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There's too many frequencies to make a thread for each one so I'm trying a different approach:

7000 kHz LSB - Spanish, OM and YL talking (complete with wolf whistle at 2311 UTC!)
6997 kHz LSB - Spanish
6994 kHz USB - Spanish, some signals pushing S9 (not active at same time as 6997 LSB)
6990 kHz USB - Spanish
6985 kHz USB - Spanish
6981 kHz LSB - Portuguese
6980 kHz LSB - Spanish
6977 kHz USB - Spanish (with horrible QRM from 6980 LSB)
6970 kHz LSB - Spanish
6967 kHz USB - Spanish
6965 kHz AM - Spanish
6960 kHz USB - Spanish
6958 kHz USB - Spanish, weak with some QRM from 6955 USB
6955 kHz USB - Spanish, strong
6952 kHz USB - Spanish, with lots of QRM from 6950 USB
6950 kHz USB - Spanish, several QSOs going on at once here
6950 kHz LSB - Spanish
6945 kHz LSB - Portuguese
6942.5 kHz LSB - Spanish, SIO 555 station doing radio checks
6935 kHz LSB - Portuguese - very strong signals
6930 kHz LSB - Spanish, some very strong signals
6925 kHz LSB - Portuguese, basically non-stop
6920 kHz LSB - Spanish, QRMing pirate station on 6920 AM
6919 kHz LSB - Portuguese
6915 kHz LSB - Spanish
6910 kHz LSB - Spanish
6905 kHz LSB - Spanish
6900 kHz USB - Spanish - extremely active with very strong signals
6900 kHz LSB - Spanish - primary freebander frequency for North America
6874 kHz USB - Spanish
6835 kHz USB - Spanish, possible radiotelephone link
6825 kHz LSB - Spanish
6805 kHz USB - Spanish, YL and OM talking
6799 kHz USB - English, YL and OM talking at same time "oh my god, 500 dollars, come on" "what size is it?"
6796 kHz USB - Spanish or Caribbean-accented language
6790 kHz USB - Radiotelephone Link, OM and YL talking
6786 kHz USB - YL and OM talking, another radiotelephone link frequency
6772.5 kHz USB - OM and YL having a rather emotional conversation (in Spanish)
6767 kHz USB - Spanish, possibly another radio telephone system
6763.5 kHz LSB - French with QRM from FSK signal on 6762.5 USB
6760 kHz USB - Portuguese
6750 kHz USB - Spanish, active
6747 kHz USB - Spanish
6713 kHz USB - "why yes, of course!" (Spanish, strong signal)
6710 kHz USB - English - Caribbean accent, very active (getting clobbered by EAM simulcast on 6712 USB)
6705 kHz USB - Spanish, OM and YL talking rapidly
6700 kHz LSB - Sounds like an African language
6685 kHz LSB - Spanish, casual QSO
6677.7 kHz USB - Spanish, yet another easy-to-remember or "cute" frequency
6666.6 kHz USB - Spanish, common outbander frequency
6646.6 kHz USB - Spanish, very busy, causing severe QRM to Lima Air Traffic Control on 6649 kHz USB
6570 kHz USB - unknown language, two ops having a QSO, one of them is transmitting USB w/ a carrier
6555 kHz USB - Spanish, another "cute" frequency for sure
6550 kHz USB - Spanish
6510 kHz USB - Italian, decent signal
6500 kHz USB - Spanish, very strong signals

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6997 kHz LSB 2245 UTC 27 Jan 2018
« on: January 27, 2018, 2246 UTC »
Strong Spanish language QSO in progress just below the 7000 kHz bottom edge of the 40 meter amateur band. 

Peskies / 6900 kHz USB Spanish Language Net 27 Jan 2018
« on: January 27, 2018, 2244 UTC »
6900 kHz USB is very very active with some signals booming in at remote receivers all up and down the US East Coast in the 2200-2300 UTC hour time frame.  6900 LSB and dozens of other frequencies in the 6500-7000 kHz range are also active with Spanish but also Portuguese and some Caribbean English heard.  6790 USB has been noted active tonight, a known radiotelephone link network frequency out of South America.

