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Good luck using CB channel 9 for actual emergency communications.  R.E.A.C.T. moved to GMRS long ago (and its a good thing too).

Channel 9 (27065) along with 26705, 26715, 26725 and sometimes 26735, are being used as "shootout" channels by very high power Puerto Rican stations (and others, I heard Miami and Barbados in there today).  Several of the stations have also gone on 27025 (Channel 6) - the original Superbowl channel, and, at least from my listening location, completely locked the frequency down when they transmit.  Which can't be easy considering 27025 usually has several kW++++ power level signals on it at once.  I'm hearing a station on 26715 right now that is completely readable with the RF Gain control turned all the way down.  Some of these guys can be heard WITHOUT AN ANTENNA CONNECTED.  Stronger than the channel 6/27.025 guys. 

Who needs propagation when you're transmitting at 30,000 watts? 

I'd be interested to see what some of these signals look like on a waterfall display.  Several signals that are ostensibly on 26705/26715 can be heard all over the band.  A S9+20db signal on 26715 showing a S7 signal strength 40-50 kHz away from the center frequency.  Makes me wonder how much power is actually being transmitted on channel vs. as splatter/harmonics. 

10/11 meters / Re: 11 meter DX Logs 2 April 2016 1900 UTC +
« on: April 07, 2016, 1638 UTC »
My understanding is that 27005 in Japan is what 27025 is in the USA.  Their legal CB frequencies are

26968 - Channel 1 - 0.5w, AM only
26976 - Channel 2 - 0.5w, AM only
27040 - Channel 3 - 0.5w, AM only
27080 - Channel 4 - 0.5w, AM only
27088 - Channel 5 - 0.5w, AM only
27112 - Channel 6 - 0.5w, AM only
27120 - Channel 7 - 0.5w, AM only
27144 - Channel 8 - 0.5w, AM only

Maximum output power is 500mW, must not have provision for external antenna (all units must have built-in antenna).

Clearly these rules are ignored (as they often are), as 27005 isn't even one of the legal channels listed.  Apparently, the 26-28 MHz range in Japan is legally allocated to the "1w DSB Fishery Radio" or "1 watt double side band fish radio service" or various similar translations.  Seems like their version of the Australian 27MHz AM Marine Band (27680-27980).  I bet their other channels that you've heard (you mention up to 27390) cause interference to this "Fishery Radio" service, which, according to the frequency list below, occupies the 26.760-27.988 MHz range, with several skips in channeling, likely to counteract QRM from the legal CB band....note the skip between 26.944 and 27.016, then the skip between 27.016 to 27.524. 27016 is right in the middle of their CB service though...and several of the frequencies listed below are either exactly the same as the 27MHz Australian marine channels, or are very close to them, due to the odd channel steps used by the Japanese frequency plan.

I found a listing of the 1W-DSB FISHERY RADIO SERVICE frequencies on another forum, 1 watt maximum carrier power, AM (DSB) mode only, frequencies listed in kHz:

27860 - Same as Australian 27MHz Marine Channel 86
27940 - Same as Australian 27MHz Marine Channel 94
27980 - Same as Australian 27MHz Marine Channel 98

According to the official Japanese frequency allocation table, the 26175-27500 kHz range and 27500-28000 kHz range are allocated to FIXED, MOBILE, and MARITIME MOBILE - including Radio Control (R/C), Citizen Band (CB) Radio, Radio Control Transmitter (also R/C lol) and 1W-DSB FISHERY RADIO.  Apparently the 29.7-37.5 MHz range and 38.25-41 MHz range are allocated to the 5W-DSB FISHERY RADIO service.  Maybe there aren't a lot of users of the "1W DSB" service anymore, with a 5 watt service available on higher frequencies in the VHF-low band (and no interference from CB there!).  

EDIT:  I stand corrected.  Further Googling leads me to believe there are/were several other "27MHz 1W DSB" radios sold for the Japanese market and/or for similar services in places like Taiwan (looks like their allocation is 26475-27275? or maybe higher)

http://www.wenden.com.tw/goods1-cat28-lang2.html [three models, various power outputs, frequency coverage 26.475-27.275, 25.550-30.495, 24.265-29.655].  Maybe Taiwan has yet another 11-meter band fishery radio service...

Looks like JRC used to make a radio for the 26.760-27.988 band:  The JRC JSD-282.  Listed as "discontinued" however.  http://www.jrc.co.jp/jp/product/discontinued/jsd282/, Furuno produces one with GPS data link capability - http://www.furuno.com/jp/products/radiotelephone/DR-100 and a company called "Koden" makes a model that looks very similar to the JRC radio called the DS-33:

I have personal experience with several Chinese export rigs, namely the Anytone Smart and the CRE 8900 (also sold as the Alinco DR-10, Alinco DR-135CB/DR-135DX/DR-135UK).  The CRE 8900 is an excellent radio and the local SSB club I talk to on a highly secret frequency above channel 40 agree that it sounds just as good as "real" Icom/Yaesu/Kenwood HF ham gear on SSB.  The CRE 8900 is apparently a smaller version (DIN car radio size) of the Anytone AT-5555 (which has been sold under two dozen other brand names/models).  The Superstar 360FM is a great radio.  Apparently it uses the same main PCB as the Cobra 148GTL-DX (the "export" version of the famous Cobra 148GTL).  

I'd love to get my hands on a Superstar 360/360FM.  I currently use a Superstar 3900 Mk1 (made in Taiwan) as my mobile CB/11-meter radio.  I've owned and used the Malaysian-made version of the same radio (Superstar 3900) and the Taiwan-built radio is clearly superior, not only in build quality but in transmit/receive performance.  Sounds great on SSB and is super loud on AM.  

The US still makes heavy use of the 26-28 MHz band, nearly all trucks have at least a Cobra 29 in them.  There now exist easy-to-install kits to give "bare bones" AM radios like the Cobra 29 freeband channeling capability (usually 26515-27855 - so 120 channels low/mid-CB/high).  I actually recently purchased a kit from an Australian vendor for my Cobra 29XLR - one of the oldest 40 channel versions of the Cobra 29, uses the uPD858 PLL, that, once I install it, will give me almost 200 channels.  Still a very active market for CB and export "10-meter" gear in the USA for sure.  As I'm sure you've noticed from my other logs, there's even a more active market/user base for the 11-meter band in Latin America.  

