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Other / Re: UNID Station - 6750AM - 0234 UTC
« on: March 23, 2013, 2121 UTC »
AM... interesting.

MW Loggings / UNID 1690 KHz March 23, 2013 1630Z
« on: March 23, 2013, 1632 UTC »
1630Z 55555 S9+20  Oldies music station is back.
1634Z 55555 S9+20 "The Real Oldies Channel"

Been thinking and doubt that its a pirate, but may be a broadcaster that's testing. Even though no FCC records, they may be behind in posting them.

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+ loop

Equipment / Re: Running a Persius on a MAC?
« on: March 23, 2013, 1401 UTC »
I imagine you could run it under vmware or parallels, I used to do that with the SpectraVue software for the RF Space SDRs.

I have Perseus in Parallels and it has problems.

- Playing back a pre-recorded wave file is fine.
- It doesn't work with the radio. Just does nothing.
- When tying to connect over the network, it seems to connect in the server messages box, but never does anything more than that. 

Have heard from others of similar results. Haven't had a chance to dig into it much yet.

Man, I missed Shatner's interpretation of Rocket Man. Been waiting forever for a pirate to play it, and here I am asleep at the switch.  :'(

MW Loggings / UNID 1690 kHz Mar 17, 2013 2249Z
« on: March 17, 2013, 2252 UTC »
Station is back on.

2252Z 55555 S9+25 The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby"
2253Z 55555 S9+25 ID "The Real Oldies Channel"
2253Z 55555 S9+25 Harpers Bizarre "59th St Bridge" (playlist on iHeartRadio for 680 is consistent with the playlist here)
2257Z 55555 S9+25 The Drifters "There Goes My Baby"
2258Z 55555 S9+25 "I Saw Linda Yesterday"
2300Z 55555 S9+25 ID "Real Oldies"
2300Z 55555 S9+25 Elvis Presley "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"
2303Z 55555 S9+25 ID "You are listening t the Real Oldies Channel playing nothing but oldies from the first generation of rock."
2303Z 55555 S9+25 Billy Joe Royal "Down In The Boondocks"
2306Z 55555 S9+25 The 5th Dimension "Wedding Bell Blues"  (I should say the playlist on iHeartRadio is mostly consistent... its missing songs that have played).
230816Z Brief drop in carrier (< 1/2 sec)
2308Z 55555 S9+25 Fats Domino "Let The Four Winds Blow"
2311Z 55555 S9+25 The Temptations "The Way You Do The Things You Do"
231350Z Dropped carrier after about 10 seconds into the next song.

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+ loop

MW Loggings / Re: The Big Q 1710 kHz March 17, 2013 0454Z
« on: March 17, 2013, 1759 UTC »
"May"? Certainly forward-looking!

Oops. Fixed that.

I was listening to it for a while and it was surprisingly strong.

They're coming in at a solid S7 (35433) here at 0506Z.

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+ loop

MW Loggings / The Big Q 1710 kHz March 17, 2013 0454Z
« on: March 17, 2013, 0455 UTC »
0454Z 35433 S7 ID "The Big Q" Playing Rock, Roll, and Remember from 1970.
0508Z 35433 S7 Bobby Darin "Dream Lover"

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA-1530S+ loop

Thanks Skeezix - Through computer? or is phone Ap.?

On either my iPad or iPhone (which ever is handy).


Skeezix... how do you know the titles? Amazing!

I use Shazam. Its fantastic (and free!).

0059Z 45434 S9 Bessie Smith "Nobody Known You When You're Down & Out"
0100Z 45434 S9 J.B. Hutto & His Hawks "Too Much Alcohol"
0102Z 45434 S9 Son House "Death Letter Blues"
0107Z 45434 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0107Z 45434 S9 Bobby Blue Band "Farther Up The Road"
0110Z 45434 S9 Howlin' Wolf "All Night Boogie"
0112Z 45434 S8 Dinah Washington "Baby Get Lost"
0115Z 45434 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0115Z 45434 S9 Little Walker "Boom Boom Out Goes The Light"
0118Z 45434 S8 Little Johnny Taylor "Part Time Love"
0122Z 45434 S8 Junior Wells "Help Me"
0125Z 45434 S8 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0125Z 45434 S8 Johnny Shines "Evening Sun (Take 3)"
0128Z 35433 S7 Ann Cole "Got My Mojo Working"
0130Z 35433 S7 Muddy Waters "I Can't Be Satisfied"
0133Z 35433 S7 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0134Z 35433 S7 Doctor Ross "Come Back Baby"
0137Z 35433 S7 John Lee Hooker "Boom Boom"
0139Z 35433 S7 Mance Lipscomb "Ella Speed"
0141Z 35433 S7 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0141Z 35433 S7 Tarheal Slim "Number 9 Train"
0145Z 35433 S7 James Cotton "Rocket 88"
0147Z 35433 S7 Junior Wells "Messin' With The Kid"
0149Z 35433 S7 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0149Z 35433 S7 Blue Flamingo & Big Maybelle "That's A Pretty Good Love"
0151Z 35433 S7 Charles Brown "Groovy Movie Blues"
0154Z 35433 S7 Lil Green "Romance In The Dark"
0158Z 35433 S7 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0158Z 35433 S7 Louis Jordan "Weak Minded Blues"
0200Z 35433 S7 Blind Blake "Police Dog Blues"
0203Z 35433 S7 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0203Z 45434 S8 B.B. King "Bad Luck"
0206Z 45434 S8 Freddie King "Big Legged Woman"
0209Z 35433 S7 Albert King "Breaking Up Somebody's Home"
0213Z 35433 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0213Z 45444 S9 SSTV
0216Z Off air.

