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Peace Radio pirate 6920 kHz 6.920 MHz 6.92 MHz 6920 USB

SSTV at tune in, some music, QRM, then SSTV again at 2300 UTC.  Very strong signal

S9+10 on the MA SDR, S8 locally.

2300 UTC - another SSTV (false start) then another SSTV
2303 UTC - strong Spanish language QRM, luckily this station's signal is strong enough to punch through
2304 UTC - music music, great audio and still pushing 10db over S9
2312 UTC - very strong Spanish speaking freebanders on 6920 kHz LSB bleeding over
Per other reports, this is Peace Radio / Radio Peace

Hearing weak Spanish language chatter (OM and YL talking, this is a well-known radiotelephone link frequency), pretty weak but can make out that its a telephone-like conversation (probably husband and wife talking). 

The band is looking decent tonight.  OTR coming in nicely on 6770 kHz, I bet we'll have several other radiotelephone and other "bumps in the night" from Latin America and North America this evening if conditions persist

I can hear bits and pieces of music at 2145 UTC on 6770 kHz AM at 2145 UTC tune-in time

Unfortunately there's a very strong data signal on 6765 USB that's making traditional AM tuning impossible.  In USB mode I can hear an OM talking at 2150 UTC.  SIO 222.  OM talking with YL, sounds like an old radio show (of course) at 2151 UTC

2152 UTC - "such a beautiful..." was a S5 for a few seconds (lots of QRM above and below 6770 kHz right now)
2152 UTC - OM continues talking, with background music now

Weak OM talking, lots of fading down into the noise, but heard "blast wave" and "the Japanese cruiser"

2117 UTC - deep fade, sounded like it disappeared
2118 UTC - faded back up a tiny bit, OM talking
2119 UTC - "YO-160" "Pensacola" "LST-52" "ARDC" "only slightly damaged"
2120 UTC - "Wilson" "Stack" "Huge" "LCT-874" "these were the first pictures taken by surface craft"
2121 UTC - "about 1800 yards from the epicenter of the bomb blast"
2122 UTC - switched to Mass. based remote SDR, OM talking about damage to ships, music in background
2123 UTC - big signal increase, now up to S8, "this troop transport received extensive damage" "radio and radar antenna"
2123 UTC - music continues "this ship, the USS Nevada"
2128 UTC - "as a result of the bomb burst" - then more music "damage to the starboard side was less severe"
2129 UTC - dramatic music "Joint Task Force 1"
2130 UTC - "the primary purpose of Test Baker" "resulting from an atomic bomb explosion"
2131 UTC - fast fade / drop in signal modulation
2133 UTC - must be discussion of Operation Crossroads
2136 UTC - "H hour minus 30 seconds"
2137 UTC - "5...4...3...2...1...fire"
2138 UTC - off suddenly (transmitter got hit by the shock wave!)  :D

Sounds very similar to the traffic heard on 14422 USB at the same time...these guys are right above the top edge of the 20 meter ham band. 

UNID freebanders/outbanders above 20 meter ham band
14422 kHz
14.422 MHz

Hearing several Italian speaking stations having a ham-radio like discussion on 14422 USB this morning.  Lots of signal reports, standard "ham like" or even freeband CB style communications, ranging from SIO 222 to SIO 444, some very weak stations fading to just above the noise at points as well...seems like a relatively active frequency.

Hearing some activity on the following frequencies

26715 AM 26.715 MHz AM - Spanish language very busy
26775 AM 26.775 MHz AM - Florida heard, English language
27005 AM 27.005 MHz AM - CB Channel 4 - possibly locals, regular CB chatter
27025 AM 27.025 MHz AM - CB Channel 6 The Superbowl - very busy with DX and QRM, central and south US heard
27145 AM 27.145 MHz AM - CB Channel 15A "hellloooooo" somebody doing radio checks on a R/C channel
27185 AM 27.185 MHz AM - CB Channel 19 truckers, the usual, with some DX coming in
27225 AM 27.225 MHz AM - CB Channel 22 - "Unit 3 roger I'll see ya" "Miami Florida"
27285 AM 27.285 MHz AM - CB Channel 28 central, midwestern and southern US stations heard
27305 AM 27.305 MHz AM - CB Channel 30 "roger on the New York City, y'all have a good, unit 420 Tampa Bay"
27385 LSB 27.385 MHz LSB - CB Channel 38 LSB - lots of stations working DX
27405 AM 27.405 MHz AM - CB Channel 40 Georgia-based station heard, heavy southern accents
27475 LSB 27.475 MHz LSB - "I got a President Washington here, its got a stock mic on it too"
27485 LSB 27.485 MHz LSB - Southern stations working SSB above channel 40

Other / 4045 USB UNID Marine HF-SSB Traffic 1040 UTC 27 Mar 2018
« on: March 27, 2018, 1049 UTC »
4045 kHz 4.045 MHz
USB mode

Hearing two maritime mobile stations talking about weather [doesn't sound like a weather broadcast, the voices are certainly not synthesized].  SIO 222 with some data QRM fading in and out at points.  No IDs or vessel names heard...