10/11 meters / 11 meter DX Logs 2 April 2016 1900 UTC +
« on: April 02, 2016, 2001 UTC »
I haven't posted a log in a few weeks but the band has been busy.

I have noted the de-facto standard "export" frequency bands that are used on 99% of radios used on these frequencies.  Starting frequency is usually 25615 and coverage ends at 28305, 28755, 29655, 30105 or even 30555.  The new generation of Chinese exports cover either 25615-28305 or 25615-30105 but their "band A" is almost always 25615-26055, thus putting the legal CB band at "band D".  Some radios start at 26065 instead, which makes the legal CB band at "band C".  Each band is  450 kHz wide, divided into 40 channels, plus the 5 "A" channels that are accessible via the +10 kHz switch.  Most radios either include a +5 kHz switch as well, or a clarifier that can go up 5 kHz and down 5 kHz to reach the 0 offset frequency (giving, in theory, 90 channels per band).

Many radios cover only C/D/E (or "low/mid/high").  Others, such as the Connex Deer Hunter, cover 120 channels, but are set up with the CB band as the "high" band.  The band switch is labeled B-C-D, following the "standard" channel plan.  There are several other similar radios that are obviously geared towards the hunting/fishing/outdoorsman market, including the Connex Coyote Hunter, which covers 160 channels (legal CB band is still the highest band covered).  The band switch on that radio is labeled A-B-C-D.  

The majority of activity is found in the lower/upper bands, as these frequencies are the most accessible.  Following this, the lower bands become more active.  Some CB mods only include the upper channels (or only the lower channels).
The regular 6-band export radio configuration is:

25615-26055 - Band A - 40 channels + 5 A channels
26065-26505 - Band B - 40 channels + 5 A channels
26515-26955 - Band C - 40 channels + 5 A channels
26965-27405 - Band D - Legal CB band for most of the world.  Called the "Mid band" or "FCC band" 40 channels + 5 A channels (not legal for voice)
27415-27855 - Band E - 40 channels + 5 A channels
27865-28305 - Band F - 40 channels + 5 A channels
on a radio the covers up to higher frequencies, this plan would continue in 40 channel blocks.  Since some radios start at lower or higher frequencies, the letter band designation does not always match up.  For example, many of the older Galaxy radios started at 25165, making the CB band "band E".  Combine this with the fact that many radios do not come equipped with a frequency counter/display and you can see why people hear truckers talking in AM mode in the CW-only subband of 10 meters (channel 19 - 27185 - up two bands is 28085...)

Country-specific allocations that are often used outside their intended country:
27601.25-27991.25 - UK FM "27/81" band - 40 channels in straight sequence (part of band E and band F)
26330-26770 - NZ (New Zealand) AM band - 40 channels + 5 A channels (same channel sequence as the legal CB band)
26965-27275 - IN (India) AM/FM  - 27 channels + 5 A channels, same as channels US channels 1-27
26875-27245 - I2 (Italy "Band 2" 34 channels) - Normal channels 1-24, channels 25-34 are 26875-26955 in straight 10 kHz steps
26565-27405 - DE (Germany) - 80 channels + 5 A channels (channels 1-40 are the same as the US CB band, channels 41-80 are 26565-26955 in straight 10 kHz sequence, almost mirroring the "low band" channel plan).  Apparently the "high band" frequencies are just as popular in Germany, to the point that 27765 AM/FM is used as a calling frequency just like 27315 FM is.  

Church Service Broadcast/Re-broadcast Transmission Services UK/Ireland (similar services exist elsewhere):
27605-27995 - Wireless Public Address System (WPAS) Ireland UW Bandsplit, 40 channels straight 10 kHz steps, AM/FM allowed
27601.25-27991.25 - Wireless Public Address System (WPAS) Ireland LW Bandsplit, 40 channels same as UK FM band, but AM and FM are allowed
26965-27405 - Community Audio Distribution System (CADS) All of UK - regular 40 channel mid band (FM only for CADS)
27601.25-27991.25 - Community Audio Distribution System (CADS) All of UK - same as UK FM band - FM only in UK

According to Irish regulations, the regular 40 channel mid band 26965-27405 may not be used for Church broadcasts, but it often is, in addition to the legal 80 WPAS channels.  Note that instead of using the odd UK FM offset, many churches will simply use the zero offset, for example, 27600 instead of 27601.25.  With regular FM, the 1.25 kHz offset hardly makes any difference, especially if the (intended) listeners are very close to the transmitter.  Church services have been heard in other parts of the band too, including the 26MHz portions, and the space between 27405 and 27600. 

It seems that similar "audio distribution" services exist not only in Europe, but also North Africa and the Middle East.  I have heard several Arabic prayer broadcasts in the 26965-27405 and other CB bands while listening on remote SDR receivers in various parts of Europe.  France operates a "tourist radio" service in the lower part of the 26 MHz band, AM/FM with weird channeling, frequencies like 26275, 26350, etc.  Italian pagers operate on 26200, 26250, 26300, 26350, 26400, 26450 and 26500 (AM and FM).  The UK still uses 26MHz for paging as well, on the following (odd offset frequencies):  26237.5, 26410, 26437.5, 26462.5, 26545, 26588, 26615.5, 26669.5, 26725.5, 26815.5, 26865, 26865.5.  The 26MHz frequencies are listed as "25 kHz channels" which seems like FM (POCSAG, etc).  POCSAG has been heard on several of these frequencies.  It appears that there exists a "European standardized" paging band from 26175-26935, which the UK/French/Italian frequencies all fall within.  This, of course, clashes with several other services in that spectrum, including cordless phone bandplans (French CT1 base stations 26312.5-26475), some Eastern European/CIS CB bands (26515-27855 being the primary one).  Further clashing with these band plans is the 80 channel German CB allocation discussed above (26565-27405). 

