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6666.6 kHz USB another freebander watering hole.  Logged 6695 kHz USB earlier this evening and now 6666.6 kHz is active.  6666.6 kHz is to 45 meter band 6.6 MHz freebanders/outbanders as 6900 kHz is to 43 meter band freebanders/outbanders.  Yet another "bump in the night" from Latin America.  Good signals from the sigma SDR on the CT/MA border. 

6771.5 kHz USB 6.771.5 MHz USB - Spanish language SS OM and YL having a conversation, sounds similar to a telephone conversation...one of the two transmitters appears to be somewhat off-frequency.  I have logged this frequency (and similar/nearby frequencies) several times in the past - likely coming out of South America or Central America - still going strong at 0043 UTC.  Received with Sigma SDR on the CT/MA border

6,771.5 kHz USB

Possibly Asian in origin.  CW on-going on top of the SSB voice comms.  Voice on 4190 kHz USB mode, CW on 4191 kHz.  Reminds me of another log made by another poster on here a bit ago, possibly the same group from Asian fisheries.

4190 kHz USB 4191 kHz CW 4.190 MHz USB 4.191 MHz CW UNID - still going strong at 0012 UTC 28 Nov 2018

Peskies / UNID Net 6910 kHz LSB 0007 UTC 28 Nov 2018
« on: November 28, 2018, 0008 UTC »
6910 kHz 6.910 MHz UNID stations working in a professional manner - seems to be in Portuguese.  Heard "America" mentioned several times, and what sound like numerical identifiers.  This sounds a lot more professional than the usual peskies heard on 6925 LSB, 6919 LSB, etc.  Could be wrong though....

Peskies / 6890 kHz LSB Spanish - Radio Checks 0004 UTC 28 Nov 2018
« on: November 28, 2018, 0005 UTC »
OM op whistling into his mic going "hola...hola hola hola" over and over...doesn't seem to be actually talking to anybody so I'm going to say radio checks.  6890 kHz 6.890 MHz LSB mode.  Close to the lively 6900 kHz frequency, a common calling frequency or home channel for Spanish speaking freebanders.  There's a net on 6900 LSB (and sometimes 6900 USB as well) basically every night with Spanish speaking ops.

Peskies / 6695 kHz USB UNID Spanish Language 0000 UTC 28 Nov 2018
« on: November 28, 2018, 0001 UTC »
6695 kHz USB 6.695 MHz USB Very strong Spanish speaking traffic coming in this evening, sounds like "45 meter" freebanders, sometimes called "EC" or Echo Charlie, operating in the 6.6 MHz band.  Apparently this was popular in Europe at one point or another, the popularity seems to have moved from Europe to Latin America.  Nothing heard on the usual 6666.6 kHz watering hole but that could change.

Signal strengths peaking at S9 on the sigma SDR on the CT/MA border. 

Peskies / 7000 kHz LSB Spanish Language 2356 UTC 27 Nov 2018
« on: November 27, 2018, 2357 UTC »
7000 kHz 7.000 MHz LSB mode, so their emissions are technically outside of 40 meters.  Still would be considered intruders on 7000 kHz.  Maybe.  Anyway, there's at least one QSO going on at 2356 UTC (tune in time) and 2357 UTC (as I type this) 11-27-2018 on 7000 kHz LSB 7.000 MHz.  Seems to be a really popular frequency for all sorts of stuff

Peskies / 6975 kHz LSB Spanish Chatter 2355 UTC 27 Nov 2018
« on: November 27, 2018, 2355 UTC »
6975 kHz 6.975 MHz 6,975 USB SS OM Spanish Language QSOs just below 40 meters out of band pirates bootleg HF

Hearing two Spanish speaking OMs having a very casual QSO on 6975 kHz 6.975 MHz LSB mode.  Heard several numbers mentioned, but this isn't a number station since its two-way comms.  Sounds like freebanders or hams operating out of band.  Several mentions of "el Norte" (the North - which I know isn't really helpful).  One of probably a dozen QSOs going on in the 43 meter band right now...

