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Shortwave Broadcast / Re: LRA 36 15476 Khz 19:42 UTC
« on: May 13, 2013, 0026 UTC »
Wonder if they can hear Wolverine Radio down there.  ;D

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: LRA 36 15476 Khz 19:42 UTC
« on: May 10, 2013, 0346 UTC »
Thanks for the info... got to get this one.

In Minneapolis, heard a rap station on 87.9 MHz from 1235Z until it went abruptly off at 1239Z. Freq is usually quiet.

Figure its a pirate as the lyrics in the song would result in a fine if on a legal station.

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HF Beacons / Re: GNK beacon on 13565 LSB, 05-08, 0140Z onward
« on: May 08, 2013, 0302 UTC »
Its KC9GNK's beacon in Madison:

Not hearing it here at 0302Z.

He also has one on 1704.3 kHz CW.

More on the HiFER beacons:

Voice of Korea (DPRK) on 11710 kHz this morning at 1235Z. SINPO = 45333. Pretty decent signal and would've been better if the ignition noise wasn't interfering.

Also picking them up on 11735 kHz. 25332. Nothing heard on 15180 nor 13650.

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Utility / Re: CW signal on 108.75 MHZ
« on: May 07, 2013, 0208 UTC »
Didn't know the LEDs pumped out the RFI, knew the CFLs do. Good to know. 

Don't have any of them here... CFLs are banned from my house forever and LEDs just made the list (until they prove that they're quiet).

People will probably complain about my incandescents, then I'll turn on my old tube rigs...  ;D

Utility / Re: CW signal on 108.75 MHZ
« on: May 06, 2013, 2316 UTC »
Nice & strong this time, but boy, that sure does sound erratic.

Not sure what it could be without the AM carrier. Its not a VOR or other normal navaid as they don't transmit like that (unless its broken). Navaids  transmit in AM with MCW with a two to four letter ID at a regular interval and not too fast. Your thing is nothing like that at all.

Perhaps some spur from something or maybe some sort of low power telemetry. Or a spy! (that needs to go back to radio class).

Can you hear this all the time?

Also, the VHF navaids (108-118) are horizontally polarized. The VHF comms (118-137) are vertically polarized.

