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Hearing Spanish voices on several frequencies in the CW portion of 40 meters.  7000 kHz USB, 7000 kHz LSB, 7014 kHz USB and 7001.5 kHz USB (with lots of QRM).  CW signals at points...possible ham operators jamming the 40 meter intruders who love to hang around 7000 kHz.  More CW on 7002 kHz at 2131 UTC but the SSB QSOs continue.

Heard via the Sigma SDR on the CT/MA border.

Peskies / 6940 kHz LSB French Language 2127 UTC 14 Nov 2018
« on: November 14, 2018, 2128 UTC »
OM speaking French heard on Sigma SDR...lots and lots of SSB signals on 43 meters and the 6 MHz band below...some minor QRM from Spanish speaking QSOs on 6938 kHz...

Via Sigma SDR on the CT/MA border.  Hearing OMs with a radio skit and laughter in the background.  Some ute QRM centered on 6773 kHz or so...  S5-S7 carrier with lots of fading up and down.  Sounding good on the peaks...

4036 kHz USB

"we're about a day and a half out of BVI, had a great time, we're heading out to [unintelligible]" - heard mention of "checking into the net" - similar to the yachtman's net heard on 4045 USB the other day.  Several boats checking into net, general talk about sailing in English, variable signal strengths.

Heard via ΣSDR located on the CT/MA border.   

6562 kHz 6.562 MHz UNID SS Spanish language SSB voice with carrier insertion (AME)
6563 kHz 6.563 MHz UNID SS Spanish language SSB voice USB

6562 kHz USB - one of the signals has a carrier transmitted with their USB signal, the other does not.  OM and YL talking.  The YL is using proper procedure whereas the OM appears to be messing around (whistling into his mic, etc...)...at 2300 UTC OM said "fucking radio" back to the YL...sounded pretty angry.  Perhaps she's telling him to change frequencies....then at 2301 he said "yes, over" several other responses in the affirmative - "yes, you are correct, over".  Some QRM from 6563 USB as well.   2301 UTC - the OM is now telling the YL op to "calm down"

"yes, it is very bad...correct...." 2302 UTC - OM and YL continue talking...then more QRM from 6563 USB (also Spanish language freebanders, even stronger signals).  2304 UTC (on 6563 USB) "okay! good evening everyone! hello! hello frequency! good evening!" etc etc (with QRM from 6562 USB continuing)

Heard via sigma SDR on the CT/MA border....

Utility / 6507 USB Presumed Marine Weather (UNID) 2255 UTC 13 Nov 2018
« on: November 13, 2018, 2257 UTC »
YL giving marine weather forecast 6507 kHz USB, good signal on the Sigma SDR - CT/MA border.  Presumed VMC based on frequency and YL voice heard

Via ΣSDR / Sigma SDR (KiwiSDR).  6400 kHz 6.400 MHz PBS Pyongyang Pyongyang BS Pyongyang Broadcasting Station North Korea DPRK, hearing YL announcer in Korean and martial music at 2236 UTC.  Weak signal but music is there.  Signal improving.

I was hearing a Spanish language QSO on this frequency in USB mode (logged in the Peskies forum)...but the SSB voices are gone from 6400 kHz, leaving only the DPRK signal....as I type this the signal is fading down into nearly the noise making it almost unreadable.  Carrier is there and there's bits and pieces of music coming through at 2237 UTC.  SDR located on the CT/MA border. 

6685 kHz USB 6.685 MHz USB another popular freebander frequency.  Very active this evening, along with several nearby frequencies and basically all over the 6-7 MHz region...including the marine band, the aircraft band and the 6765-7000 kHz "fixed mobile" (43 meters) band.  6685 USB has basically nonstop transmissions on it, sometimes with stations talking over each other at 2226 UTC tune in time.  Still going strong at 2228 UTC. 

Ham radio ragchew-like QSO on the 6 MHz aeronautical band.  Gotta love HF radio out of Latin America.  Pick a frequency and go!

