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Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6825 USB 1225 UTC 8 Oct 2018
« on: October 08, 2018, 1225 UTC »
Hearing another weak Spanish language QSO on 6825 kHz USB this morning, two OMs chatting away SIO 222 or so

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6950 USB 1215 UTC 8 Oct 2018
« on: October 08, 2018, 1218 UTC »
Hearing weak SS chatter on 6950 kHz USB mode this morning, heard "cambio" (sounds almost like "gambio") - which means "over" or "back to you"...sounds like a YL and a OM talking at 1217.  Mention of "the computer" "Cuba" and "strong" - this could be another radio net related to Tropical Storm Michael. 

Peskies / Spanish language net 6858.5 USB 1215 UTC 8 Oct 2018
« on: October 08, 2018, 1215 UTC »
Hearing two OMs talking with good signals on 6858.5 kHz USB this morning, mention of Nicaragua with whooshing ute QRM in the background

Other / UNID Spanish Language 6330 USB 1207 UTC 8 Oct 2018
« on: October 08, 2018, 1211 UTC »
Have the day off for Columbus Day,

Playing with Chris' KiwiSDR, hearing weak SS OMs chatting away peskie-style on 6330 kHz USB at 1207-1208 UTC - pretty weak signals but this is within the 6 MHz maritime band 6200 kHz to 6525 kHz.

10/11 meters / 11 meter activity 13 Sept 2018
« on: September 13, 2018, 2019 UTC »
Hearing some activity on the 11 meter band this afternoon (eastern time)

27025 AM - CB channel 6 - The Superbowl, lots of activity here (27.025 MHz)
27085 AM - CB channel 11 - stations talking over each other, sometimes just as bad as 27025
27285 AM - CB channel 28 - southern US traffic
27385 LSB - CB channel 38 LSB 27.385 MHz LSB lots of DX coming in, lots of fading though

I have been in some discussion with Chris regarding this - after discovering the extensive number of FSK data link networks operating on 27255 / 27.255 MHz.  Most of these networks appear to be transmitting using 10 watt FSK transmitters with multiple sites. It's used to turn devices on and off and to "turn on/off an indicating device for the operator".   WAVE Systems has a lightning detector alert system that uses 10 watt FSK transmitters to turn on and off sirens/flashing lights at remote sites as well. 

During band openings I have heard POCSAG and FSK signals on 27.255 MHz, there are at least two FSK data link networks operating in New York that I have heard on two different KiwiSDRs (and are local to the SDRs).  One of them is transmitting basically constantly and the other transmits once every few seconds...going by the signal strength of the different FSK bursts there are at least 3-4 different sites in this network.  These are, effectively, beacons for 27 MHz CB.

FCC rules for the R/C services fall under Part 95 - Personal Radio Services, and cover the six 26 MHz / 27 MHz RC frequencies:

26.995 MHz - 4 watt maximum power output
27.045 MHz - 4 watt maximum power output
27.095 MHz - 4 watt maximum power output
27.145 MHz - 4 watt maximum power output
27.195 MHz - 4 watt maximum power output
27.255 MHz - 25 watt maximum power output

see 95.767(b)
(b)26-28 MHz frequency band. For an RCRS transmitter operating on 27.255 MHz, the mean transmitter output power must not exceed 25 Watts. For an RCRS transmitter operating on 26.995, 27.045, 27.095, 27.145, or 27.195 MHz, the mean transmitter output power must not exceed 4 Watts.

95.731 Permissible RCRS use.
RCRS transmitters may only be used to transmit one-way communications and only for the purposes set forth in this section. (One-way communications are transmissions which are not intended to establish communications with another station.)

(a)Control of model crafts and devices. When an RCRS transmitter is used to control a model craft or device, the RCRS channels in specific frequency bands must be used, based on the type of model craft or device being controlled, as follows:

(1) RCRS channels in the 72 MHz frequency band may be used only to control and operate model aircraft.

(2) RCRS channels in the 75 MHz frequency band may be used only to control and operate model surface craft.

(3) RCRS channels in the 26-28 MHz frequency band may be used to control or operate any kind of device.