This doesn't even touch on Central/South American/Caribbean paging bands, of which there appear to be several in the 25-28 range, or the US Part 95 legal (25w carrier power - that means 100w peak power!) paging channel on 27255.  Considering the extreme proliferation and widespread use of 25-30 MHz in those parts of the world, its entirely possible that paging/one-way voice broadcast systems (such as CADS and WPAS) have been set up and are operating illegally.  If they can get away with it in places like Ireland and the UK, they can certainly get away with it in Mexico and South America. 

Speaking of South America, one shouldn't forget the heavy use of 26-28 MHz for fishing net buoy transmitters (fishnet buoys, driftnets, etc).  Their use seems to stick mostly to the 26MHz side of things, but they've been reported from 26-28 MHz in 5 kHz steps...usually sending their 2, 3, or 4 letter IDs as some version of their home ship's callsign/name in CW.  Some simply transmit a specific number of dots followed by a tone.  Others use more advanced SELCALL techniques and don't transmit unless they have first been "pinged" by their home fishing vessel. 

Enough random background information, to the logs:

SS = Spanish speaking
EE = English speaking

25000 AM - WWV - S8 signal
25615-26055 "Super-Low" or "Ultra-Low" band, usually "A" band (some radios start at 26065, but the newer-generation of "exports" all seem to start with 25615 as the lowest frequency
25635 AM - SS
25675 AM - YL Taxi Dispatcher with roger beep (SS)
25785 AM - YL Taxi Dispatcher with roger beep (SS), weaker than the other 25-26 MHz taxi logs
25825 AM - OMs talking, possibly truckers (SS)
25835 AM - Hearing SS Taxi Dispatch YL and EE Truckers fading in and out on top of each other
25895 AM - YL Taxi Dispatcher with roger beep (SS).  Reading numbers and talking to different taxis about scheduling for next week.
25910 FM - STL, weak, but its there.  Unable to copy enough to get an ID
25945 AM - YL Taxi Dispatcher (SS), just barely readable
25950 FM - STL (I think).  There's a FM carrier here, but I can't get anything out of the noise and QRM from 25945 AM
25975 AM - YL Taxi Dispatcher (SS), can hear some taxis replying to her
25990 FM - STL (very strong)
26025 AM - Spanish language, weak
26065-26505 "Low-Low Band"[/i]
26105 AM - Spanish language (weak).  Doesn't sound like taxis
26175 AM - YL Taxi Dispatcher (SS).  Strong signal with roger beep.  Can hear some of the taxi drivers replying to her
26185 USB - SS OM having a QSO with another station that I can't hear.  S7-S9 strong signal
26195 AM - YL Taxi Dispatcher (SS).  Weak signal with roger beep
26205 USB - EE/SS "They're both Spanish speaking, everyone in my family speaks English and Spanish"
26225 USB - SS OMs (this is a common calling frequency for Latin American stations)
26235 USB - SS OMs (similar to 26225 USB and 26240 USB)
26240 USB - SS OM QSO
26275 AM - SS
26305 AM - Spanish language, lots of stations at once, music and roger beeps heard (lots of fading)
26375 AM - Spanish language, strong heterodyne, noise toys, music and lots of echo
26385 AM - OM talking really fast, Spanish language.  Fading up to S9 and then back down to S3.  Music in background
26395 AM - Similar to 26375 AM
26400 USB - SS traffic, heavy fading w/QRM from 26395 AM
26435 AM - SS stations with roger beep.  At noise floor.  Really long roger beeps!
26475 AM - SS stations with roger beep.  Possibly taxi company or truckers
26500 USB - EE, Caribbean stations heard
26515-26955 "Low Band" or "Low Channels", usually either "B" or "C" band depending on radio.  On a 120 channel radio, this is "low"
26515 AM - SS stations, weak
26525 AM - Roger beeps heard, unable to copy enough to get a language (Likely Spanish)
26540 LSB - Spanish language
26555 LSB - Spanish language, Dominican Republic mentioned (this is a very common calling freq)
26565 AM - SS OMs, lots of roger beeps and echo fx (probably truckers)
26575 AM - SS OMs talking to each other.  Several roger beeps heard
26585 AM - Mexican/Latin American AM calling channel.  Heavy usage.  Signals fading up to S9 and down to the noise floor
26605 AM - SS OM talking with music in the background (very loud signals)
26615 AM - SS, Puerto Rico mentioned.  Very strong signals (similar to 26715, etc)
26625 AM - SS, heard a YL talking (probably taxicab dispatcher)
26635 AM - SS, Puerto Rico mentioned, discussion of antennas and radios...with echo/reverb
26705 AM - SS Puerto Rico "Superbowl" (see also 26715, 26725)
26715 AM - SS PR (see above and below).  S9+30 signals VERY strong
26725 AM - SS PR strong signals, some splattering up and down the band
26735 AM - SS, very strong signals.  Likely same group of stations as 26705, 26715, etc
26775 AM - EE "Boca Raton, Florida"
26795 AM - SS
26805 AM - SS
26815 AM - EE, "hello out there in DX land!" and similar traffic (this is channel 26 "down one band")
26835 AM - EE, similar to 26815 AM (see also 26915 AM)
26855 AM - SS, lots of stations talking at once
26885 AM - Weak music heard, with roger beeps
26905 AM - YL Taxi Dispatcher (SS) with roger beep.  Lots of fading/QSB
26915 AM - LOUD station Motor Mouth Maul (broadcast quality wide AM audio) heard working stations
26925 AM - EE, Southern accents
26935 AM - EE, similar to 26925 AM
26945 AM - SS heard, weak
26955 AM - EE, truckers?  Sounded like mobile stations

26965-27405 US/CEPT CB band "mid band" - very active so skipping on this log, but noting the following:
27045 AM - CB Channel "7A" (R/C channel) - SS Taxi Dispatch traffic
27195 AM - CB Channel "19A" (R/C channel) - Big Radio 549 Texas heard here working stations (has been logged here before, also 26955, 26965)
27255 AM/FM - CB Channel 23 - AM voice traffic in EE/SS heard, then very strong FM pager/telemetry signal completely blocked other signals
27370 LSB - World Radio 190-something heard here ("guard band" between channels 36 and 37)
27380 LSB - EE, US stations QSYed from 27385 LSB (likely due to heavy QRM on 27385 as well as 27375 and 27395)
27400 LSB - EE, similar to 27370 LSB and 27380 LSB)