Frequency: 6796 kHz 6.796 MHz
Mode: USB
Language: English
Unknown origin - somewhere in the Caribbean I would presume

Likely Jamaicans?  Very close in frequency to Rural Radio Telephone Service active on 6790 USB and other UNID QSOs all over the 6-7 MHz region.  They are speaking English on this frequency though 

HF radiotelephone service
6790 kHz 6.790 MHz
Mode: USB
Language: Spanish

Hearing OMs and YLs talking on 6790 kHz USB in Spanish.  This frequency has been confirmed to be part of the Rural Radio Telephone Service network in South America.  Both sides of the conversation are heard at once (think of this as listening to the base station side of a cordless or cellular telephone conversation). 

Multiple people talking over each other at the same signal strength.  OM talking to his wife/YL and children at 2225 UTC.

6950 kHz 6.950 MHz
USB mode

I'm hearing Spanish language chatter on 6950 USB, another conversation (also in Spanish) and then what sounds like a monologue (unknown language) underneath the Spanish two-way QSO at 2220 UTC.

2220 UTC - "a real bad time" heard (in English)...there are two or three different groups on frequency at once, impossible to make anything meaningful out

Utility / 6 MHz Marine Band Logs Evening 27/28 Jan 2018
« on: January 27, 2018, 2127 UTC »
Starting around 2100 UTC on the 27th:

6272 kHz USB - unknown language, with lots of data QRM
6277 kHz USB - unknown language
6300 kHz USB - unknown language, maybe Portuguese??
6312.5 kHz USB - distorted audio, really at a loss as to what language I'm hearing here, maybe Italian??

6277 USB and 6300 USB are both nearly non-stop active like they were the other night. 

Peskies / UNID Portuguese Language 6935 kHz LSB 2115 UTC 27 2018
« on: January 27, 2018, 2120 UTC »
Frequency: 6935 kHz 6.935 MHz
Mode: LSB
Language: Portuguese (probably Brazilian fishermen talking to each other, fishing fleet communications, fishery radio, etc)
Location: Somewhere in the Atlantic, I would presume
ID:  unknown, unlicensed (the actual 6 MHz marine band is 6200 kHz to 6525 kHz, and is usually just as busy as the 6765 kHz to 7000 kHz fixed mobile band...).  Yes, these operators are also heard in the 6 MHz areonautical band / aircraft band, which lies between 6525 and 6765 kHz per ITU regulations...

Portuguese speaking fishing boat communications fishery radio nets on HF.  These guys are popping up on the band earlier and earlier in the evening.  6935 LSB is becoming a very popular frequency for them.  For a while time it was 6933 LSB (of course 6925 LSB and 6919 LSB are the main ones, for whatever reason).  Would be nice to see them move off 6925. 

SIO 222 at best, although its still early in the evening.  I have a feeling there will be a lot more of these logs tonight.

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6650 kHz USB 2100 UTC 27 Jan 2018
« on: January 27, 2018, 2107 UTC »
UNID Spanish voices on 6 MHz band
Frequency: 6650 kHz 6.650 MHz 6.65 MHz
Mode: USB
Band Allocation: 6MHz aeronautical band 6525-6765 kHz

I noticed SSB voice traffic here while listening to the freebanders on 6666.6 USB.  Weak, but I can tell that its Spanish.  I know its hypocritical to say something like "these operators shouldn't be using these frequencies" but in this case I'll say it anyway.  When a safety of life radio service is involved...they should QSY.  Just go above 6765 kHz.  There's so many clear frequencies in the 6765 kHz to 7000 kHz range.  Or, here's another crazy idea...if they're transmitting as part of fishing fleets (pescadores)...maybe use the 6 MHz HF SSB marine band 6200 kHz to 6525 kHz???

Peskies / 6666.6 kHz USB Back Again 2100 UTC 27 Jan 2018
« on: January 27, 2018, 2103 UTC »
Weaker than they were last night, but the sun hasn't gone down yet.  Hearing faint Spanish language out of band (seriously out of band, these guys are interfering with HF aeronautical frequencies...) on 6666.6 kHz USB this afternoon. 

