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HF-SSB radio telephone link 6893 kHz 6.893 MHz USB mode Spanish language unknown origin, Spanish language SS speakers

Possible radiotelephone link or village radio.  Hearing a YL and an OM talking informally in Spanish.  Very strong data QRM from a utility signal centered on 6895 kHz.  (or 6893.5 kHz if you're listening in USB mode). 

2104 UTC - pause, quick tone burst, followed by several DTMF tones
2105 UTC - YL said something, then rapid-dial DTMF
2105 UTC - YL talking again
2106 UTC - can now only hear the YL side of the conversation...but this is probably a rural radiotelephone service or similar system
2108 UTC - still suffering from extremely strong (and annoying!) "rushing" QRM from the nearby ute signal

Peskies / 6930 kHz LSB Portuguese Language 2100 UTC 29 Oct 2018
« on: October 29, 2018, 2100 UTC »
Via the SigmaSDR - weak Portuguese chatter coming through at 2100 UTC (receiver located at the MA/CT border).  Very weak but its still early! 

Peskies / 6920 kHz USB UNID Spanish Language Net 2055 UTC 29 Oct 2018
« on: October 29, 2018, 2058 UTC »
6920 kHz USB 6.920 MHz USB 6.92 MHz USB UNID Spanish speakers SS OMs UNID 43 meter band Spanish voices 6.9 MHz

Weak Spanish language traffic heard at 2055 UTC - I can make out Spanish but its too weak to get anything useful at the moment.  Possibly related to the net others have heard on this same frequency in the past:


6925 kHz LSB 6.925 MHz LSB Portuguese speaking fishing fleet traffic coming in this afternoon/evening via the ΣSDR KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.  Tuned in at 2052 UTC.  Hearing at least three different OMs chatting away on their favorite frequency this side of 6919 kHz and 6933 kHz.

Utility / Strong FSK 6876 kHz USB 2050 UTC 29 Oct 2018
« on: October 29, 2018, 2050 UTC »
Making a note of this since the frequency in question 6876 kHz - 6877 kHz  around popular pirate frequencies and we're in the Halloween pirate radio activity spike.  Heard via the ΣSDR on the CT/MA border.  In USB mode this is on 6876 kHz but the center frequency appears to be right on 6877 kHz.  S6-S7 signal strength at 2050 UTC. 

Peskies / 12125 kHz USB UNID Unknown Language 1727 UTC 29 Oct 2018
« on: October 29, 2018, 1728 UTC »
Hearing some very faint USB voice traffic on this frequency, which was previously logged by myself on 27 Oct 2018 as another probable pescadore or freebander frequency.  12125 USB 12.125 MHz.  Hiding in the "fixed/mobile" bands again :D

United States Coast Guard Communications Command NMG hurricane forecast at 1720 UTC reading the NHC hurricane forecast discussion word for word for Hurricane Oscar SIO 444 on 12.788 MHz 12788 kHz USB mode.  As is the norm with the USCG's HF-SSB weather broadcasts, there's a fair amount of splatter down onto the lower side. 

1722 UTC "POC SLASH SLASH COMMAND DUTY OFFICER SLASH L SLASH SLASH [telephone number]" and lots of alphanumerical ID information

scheduled transmission at 1715 UTC on 12788 kHz 12 MHz HF-SSB marine band.  Tried alternate frequency 8502 kHz USB at 1724 UTC and can barely hear the same voice down in the noise...tried 4316 kHz USB at 1725 UTC and got nothing at all...

ref: http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/hfvoice.htm

via Westminster KiwiSDR (Chris' SDR)

18.018 MHz 18018 kHz LSB mode

Very weak Spanish language heard at 1441 UTC via Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.  Another easy to remember frequency that means its probably outbanders/freebanders operating near the 17 meter amateur radio band.

13.914.5 MHz 13914.5 kHz USB more SS speaking OMs talking just below the very active 20 meter amateur band.  After noticing the out of band traffic on 14367 kHz I figured I would check below 14 MHz as well.  Pretty weak signals though, especially compared to the powerhouse HF ham signals on 20m right now.

Heard via Westminster, MD SDR

14367 kHz 14.367 MHz USB Spanish speakers just above the top edge of the 20 meter amateur band 14000-14350 kHz.  Sounds like outbanders or freebanders to me.  20 meters is very busy right now so its not surprising that operators are moving outside of the band limits. 

UNID Spanish Language 14367 USB freebanders 20 meter band 19 meter band 21 meter band

CQ Contest over and over again W3LPL calling CQ on 28.428 MHz USB with no response.  11 meters is dead quiet (as is the rest of 10 meters). 

Peskies / 12125 kHz USB UNID Possible Portuguese 1332 UTC 27 Oct 2018
« on: October 27, 2018, 1332 UTC »
Maybe this is the "peskie daytime" frequency!  Weak Portuguese (I think) chatter on 12.125 MHz 12125 kHz USB

Peskies / 12302 kHz USB Spanish Language 1325 UTC 27 Oct 2018
« on: October 27, 2018, 1327 UTC »
12302 kHz 12.302 MHz USB

These guys are just below the bottom edge of the 12 MHz marine band...and they may very well be marine operators, lots and lots of Spanish language "salty language" and the tell-tale "cambio" (sounds like "gambio", which means "over" or "back to you").  S3 signal at best, the sailboats on 12350 USB are much stronger (also heard on Chris' SDR in Westminster, MD).  Talking about money...

1326 UTC - Still chatting away at
1327 UTC - "hola! hola! hola!" (perhaps another station checking into the "net")
1328 UTC - "4000 right?" "okay" "no, 4000" "okay okay"
1329 UTC - more general chatter continues
1330 UTC - "Quito!" and then some whistling into the mic
1337 UTC - tuned back to 12302 USB and they're still chatting, signals are somewhat weaker than before

12350 kHz 12.350 MHz USB voice Bermuda weather QSO marine HF SSB radio

Hearing two OMs talking about weather conditions around Bermuda Monday afternoon/Monday night...1320 UTC "at Tuesday, you'll be approaching the Gulf Stream in the morning" "by Tuesday it should be under 15" "by dawn" "I would probably want to be getting out of the Gulf Stream by early Wednesday" good copy on Westminster, MD SDR

1321 UTC - sounds like sailboat traffic talking about when the captain wants to do his southing early or later in the trip
1322 UTC - "copy, standby"
1323 UTC - "you don't want to enter the Gulf Stream on Tuesday..." "and that is..."

Weak USB voice traffic in Spanish (sounds like Mexican Spanish going by the accents) on 6900 USB this morning.  Usually they're on 6900 LSB before they pop up on USB.  6.900 MHz USB Spanish language freebanders out of band operators. 

Pretty weak signals this morning.  Nothing heard at 1309 UTC so maybe I just caught the tail end of it on the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.

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