8989 kHz USB has been logged previously

8980 kHz 8.890 MHz
USB mode
Spanish language
UNID unknown source, no IDs heard

Hearing active Spanish language chatter on 8980 USB.  Sounds very much like the pescadores or freebanders heard on the 43 meter band and nearby frequencies...lots of rapid-fire chatter.  Noticed activity on this frequency while tuning around on an Internet KiwiSDR and listening to the HF-GCS traffic on 8992 kHz USB. 

Peskies / UNID Music/Talk/Jamming 6985 USB 2342 UTC 26 Mar 2018
« on: March 26, 2018, 2343 UTC »
6985 kHz 6.985 MHz
USB mode

Very weak music and sound fx heard here starting at 2342 UTC tune-in time.  Seems like there's at least one other station transmitting on top of the station broadcasting music/sound effects.  Lots of OTH radar QRM as well [centered on 6980 kHz].  Spanish language is the one heard (I think).  SIO 111. 

Freebanders, outbanders, etc. 
Frequencies: 6900 kHz 6.900 MHz and 6910 kHz 6.910 MHz
LSB mode

Hearing lively QSOs on two of the "usual suspect" frequencies, 6900 kHz and 6910 kHz.  Several stations doing radio checks and giving reception reports on 6910 LSB, with the usual rag-chew chatter on 6900 LSB.  At least a half dozen stations yakking away on 6900 LSB, with some impressive signals at points.  Going by my past experiences with 6900 LSB and nearby frequencies (think 5 kHz steps like the 11 meter band), there are US-based and Latin America-based stations talking to each other here.  Frequency went strangely quiet around 2340 UTC on 26 March 2018

Hearing very weak but tell-tale radiotelephone links (or patches?) on the following frequencies, all in USB mode and in Spanish language:

2330 UTC+
26 Mar 2018

6755 kHz 6.755 MHz, strongest of the four, but getting clobbered by QRM from CANFORCE weather on 6754 kHz USB
6760 kHz 6.760 MHz, very weak but can hear a YL talking
6765 kHz 6.765 MHz, slightly stronger than 6760 USB, OM and YL talking over each other
6780 kHz 6.780 MHz, see note below
6790 kHz 6.790 MHz, YL talking to OM about general mundane domestic topics, probably husband/wife telephone call

EDIT:  at 2345 UTC I tuned back through the 6600-6800 range (where most of these radiotelephone links seem to be found) and I came across another active conversation in progress on 6780 kHz USB...same general logging though, OM and YL talking about general household topics (in Spanish).  Weak signal, SIO 222 at very best.  At 2345, only 6780 kHz and 6790 kHz were active.  6755 kHz, 6760 kHz and 6765 kHz were all quiet at that point (or propagation had changed enough for me to be unable to hear them).  From previous logs, it seems like 6790 kHz is the more active of the frequencies discussed (sometimes the telephone patch is heard on 6789 kHz or 6791 kHz instead of 6790 kHz).

OTR Old Time Radio pirate
6770 kHz 6.770 MHz 6.77 MHz
AM mode
March 26th, 2018

Decent carrier on 6770 kHz this evening, hearing an OM reading a radio ad at 2328 UTC "First in recorded music, first in television...and by Chesterfield [cigarettes]"  Lots of fading, but I can hear music playing and an OM talking at 2329 UTC.  S2-S3 signal

Peskies / 6721 kHz LSB UNID Spanish Language Radiotelephone Link?
« on: March 26, 2018, 2327 UTC »
Date: 26 March 2018
Time: 2325 UTC
Frequency: 6721 kHz 6.721 MHz
Mode: SSB - LSB

Hearing weak Spanish chatter on 6721 LSB....unable to get a decent enough copy but I am hearing what sounds like an OM talking to a YL, which leads me to believe its a telephone patch, possibly from offshore radio sites or South America.  Lots of fading/QSB...

Peskies / 6900 LSB -> 6905 LSB -> 6920 LSB 2300+ UTC 22 Mar 2018
« on: March 22, 2018, 2337 UTC »
Very strong signals on 6900 LSB, then they moved to 6905 and then to 6920 LSB.  Several instances of jamming and stations yelling over each other.  First name identifiers.  The strongest station is easily 10 db over S9.  Mexican Spanish, at least one station identified 6900 as "the home channel of Mexico" - now (2334 UTC) talking about antenna tuners and antenna design.....very ham radio-like chatter.  Multiple references to "el canale de la casa" ("home channel" or "home frequency").  Very strong signals, some of the strongest signals I've heard from the 43 meter band freebanders - music heard at points, stations jamming each other.  Mention of Filipe - Homberto can't hear Filipe (radio checks - Miguel, Juan, Lupe and other names heard)......very informal chatter....sounds like the usual HF ham radio roundtable like chatter - one station IDed as being in "el norte de Virginia" (Northern Virginia), Florida, Mexico, Washington, D.C. and other locations

6900 kHz
6905 kHz
6920 kHz - still going strong

Still going

0008 UTC - ID as "Jose de Washington" and several other stations IDing, now at least 10 different stations talking, often on top of each other

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