27415-27855 "High Band" or "Upper Channels", usually either "E" or "D" band depending on radio.  On a 120 channel radio, this is "high"
27415 AM - YL Taxi Dispatcher with roger beep.  Spanish language.  Can hear OM taxis talking to her
27420 LSB - EE, US stations, talking about traffic on 27385 LSB and other "high channel" frequencies
27425 AM - SS OMs talking, weak
27425 USB - SS OM having a QSO, S7 signal|
27425 LSB - EE, 494, North Texas and many others talking about the President/Uniden HR2510 and Cubical Quad antennas
27430 FM - Tail end of a CWID "...U796"
27430 LSB - EE
27435 AM - SS, YL heard, possibly a taxi dispatcher, heavy QRM from SSB signals above/below
27435 LSB - SS
27440 LSB - EE
27445 AM - YL Taxicab Dispatcher with roger beep
27445 LSB - EE, Southern accents (strong)
27450 USB - SS, strong signals - with slight QRM from 27455 USB
27455 USB - SS, Latin American calling frequency (usually pretty active)
27465 USB - SS, "CQ de Espana!"
27475 LSB - EE "He said he was in Alaska but I'll say to hell with him!"
27475 USB - SS, several QSOs going on at once
27480 LSB - EE
27485 USB - SS
27490 LSB - EE, US stations
27495 USB - SS
27495 LSB - EE, Midwestern accents
27500 USB - SS, Dominican Republic mentioned
27505 AM - AM carrier het heard in USB/LSB mode but no modulation heard
27510 LSB - EE, Caribbean area
27515 AM - YL Taxicab Dispatcher with distinctive roger beep (multiple beeps, almost sounds like a ANI burst or MDC1200 burst)
27515 LSB - EE, Caribbean area, several stations calling CQ DX
27520 USB - SS/EE "14....Kilo Papa" and then switched to Spanish language
27525 USB - SS
27525 LSB - SS
27530 USB - SS
27530 USB - Unknown language, possibly Portuguese
27535 AM - SS weak OM chatter, maybe truckers/taxis (I've logged truckers on this freq in AM mode several times before, both EE and SS)
27545 LSB - EE, talking about antennas
27555 USB - International Calling Frequency, West Indies, USA, Canada, Central/South American stations heard EE/SS
27560 USB - EE - 10AD113 Northeast Mexico working another station
27565 USB - SS, weak, with some sort of data link or "buzzer" on frequency
27575 USB - SS
27580 USB - SS - "Estado Texas"
27585 USB - SS
27590 USB - EE 29KP105 and several others (Jamaican accents)
27600 USB - SS, weak
27605 USB - SS
27605 AM - EE - Truckers talking about traffic in New York City/New Jersey area
27615 USB - SS, strong signals
27625 USB - SS
27635 USB - SS
27637 USB - SS/EE - 10AD013 Calling CQ DX (odd offset frequency)
27645 USB - SS
27650 USB - SS
27650 FM - Constant carrier on this frequency, has been noted several times before.  Sounds best in FM but I think its just a carrier.
27665 USB - SS
27665 LSB - SS
27675 USB - SS
27685 USB - SS
27687 USB - SS/EE - another "10 alpha delta" (10AD prefix) station working DX on a weird offset
27690 USB - SS, weak with QRM from 27695 LSB
27695 LSB - SS
27695 USB - SS, strong
27705 AM - Spanish speaking stations, just barely readable (with strong OTH Radar pulse QRM)
27730 LSB - SS, strong
27745 AM - SS, possibly truckers
27765 USB - SS, with strong OTH Radar QRM
27765 LSB - SS
27795 LSB - SS, YL and OM having a QSO
27805 AM - YL Taxi Dispatcher (SS) with roger beep
27815 AM - Roger beeps heard at noise floor
27825 USB - SS
27855 USB - SS
27865-28305 "Super-High" or "High-High" band (really only 12 frequencies available before you're above 28MHz)
27875 USB - Warbling data burst heard (sounded sort of like SSTV).  Stayed on this frequency for a bit after and heard nothing
27885 AM - OMs having a QSO (Spanish language)
27905 AM - SS
27915 AM - SS
27950 USB - Data warble heard here, has been logged in years past, sometimes just a "channel marker" empty carrier (see 27650)
27955 AM - Hearing a het down at the noise floor, with some roger beeps and other fx

Somebody has been dropping a VERY strong carrier on 6929.25 on and off for the past several minutes.  Haven't heard any audio yet.

Looks some someone is tuning up.  Carrier/VFO sweep up and down the band, down to 6925.00, up to 6975.00 kHz, then back down below 6850 kHz. 

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6935 AM 1800 UTC 03/23/2016
« on: March 23, 2016, 1806 UTC »
Hearing faint talking on 6935 AM.  Strong carrier, but difficult to hear any modulation (also a bit noisy in general this afternoon).

S6 signal

Tuned in to hear the start of "Kodachrome" by Paul Simon.  Nice AM audio

Always great to hear The Crystal Ship!  Keep up the good work!  

"There are four ways of doing things on my ship.  The right way, the wrong way, the Navy way and my way".  Line from The Caine Mutiny.

The Crystal Ship ID.  It's time we stop arresting adults who smoke marijuana responsibly.  NORML PSA with Willie Nelson.  TCS ID The Crystal Ship Shortwave Relay Network.  Start of "Take It Easy" by The Eagles.  Data QRM on the lower side band and now (0054 UTC) signal is starting to dip down a bit into the noise.  Data link QRM at 0054 obliterating signal for a few seconds, then signal came back a bit right at 0055.  Signal strength increasing even more at 0057 and/or stronger modulation.  Loud audio now!  Minor pescadore QRM for a few on the upper side of the AM signal - then it looks like they moved a few kHz up in frequency to 6885 kHz LSB (they were probably getting QRMed themselves!).

