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1630Z 15421 S5 Just above the noise. Heard ID & some music. One of the rare times, its strong enough to listen to.
1658Z 25422 S6 Signal better, but still fluctuating.
1702Z 35423 S8 Signal came up more, still some fading to the noise, but overall much better.
1709Z 35423 S8 ID

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+ loop

Shortwave Broadcast / Firedrake 15485 kHz AM Mar 10, 2013 1555Z
« on: March 10, 2013, 1558 UTC »
1555Z 35423 S8 Firedrake doing its thing on 15485 kHz. Fairly decent signal. Can't hear anything under it.
1600Z Off air.

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+

General Radio Discussion / Re: Question about Logging Receptions
« on: March 10, 2013, 0234 UTC »
I make notes on paper and log in HFU. After a short while on HFU, I print them out and put them in a binder.

Recently, removed the stock AM/FM radio from my car and put in a Sony AM/FM/SW radio. Sure is nice listening to SW. Even got a pirate on it.  ;D

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: The Mighty KBC, 7375kHz, 0000Z+
« on: March 10, 2013, 0223 UTC »
I listened last week and the signal was mediocre (far less than what the Voice of Croatia used to do on the same freq/xmtr). Other reports of the signal to various places around the U.S. was that it was nice & strong.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: TCS 6950,7 am 0044, March 4
« on: March 04, 2013, 0049 UTC »
S5 noise

0049Z 25332 S5 Kansas "Carry On Wayward Son"
0053Z 25332 S5 REO Speedwagon "Keep Pushin'"
0057Z 25332 S5 Bachman Turner Overdrive "Let It Ride"
0101Z 25332 S5 ID "You are listening to the Crystal Ship"
0101Z 25332 S5 Judas Priest "You've Got Another Thing Comin'"
0107Z 15331 Now in the noise. Can still music, but cannot ID the song.
0112Z 15331 S5 Autograph "Turn Up The Radio"
0115Z 15331 S5 ID
0116Z 15331 S5 Jane's Addiction "Been Caught Stealing"
0119Z 15331 S5 Steely Dan "Do It Again"
0125Z 15331 S5 Mudcrutch "Scare Easy"

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+

Thought I started recording when they were coming in well... only to discover around 0300Z that it wasn't. Had stopped & restarted it a few times as it was hit or miss around sunset. Apparently got distracted. Got the last couple of hours.  >:(

They raised more than their goal and the program was done at 0500Z.

A bit above the high level of noise here, but occasionally fades into it.

2238Z 25432 S5 ID + email address
2238Z 25432 S5 The Tiger Lillies "Man in the Moon"
2244Z 15431 S5 Helen Kane "Me and the Man in the Moon"
2248Z 25432 S5 The Boswell Sisters "Making Faces At the Man in the Moon"
2250Z 25432 S5 ID + email address
2251Z Off air

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+

Decent signal here. About S7, 35433. First started listening when Belinda Carlisle was on.

2nd show was "party" theme (you missed Eddie Murphy's party song... or you didn't. :) )

2nd show peaked at S8 45444, and degraded to S6 35433.

Off air 0307Z

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+

35433 S7 YL talking in a language I don't know. According to EiBi, the language is Somali.
35433 S7 Music.

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+

From the dxld Yahoo! group:

Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:50 pm (PST) . Posted by: "Glenn Hauser" wghauser Well, for 9 hours, anyway...

At 3:00 p.m. Central Time [2100 UT] on March 1st, KCJJ will cease normal programming and will be taken over by "99 Plus". From 1973 until it signed off at 3:00 p.m. on March 1st, 1994, 99 Plus, under the call letters of KFMH, was an underground rock station based out of Muscatine, Iowa and served a large area of eastern Iowa and western Illinois. It was a station that didn't conform to the rules; they played anything and everything, and the most unique part about it is that it was ALL-request, 24/7. As a result, the station built up a fiercely devoted following, and when it signed off for the final time, over 500 people showed up at their studios to protest (to give you some idea of how much it is still missed, the recently-constructed Facebook page dedicated to 99 Plus has over 1100 likes; not bad for a station that's been silent for 19 years!).

In recent months, KFMH's former general manager, "Captain" Steve Bridges (the current GM and morning show co-host of KCJJ), who said for years that he would never bring the format of the Plus back again to any station, has warmed to the idea of resurrecting the Plus as an internet-only station. To operate it, however, he has stressed that it will take $20,000 for 1 year's worth of programming, and that the money would have to come from public contributions. Since Bridges made the announcement in January, he has raised over half of the total required. Friday's temporary switchover will essentially serve as a fund-raiser to try to rake in the rest, and will feature many of the same DJs that were an important part of 99 Plus back in the day. At Midnight local time, the carriage will turn back into a pumpkin (IMHO), but it's hoped that the interest generated by this will help to bring back 99 Plus on a permanent basis online. The audio from these 9 hours
will not only be broadcast on 1630 AM, but will also be streamed on KCJJ's website:


And you can find out more about 99 Plus here:


I hope you'll be able to check out KCJJ's webstream at some point during these 9 hours and get a taste of what I so enjoyed listening to during my years in eastern Iowa in the late 1980s and early 1990s. :)

73, (Rick Dau (a proponent of free-form radio), South Omaha, Nebraska, Feb 27, ABDX via DXLD)

So would they rename it 1630 plus?? KCJJ`s normal format is both talk and AC, per NRC AM Log. In DXLD 12-48 we had reports about it dropping AM stereo (gh, DXLD)

Other / Re: Bird noises on 6985 AM 28-Feb-2013 0415Z (in NL)
« on: February 28, 2013, 2117 UTC »
Cool, thanks for digging that up.

Wonder if they were playing the birds last night (aka early morning GMT) or that was someone else.

The birds themselves are not that interesting, but love the cuckoo in there and its got me intrigued.

Last night was a bit of fun over in NL. Also ran across an YL numbers station in English (E11?) which was a nice little surprise. Haven't heard English numbers station in a looong time. Very bored of V02/HM01. Was perusing priyom.org and became motivated to search for English numbers. By pure luck stumbled across her on 5779 USB. Was absolutely thrilled. Cuckoo & English numbers makes a good oddball night.

Other / Re: Bird noises on 6985 AM 28-Feb-2013 0415Z (in NL)
« on: February 28, 2013, 2050 UTC »
Now (29-Feb 2049Z) on that same remote, same freq, another AM signal. Playing some rap like noise. Moderate signal strength.

Other / Bird noises on 6985 AM 28-Feb-2013 0415Z (in NL)
« on: February 28, 2013, 0418 UTC »
Listening to the Twente WebSDR in the Netherlands and stumbled across 6985 AM. For about 15 minutes so far, all it has been are sounds of a bunch of birds with a cuckoo off in the distance.

Signal was decent at the top of the hour, but now has faded a bit.

Couldn't even pick up the carrier here at home.

Faded out at 0425Z.

Spy Numbers / 5779 kHz USB 28-Feb-2013 0322Z YL English
« on: February 28, 2013, 0346 UTC »
Tuning around on the Twente WebSDR in The Netherlands, found a YL in English with numbers on 5779 kHz USB.

Went to my TS-690S with a G5RV here at home and could just _barely_ hear her.

Found her around 0322Z and was off a few minutes later.

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