6900 kHz 6.900 MHz Spanish language SS OMs Spanish speaking freebanders

6900 kHz LSB and 6900 kHz USB are both active at 2337 UTC tune-in time.  Lots of Spanish language traffic, general radio operator chatter - 6900 LSB is more active than 6900 USB but they're often going at the same time.  Latin American and US based stations chatting away, sounds like amateur radio operators.  Some data burst QRM from time to time, often in LSB mode (or on the lower side of 6900).

Logged between 2130 and 2200 UTC via the sigma SDR on the CT/MA border 43 meter band

Some background about the 6-7 MHz region and official allocations:
5900 kHz - 6200 kHz - 49 meter shortwave broadcast band SWBC band
6200 kHz - 6525 kHz - 6 MHz HF marine band
6525 kHz - 6685 kHz - 6 MHz HF aeronautical - civilian aircraft band on route
6685 kHz - 6765 kHz - 6 MHz HF aeronautical - military aircraft band off route
6765 kHz - 7000 kHz - fixed/mobile band aka "43 meters", although many consider 43m to be 6800-7000 kHz

6765-7000 kHz fixed mobile band commonly used by pirate radio stations in North America and all sorts of other places, a large amount of unknown origin "bump in the night" two-way SSB QSOs heard in this band (and nearby frequencies, especially in the 6525-6765 kHz aeronautical band and the frequencies above 7000 kHz into the 40 meter amateur band).

The 6525-6765 kHz band is broken down into two subbands, with civilian/on-route allocations in the lower 6525 kHz to 6685 kHz portion and military/off-route allocations in the 6685 kHz to 6765 kHz portion.  Most of the freebanders and UNID signals seem to be closer to the military subband, although 6666.6 kHz is really popular.  Below 6525 kHz is the 6200 kHz to 6525 kHz 6 MHz marine band (where the line blurs a bit, if you're a fishing fleet operating within the marine band are you still a peskie?).  Below 6200 kHz is the 49 meter broadcast band 5900 kHz to 6200 kHz (some sources say 5950 kHz to 6200 kHz) although there are several broadcasters that use portions of the 6 MHz marine band.

Anyway, on to the logs: 

presumed radio amateur (freebanders) and fishing fleets and/or possible radiotelephone link system, Latin American origin

6666.6 kHz USB - Spanish language, this is a common "45 meter" calling/QSO frequency
6688 kHz LSB - Spanish language, OM and YL talking
6690 kHz USB - Spanish language
6703 kHz USB - Spanish language, presumed freebanders
6713 kHz USB - Spanish language, very strong signals, some very "salty" language heard...
6720 kHz USB - Spanish language, likely freebanders (doesn't sound like a phone patch to me)
6737.7 kHz USB - Spanish language, freebanders, very good signals
6750 kHz USB - Spanish language, possible radiotelephone link
6752 kHz USB - Portuguese language, with QRM
6757 kHz USB - Spanish language
6765 kHz USB - Spanish language, with QRM from Old Time Radio on 6770 kHz
6789 kHz LSB - Spanish language
6789 kHz USB - Spanish language (6789 kHz is another easy to remember frequency!)
6813 kHz USB - Spanish language
6825 kHz USB - OM and YL talk, SS - Spanish speakers, possible radiotelephone link, mention of Antonio
6845 kHz USB - heard OM laughing, then Spanish language chatter
6851 kHz USB - Portuguese....I think, heard OM say "WOP WOP WOP!"
6855 kHz LSB - Spanish language chatter
6860 kHz LSB - Portuguese with some QRM, possibly two QSOs at once
6863 kHz USB - somebody whistling into their mic
6880.8 kHz USB - Spanish language, another possible radiotelephone QSO (OM and YL) off-frequency 6881 kHz
6890 kHz LSB - UNID language, probably Portuguese or Spanish considering
6890 kHz USB - Spanish language, weak SS speakers
6893 kHz USB - Spanish language, more freebanders, two OMs talking, several numbers mentioned
6900 kHz LSB - Spanish language, busy
6900 kHz USB - Spanish language, freebanders sound like ham operators 6900 kHz calling freq.
6906 kHz USB - Spanish, strong signals
6910 kHz LSB - Spanish language chatter
6925 kHz LSB - Portuguese, very busy, peskie frequency/mode
6935 kHz LSB - Portuguese (common peskie frequency)
6935 kHz USB - Spanish language, one station is off-frequency
6940 kHz USB - Spanish language, possibly testing
6950 kHz USB - Spanish language, weak/sporadic
6954 kHz USB - I believe this may be a radiotelephone link or patch....hearing an OM and YL talk
6957 kHz USB - weak, UNID language, probably Portuguese w/ ute QRM
6963 kHz LSB - Portuguese, very busy
6970 kHz LSB - sounds like two stations talking over each other,
6974 kHz USB - Similar to 6954 kHz, OM and YL chatting away SS Spanish speakers
6976.6 kHz USB - weak, UNID language
6979.5 kHz USB - somebody whistling into their mic, very strong signal, also 6979.7 kHz
6985 kHz USB - Spanish language, sounds like radio amateurs or freebanders / outbanders, several stations heard
6990 kHz LSB - Spanish language, heard "negativo" and use of pro-word "over" (in Spanish) SS speakers w/QRM
6990 kHz USB - Spanish language, weaker with QRM from data on 6993 kHz
6999 kHz LSB - Spanish language, casual QSO with good signals