0059 UTC - Some fading/QSB (getting more noticeable now)
0100 UTC - 70s Jukebox/TCS Shortwave Relay Network ID into "Dust In The Wind" by Kansas
0104 UTC - Ride captain ride!  Upon your mystery shippp!  QSB and noise on the signal but still holding it at S7-S8 on peaks
0108 UTC - Looking Glass - Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)
0110 UTC - TCS Shortwave Relay Network (echo FX on this ID)
0124 UTC - Heart - Magic Man
0126 UTC - Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way
0128 UTC - Data/ALE signal on frequency, audio dropped considerably 0128-0129ish, difficult copy now
0131 UTC - Guitar/wah pedal punches through the noise!
0133 UTC - TCS RN ID, email ID with computer-generated YL ID
0133 UTC - Clip from the movie Jaws back into music
0134 UTC - "We want the airwaves!"
0137 UTC - Dragnet clip "booked under Section 601" "this has developed into a very bad habit"
0137 UTC - QRT / Off air - carrier dropped off right with audio, no ID on sign off

Tried with three different amplifiers.  RM Italy KL 200 P, Galaxy 225 (same as Palomar 225) - unfortunately this amplifier isn't even keyed up by the transmitter at this time.  Finally, a Thunderbolt 50 amplifier.

After doing some more tinkering, I decided to change frequencies to 26995 kHz (26.995 MHz) for now to do some more local range testing.  I ordered some more crystals for the following frequencies (some are the zero-frequency offset due to being the "receive" crystal in a transmit/receive crystal set, 455 kHz below the transmit crystal's frequency:   26.670 MHz, 26.740 MHz, 26.770 MHz, 27.125 MHz (CB Channel 14), 27.195 MHz (R/C channel, or channel "19A"), 27.220 MHz, 27.225 MHz (CB Channel 22), 27.255 CB Channel 23 - also a R/C frequency that 25w carrier power is legal on - that means 100w PEP power.  27255 is heavily used by pagers as well.  That makes this frequency somewhat attractive.  27.270 MHz, 27.320 MHz, 27.675 MHz, 27.725 MHz and 27.725 MHz

26.995, 27.255 (CH 23) and 27.545 seem the most attractive to me.  26.995 because that's already a RC/data frequency and same with 27.255, plus you're legally allowed to transmit data at 25w carrier power (100w PEP) on 27.255 MHz.  

More testing to follow, probably followed by more frequency changes.  


Most of the new crystals have arrived (with the exception of 27140, 27125, 27220 and 27225) and I've switched the beacon on to CB channel 23 - 27.255 MHz.  Due to this frequency being unused in my local area and the fact that data/paging is legal on 27.255 - this frequency moves this whole thing from "100% illegal" to a gray area.  Previous frequencies 26995 and 27545 were not accessible with all of my receiver/transceiver equipment.  CB channel 23, is, however, accessible by all CB and export equipment, including the "old school" 23 channel gear.

Saw a carrier on 6925 AM move up to 6935.09 AM or so, then they either increased the power or propagation greatly increased, then modulation appeared shortly after the power increase.  Now hearing an OM talking at 2022 UTC.  S7 signal level.  OM talking about "groundbreaking reports", discussing sea level rise - unable to get 100% copy due to noise level

2028 UTC - Talking about CO2 levels, political discussion of climate change, mention of tobacco companies
2029 UTC - "The Washington Times" mentioned.   Sounds like two OMs talking about climate change denial/skeptics, sea ice is at an all-time high, conflicting reports, etc
2030 UTC - "The bigger picture of what is actually happening.." "...South America" - still difficult copy due to noisy conditions
2032 UTC - Discussing ice survey from South America, aircraft, interview with Doctor [name unintelligible], etc
2100 UTC - Talking about electon cycle, who pays for people to run.  Talking about the Vice President.  It is just a matter of time.  
2101 UTC - Despite being faced with this massive problem, we're not reacting fast enough - or we're not reacting at all.
2102 UTC - Background music fades up to full level.  Signal appears to be slightly stronger than it was ~30 minutes ago.  Still noisy though.
2104 UTC - Crowd cheering background noise, PA speaker speech recording, distorted with echo???  
2108 UTC - Speech recording continues.  Sounds like German to me...
2109 UTC - Tone (~500Hz)
2109 UTC - OM talking about "New York delegation" and "New Jersey delegation"
2110 UTC - Talking about pirate radio in the NYC area
2115 UTC - Stepped away from the radio for a few, came back and modulation was gone.  Carrier still sitting on frequency
2123 UTC - Modulation back, appears to be background noise/static or ocean noise
2142 UTC - Tuned back in, hearing music now, right above the noise floor, difficult copy...but sounds like The Beach Boys

via K2SDR WebSDR and local receive setup Grundig G3 portable w/longwire

Still going strong with occasional minor fades at 2015 UTC.  S7-S8 signal, sounding quite good considering the band condx today.

EXCELLENT.  They appear to be playing Pink Floyd's The Wall

Pink Floyd - In The Flesh? - 2023 UTC
Pink Floyd - The Thin Ice  - 2026 UTC
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part I) - 2028 UTC
Pink Floyd - The Happiest Days of Our Lives - 2032 UTC ...into....
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part II) - 2033 UTC  ;D
Pink Floyd - Mother - 2037 UTC

I won't continue posting each track if they are in fact playing The Wall all the way through.  Either way, any time a station plays an album all the way through I love it!  Especially such an album as The Wall.

Played The Wall all the way through.  Signed off without ID or DJ talk.  Off air/QRT at 2144 UTC

Awesome show!

Band is noisy today.  S9 signal with a S7 noise floor right now.  Nice wide AM signal though, sounds good on peaks :D  Hearing piano music at 1759 UTC

Tuned back in at 1833, nice audio.  "I'm Ready For Love" Bad Company

"Area 51 Rebroadcast" "Radio [something something unreadable down at the noise]" didn't get the full ID at 1918 UTC.  DJ talk about heavy noise/geomagnetic storm activity - Radio TimTron Worldwide?  perhaps a rebroadcast of Radio TimTron, getting every other word through the heavy noise at 1921 UTC but I think I heard OM say Radio Timtron Worldwide - not sure if this a relay/rebroadcast of an old show though....more DJ talk, into "Rock Lobster" at 1923

Signal getting slightly better now, 1930 UTC - Hearing "I Wanna Be A Lifeguard!" 