0146Z 25432 S5 The Clash "Rock the Casbah"
0148Z 25332 S5 Op talking.
0148Z 35333 S7 Earth, Wind & Fire "September"
0152Z 35333 S8 Op.
0152Z 35333 S8 Dr John "Right Place Wrong Time"
0155Z 35333 S6 ID
0156Z 35333 S7 Boney M "Daddy Cool"   Awesome.  8)
0200Z 25332 S5 ID & Op.
0201Z 35332 S6 Donna Summer "On The Radio"
0205Z 25332 S5 ID WDDJ
0206Z 35333 S6 Otis Redding "The Dock of the Bay"
0209Z 35333 S5 Op
0210Z 35333 S7 The Band "Ophelia"
0213Z 25332 S5 Op
0215Z 35333 S6 The Beach Boys "Sloop John B"
0217Z 35333 S5 ID "WDDJ Radio"
0218Z 35433 S6 Peter Tosh "Johnny B. Goode"
0222Z 25432 S5 ID
0223Z 35433 S6 Johnny Cash "Five Feet High and Rising"
0225Z 25432 S5 Op
0225Z 45434 S7 R.E.M. "Turn You Inside-Out"
0229Z 35433 S6 Op
0230Z 35433 S6 The Allman Brothers Band "Whipping Post"
0235Z 35432 S5 Op
0236Z 35433 S6 The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks "Alone At Last"
0239Z 35433 S5 ID + Op
0240Z 35433 S6 Sugarloaf "Green-Eyed Lady"
0247Z 25433 S5 Op
0248Z 35433 S6 The Yardbirds "The Train Kept A Rollin'"
0252Z 25432 S5 Op
0254Z 35433 S6 T. Rex "Ride A White Swan"
0256Z 25432 S5 Op
0257Z 35433 S6 David Bowie "Modern Love"  (Thanks!)
0301Z 25432 S5 Op
0302Z 35433 S6 The Tokens "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
0305Z 35433 S5 Op
0305Z 35433 S5 The Rolling Stones "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"
0311Z 35433 S5 ID
0311Z 35433 S6 Amboy Dukes "Journey to the Center of Your Mind"
0317Z 35433 S5 Op. (Asked if I have to go to work. Yes, I do, but pirate radio is more important and infinitely more fun)
0318Z 35433 S6 Danny O'Keefe "Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues"
0322Z 35433 S5 ID. Op.
0323Z 35433 S6 The Rascals "I've Been Lonely Too Long"
0326Z 35433 S5 Op
0327Z 45433 S7 Merle Haggard "Hammin' It Up"
0330Z 35433 S6 ID. Op
0331Z 45434 S7 Chambers Brothers "Time Has Come Today"
0336Z 35433 S6 Op
0338Z 45434 S7 Patsy Cline "I Fall To Pieces"
0341Z 35433 S6 WDDJ. All hits all the time.
0341Z 45434 S7 Patsy Cline "Walkin' After Midnight"
0344Z 35433 S6 Op
0344Z 45434 S7 The Who "Baba O'Riley"
0349Z 35433 S6 Op has a serious buzz on.
0350Z 45434 S7 Fine Young Cannibals "Good Thing"
0353Z 35433 S6 Op + ID "Drunken DJ Radio- All hits all the time"
0354Z 45434 S7 The Animals "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"
0357Z 35433 S6 Op
0357Z 45434 S7 The Pipkins "Gimme Dat Ding"
0359Z 35433 S6 Op
0400Z 45434 S7 Laura Nyro "Wedding Bell Blues"
0403Z 35433 S6 Op
0403Z 45434 S7 Leon Russell "Magic Mirror"
0408Z 35433 S6 ID
0408Z 45434 S7 Nancy Sinatra "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'"
0411Z 35433 S6 ID
0412Z 45434 S7 Natalie Merchant "Carnival"
0418Z 35433 S6 Op
0419Z 45334 S7 The Fools "It's A Night For Beautiful Girls"    (local QRN appears to be slowly moving in on the frequency)
0423Z 35332 S6 Op (QRN has definitely moved in, but can still hear the drunken DJ).
0423Z 35233 S7 The Band "Rag Mama Rag"
0426Z 35231 S5 Op
0427Z 35232 S7 Grin & Nils Lofgren "White Lies"
0430Z 35231 S5 Op
0431Z 35232 S7 Chris DeBurgh "Don't Pay The Ferryman"  (thanks!)
0434Z 35231 S5 Op
0435Z 35332 S7 Cream "Badge"
0438Z 35231 S5 Op
0438Z 35232 S7 Frank Sinatra "Summer Wind"
0441Z 35231 S5 Op
0442Z 45232 S7 J.J. Cale "Cajun Moon"
0444Z 35232 S5 Op
0444Z 45233 S7 Maria Muldaur "Cajun Moon"
0447Z 35232 S5 Op
0449Z 45232 S7 B-52s "Give Me Back My Man"
0454Z 35232 S5 Op. Signing off.
0455Z 45232 S7 SSTV
0457Z Off

Thanks for the great show! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Utility / Re: CW signal on 108.75 MHZ
« on: May 05, 2013, 2150 UTC »
In the second recording, it sounds like a VOR with voice weather broadcasts. You can barely hear the ID in the background and unless I heard incorrectly, its identifying as DQN, so that's the Dayton VOR/DME.

In the first recording, what mode do you have the receiver set to? If CW/SSB, set it to AM and see if that's any better. I can't make out anything in the recording. It does not sound like a normal ILS nor VOR transmission. The navaids (VOR, ILS, NDB) are all AM with MCW for ID.

I had some slight hopes of being nominated for the post, but I don't think he got my email.


Seize the position and run the Jolly Roger up the flagpoles at the FCC.

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Utility / Re: CW signal on 108.75 MHZ
« on: May 05, 2013, 1729 UTC »
There are a few ILS localizers somewhat in the area (assuming you're in Troy) that are on 108.75 MHz:
I-UNI  Albany, OH
I-GWB Auburn, IN
I-GYY  Gary, IN

Dayton has a VOR/DME on 114.5 MHz and its ID is DQN.

Can you make a couple of recordings and post them?

    - skeezix

Can't wait for more, esp if you can get some afternoon drive-time broadcasts into the upper midwest.  ;D

The Shogun of the Shortwaves will return after this brief intermission. Please stand by.

Shortwave Broadcast / CNR1 broadcasts April 30, 2013 1232-1238Z
« on: May 01, 2013, 0145 UTC »
CNR1 broadcasts where Firedrake used to be found:

1232Z 13820kHz 45433
1232Z 13970kHz 35433
1233Z 13820kHz 35433
1235Z 14700kHz 35433
1235Z 14750kHz 35433
1237Z 13830kHz 35433
1238Z 13775kHz 35443

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