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Hearing some activity on the usual channels at 1540 UTC:

26715 AM - Spanish language traffic, one station was 30db over S9 (this is the "Spanish Superbowl")
26895 AM - southern accented stations
26915 AM - "low band" AM freeband activity heard
27005 AM - CB channel 4 - Spanish language
27025 AM - CB channel 6 - The Superbowl
27085 AM - CB channel 11 - AM CB calling channel, lots of DX heard
27165 AM - CB channel 17 - several stations from southern USA heard
27265 AM - CB channel 26 - similar to 27085
27285 AM - CB channel 28 - similar to 27085 and 27265
27385 LSB - CB channel 38 LSB - stations working DX, lots of fading
27435 LSB - similar to 27385 LSB, freebanders working DX
27465 LSB - SSB activity heard (US stations)

Seems like sporadic E activity since there's lots of rapid fading but the higher power channels are coming in pretty strong

ION RADIO Ion Radio 6930 AM 6930.3 kHz 6.9303 MHz 6.930.3 MHz AM mode pirate station Ion Radio

Carrier popped up just after 1200 UTC time,

1208 UTC - very faint modulation heard, sounds like ambient or psychedelic of some kind maybe?
1210 UTC - carrier may be closer to 6930.25 kHz now, hard to say if there's some sort of minor drift
1214 UTC - can hear an OM talking (very faint but certainly there)
1215 UTC - "legal deportation hearings" "from the White House"
1216 UTC - "the President wants to keep the aid program going" "Toledo, Ohio" "black men were arrested"
1217 UTC - "huge explosions on the planet Mars"
1219 UTC - "WKBW" commercial station ID
1221 UTC - "we were all born naked....N A K E D naked"
1224 UTC - "Halloween night"
1224 UTC - "several persons have been injured...may have been killed" "East River Road on Grand Island"
1233 UTC - CW heard
1234 UTC - "all off-duty police officers report" hearing two-way radio chatter now
1241 UTC - "smooth metallic object" "state trooper I was just talking to"
1242 UTC - fading QSB getting a bit more pronounced
1243 UTC - "just what is going on down there?" "we have to get out of the immediate area!"
1253 UTC - "it just cut the helicopter in half...." signal is now considerably stronger, peaking at S7-S8
1254 UTC - sounds like War of The Worlds
1309 UTC - "some sort of gas spreading over the cars"
1315 UTC - talking about H.G. Wells and "The War of The Worlds" broadcast

UNID pirate station 6950 kHz 6.950 MHz May 27th 2018 Memorial Day weekend pirate fest!

1155 UTC - Hearing Suite Judy Blue-Eyes at 1155 UTC on 6950 USB.  Good signal at start
1200 UTC - "direct from the college of knowledge..." - if that was an ID, I just barely missed it
1203 UTC - "Jessie's Girl" fading in and out, good copy on peaks but deep fades
1207 UTC - Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee
1213 UTC - "American Girl"
1214 UTC - Tommy Tutone - 867-5309 (Jenny) (classic!)
1217 UTC - "Live from the college of knowledge...radio....something" into [possibly Radio Fusion Radio?]
1218 UTC - "We Built This City"
1223 UTC - much clearer ID heard - "direct from the college of knowledge...Radio Fusion Radio"
1227 UTC - ID into Rick Astley's timeless classic "Together Forever"
1231 UTC - "Naughty Girls"
1235 UTC - ID "here we go again on Radio Fusion Radio" then some slightly distorted speech
1236 UTC - more Rick Astley :D
1239 UTC - ID, QSL email address, into Duran Duran's classic "Hungry Like The Wolf"
1301 UTC - still going strong!
1302 UTC - Radio Fusion Radio ID
1307 UTC - National Anthem, Radio Fusion Radio ID, off

Hearing an OM speaking Spanish, S4 or so, checked several SDRs and he may be operating at just the right time between he's readable up and down the East Coast.  "Grand Norte" heard at 1152 UTC.  So far only one side of the QSO heard.  Mention of "Miami" a few seconds later.

Can only hear one side of a two station QSO, likely freebanders using USB instead of their usual LSB. 

UNID pirate station 6925 kHz 6.925 USB mode MHz May 27th 2018 Memorial Day weekend pirate fest!  Seriously though, this is the most stations going over a weekend I've heard in a while and it doesn't seem to be stopping

Hearing military-style music and an OM talking about "military might" "reserve troops", etc.  Lots of fading and noise making getting anything else difficult.  Checking remote receivers gives me either nothing or similar results. 

1119 UTC - "if they come from southwest, the Ukraine" "between the Caspian and Black Sea"
1125 UTC - "and while the Germans...."
1131 UTC - "125 miles" "by the Germans" - sounds like narration about the Eastern Front of WWII
1147 UTC - more dramatic martial music with narration on top, talking about Russia in WWII
1154 UTC - "they want solders, they want solders bad" ??
1157 UTC - "along the entire front" "by the spring of 1942" "German armies could be defeated"
1158 UTC - signal is wavering with more fading down into the noise
1203 UTC - either off or faded completely down into the noise

Strong signal at sign on with rap music, probably Seven Trees Radio.  Lots of QRM from 6900 USB and 6900 LSB as well as OTH radar

Today/tonight has been one of the busiest in pirate radio in a while!  Thanks for the show - wish the band wasn't so noisy (the signal has gotten somewhat stronger over the past 5-7 minutes, unfortunately the OTHR QRM is basically everywhere)

Off at 0232 UTC.  Strong freebanders (Spanish language) on 6900 LSB and 6905 LSB still chatting away

Tribute to vets, then "Taps" played several times, often with several seconds of dead air in between songs

Another carrier on 6924.90 to 6925 kHz just popped up, very busy band tonight!  Unfortunately there's a big wideband QRM in the 6922 to 6933 kHz range now

0134 UTC - checked back and the carrier is gone

Dramatic music, S4-S5

Sounds like audio from the film "Midway"
6955 kHz 6.955 MHz
lots of war and military themed shows on this weekend

0145 UTC - "Objective AF is Midway"
0146 UTC - strong QRM on 6956 kHz
0155 UTC - long slow fades
0202 UTC - OM and YL talking, dramatic music in background
0214 UTC - "you wanted me shipped out!"
0219 UTC - off

Drama audio heard, lots of fading

0115 UTC - off?

Bits and pieces of music coming through the static crashes...

Can hear a YL singing at 0113 UTC


0122 UTC - Ride of The Valkyries / Wagner

Started on 6970, then went up to 6975, then back down to 6972, can hear music now

0103 UTC - signal up considerably, nice wide AM audio

Carrier popped up at 2342 UTC, bits and pieces of audio coming through (I think).  Very weak but the carrier is there

OM talking, lots of martial sounding music, then back to OM talking...lots of fading unfortunately

2346 UTC - OM "George...some of our boys were just plain scared"
2350 UTC - I think Skip is right, its likely audio from the film Patton
0003 UTC - "God, how I hate the 20th century" and more martial music
0004 UTC - OMs speaking German now
0006 UTC - suspenseful music
0016 UTC - SSTV x2
0021 UTC - "I cannot see the reason so many fine young men get killed"
0026 UTC - signal deeper down into the noise, can hear bits and pieces of piano music and Patton talking about Sicily
0030 UTC - off

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