Great tunes! 

10/11 meters / 11 meter DX Logs 6 March 2016 2000 UTC +
« on: March 06, 2016, 2135 UTC »

25675 AM - Spanish language
25765 AM - Spanish language (weak) - maybe a taxi dispatcher (roger beeps heard)
25910 FM - STL, fading up and down but music and talk can be heard.
25950 FM - STL, just barely above the noise floor
25965 AM - Spanish language
26105 AM - Spanish language, getting obliterated by OTH Radar
26215 USB - Spanish language
26225 USB - Spanish language
26240 USB - Spanish language
26255 AM - Spanish language
26265 USB - Spanish language, strong signals
26375 AM - Spanish language, very busy with QRM and roger beeps, music, lots of stations on top of each other
26385 LSB - Spanish language, weak with AM het QRM underneath
26385 AM - "Control Milagro" heard (Spanish language)
26405 AM - Spanish language, similar to 26375 AM
26435 AM - Spanish language with roger beeps
26465 AM - Spanish language, heavy fading
26475 LSB - Spanish language, lots of QRM and hets, messy
26475 AM - Spanish language, getting QRMed by the LSB QSO on the same frequency
26515 AM - Spanish language with roger beep/noise toys/music
26535 AM - Music and OMs talking to each other.  Very messy (Spanish language)
26540 LSB - Spanish language
26555 LSB - Spanish language, very busy with S9+ strong signals [Latin American SSB Calling Frequency, see also 27455 USB]
26565 AM - Spanish language, with heavy QRM from 26570 LSB
26570 LSB - Spanish language, very strong signals
26575 AM - Spanish language with roger beeps (and QRM from strong signals on 26570 LSB)
26585 AM - Very busy [Mexican/Latin American Calling/Trucker Channel] - lots of music, etc heard
26595 AM - Spanish language, busy
26615 AM - Spanish language, Puerto Rico mentioned.  Lots of QRM
26625 AM - Spanish language
26655 AM - Spanish language
26665 AM - Music with Spanish-speaking OMs QRMing station playing music (S9+30 level music carrier)
26675 AM - Spanish language, YL heard talking to OMs with roger beep.  Possibly a taxi dispatcher
26705 AM - Spanish language VERY LOUD signals, with bleedover from 26715
26715 AM - Similar to 26705 AM.  Puerto Rico's version of 27025.  Loud, overmodulated signals
26725 AM - Same as 26705 AM and 26715 AM.  Somebody yelling HOLA! HOLA! HOLA! over and over.  S9+30 overmodulated
26735 AM - Spanish language, with severe QRM/bleedover from 26715 and 26725
26755 AM - Spanish language (still hearing the peaks of the audio from 26725...)
26815 AM - AM carriers here, roger beeps heard, sounds like a YL dispatcher (heavy QRM)
26825 AM - Spanish language
26885 AM - Truckers (English language) with roger beeps.
26895 AM - "That's all folks!" two OMs having a QSO (English language)
26905 AM - Spanish language - YL taxicab dispatcher with roger beep
26915 AM - Woodchopper, Popeye, 119 in the Grass, several other US stations heard here.  Strong loud signals
26925 AM - English language, likely stations QSYed from 26915 AM
26955 AM - Truckers, heavy fading
--begin legal US 40 channel CB band 26965-27405--
Signals heard on every channel...
--end legal US 40 channel CB band 26965-27405--
27415 AM - Spanish language
27415 LSB - US operators talking about older style CB radios with Digiscan frequency expander
27420 LSB - English language
27425 LSB - English language, strong
27425 USB - Spanish language
27435 USB - Spanish language
27445 LSB - English language, Southern accents
27450 LSB - English language
27455 USB - Spanish language [Calling Frequency]
27465 USB - Somebody whistling into their mic
27475 USB - Spanish language
27480 LSB - English language, with QRM
27480 USB - Spanish language, very strong and overmodulated (making it hard to tune them in)
27485 USB - Spanish language
27490 USB - Spanish language, with het in background
27505 USB - Spanish language, with OTH Radar QRM
27515 LSB - English language, Jamaican stations.  VERY strong
27525 USB - Spanish language, very strong.  "Sugar Delta" and "Miami" mentioned. 
27535 AM - Spanish language, fading, with SSB heard down in the noise
27540 USB - Spanish language
27550 USB - Modulated CW heard
27555 USB - Station calling CQ requesting QSY to 27547 for contact.  Lots of other stations heard on this freq
27565 USB - Spanish language, weak
27575 AM - Spanish language
27585 USB - Spanish language (one of the stations seems off-frequency, maybe closer to 27583.5 kHz)
27590 USB - "Sierra Alpha Delta" heard
27615 USB - Spanish language, lots of stations transmitting at once
27620 USB - Spanish language
27640 USB - 9AT193 working 10AT092, very strong signals
27660 USB - Spanish language
27665 USB - Spanish language
27670 USB - Spanish language
27695 LSB - Spanish language
27715 LSB - Spanish language, with some sort of data/digital carrier underneath
27720 LSB - Spanish language
27745 LSB - Spanish language, with AM het in the background (not readable in AM mode though)
27750 LSB - Spanish language (with heavy QRM from 27745 and 27755)
27755 LSB - Spanish language, strong signal with multi-tone roger beep
27765 LSB - Spanish language, weak
27775 USB - Spanish language
27825 AM - Spanish language, possibly a taxicab dispatcher
27855 LSB - Spanish language
27875 USB - Spanish language
27905 AM - Spanish language, heavy fading
28005 AM - Spanish language, CW heard underneath
28065 AM - AM het, messy
28075 AM - Some sort of polytone signal, has been going nonstop for 20-30 minutes now.  Maybe JT65?
28085 AM - Spanish language with roger beep
28175 AM - Spanish language
28225 AM - Spanish language
28305 AM - Spanish language

10/11 meters / Re: 11 meter DX Logs 4 March 2016 1900 UTC +
« on: March 06, 2016, 1923 UTC »
Most of the traffic you'll hear on the "low channels" - that is, below CB Channel 1 (26965 kHz) comes from Latin America.  26585 is a very active frequency and is used by Mexican truckers.  You can pretty much expect traffic every 10 kHz in the "CB style" frequency steps (26515, 26525, 26535, etc) with some notable exceptions.  The frequency 26555 kHz is often used in LSB mode in Latin American operators (I've often heard Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean locations on 26555 LSB).  Sometimes the stations on 26555 LSB will QSY to 26540, 26550, 26570, etc.  Otherwise, they follow the channelized 10 kHz step. 