Glad your transmitter is fixed. The ionosphere is yours again.  ;D

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA-1530S+ loop

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Firedrakes Mar 13, 2013 0235Z
« on: March 16, 2013, 2148 UTC »
Nice & strong signal in that recording.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: UNID ~21425 khz 2130z 3.16.13
« on: March 16, 2013, 2145 UTC »
The only think I was able to hear was a ham in AM on 21420.

MW Loggings / UNID 1690 kHz Mar 16, 2013 1805Z
« on: March 16, 2013, 1814 UTC »
First time I've noticed anyone on this frequency during the day and no one at S9+35 at any time of the day.

20 kHz bw. Audio sounds good.

1805Z 55555 S9+35 Playing oldies. DJ is Dangerous Dan.
1810Z 55555 S9+35 ID  "The Real Oldies Channel"
1812Z 55555 S9+35 JJ Jackson "But It's Alright"
1814Z 55555 S9+35 Dangerous Dan with some talk of spring & whatnot.
1815Z 55555 S9+35 Percy Faith "The Theme From "A Summer Place""
1817Z 55555 S9+35 The Four Seasons "Opus 17"
1820Z 55555 S9+35 Short clips from old commercials. Alka Seltzer, MeowMix, Armor hot dogs
1820Z 55555 S9+35 The Association "Cherish"
1823Z 55555 S9+35 Elvis Presley "His Latest Flame"
1825Z 55555 S9+35 DJ with "Real Oldies Channel"
1825Z 55555 S9+35 April Stevens "Whispering"
1828Z 55555 S9+35 Del Shannon "Runaway"
1830Z 55555 S9+35 Wilson Picket "Land Of 1000 Dances"
1830Z 55555 S9+35 DJ "On the Real Oldies Channel"
1830Z 55555 S9+35 Otis Redding "Try A Little Tenderness"
1835Z 55555 S9+35 DJ
1836Z 55555 S9+35 Wilbert Harrison "Kansas City"
1839Z 55555 S9+35 The Searchers "Don't Throw Your Love Away"
184000-184002 Dropped carrier
184002Z 55555 S9+35 Continuing song.
1841Z 55555 S9+35 DJ
1841Z 55555 S9+35 Credence Clearwater Revival "Bad Moon Rising"
1843Z 55555 S9+35 Dangerous Dan and the million dollar weekend. "Real Oldies"
1843Z 55555 S9+35 The Chiffons "One Fine Day"
1845Z 55555 S9+35 Aretha Franklin "A Natural Woman"
1849Z 55555 S9+35 The Grass Roots "Wait A Million Years"
1850Z 55555 S9+35 DJ: Dangerous Dan is out of here.
1851Z 55555 S9+35 Gene Pitney "Half Heaven, Half Heartache"
1853Z 55555 S9+35 1965 Green Acres clip.
1854Z 55555 S9+35 Junior Walker "Shotgun"
1857Z 55555 S9+35 "The Real Oldies Channel"
1857Z 55555 S9+35 Fats Domino "I'm Walkin'"
1859Z 55555 S9+35 The Royal Guardsmen "Snoopy vs The Red Baron"
1901Z 55555 S9+35 "Real Oldies"
1901Z 55555 S9+35 The McCoys "Hang On Sloopy"
1904Z 55555 S9+35 "Good afternoon, I'm Marty Thompson on this million dollar weekend."
1905Z Started the next song and the carrier dropped.

This appears to be a pirate relay (or perhaps an undocumented legit test?) of WINR's Real Oldies Channel:

1941Z 55555 S9+35 Back on the air with Van. Hadn't been on the freq for about 15 mins, so do not know when it came back.
1941Z 55555 S9+35 Van Morrison "Moondance"
1943Z 55555 S9+35 Vicki Sue Robinson "Turn The Beat Around"
1948Z 55555 S9+35 The Platters "With This Ring"
1951Z 55555 S9+35 Deep Purple "Woman From Tokyo" Only was into about 1 second of it when the audio dropped. Still had full carrier. Thirty to forty seconds later, next song started.  
195158Z 55555 S9+35 Thelma Houston "Don't Leave Me This Way"
1953Z Playlist since 1941Z is not the same as the playlist listed in iHeartRadio for WINR.
1957Z 55555 S9+35 Tavares "Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel"
2002Z 55555 S9+35 The Shirelles "Mama Said." Sudden jump into this song near the end.
2002Z 55555 S9+35 Marty Thompson on a million dollar weekend.
2002Z 55555 S9+35 Fontella Bass "Rescue Me"
2005Z 55555 S9+35 Steam "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"
2007Z Now the playlist is the same at iHeartRadio, specifically from The Shirelles (perhaps the jump was to use that source?).
2008Z 55555 S9+35 The real oldies live here on The Real Oldies Channel"
2008Z 55555 S9+35 Dion "Drop Drop"
2010Z 55555 S9+35 The Four Tops "Baby I Need Your Loving"
2014Z 55555 S9+35 Bobby Darin "Mac The Knife"
2017Z 55555 S9+35 Herman's Hermits "Wonderful World"
2018Z 55555 S9+35 "The real oldies never stop here on the Real Oldies Channel."
2018Z 55555 S9+35 Tommy James & The Shondells "I Think We're Alone Now"
2021Z 55555 S9+35 Elvis Presley "Return To Sender"
2023Z 55555 S9+35 Gerry and the Pacemakers "It's Gonna Be All Right"
202519Z Carrier dropped a couple of seconds into the next song.

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA-1530S+ loop

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