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'fraid I don't know... try listening at the top & bottom of the hour for and ID of that second station.

Listened here on 3920 at 0237Z (Feb 1, 2013) and not a hint of anything. But that means nothing. Tried a couple of remote receivers in the NE US (NY area) and heard nothing around 0242Z.

You have DRM on 3918?  ???

2353Z 25322 Blue Öyster Cult "The Reaper"
2358Z 25322 Ten Years After "I'd Love To Change The World"
0001Z 25322 ID "Radio Ronin Shortwave" Gave email address
0001Z 25322 The Beatles "Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite"

First pirate on my mobile car radio. Finished the installation on Sunday. Thanks Ronin! ;D

Signal was highly variable, from in the noise to quality of a local broadcaster. The strong signals where when I was under a bridge or low hanging traffic sign. When not nearby any of that, then the signals were as logged above.

Sony CDX-570S with 31" whip (non-standard antenna for the car, as the car's factory AM/FM amplified antenna does not work on HF).


FLASH !!! 0751 ZULU had a classic US FM sounding ID  "Q 103 " !!! followed by "BRAIN STEW (Here We Go On Our Own)"  by GREEN DAY ! I ID'd TWO SONGS NOW HI HI...

0757z another "103"  ID and more rock

CHECKED all my NC FM stations here and it is NOT one of my regional eastern NC stations.....

Found a Q-103 rock station in Albany, NY. WQBJ 103.5 & WQBK 103.9.

They also have a playlist on their site, so if you hear them, pop over and check that out.

Probably not them directly, but perhaps someone relaying them?

anybody up around CATSKILL NEW YORK that can listen to 560Khz or 3920 and see if YOU hear this 7th harmonic //  of WCKL or the fundamental freq ???....get it while it's there...tho if it IS them, sounds like they might have gone full time :-)

If no one is around there, try their stream? Assuming its in sync with the radio...

Shortwave Broadcast / Firedrake Jan 22, 2012 2345Z
« on: January 23, 2013, 0000 UTC »
Only found one lonely Firedrake on 12870 around 2345Z. About 35433, S8. Plus in the middle of some stupid noise.

At 0000Z, off the air.

Oh, fun. Didn't know about this.

May have some hope here since the NWS has an office about 20 mi from my house. Plus a major university, int'l airport.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Firedrake Jan 20, 2012 2340Z
« on: January 22, 2013, 2332 UTC »
Does the Firedrake program content repeat on an hourly basis? That is, is the music heard at say 0917z exactly the same as what was aired at 0817z ?

Good question. There's a 60 min recording that a guy got off of satellite (which I think is fed to the SW transmitters).

With this recording, need to confirm if they continue to use the same recording and then if it repeats at the top of the hour.

Would expect it would repeat, as why would they put much effort into a jammer? But then, I'm not a Chinese jammer so perhaps there's some nuance that I can't possibly understand.

Shortwave Broadcast / R Thailand 13745 kHz AM Jan 21, 2013 0000Z
« on: January 21, 2013, 0015 UTC »
250kW @ 6 deg (to U.S. east coast)
0000Z 35423 S9 News in English. Signal quite fluttery.
0013Z 35423 S9 Ad for Bangkok Airways
0016Z 35423 S9 ID "You are listening to Radio Thailand news."
0016Z 35423 S9 Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside hotel ad.
0018Z 35423 S9 Global news brought to us by Air Asia.
0029Z 35423 S9 End of global news
0029Z Off for a couple of seconds

250kW @ 30 deg (to U.S. west coast)
0029Z 35433 S9+ Back on. (Switching antennas)
0030Z 35433 S9+ Morning news hour
0031Z 35433 S9+ Some English then into Thai. Some guy talking for a while.
0035Z 35433 S9+ "This is Radio Thailand news. Business news."
0043Z 35433 S9+ End of the business news
0043Z 35433 S9+ Bangkok Airways ad.
0045Z 35423 S9+ "Radio Thailand news."
0049Z 35423 S9 Sports news
0053Z 35423 S9 End of sports news.
0056Z 35423 S9 Tourism
0056Z 35423 S9 "Keep in tune with Thailand news on FM 88"
0057Z 35423 S9 End of the morning news hour.
0059Z Off air for a couple of seconds

0100Z 35422 S9 Back on. Switched antennas. Now reportedly at 38 deg.
0100Z 35422 S9 "The time is now 8 am"
0100Z 35422 S9 IS & National anthem
0100Z 35422 S9 YL speaking in Thai.
0109Z 35422 S9 Music
0135Z Been slowly fading for the past 20 minutes and now gone.

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+ loop

Shortwave Broadcast / Firedrake Jan 20, 2012 2340Z
« on: January 20, 2013, 2345 UTC »
2341Z 13850 45434 S9+
2342Z 12980 55434 S9+!5
2342Z 12370 55434 S9+10
0000Z 4 time pips then all three freqs off the air

No additional broadcasts heard below 12370 to 5 MHz* and nothing above 13850 to 30MHz.

* There were reports of them on 6970 via IRC, however nothing heard here on 6970.

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA-1530S+ loop

Spy Numbers / HM01 11530 AM Jan 20, 2013 2321Z
« on: January 20, 2013, 2322 UTC »
2321Z 55445 S9+20 In progress. YL voice + digital.
2325Z 55445 S9+20 Last group
2328Z 55445 S9+20 A bunch of groups in voice only.
2332Z 55445 S9+20 Now digital + voice.

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+ loop

0151Z In the noise to very weak. Also have a blob of noise 6952-6953.

MW Loggings / Re: 1134 Voice of Croatia as heard in Michigan
« on: January 19, 2013, 1821 UTC »
Awesome catch!

Been missing them on SW. Have poked around MW looking for the Europeans, but so far only see faint carriers and no audio.

We have a local on 1130 (50 kW day, 25 kW night) so this could be difficult unless I take a trip out of 1130's pattern. And 1120's IBOC joins in the fun and interferes with 1130-1135.

The Croatian transmitter is in Zadar-Nin at 44.231400, 15.237448

Google Maps has a bad blurry picture of it, but Bing maps has a clear picture of it.

The thing puts out 600kW at 330 deg.

More info:

They say 330 deg, but the following states 315 deg.

At 330 deg, that puts it to the NAm west coast. At 315 deg, that puts it into the center of NAm. Mpls is at 314.8 deg.

Considering the official plot of the pattern says 330 deg, that's probably the accurate one. Wish they would move it to 315 deg.


SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: ADS-B aircraft transponders
« on: January 18, 2013, 0547 UTC »
Interesting... I have an RCA amplified TV antenna as well, but never thought to try it here (in fact, forgot about the thing. My rabbit ears seem to work better).

Nice catch.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: ADS-B aircraft transponders
« on: January 17, 2013, 0212 UTC »
Very nice Chris!

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