6215 kHz USB 6.215 MHz USB - hearing Spanish language chatter all over the 6-7 MHz region, but of course there's traffic on the 6 MHz marine distress / emergency / calling channel 6215 USB.  Weak, but somewhat readable, and I'm able to ID it as Latin-based language, pretty darn sure its Spanish, like most of the loggings tonight...lots and lots of traffic coming from Latin America all over 6 MHz.  I haven't even checked the other bands yet..

Heard via the sigma SDR on the CT/MA border...

Peskies / 6510 USB vs. 6511 USB UNID Stations QRM 2218 UTC 13 Nov 2018
« on: November 13, 2018, 2219 UTC »
Hearing what could be Italian on 6510 kHz 6.510 MHz USB mode with a Spanish language QSO on-going on 6511 kHz USB...causing some bad QRM when both stations are transmitting at once.  The 6510 USB guys aren't very talkative though. 

The 6 MHz band is alive tonight.

6452 kHz 6.452 MHz USB mode 6 MHz maritime band 6200-6525 kHz

Another 6 MHz marine band catch, also in Spanish, possibly fishing fleets or other legit (maybe...) maritime traffic.  One of the stations is off frequency, probably closer to 6451.9 kHz instead of 6452.0 kHz.  Heard mention of "nautico" at 2215 UTC - OM talking about his cellular phone (maybe these guys aren't fishermen after all...)   - unfortunately the station he's talking to is quite weak.

Heard via sigma SDR on the CT/MA border

Peskies / 6300 kHz USB UNID Language 2210 UTC 13 Nov 2018
« on: November 13, 2018, 2212 UTC »
At first listen I want to say Arabic?  But maybe not....hard to say...but these guys are very talkative

UNID language 6300 kHz 6.300 MHz - two way QSO in SSB USB mode 6 MHz maritime band (lots and lots of other active SSB QSOs on the band right now)

Lots and lots of QSOs in the 6200-6525 kHz 6 MHz marine band...these guys on 6400 kHz 6.400 MHz are coming in nicely on the sigma SDR

6400 kHz USB UNID Spanish language voice traffic...not able to put a finger on the accents outside of that. 

"did you sell it at the border?" "20 yes" and other idle chatter...sounds like fishing boats...then heard "1 9 1 9" [each digit read individually], then OMs talking about their plans for later this week...then discussing "most direct route", OM replied with what sounded like navigational information but unable to make out specifics, talking about "northern" or "of the north" - perhaps giving compass bearings?    - interesting QSO...

2235 UTC - after tuning around the band, I came back across 6400 kHz and the SS OMs were gone (no SSB voice at all) - but Pyongyang Broadcasting Station on 6400 AM was coming in instead...not sure if the UNID SS OMs went QRT or QSY'd due to the QRM from Pyongyang BS...

6900 kHz or 6.900 MHz is the "home channel" for Spanish speaking operators on 43 meters.  Usually its 6900 LSB. See also: 6666.6 kHz USB and a seemingly endless number of others.  6900 LSB is the most often logged though.  They are land based stations having an informal ham radio ragchew-like (or CB 11 meter like) QSO, often in "roundtable" format with a loose net control operating style. 

At 2203 UTC I am hearing Spanish speakers chatting away on 6900 LSB and 6900 USB.  Hearing "over" (in Spanish) and other indicators that the guys talking at least know the basics of radio procedure. 

I thought it was a pirate broadcaster tuning up...carrier keying on and off and somebody clearly tuning up on 6940.0 kHz...didn't notice any modulation at that point however.  Then the carrier disappears, another key or two for a few seconds, then several HOLA HOLA HOLA transmissions on 6940 USB mode.  Then silence. 

6940 kHz 6.940 MHz Spanish language presumed freebander or outbander using 43 meter band frequencies for two-way SSB QSOs....or maybe just testing his radio out of band?   8)

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