The higher part of this band is where you're more likely to find US-based stations.  26735, 26775, 26815, 26835 and 26915 are the most common ones I've logged.  26955 is also popular.  When the band is really rollin', start at 25615 kHz and move up to 28000.  You'll be surprised how many stations you'll hear in the high part of 25MHz and the lower part of 26MHz.  Taxi companies in Latin America make heavy use of the lower part of the "freeband" and the higher part, sometimes up into 10 meters.  I commonly log taxi dispatchers (almost always female with roger beeps, noise toys and music samples) from 25615 to 26505 in 10 kHz steps and randomly up the band past 28MHz.  25615, 25645, 25685, etc.    I've heard several YL taxi ladies on CB channel 24 (27235) and 40 (27405).  27415, 27445, 27515, 27775, 27805 and 27815 are also commonly heard.

When propagation is very strong, you'll hear traffic every 10 kHz from 25 to 28 MHz, almost always in AM mode below 27 MHz, and a mixture of AM and SSB above 27 MHz.  Don't forget the UK FM CB allocation from 27601.25 to 27991.25.  Things get interesting when there's a Latin American station chatting away on 27605 LSB and an English CBer talking on 27601.25 FM and propagation is favoring them both! 

10/11 meters / 11 meter DX Logs 4 March 2016 1900 UTC +
« on: March 04, 2016, 2140 UTC »
Some Sporadic-E and maybe F2 propagation going on this afternoon:

Standard 6-band "export" configuration below.  To compute "bands", simply add or subtract 450 kHz depending on if you're going up or down from the CB band (usually Band D on most exports).  Of course, many exports are being sold with wider coverage.  Ranging from 25615-30105 to 26065-28755 to 24265-29655.  So the CB band could be anywhere from "Band C" to "Band F" depending on what radio you're using.  

Just to make things more confusing, there is also the UK FM "27/81" allocation with weird offset (and FM mode only) from 27601.25-27991.25.  On top of that you have the UK's CADS and Ireland's WPAS (Church services relay) services on the regular 26965-27405 band and on two overlapping sets of 40 channels each, the UK FM allocation 27601.25-27991.25 (both AM and FM allowed in Ireland) and another set of 40 channels from 27605-27995 (both AM and FM allowed).  One can imagine how easily 27601.25 could turn into 27600.

In Russia, Poland and most of Eastern Europe there are two overlapping sets of channels.  The "standard" or "fives" offset (e.g. 27305 for channel 30) and the "Russian" or "Polish" or "zeros" offset (e.g. 27300 for channel 30).  Many radios being sold in that part of the world offer a -5kHz switch in addition to the +10kHz switch to reach the offset frequencies.  

Band A - "Super-Low" 25615-26055
Band B - "Low-Low" 26065-26505
Band C - "Low Band" 26515-26955 - Latin Americans are found on this band, usually in AM mode.  US stations can be found in the high portions, usually from 26735 to 26955
Band D - Legal 40 Channel CB - "Mid Band" or "CEPT", "EU" or "EC" band 26965-27405
Band E - "High Band" or "Uppers" 27415-27855 - Lots of SSB and AM activity on this portion.  5 kHz steps for SSB
Band F - "Super-High" 27865-28305.  Only the first 11 channels of this band are below 27995 kHz.  The rest are in 10 meters.