(b)Telecommand. Any RCRS channel may be used by the operator to turn on and/or off a device at a remote location.

(c)Telemetry. Any RCRS channel in the 26-28 MHz frequency band may be used to transmit a signal from a sensor at a remote location that turns on and/or off an indicating device for the operator.

95.771 RCRS emission types.
Each RCRS transmitter type must be designed to satisfy the emission limitations in this section.

(a)Permitted emission types. RCRS transmitter types may transmit any type of non-voice emission that is technically appropriate for radio control use.

(b)Voice emissions prohibited. RCRS transmitter types must be incapable of transmitting telephony (voice communications).

95.731(c) is what interests me.  Could one, in theory, set up a transmitter on one of the six R/C frequencies that transmits on/off keying to turn a green "RX" light on a remote receiver somewhere?  Say the temperature is above 32 degrees at a "remote location" and I need to know this?   And that could also act as a beacon on 26-27 MHz?  As long as its transmitting some sort of data from a remote site (an example would be the beacons around 4096 kHz that transmit wind, temperature and battery charge information) then it would be within the regulations for the 26-27 MHz frequencies.  25 watts is an impressive power limit, but means the potential for QRM since 27.255 is also a legal CB frequency.  4 watts on the other R/C exclusive channels interest me too...of course during a band opening its not unusual to hear voice on these frequencies as well.

Seems like the rules sort of contradict each other though:

95.733 Prohibited RCRS use.
The rules in this section restrict certain uses of RCRS transmitters.

(a)Simultaneous use of multiple channels. An RCRS station must not transmit simultaneously on more than one RCRS channel in the 72-76 MHz band when such operation would cause harmful interference to other RCRS operations.

(b)Data transmission. No person shall use a RCRS transmitter to transmit data. Tones or other types of signal encoding are not considered to be data for the purposes of this paragraph, when used only for the purpose of identifying the specific device among multiple devices that the operator intends to turn on/off or the specific sensor among multiple sensors intended to turn on/off an indicating device for the operator.

(c)Pay for operation prohibited. RCRS stations must not be used for commercial purposes. An RCRS operator must not accept direct or indirect payment for operating an RCRS transmitter. An RCRS operator may use an RCRS transmitter to help him or her provide a service and be paid for rendering that service, provided that the payment is only for the service and not for operation of the RCRS transmitter.

(d)Limited transmission. No person shall use an RCRS station to transmit any message other than for the operation of devices at remote locations. Accordingly, the transmission of other messages by an RCRS operator, such as voice, telegraphy, etc. is prohibited.

Just thinking out loud.  Of course, I could just buy one of these 10 watt FSK data link systems and operate it as intended - for example one of the commercial products on the market can be set to normally open or normally closed - and can be set to send a signal every time the input condition changes...thus making an unintentional 27 MHz propagation beacon in the process....

I wonder what the rest of HFU thinks about this.  Did I stumble across a loophole?  I'm talking about Part 95 compliance here - a legal 27 MHz data link operating for the purposes of turning an indicator on and off, but also accidentally operating as a beacon, not Part 15 (which I know also covers the 26995-27255 R/C channels within 26957-27283 kHz). 

A Part 15 beacon on 27 MHz would be cool too but that's another topic :D

Utility / SHARES Hurricane Nets? 6910 USB Standby Frequency
« on: September 12, 2018, 1330 UTC »
Any activity on the SHARES frequencies?

6765 USB, 6845 USB and 6910 USB?  I would keep an eye out for activity, especially on 6910 USB (alternate 6912 USB/6915 USB) over the next couple of days.  I know there's the 2 and 4 MHz SHARES (and SECURE) FEMA nets as well as the 7 and 14 MHz "daytime" frequencies. 

4458 USB
14396.5 USB

Since we're more than halfway into August at this point I figured I'd start a new thread:

162.425 - possibly WZ2527 Fredericksburg, VA and another station two stations mixing in  - nearly equal signal strength
162.450 - KZZ28 coming in with maybe WNG538 or WZ2500 underneath, unable to ID weaker station
162.500 - WNG586 Henderson, NC (98 miles / 158 km straightline distance from RX location) SIO 555 at 0645 local time
162.550 - KHB36 (85 miles away) vs. KHB37 (82 miles away) heard Chesapeake Bay forecast

162.400 and 162.525 had unidentifiable signals on them, but they were too weak to get any sort of clues as to which station(s) they were.  162.500 was full quieting at tune-in but suffered from extreme fading as I drove through downtown...at points completely dropping down into the noise and then back up again.  It was SIO 555 for its ID / callsign. 

