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2155 UTC - "believe in yourself, and you too, will believe in Philip Morris, America's finest cigarette" - heard clearly via sigma SDR on the CT/MA border. 
2155 UTC - skit continues with OM, YL, laughing and lots of sound effects

Peskies / 6721.5 kHz USB UNID Spanish Language 2152 UTC 13 Nov 2018
« on: November 13, 2018, 2153 UTC »
I've logged activity on 6721 kHz before, these stations seem to be similar in nature (sounds almost like a telephone conversation) - pretty weak but they're there.  Likely South American in origin from what I know about the radiotelephone systems in rural areas down there. 

6721.5 kHz 6.721.5 MHz USB Spanish speaking SS OMs - possible RRTS - rural radio telephone service or similar system

Listening via the sigma SDR on the CT/MA border....6696 kHz USB 6.696 MHz USB mode, hearing several Spanish speaking OMs talking over each other....I have noticed more and more Latin American traffic in the 6.6 MHz region, heard "oh la laaaa" at 2149 UTC (???) followed by whistling into the mic and lots of other CB-like transmissions.

Spanish language UNID bootleggers freebanders or EC Echo Charlie net 6696 USB 6.696 MHz

Peskies / 6805 LSB UNID Language 2145 UTC 13 Nov 2018
« on: November 13, 2018, 2146 UTC »
6805 kHz 6.805 MHz LSB presumably Portuguese - unable to 100% ID language, could be Spanish, lots of utiliity QRM at the moment

123...123....123....123...repeated several times, with QRM from CW on 6969 kHz

Hearing OM and YL chatting in Spanish on 6957 kHz USB while there's other stations yakking away on 6960 kHz LSB (probably in Portuguese but I'm not 100% sure).  Tuned in via Sigma SDR on the MA/CT border.

Peskies / 6950 USB Spanish Language 2135 UTC 13 Nov 2018
« on: November 13, 2018, 2138 UTC »
6950 kHz 6.950 MHz 6.95 MHz USB mode.  There's a huge ute signal from roughly 6920 kHz up to 6950 kHz...basically making 6925 kHz and nearby frequencies unusable.

Anyway, I'm hearing some ham radio operator like traffic on 6950 USB - at least two stations, using pro-words ("over", etc) in Spanish...some off-frequency QRM down in the noise, possibly from 6952 kHz but I'm not 100% sure.  Casual QSO, talking about generic things that ham radio operators talk about - domestic matters, the weather, radios, propagation....much more professional sounding than the on-going Spanish language net on 6915 kHz LSB.

Peskies / 6915 LSB Spanish Language 2130 UTC 13 Nov 2018
« on: November 13, 2018, 2131 UTC »
Hearing strong signals on 6915 kHz LSB mode, Spanish language.  Likely freebanders - lots of "salty language" heard though.  One station is peaking at S5 the other is slightly weaker.  Sounds like the guys usually found around 6900 kHz. 

Very strong signal on the Sigma SDR, probably the strongest I've heard Old Time Radio OTR on 6770 kHz 6.770 MHz

Last night around 2200 UTC I heard several QSOs in the 6200-6525 marine band (and the higher frequencies up to 7000 kHz, of course).  6200 USB was very active in Spanish language as were several others including the 6MHz SSB marine calling/distress channel of 6215 kHz.  The other night I logged similar traffic on 6215.5 kHz USB but last night it was on 6215.0 kHz USB...too weak to really make out exactly what was being said but this didn't sound like emergency traffic.

Since they're technically using the 6 MHz marine frequencies I know it should be considered "Utility" but these are more likely fishing fleets using the emergency frequency for regular HF-SSB marine comms. 

Lots and lots of other 6 MHz marine traffic last night, of course the other users were not using the calling frequency and could therefore be considered regular utility users. 

Peskies / 6800 LSB vs. 6798 USB vs 6799 USB QRM 2212 UTC 7 Nov 2018
« on: November 07, 2018, 2214 UTC »
At least three different QSOs going on around 6.8 MHz 6800 kHz - at 2211 one of the stronger groups switched from 6800 kHz LSB to 6800 kHz USB and continued chatting.  6798 USB is suffering from QRM from another nearby SSB QSO that's a bit weaker.  6800 USB is the strongest at 2213 UTC.  All in Spanish, considering how quickly they switched from LSB to USB mode, I'd venture to guess that these are freebanders and not part of a fixed radiotelephone network....that, or, they're fishing boats / pescadores of course.  Not sticking around to find out more due to the crazy amount of QRM and lots of other listening targets at the moment.

UNID net English and Spanish EE/SS 6747.5 kHz 6.747.5 MHz USB mode

Heard "fifteen hundred" a couple times (in English) then back to Spanish...on the Sigma SDR on the CT/MA border at 2207 UTC.  Frequency seems to have gone quiet almost right after I tuned in...

There are a lot of Latin American QSOs going on in the 6-12 MHz region right now... I imagine the lower frequencies will become active once the sun is completely down.  8 MHz and 9 MHz are also quite active.  I haven't logged nearly everything I've heard because of the sheer magnitude of Spanish and Portuguese voices heard over the past 30-45 minutes...

Peskies / 8989 kHz USB Spanish Language Monologue 2158 UTC 7 Nov 2018
« on: November 07, 2018, 2201 UTC »
8989 kHz USB 8.989 MHz USB mode.  Sounds like one station talking nonstop while other stations whistle on top of him, attempt to jam him, etc.  Sort of reminds me of 7200 LSB or 14313 USB but this time its out of band and its in Spanish.  At 2159 UTC there's another station whistling on top of this guy...possibly a religious operator, he's talking about forgiveness for his sins from God at 2200 UTC, then glory to God at 2200 UTC. 

I may have stumbled upon an overly talkative outbander or perhaps another actual pirate broadcaster....I'm putting this in the Peskies forum because there's at least two or three stations attempting to either jam this guy or break in on the "QSO".  Still going strong at 2201 UTC.  Received via Sigma SDR on the CT/MA border. 

Utility / WWVH and WWV 15000 kHz AM 2153 UTC 7 Nov 2018
« on: November 07, 2018, 2154 UTC »
A testament to the quality of the ΣSDR receiver, hearing both WWV (male voice) and WWVH (female voice) on 15.000 MHz 15000 kHz at 2153 (and again at the time 2154 Coordinated Universal Time)

I haven't heard both WWV and WWVH at the same time in a while. 

Old Time Radio 6770 kHz AM 6.770 MHz OTR pirate radio station 6770 AM November 7th 2018 log

"It's the miracle drug, cures every bug!"....OM singing, very good audio 2143 UTC
"super new improved new dreams!" "a miracle shampoo" ads continuing at 2143 UTC
"never dries out your hair, actually prevents against bothersome dryness - 2144 UTC

back to radio show programming at 2144 UTC with good signal.  Nice modulation on the ΣSDR

YL singing and a very deep fade at 2145 UTC.  S7-S8 signal

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