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Listening on a Ukraine-based KiwiSDR - 3731 kHz 3.731 MHz LSB mode in the 80 meter amateur band...there's music and several stations transmitting on each other at 0013 UTC...one of the stations was pushing 30db over S9 at one point.  At 0014 UTC, I can hear an OM talking with music and jamming underneath him....very busy frequency

0015 UTC - heard "commander commander" and "capitan" - several stations jamming each other

Peskies / 4-7 MHz Logs 5-6 Nov 2018 Freebanders Pescadores etc 6-7 MHz
« on: December 05, 2018, 2354 UTC »
Starting at 7 MHz 7000 kHz bottom edge of 40 meters.  Listening using KiwiSDRs located in Maryland and on the CT/MA border.

Starting at 2340 UTC 5 November 2018

6993 kHz LSB - Spanish language, freebanders, weak
6990 kHz LSB - Spanish language, freebanders
6985 kHz USB - Spanish language
6970 kHz LSB - Spanish language
6925 kHz LSB - Portuguese language, very strong, lots of stations at once
6900 kHz LSB - Spanish language, good signals
6888 kHz USB - Spanish language
6860 kHz LSB - Spanish language, presumed freebanders
6847.7 kHz USB - Spanish language, noted use of the proword "over" (in Spanish)
6830 kHz USB - Portuguese language, weak
6790 kHz USB - Spanish, possibly related to radiotelephone link networks in South America
6773 kHz USB - Spanish, mixing in with the QSO on 6772.5 USB
6772.5 kHz USB - Spanish, OM and YL talking, weak

4070 kHz USB - Spanish language, probably pescadores fishery radio
4055 kHz AM - Radio Verdad (religious station out of Latin America) SIO 444 good signal
4015 kHz USB - Spanish Language, possibly fishing boats pescadores

Hearing lots of "ya mon" and the like on 6980 kHz USB 6.980 MHz USB, switching back and forth...back to Spanish at 2201 UTC, then English (heavily accented).  "rogooooo" - QRM from nearby Spanish speaking stations (too many to mention them all).  Thick accents with good signals.

6666.6 kHz "35! 35!" lots and lots of calling, whistling into mics, etc.  6688.8 kHz is also active with more of the same.  Lots and lots of freeband operators in the 6 MHz region today, including the aircraft band and the 6765-7000 kHz fixed mobile band.  6666.6 kHz USB is one of the most popular frequencies...similar to 6900 kHz LSB.  OM whistling into his mic and saying HOLA HOLA HOLA at 2159 UTC. 

6630 kHz USB 6.630 MHz - 45 meter freebanders - Portuguese language.  Lots and lots of other QSOs in the 6 MHz band today...this one popped out to me.  Listening via the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.  Rapid-fire dialog in Portuguese, possibly fishing fleets or freebanders...this is a dangerous area to hang out in, as its in the 6 MHz civilian aircraft band...nevertheless, the 6.6 MHz region is very popular.  I see several other QSOs in progress on the waterfall display as I type this.

Hearing Spanish language (I think) and maybe English underneath it...several QSOs going on at once on 6215 kHz USB (another on 6215.5 kHz USB).  Heard the word "frequency" in English, possibly a coast station or somebody telling the other stations to QSY off the calling/distress/standby frequency.  6215 kHz is the 6 MHz marine calling/emergency frequency...

6233 kHz USB 6.233 MHz USB 6,233 kc good signals, hearing several stations chatting away, noticed use of "cambio" pro-word (means "over" in English language radio procedure).  Almost certainly maritime mobile stations using actual 6 MHz marine band frequencies (and using USB mode too!).  OMs talking about their plans for tomorrow night at 2147 UTC.

5025 kHz AM

At tune in time, around 2138 UTC, the audio on 5025 kHz was nearly unreadable....then at around 2139:30, the regular OM announcer with background music came back on with full modulation and much better sound.  At 2140 UTC (as I type this) it sounds much better.  Not sure if they were having transmitter or audio problems or if they were playing an ancient recording....now hearing music at S9+10db....at 2141 UTC the audio again sounds muffled, possibly recorded at an outdoor event? 