162.475 is the local NOAA Weather Radio station, WXK65, transmitting from a tower roughly 7-8 miles from my receive location with 1000 watts power output.  It is full scale even with a handheld radio's antenna disconnected.  Very strong transmitter and will mix in with intermod from a VHF paging network on 152.690 MHz, including one site that is less than 2 city blocks from my receive site doing 500 watts TX power from a high-rise rooftop. 

The band seems to be closing, or at least less active than it was earlier...at least for me....but I'm hearing faint Spanish language chatter on 27985 AM, YL dispatcher taxi lady reading numbers (address and call numbers) to taxi cabs.  Right below the 28.000 MHz boundary for 10 meters.  I've monitored truckers using this frequency before, its channel CB channel 11 [27.085] up two bands! 

Very strong signals on 26.715 MHz AM coming out of Puerto Rico and Florida, all in Spanish.  26715 and 26705 are the "Spanish Superbowl" channels along with 27065 AM (CB channel 9) which is the in-band Spanish language AM calling frequency

10/11 meters / 26915 AM 26.915 MHz Activity 1405 UTC 5 August 2018
« on: August 05, 2018, 1406 UTC »
26915 kHz - 26.915 MHz AM very busy with lots of AM signals booming in.  Lots of nearby frequencies also active, including 26905 AM, 26925 AM, 26885 AM, 26835 AM and 26785 AM

10/11 meters / Morning 11 meter CB activity 1200 UTC 5 Aug 2018
« on: August 05, 2018, 1221 UTC »
Another weekend band opening!

Hearing some OMs chatting on 26895 and several other frequencies below channel 1, including 26915 (low band AM DX channel).  27025, 27085, 27265, 27285 and several other in-band frequencies busy with powerful AM signals.  Noting activity on 27380 LSB as well as 27385 LSB and 27395 LSB. 

27435 LSB and 27445 LSB are also busy with US-based stations working DX

At 1212 UTC - hearing strong signals on 26875 and 26775 as well. 
At 1219 UTC - 26685 AM coming in with southern accents, 26735 AM also noted (CB channel 19 down one band).  The lower channels are a lot busier than the upper channels above channel 40. 

10/11 meters / 26915 AM 26.915 MHz Activity 1205 UTC 4 August 2018
« on: August 04, 2018, 1207 UTC »
26915 AM 26.915 MHz AM - one of the more common low channels for working AM CB DX - freeband CB that is

Seems like the band will be busy today - now hearing stations working DX on 26915 AM (one of them evening asked "is anybody reading the mail on 26 915 this mornin?"

10/11 meters / Morning 11 meter CB activity 1200 UTC 4 Aug 2018
« on: August 04, 2018, 1206 UTC »
Hearing the usual suspects running high power AM on

27025 - CB channel 6 the superbowl
27085 - CB channel 11 - calling channel (from the 23 channel days)
27265 - CB channel 26 - high power channel
27285 - CB channel 28 - high power channel

Hearing Memphis, TN on 27085 AM on the Rochester, NY SDR with several stations underneath him at 1204 UTC

10/11 meters / 11 meters is busy - 1700 UTC 3 August 2018
« on: August 03, 2018, 1706 UTC »
Lots and lots of AM activity in the legal 40 channels, also:

26705 AM - Spanish language
26775 AM - Southern USA common frequency 26.775 MHz is channel 22 down one band
26885 AM - English language, lots of activity
26895 AM - similar to 26.885 MHz
26905 AM - English language, southern accents
26915 AM - very busy

Several SSB signals heard in the 27400 to 27600 range, mostly clustered around 27425 LSB, 27435 LSB, 27475 LSB and several other frequencies in 5 kHz steps, nearly all in LSB mode with the exception of 27555 USB heard stations calling CQ DX

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