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10/11 meters / 11 meter DX Logs 25 January 2016 1900 UTC +
« on: January 25, 2016, 1930 UTC »
A real quick band scan:

26575 AM - Spanish language - likely from Mexico
26585 AM - Mexican AM calling/chat channel, active
26665 AM - Taxi Dispatch (Spanish speaking YL)
26675 AM - Spanish language
26875 AM - OMs talking, down at noise level - could be truckers
26885 AM - "How's he been doin'?"
26905 AM - Taxi Dispatch (Spanish speaking YL) with roger beep, strong signal
26915 AM - Southern US accented stations heard, along with YL dispatcher down at noise level, lots of fading
27005 AM - CB Channel 4 - Spanish language OMs and YLs, lots of beeps, sound FX, heavy QSB
27015 AM - CB Channel 5 - Spanish language
27025 AM - CB Channel 6 - The Superbowl.  Strong signals, going up to S9+30 and down to S3, rapid fades/QSB
27035 AM - CB Channel 7 - Spanish language, with bleedover from strong signals on 27025 AM
27045 AM - R/C Channel "7A" - Spanish language, possibly taxis, weak
27065 AM - CB Channel 9 - Spanish language - this freq is used as an AM calling channel for Spanish-speaking ops, much like 6/11/26/28
27085 AM - CB Channel 11- Southern US accents, several stations talking, very deep fades/QSB
27185 AM - CB Channel 19 - Trucker/Road Channel, strong het (lots of fading here too)
27195 AM - R/C Channel "19A" - some sort of FM data burst here - could be local
27215 AM - CB Channel 21 - Spanish language, YL heard with roger beep
27225 AM - CB Channel 22 - Southern US accents, with echo.  "Heeeeeelllloooooo!" "Auuuddddiiooooo!"
27245 AM - CB Channel 25 - Hearing something at noise level, not sure of language but there's traffic on this freq
27255 AM - CB Channel 23 - Pager data bursts heard under QRM - could be local
27265 AM - CB Channel 26 - US AM DX Calling Channel - Active Southern USA (see also: 27085, 27285)
27285 AM - CB Channel 27 - See 27265 (not as active)
27345 AM - CB Channel 34 - Spanish Speaking YL with roger beep, other stations with different roger beeps down at noise level
27435 AM - Some sort of carrier here, heard in SSB mode...no audio heard
27455 USB - Latin American SSB DX Calling Frequency, stations heard at noise level
27465 USB - Spanish language with buzzing/warbling noise/QRM
27490 LSB - Southern US accents
27665 USB - Spanish language, weak
27725 LSB - Spanish language, weak

10/11 meters / Re: Clandestine 27MHz CW beacons...
« on: January 25, 2016, 1200 UTC »
Likely fishing drift buoy transmitter beacons.  Usually found in the 1.6 to 2.2 and 26 to 30 MHz ranges.  Another (less likely) possibility is that they are "channel markers" or propagation beacons used to indicate band openings to certain locations and/or hold a frequency to prevent others from using it.  27385 is one of the busier 11m frequencies though - which means its likely drift net buoy transmitters that you're hearing.  The IDs could be anything from a shorting of the ship's name or callsign to a randomly selected group of characters (see the replies to the other thread you made about this in the beacons subforum).

My guess is that "spy beacon" is akin to "channel marker" or some sort of propagation beacon used to indicate that 11 meters/27MHz is open.  

Token is right - some of these drift net beacons stay on the air for very long periods of time.  They're using relatively ineffecient antennas (for the 1600-2200 kHz range anyway) but as far as 26-30 MHz goes, they're likely running a base loaded 1/4 wave whip with the entire ocean as a ground plane.   ;D

I posted a lengthy thread about this in the "Dark Arts" section but felt I should mention it here as well.  In operation is a continuous tone beacon transmitting in FM mode but easily heard in AM or SSB.  Built from a re-purposed R/C transmitter with a crystal socket for frequency agility.  Chosen frequency is currently set at CB channel 23 - 27.255 MHz or 27255 kHz. Seems to depend on the mode you're using for receive.  Transmit power is 1 watt into a dipole facing roughly ENE/WSW.  Located on the East Coast of the USA.  Operating 24/7 unless otherwise specified.  