Peskies / 4636 kHz LSB UNID Net Possible Italian 2135 UTC 29 Nov 2018
« on: November 29, 2018, 2136 UTC »
via the Westminster KiwiSDR.  Lots and lots of radar sweeps causing QRM.  Hearing OM speaking what I think is Italian at on 4636 kHz LSB 4.636 MHz LSB.  Weak signals so I'm not 100% sure on the language.  There's a decent amount of activity on the 4 MHz band this afternoon already...usually it doesn't wake up until after the sun sets...

UNID marine net 4111 kHz USB 4.111 MHz USB.  Yes, they are actually in the 4 MHz maritime mobile band. 

Heard "barco" (boat, ship) several times.  This sounds like Italian to me.  Still pretty noisy...at 2129 UTC heard several rapid beeps.  Sounds like two stations chatting away, more mentions of "il barco", sounds a little like Spanish too....now I'm second guessing myself.  The more I listen the more I think its actually Spanish, but the accent sounds Italian if that makes any sense.  I'm picking out a lot of words, all of which are related to fishing and boats.  Still going at 2130 UTC, the second station is just at the noise floor.

Listening via the Westminster, MD KiwiSDR.

Peskies / 4030 kHz USB UNID Net 2145 UTC 29 Nov 2018
« on: November 29, 2018, 2126 UTC »
Listening on Chris' KiwiSDR, hearing what sounds like Italian language on 4030 kHz 4.030 MHz USB mode.  Possibly Portuguese but there's a strong rushing ute QRM that's making it very difficult to be 100% sure on what language...

Hearing some decent signals on 6876 kHz USB, 6880 kHz USB (Portuguese language), 6885 kHz USB (Spanish language, sounds like freebanders with decent signals), 6900 LSB (the usual) and 6910 USB (Portuguese language) at 2123 UTC November 29th 2018 - already lots of Latin American stations on the 43 meter band...

SHARES HF net emergency management net 6.765 MHz 6.845 MHz 6.910 MHz USB voice and digital

SHARES - FEMA and other entities heard checking into all three nets on 6765 kHz USB, 6845 kHz USB and 6910 kHz USB.  Various alphanumeric callsigns heard with very good radio operating discipline (as would be expected). 

Listening on the sigma SDR On the CT/MA border.  6765 kHz and 6845 kHz are coming in very nicely, 6910 kHz is considerably weaker but still readable at 1730 UTC.  All three frequencies were active with on-going nets when I tuned in.  These nets are done weekly.  Stations checking in with net control, signal reports, time in and time out recorded by net control station...pretty standard stuff.  "SHARES Regional Coordination Net Northeast" net ID heard on 6845 USB at 1634 UTC.  Net control on 6845 kHz appears to be Freestate 40.

Several callsigns heard:

Freestate 40
Skyline 32XX [Skyline 32 X-Ray X-Ray] (then ID'd as "Skyline 32")

digital traffic noted on 6765 kHz USB and 6845 kHz USB

4976 kHz USB 4.976 MHz USB - strong Spanish language chatter, one of the stations appears to have the callsign of "5 North" - S7-S8 peaks on the stronger of the two stations.  Unknown origin.  Noted use of radio procedural words "over" and similar terminology, suggesting the possibility of at least somewhat experienced operators. 

Also note the similarity to the other log of 4676 kHz USB with Spanish language chatter, also heard this evening.

Peskies / 4676 kHz USB Spanish Language Chatter 0110 UTC 28 Nov 2018
« on: November 28, 2018, 0112 UTC »
4676 kHz 4.676 MHz 4676 USB - I'm pretty sure this is within the aeronautical band - hearing the usual pesky type chatter in Spanish on the sigma KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border. 

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