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Peskies / 6565 kHz USB UNID Japanese ?? 2240 UTC 22 Mar 2018
« on: March 22, 2018, 2242 UTC »
UNID Asiatic language, possibly Japanese fishing fleet radio communications
UNID fishery radio
6565 kHz 6.565 MHz
USB mode

Sounds like Japanese to me...its not a Latin-sourced language like Spanish or Portuguese or Italian.  Two stations having a QSO, both stations are SIO 333 with S3-S4 signals.  Interesting propagation from that part of the world this evening...

Heard very strong test tones, sometimes peaking above S9, unmodulated carriers with obvious power level variation (literally watching the S-meter move around) and other testing on 6400 kHz 6.400 MHz this evening.  I know Pyongyang Broadcasting Station (PBS Pyongyang, Pyongyang BS) in North Korea/DPRK uses this frequency for shortwave broadcasting and its unlikely another station was the one responsible for these tests. 

The other possibility was a jammer station doing tests, however no ID or voice modulation of any type was heard.  Each transmission was around 30 seconds long and for 10 minutes or so it was almost a constant 30 seconds on 30 seconds off type deal. 

Hearing an active QSO in-progress on 6527.5 kHz USB, although one of the two (at least) stations seems to be closer to 6527.4 kHz...South American accented Spanish talking about kilos (weight) and general chatter...likely fishing boats

Very strong signals on 6688 USB with somewhat weaker signals on 6690 USB, often both going at once causing pretty awful QRM.  At one point I think I heard traffic on 6890 LSB as well...making this little chunk of frequency space pretty messy.  While this is part of the 6525 kHz to 6765 kHz aeronautical HF band, I have a hard time believing these stations fall within that category.  Sounds much more like outbanders on the "45 meter band"

Hearing weak Portuguese chatter on 6845 kHz, 6850 kHz and 6866 kHz, all in USB mode between 2207 UTC and 2210 UTC March 22nd, 2018

UNID fishing fleet communications
6.935 MHz 6935 kHz
LSB mode

Hearing strong Portuguese language chatter, likely fishermen chatting away...at least 4-5 different stations in a relatively civil "roundtable" fashion, which is somewhat remarkable for this frequency and those like it (6919 kHz LSB, 6925 kHz LSB, etc.) which usually consists of lots of stations talking over each other.  Started at 2200 UTC, SIO 333 at best with several weaker stations

Hearing what sounds like people laughing and highly distorted voice on 6923 kHz AM

1525 UTC - more distorted speech, sounds like its being played backwards
1525 UTC - laugh track
1526 UTC - signal dipped down to barely readable levels
1528 UTC - laughing and clapping
1530 UTC - off?

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6922 AM 2200 UTC 8 Mar 2018
« on: March 08, 2018, 2202 UTC »
2200 UTC - music heard 6922 kHz AM
2201 UTC - minor QRM from 6925 kHz LSB
2203 UTC - strong signal, solid S5-S6 with strong modulation, hearing sound fx (police sirens, police radio chatter, etc)
2204 UTC - sirens stop, "driver get out of the car!"
2206 UTC - "you're gonna stand there and tell me you weren't driving" "you're going to go to jail for possession of crack cocaine"
2209 UTC - theme from "Dragnet"
2210 UTC - more police sirens
2213 UTC - signal dropped a little bit, sounds like an episode of "COPS"
2215 UTC - off abruptly

Peskies / Portuguese and Spanish 6945 kHz LSB 2300 UTC 7 Mar 2018
« on: March 07, 2018, 2300 UTC »
UNID pescadores or freebanders fishing fleet radio communications HF
Frequency: 6945 kHz 6.945 MHz
Mode: SSB - LSB
Language: Primarily Portuguese, but some Spanish heard (likely underneath the Portuguese)

Hearing several Portuguese speaking stations talking over each other on 6945 kHz LSB, almost sounds like there's a QSO in Spanish underneath the Portuguese chatter...lots and lots of QRM at 2300 UTC March 7th, 2018

UNID log, likely telephone patch RRTS Rural RadioTelephone Service, HF-SSB radiotelephone link system used in remote areas and for offshore locations (oil rigs, fishing fleet communications, etc.)

Frequency: 6750 kHz 6.750 MHz 6.75 MHz - at the top of the 6525-6765 kHz aeronautical band
Language: Spanish
Location: Latin America, presumed South America and/or offshore waters

OM and YL having an informal conversation about various domestic matter (at one point they were talking about clothes).  At 2342 the OM is talking about his car and if its at the house...very informal chatter.  Likely a husband and wife having a QSO.  Good signal too with very little fading.  Doesn't sound like Mexican accented Spanish - I'm thinking South America here.  OM asking about the dog at 2343 UTC, then the frequency went quiet...

Strong Portuguese speaking stations heard on 6919 kHz.  This time in USB mode...usually they're heard in LSB, I'm not sure why they're using USB this time.  Checked 6919 LSB and nothing heard.  SIO 333 to SIO 444...one of the stations is very much off frequency, probably closer to 6919.2 kHz or 6919.3 kHz....

The Montreal Rose pirate radio station
6925.6v [started at 6925.7 kHz but slid down to 6925.6 by the end of the SSTV transmission...could see the carrier moving up and down as the SSTV transmission started, then again as the test tones were transmitted]

0007 UTC - SSTV, then several long sweep test tones.  Good signal but lots of QRM from 6925 LSB and 6930 LSB chatter
0014 UTC - carrier signal frequency now down to 6925.4 kHz
0015 UTC - off? - maybe not? - I see a wobbly signal around 6925.2 kHz or 6925.3 kHz, this could be splatter from the usual suspects on 6925 LSB
0016 UTC - no, not off, now seeing a carrier on 6925.35 kHz
0017 UTC - signal dropped out again
0021 UTC - carrier back on 6925.7 kHz
0022 UTC - slid down to 6925.6 kHz, this is presumably the same transmitter
0022 UTC - more test tones
0023 UTC - carrier "wiggling" on the waterfall display, then music
0024 UTC - Pink Floyd?  carrier is FMing like crazy...wish I could listen in SSB to notch out the 6925 LSB boys
0025 UTC - music dropped down, carrier seems to be closer to 6925.4 kHz now
0026 UTC - audio gone again :(
0028 UTC - tried listening in USB again, as listening in AM is just Portuguese QSO(s) - very little audio heard but the carrier is still there
0033 UTC - OFF

Peskies / Peskie Party Radio 6919 LSB 2345 UTC 4 Mar 2018
« on: March 04, 2018, 2346 UTC »
Hearing at least two stations playing music over each other, with the usual "peanut gallery" stations replying to each other and commenting on the music being played.  As expected, the stations are all off-frequency enough that the music sounds terrible, even for SSB standards....

Nice signals from a station IDing as being in Puerto Rico on 6900 LSB, long-winded ham radio or 11 meter freeband SSB operator-like ragchew (pretty common for this frequency) on-going at 2325 UTC.  SIO 333

Peskies / 6935 LSB Strong Signals Portuguese 2300 UTC + 2 Mar 2018
« on: March 02, 2018, 2310 UTC »
6930 kHz 6.930 MHz
LSB mode
Portuguese Language - presumed fishing fleet radio communications using modified HF SSB radios, or SSB marine equipment on out of band frequencies using LSB

Anyway, these guys are running some serious power, one of the two stations (maybe they QSYed from 6925 kHz?) is a solid S9 with SIO 555, the other is S5-S6, but still with good audio

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