--begin "super band" 25615-26055--
25645 AM - Spanish language YL taxi dispatcher, with elaborate roger beeps
25735 AM - Spanish language, probably taxis (roger beeps heard).  Severe fading
25805 AM - Spanish language, YL heard - possibly taxis
25835 AM - Weak AM carrier here. This is CB channel 19 (27185) "down three bands" (27185 - 450 - 450 - 450 = 25835).  Truckers have been heard here before
26055 AM - Spanish language, heavy fading, roger beeps heard
26135 AM - Spanish language
26225 USB - Spanish language [similar to 26555 LSB, 27455 USB, etc
26365 AM - Spanish language, with roger beeps, echo/reverb, etc
26375 AM - Spanish language, several stations heard at once.  Lots of noise toys, sound effects, roger beeps, etc
26475 AM - Spanish language, weak (around S3-S4) but busy
--end "low-low band" 26065-26505--
--begin "low band" 26515-26955--
26540 LSB - Spanish language, Dominican Republic mentioned
26555 LSB - Spanish language [one of many Latin American SSB calling frequencies - see also 27455 USB]
26565 AM - Spanish language
26575 AM - Spanish language
26585 AM - Spanish language, very busy with strong signals [Latin American trucker/AM operator calling channel]
26605 AM - Spanish language, S9 to S9+30 signals with lots of echo
26615 AM - Spanish language.  "La Ciudad de Mexico" (Mexico City) mentioned.  Very punchy and loud S9 signal with reverb/echo
26625 AM - Spanish language
26635 AM - Hearing "Better Off Alone" by Alice Deejay and OM talking in Spanish with way too much echo.  S9 signal LOUD
26645 AM - Spanish language, possibly taxis
26725 AM - Spanish language - YL taxi dispatcher with distinctive roger beep (can hear the taxi drivers she's talking to as well)
26735 AM - English language, truckers discussing traffic, road condx, etc (weak, but readable). Channel 19 "down one band"
26825 AM - Spanish language, heavy fading
26835 AM - English language, Southern US accents, heavy fading
26875 AM - Spanish language, probably taxis
26905 AM - Spanish language - YL taxi dispatcher with single roger beep (S9 signal, very strong nice audio)
26915 AM - English language, Southern US stations [this is known as "36 low" or "915" and is a popular freeband AM frequency]
26955 AM - Hearing roger beeps, can't make out voice traffic, signals right at noise floor
--end "low band" 26515-26955--
--begin "mid band" legal CB band 26965-27405--
26965 AM - Spanish language, single station heard S4-S5 signal.  Noisy channel [CB CH 01]
27005 AM - Spanish language [CB CH 04]
27015 AM - Spanish language, very messy, QRM heterodyne at S9 [CB CH 05]
27025 AM - The Superbowl [CB CH 06]
27035 AM - US truckers mixing in with Spanish language QRM [CB CH 07]
27065 AM - Spanish language [CB CH 09]
27085 AM - Original AM Calling Channel (from the 23-channel CB days).  Active with US stations [CB CH 11]
27115 AM - Very messy and noisy.  Similar to 27185 CB CH 19.  English and Spanish heard, roger beeps, lots of QRM [CB CH 13]
27125 AM - English language, southern accents [CB CH 14]
27175 AM - Spanish language, another messy het, much like 27015 [CB CH 18]
27185 AM - S4 to S5 noise level.  Trucker/Road Channel [CB CH 19]
27195 AM - English language stations heard, likely truckers [R/C Channel - "CH 19A"]
27205 AM - "Bye Bye Bye Bye!" S9+30 LOUD with roger beep on another noisy channel [CB CH 20]
27225 AM - English-speaking stations talking to each other [CB CH 22]
27235 AM - Spanish language - YL taxi dispatcher with roger beep talking to OM taxis [CB CH 24]
27285 AM - English language, Motor Mouth Maul and Mustang Radio Hi-Fi wideband AM audio [CB CH 28]
27335 AM - "You got a copy on 856 down in Clearwater Florida?" [CB CH 33]
27345 AM - YL heard talking.  Sounds like English language but too much QRM to be 100% sure [CB CH 34]
27375 AM - Another messy channel, mostly Spanish language.  High noise floor.  [CB CH 37]
27385 LSB - North American SSB DX Frequency, domestic US stations heard with Spanish YL in the background [CB CH 38]
27405 AM - Spanish language - YL taxi dispatcher (I think) with roger beep.  Lots of noise.  [CB CH 40]
--end "mid band" legal CB band 26965-27405--
--begin "high band" 27415-27855--
27415 AM - Spanish language, heavy fading
27420 LSB - US stations (English language)
27425 LSB - English language. Operators talking about conditions on 40 meters and 20 meters, nice audio, with AM het QRM
27435 USB - Spanish language, weak
27440 LSB - US stations (English language)
27445 LSB - US stations (English language), very strong
27455 USB - Spanish language [one of many Latin American SSB calling frequencies - see also 26555 USB]
27470 USB - Spanish language
27475 USB - Spanish language
27490 LSB - English language, OMs talking about cameras, photography, etc.  Midwestern accents
27495 USB - Spanish language
27505 USB - Spanish language, right at noise floor
27515 AM - Spanish language - YL taxi dispatcher with roger beeps (S7 fading up to S9+ on peaks)
27515 LSB - Knight Patrol CB Club Caribbean SSB Calling Frequency.  Active with stations from Jamaica
27550 USB - Weak voice traffic, unknown language
27555 USB - International Freeband SSB Calling Frequency "T5" "Triple 5" etc.  Only Spanish language heard (for now anyway)
27575 AM - Spanish language
27585 USB - Spanish language
27625 AM - Roger beeps heard in AM mode.  Unknown language, voice traffic is at noise level.  AM het heard in USB/LSB
27665 USB - Spanish language, several stations talking at once
27675 LSB - Spanish language, with heavy OTH Radar QRM
27690 LSB - Spanish language, with "tone burst" roger beep.  Loud signals
27695 USB - Spanish language
27700 USB - Weak SSTV heard
27745 LSB - Spanish language, Mexican accents
27765 USB - Spanish language, with AM het QRM
27765 AM - Spanish language YL taxicab dispatcher fading in and out, fighting the QRM from 27765 USB
27785 AM - Spanish language YL taxicab dispatcher reading numbers.  Heavy fading, but reaching S7 on peaks.  
27815 AM - Spanish language YL taxicab dispatcher with two-tone roger beep, fighting OTH Radar QRM
--end "high band" 27415-27855--
--begin "super high band" or "high-high band" 27865-28305 (up to channel 11A - 27995, the remaining channels are in 10m)--
27865 AM - Spanish language, weak, OMs only heard (usually taxis use YL dispatchers)
27875 AM - Spanish language, possibly truckers
27905 AM - Spanish language, just barely above noise floor, possibly truckers
27950 USB - Some sort of warbling data/digital signal
27985 LSB - Spanish language, roger beeps heard (weak)
--begin 10-meter amateur radio band 28000-29700--
28005 AM - Spanish language, weak but readable, with roger beeps
28030 Strong carrier heard, completely quiets receiver in FM mode...
28065 AM - Spanish language
28085 AM - Spanish language.  Could be truckers as this is CB channel 19 (27185) "up two bands" (27185 + 450 + 450 = 28085)
28135 AM - Spanish language, with roger beeps
28195 AM - Spanish language, weak
28275 AM - Spanish language

10/11 meters / 10 meter band AM intruders 03/04/2016
« on: March 04, 2016, 1953 UTC »
11 meters is pretty active this afternoon, I tuned into the CW/beacon portion of 10 meters and heard AM traffic on the following frequencies (all in Spanish)

28005 kHz (28.005 MHz)
28065 kHz (28.065 MHz)
28085 kHz (28.085 MHz) - this is CB channel 19 "up two bands"
28135 kHz (28.135 MHz)
28195 kHz (28.195 MHz)
28275 kHz (28.275 MHz)

Always awesome to see an "old school" freebander/CB op on this forum :D

27025 is usually my starting point when it comes to seeing if 11m is open.  Then I flip down to the low band (26515-26955) and start at 26555 LSB and 26585 AM.  The band is pretty open right now (1940 UTC, 04 March 2016)

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