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Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6986.6 kHz USB 2129 UTC 25 Jan 2017
« on: January 25, 2018, 2129 UTC »
UNID Spanish Speakers SS traffic
6986.6 USB 6.986.6 MHz 6.9866 MHz USB

Strong Spanish language traffic heard on another easy-to-remember frequency this afternoon.  Lots of Spanish curse words, S3 at best.  Weak, but readable.

Peskies / 6902.5 kHz USB Spanish Language QSO 2120 UTC 25 Jan 2018
« on: January 25, 2018, 2124 UTC »
Hearing one side of a QSO in Spanish (sounds like Mexican accented Spanish) on an odd frequency, 6902.5 USB.  In fact, this sounds like one station just talking nonstop.  Lots of VFO swooshes, whistles and CB-like roger beeps heard over the OM talking.  Several mentions of "money"

2121 UTC - first station stopped transmitting, I can hear a much weaker station just barely above the noise floor
2122 UTC - there's something there but I can't make anything out, then the stronger station replied, complete with more whistling
2122 UTC - this is sounding more and more like a ragchew net, now a third station is wishing the other operators a good afternoon
2123 UTC - casual ham radio / freeband CB / amateur radio chatter like QSO on-going on frequency

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6900 kHz USB 1145 UTC 25 Jan 2018
« on: January 25, 2018, 1145 UTC »
UNID unknown user
Frequency: 6900 kHz 6.900 MHz
Mode: USB
Language: Spanish

That's right, 6900 USB, not LSB, as is usually heard on this frequency.  Barely readable, but I can make out that its Spanish with Mexican accents.  Lots of over the horizon radar buzz QRM heard from 1144 UTC to 1145 UTC.   

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6785 kHz USB 1140 UTC 25 Jan 2018
« on: January 25, 2018, 1143 UTC »
UNID unknown user
Frequency: 6785 kHz 6.785 MHz
Mode: USB
Language: Spanish

Checking the 43 meter band just before heading to work this morning and I noticed some Spanish language chatter on 6785 USB.  I do not believe I've logged this frequency before.  Several 67xx and 68xx frequencies have been logged at odd hours so I'm going to count this as one of them.  Weak signals, just above the noise, but they're there.  Can hear two different stations but there may be more.  S3 signal (noise is around S2-S3 right now)

6900 kHz LSB, 6900 LSB, 6.900 MHz the Spanish language 43 meter freeband net frequency was very busy last night, some stations pushing S9+30db and talking all over each other.  At around 2318 UTC, Clever Name Radio started intentionally jamming these "pescadores" or "peskies" as they are often known.  CNR has a very powerful transmitter but the Spanish speakers didn't seemed too bothered by the QRM.  Some of them switched from 6900 kHz LSB to 6900 kHz USB (a very CB like practice when there's QRM!) and just kept talking.  CNR signed off at 0014 UTC 25 JAN 2018, then signed back on several times in the 0100-0200 UTC hour before QSY changing frequencies up to 6935 kHz LSB to QRM the pescadores operating there.

See the thread regarding Clever Name Radio's broadcast here


I wanted to make a thread in the Peskies thread since they were on 6900 LSB before CNR decided to start broadcasting there

Hearing an OM and YL talking, with laughter in background and some music.  Lots of rapid fading...sometimes getting all the way up to S5.  Noisy conditions though making copy harder than it should be.

Always nice to hear OTR on 6770 kHz!

2152 UTC - a very deep fade, then came back, back to music with decent copy
2155 UTC - ad for Philip Morris

10/11 meters / Some 11 Meter Activity 22 Jan 2018
« on: January 22, 2018, 1755 UTC »
Some sporadic-E conditions, lots of activity in the legal 40 "mid band", the usual AM DX suspect frequencies, and of course 27.385 MHz LSB (channel 38 LSB) and 27.395 MHz LSB (channel 39 LSB)..

So far the  only out of band activity I've noticed is on 26.915 MHz AM, which is one of the more common AM freeband frequencies.  Nothing heard above channel 40 as of 1755 UTC.

Yeti Radio / Yetti Radio ID heard

Came on the air right as Radio Illuminati started playing "I'll Wait"

This has intentional QRM / jamming written all over it

1729 UTC - distorted "Yeti Radio" ID into "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree"
1731 UTC - appears to be changing frequency or moving the VFO around
1732 UTC - OFF

6900 kHz 6.900 MHz 6.9 MHz 6900 LSB Spanish SS speakers 6900 LSB Spanish voices 6.900 MHz Spanish operators UNID Spanish Language 6900 kHz LSB freebander net outbander net pirate radio frequency 6900 kHz 6765-7000 kHz 43 meters 40 meters 7 MHz illegal operations

VERY strong signals this evening, some of these stations are S9+30db while others are barely moving the S-meter.  Checked several East Coast USA SDRs and the same QSO can be heard all up and down the US coast.  This is widely known as the frequency for North America for 43 meter freeband or outband operators.  Ham radio operators have also been heard here.  There are several legal fixed and mobile radio services in Latin America in the 6765 to 7000 kHz range, but what's usually heard on 6900 kHz LSB is unlicensed bootleg freebander pirate radio chatter.  It can often get very busy....often with stations QSYing to 6900 kHz USB and/or going 5 kHz up or down from 6900 kHz as their starting frequency (6905 kHz, 6895 kHz, etc).  This is very SSB CB-like (the use of 5 kHz steps, sometimes switching to the opposite sideband as a way to escape QRM, etc).