Peskies / UNID Portuguese 6925 kHz LSB 2123 UTC 20 Nov 2018
« on: November 20, 2018, 2124 UTC »
6925 kHz 6.925 MHz Portuguese speakers - likely fishing fleet communications, several OMs talking at 2123 UTC tune-in time.  Looks like the band will be lively tonight with traffic from Latin America.  Various signal strengths, at least 3-4 different stations talking

Peskies / UNID Portuguese 6844 kHz USB 2121 UTC 20 Nov 2018
« on: November 20, 2018, 2122 UTC »
Hearing lively Portuguese chatter on 6844 USB 6.844 MHz 6844 kHz, the usual pescadore type stuff...lots of fading this afternoon

Peskies / 7000 kHz LSB Spanish Speaking 1137 UTC 15 Nov 2018
« on: November 15, 2018, 1139 UTC »
Heard via ΣSDR this morning.  Hearing weak Spanish language traffic on 7000 LSB 7.000 MHz LSB 7000 kHz - right at the bottom of the 40 meter ham band.  Everyone loves 7000 kHz!  At least they're technically putting their signals outside the ham band since they're in LSB mode?

Weak signals, but heard enough to know its Spanish.  More weirdness on 7000 kHz / 7.000 MHz.  Another "bump in the night" out of Latin America....

Peskies / 6957 kHz USB UNID Spanish Language 1130 UTC 15 Nov 2018
« on: November 15, 2018, 1134 UTC »
6957 kHz 6.957 MHz USB mode.  Lots of ute QRM from a FSK signal on 6959 kHz and another "rushing" signal...then OTHR radar.  At 1132 UTC heard distinctly Spanish language - changed title from UNID to Spanish language.  I know the Gloucester fishermen have been logged on and around 6957 kHz, 6958 kHz etc so I was hoping to catch them. 

Probably pescadores at this time of the morning...heard via the ΣSDR KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border.  Several OTHR bursts at 1133 UTC.   

Utility / 6942 USB Link-11 6942 kHz 1125 UTC 15 Nov 2018
« on: November 15, 2018, 1128 UTC »
Very strong Link-11 aka STANAG 5511, TADIL-A - tactical data link on HF - Link-11 signal on 6942 kHz (when tuned in USB mode).  Signal is S9+10sb to S9+20db.  Usually I see Link-11 with two signals side by side (no carrier, so DSB?) but this one is a single signal - center of the signal is 6943.6 kHz or 6943.7 kHz. 

Heard early morning US East Coast time (0625 local, 1125 UTC) on the ΣSDR KiwiSDR on the CT/MA border. 

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