Here is the long post about the beacon in the Dark Arts subforum --> http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php?topic=25624.0

This beacon is part of an on-going project for 11 meter beacons.  Mark I was a 80mW beacon on 27500.  It is currently off the air - Mark II has taken its antenna for now.  Mark III will feature a CW ID and (hopefully) a bit more power.  

Please post here if you hear this beacon!  ;D

These could be fishing net buoy beacons - used by fishermen to find drift nets.  They tend to operate in the 1600-2000 kHz (1.6-2.0 MHz) and 26-30 MHz range and usually transmit a CW identifier at low power.  The CW identifier is usually somehow related to the associated ship's radio callsign or name.

Here's a well-compiled list of 26/27 MHz fishing drift net buoy beacons and their IDs:


There are several "real" 27MHz 11 meter beacons as well, most of them in the 27500 - 27600 region, although there are others, mainly operating within the "legal 40" CB band (26965-27405) on 27125, 27140 and others.  27500 is the "official" 11 meter beacon frequency, apparently.  CW activity has been heard on this frequency as well as PSK31.

The frequencies you list - 27878 and 27003, aren't on any 11m / 27 MHz beacon lists I've found.  

Here's a list I've compiled from a couple different sites:

27125 kHz - 16mW power - California - 2QRP and AOH - "AOH" in CW
27140 kHz +/- 3 kHz - 500mW power - France, IDs in CW - 14RS000 followed by a long tone burst.  
27175 kHz - unknown power - Thailand - 153SD101
27405 kHz - 1W power - Germany - 1 pip a minute
27499.6 kHz - 2W power - Moscow, Russia - 50KS00 in CW
27500 kHz - unknown power - Mexico City - pips in CW
27500 kHz - unknown power - Greenland - Voice ID in USB "38 voice beacon"
27501 kHz - 25W power - Kansas - 2KP
27504.4 kHz - 1W power - France, IDs in CW/PSK31 - 14RS000 (may have moved to 27140 kHz)
27540 kHz +/- 5 kHz - 1W power - East Coast USA - FM signal modulated with tone, no ID.  10 kHz wide FM signal.
27550 kHz / 27610 kHz - 25W power - Costa Rica - IDs in CW as "69BY".  Apparently moves around in frequency.  Originally on 27500 kHz.  Also on 6775 kHz, 13555 kHz, and 40680 kHz.

Other station(s) QRT or faded away.  Station discussing radio jamming is now all I'm hearing on 6925

I'm hearing what sounds like three or four different stations on 6925 right now (with the one discussing Radio Free Europe the clear winner)

Appears to be off the air at 1613 UTC

MLK documentary on 6930 USB, talking about demonstrations in Birmingham, Alabama

I'm hearing all sorts of echo and sound effects on 6925 AM.  No actual voice?  

Seems like there's several stations at once.  At 1622 UTC, discussion of Soviet jamming technology, jamming against Radio Free Europe.  Discussion of using music over noise for jamming.  There's other voice traffic underneath this signal though. 

10/11 meters / 27430 FM [141.3 Hz CTCSS/PL tone] 01/17/2016
« on: January 17, 2016, 1951 UTC »
The band is open a bit right now, not as much as it has been - however I have heard a CW ID on this frequency several times today (and on the previous couple days) in FM mode.  IDs are transmitted with a PL tone (141.3 Hz).  Maybe somebody is running a (legal) repeater on this frequency and I'm hearing the ID.  Most of the time when I hear a repeater ID it does it without whichever tone the system is using (so as not to annoy the users with a CWID).  

Usually I hear SSB traffic on this frequency and those around it so hearing FM here is a first for me.  Most FM I hear is UK "27/81" FM 27601.25-27991.25 and without PL tones.  27430 is a legal business frequency (as are 27450, 27470 and 27490) as per FCC rules Part 90.  

Another CWID heard at 2004 UTC

I just heard a KE2xxx (ham callsign) as part of the audio on 6925.  Somebody is retransmitting all kinds of stuff.  

More police scanner audio at 1926 UTC

Barely there down in the noise at tune-in at 1708 UTC. 

Station went QRT or faded away before I turned my radios back on at 2020 UTC. 

ad for Hindenburg condoms 1933 UTC

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