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6747 kHz USB 2050 UTC 27 Jan 2018
« on: January 27, 2018, 2054 UTC »
Hearing some faint Spanish language QSOs in progress on 6747 USB, which happens to be part of the aeronautical band (the military subband, IIRC, but still...I doubt these are military transmissions).

Likely freebanders on yet another frequency.  SIO 111

Spanish voices heard on 6900 LSB and 6905 LSB

Frequencies: 6900 kHz 6.900 MHz 6905 kHz 6.905 MHz
Language: Spanish [Latin American]
Locations: Unknown, but likely land-based HF stations
and, of course, they are unidentified.

Heard a strong station transmitting on 6900 kHz LSB, followed by what appeared to be a request to QSY, then 6905 kHz LSB lit up.  6900 LSB remains active, two stations talking on 6905 LSB while 6900 LSB remains busy with the usual "roundtable" or ragchew style net usually found on this frequency.

on 6905 LSB:  one station IDed as "Guillermo", then a third station checked in, Guillermo wished him a good morning and gave him a signal report.  While all this is going on, I am seeing nearly constant activity on 6900 kHz.  The use of 5 kHz steps is pretty common with this group, they tend to start on 6900 LSB (sometimes 6900 USB) and then move plus or minus 5 kHz because of QRM or for a "side channel" to have a long QSO without tying up the calling frequency of 6900 kHz LSB.  At 1454 UTC, Guillermo IDed as "del Norte" (of the North or from the North - of course that's meaningless without context).  Lots of noise making complete copy impossible.

These operating procedures are basically the same as amateur radio or 11 meter freeband SSB operators...chances are these guys do all of the above. 

Peskies / 6815 kHz USB Spanish Radio Checks 1445 UTC 27 Jan 2018
« on: January 27, 2018, 1447 UTC »
Frequency: 6815 kHz 6.815 MHz
Mode: USB
Language: Spanish (likely from Latin America, judging by accent)
Allocation: 6765-7000 kHz ITU fixed/mobile band (heavily used by pirate and bootleg operators)

Hearing an OM saying "helloooo" and "holaaaaa" along with "audio" and whistling into his mic...likely doing radio checks or tuning up

Nothing else heard after 1445 UTC

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6933.3 kHz USB 1430 UTC 27 Jan 2018
« on: January 27, 2018, 1438 UTC »
Frequency: 6933.3 kHz 6.9333 MHz (originally tuned them in as 6933 kHz 6.933 MHz, but these guys love these repeating digit frequencies!)

Hearing some Spanish language chatter on a mostly empty band this morning.  OM talking just slightly above noise level.  Can only hear one part of the QSO.  Considering the way the band has been lately, I wouldn't be surprised if at least some of these ops have moved down to lower frequencies..

Peskies / UNID Spanish Language 6928 kHz LSB 1120 UTC 26 Jan 2018
« on: January 26, 2018, 1125 UTC »
Frequency: 6928 kHz 6.928 MHz
Mode: LSB
Language: Spanish

Early-morning radio chatter.  Two OMs talking about radio propagation conditions, radios, buying radios, and typical amateur radio like chatter.  At 1124 UTC, a third station broke in.  Very good signals this time of the morning, in the neighborhood of S3-S6.  Mention of talking on "80 meters" and other ham radio talk.  Very professional sounding (not like the guys talking on 6925 LSB).

1125 UTC - "hello frequency" replied "what's you question, sir?" - almost like a pescadore elmer net!
1127 UTC - more talk about stations worked, mention of Venezuela
1128 UTC - the weaker station is dropping out significantly, did not get an ID or location

I really dislike the frequency choice here..I liked it better when they were on 6900 LSB and moved 5 kHz up or down from there.  6928 LSB is perfect for QRMing with the usual pirate frequency of 6925 kHz, especially if a pirate broadcaster is using 6925 USB.

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