0221 UTC - mention of Dominican Republic (by the stronger of the stations, can hear him unkeying his microphone)
0222 UTC - more discussion of conditions in the Republica Dominicana / Dominican Republic
0223 UTC - seems to only be two stations talking now, mention of San Antonio
0225 UTC - "thank you very much Robert" - seems like a signal report (a very positive one) - Alberto and Carlito also heard
0225 UTC - several other names heard, so there are more than two stations on frequency now.  Ragchew roundtable QSO
0226 UTC - roundtable QSO continues.  Very much like HF amateur radio or SSB 11 meter freeband operators, these guys are professional
0227 UTC - mention of "team 350" (rough translation) several other 3-digit numbers heard
0228 UTC - a weaker station is now on frequency, very difficult to copy what he's saying...
0229 UTC - "Hector" mentioned..."Alberto" - these operators are referring to each other by first names
0231 UTC - discussion of band conditions and conditions on this frequency, another mention of "San Antonio"
0231 UTC - QRM from chatter on 6897 kHz USB now, however stations on 6897 USB are much weaker
0233 UTC - mention of interference (likely from 6897 USB) and strong station wishing other stations a Merry Christmas
0235 UTC - "thank you very much Hector" - for good wishes, then "good night" also at 0235 UTC
0235 UTC - QRM continues, carrier or test tone on 6897.8 kHz for a second or so
0236 UTC - other stations continue chatting, however the strongest station appears to have gone QRT
0238 UTC - no further sign of QRM or interference, the remaining stations continue roundtable/ragchew style QSO
0239 UTC - much stronger station appears (back) on frequency...seems to be the same station that signed off at 0235
0240 UTC - signal report "muy fuerte" (very strong), mention of "plus 20" and Enrique, several signal reports given
0241 UTC - band conditions and signal report discussion continues 
0244 UTC - somebody dropped a very strong carrier on 6900 kHz, obvious VFO swishing around the 6800 to 7000 kHz area
0245 UTC - much weaker station joins frequency, just above noise level, then another VFO swoosh
0247 UTC - QSO continues

Peskies / 6925 kHz LSB Very Strong Portuguese 0200 UTC 22 Dec 2017
« on: December 22, 2017, 0218 UTC »
6925 kHz 6.925 MHz
Portuguese language
fishing fleets fishing boats fishery radio pescadores radio fishing boat radio ship to ship communications HF-SSB 6-7 MHz 6765-7000 kHz fixed mobile band pirate radio QRM peskies peskys fishermen radio 6925 LSB

Hearing pescadores peskies Brazilian (presumed) fishing fleets chatting away with some very strong signals tonight....some stations S5-S6 signal strength with others pushing past S9.  Very strong signals.  Usually when the guys on 6925 LSB are coming in this loud, there's other frequencies active...but the the band seems pretty quiet save for the Spanish voices on 6900 LSB and they're there almost 24/7. 

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6940 kHz USB 1115 UTC 15 Dec 2017
« on: December 15, 2017, 1115 UTC »
6940 kHz 6.940 MHz

Very faint Spanish language traffic heard early this morning.  Casual chatter...sounds like only two stations talking. 

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 2240 UTC 12 Dec 2017
« on: December 12, 2017, 2248 UTC »
OM talking at 2240 UTC

2245 UTC - "his own report
2247 UTC - "he protected his own industry"
2248 UTC - "didn't know that the disaster had anything to do with....natural disaster" "history of West Virginia"
2249 UTC - dramatic music "the governors of West of Virginia had to deal with an industry"
2250 UTC - talking about the power of the coal industry in West Virginia
2253 UTC - pescadore QRM from 6929 kHz LSB getting worse and worse
2300 UTC - faded away or off

2245 UTC - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town, SIO 433 with strong static crashes

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6977 kHz USB 1400 UTC 11 Dec 2017
« on: December 11, 2017, 1407 UTC »
6977 kHz USB Spanish SS speakers
6.977 MHz USB Spanish SS speakers
6977 USB SS bootleggers

Hearing faint freebander chatter on yet another popular Spanish speaking freebander frequency.  SIO 222

North American Shortwave Pirate / WFDR 6935 USB 2350 UTC 7 Dec 2017
« on: December 07, 2017, 2352 UTC »
FDR speech radio address regarding that Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941

76 years ago today

2351 UTC - Fair to poor copy (locally and on OH based remote SDR receiver)
2353 UTC - switched to remote receiver (one of many in NJ) - signal is S9 to S9+10 there.  SIO 555 with some very rapid fading
2354 UTC - can hear crowd cheering and clapping...very strong signal
2355 UTC - "I ask that the Congress declare..." "Sunday, December 7th, 1941...a state of war has existed...."
2356 UTC - short pause after "between the United States and the Japanese Empire"
2357 UTC - OM "W F D R, President" "yesterday...December 7th, 1941...a date which will live in infamy" [speech restarted]
2359 UTC - co-channel SSB QRM, likely from pescadores (they're all over the band tonight!)
0000 UTC - "last night, Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong...."
0005 UTC - speech restarted
0012 UTC - WFDR ID
0013 UTC - radio address from December 8th, 1941 restarts

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