-going QSOs in the lower portion of the 10 MHz band coming out of Latin America.  Spanish and Portuguese have been heard:

10180 kHz USB
10195 kHz USB (logged)
10200 kHz USB (this log)
10222 kHz USB
10250 kHz LSB
10252.2 kHz USB (logged)

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