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0016Z 35333 S6 Heard the ID and some talking by the op. Wasn't able to make out too much as the signal was weaker than usual.

0021Z 45444 S8 Signal came way up. Sounding like the ol' Wolverine now.
0022Z 45444 S8 Joan Armatrading "I Can't Lie To Myself"
0024Z 45444 S8 Live op with shoutouts.
0025Z 45444 S8 Jethro Tull "Locomotive Breath"
0029Z 45444 S8 ID
0029Z 45444 S8 Golden Earring "Radar Love"
0035Z 45444 S8 ID
0036Z 45444 S8 Live Op.
0036Z 45444 S8 The Firm "Radioactive"
0039Z 45444 S9 Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"
0043Z 45444 S9 Derek & The Dominoes "Bell Bottom Blues"
0048Z 45444 S9 ID
0049Z 45444 S9 Boney M "Daddy Cool"   ;D  
0052Z 55445 S9 David Bowie "Modern Love"   ;D
0057Z 55445 S9 Live op.
0057Z 55445 S9 Robin Trower "Daydream"
0103Z 55445 S9 ID and stuff. Heh.
0104Z 55445 S9+ The B-52s "Deadbeat Club"
0108Z 55445 S9+ Yes "I've Seen All Good People"
0112Z 55445 S9+ Accidentally cut off the end of the song.
0112Z 55545 S9+10 ABBA "SOS"
0116Z 55545 S9+ ID & Live op
0116Z 55545 S9+ Men Without Hats "The Safety Dance"
0119Z 55545 S9+ Piano Red "Doctor Feel-Good"
0121Z 55545 S9+ The Cars "You're All I've Got Tonight"  (For RML & Spike)
0125Z 55545 S9+ ID + live op
0125Z 55545 S9+ Stevie Ray Vaughan "Tightrope"
0131Z 55545 S9+ The Beatles "Taxman"
0133Z 55444 S9 The Clash "Rock the Casbah"
0137Z 55444 S9 ID +live op
0137Z 55444 S9 The Beat "Twist And Crawl"
0140Z 55444 S9 The Band "Up On Cripple Creek"
0144Z 55444 S9 Live op.
0144Z 55544 S9+ The Guess Who "Undun"
0148Z 55544 S9+ ID
0148Z 55544 S9+ Smokie "Needles and Pins"  (first time I've heard this version).
0151Z 55544 S9+ Rod Stewart "Tonight I'm Yours"    (love it!)
0155Z 55545 S9+10  Chris DeBurgh "Don't Pay the Ferryman"  (simply awesome)
0159Z 45444 S8 ID. Signal dropping a little bit.
0159Z 45344 S7 Pat Benatar "We Belong"
0203Z 45344 S7 Elton John "Rocket Man"  (yeah, William Shatner's version is something to behold).
0207Z 45344 S7 Live op
0208Z 45344 S7 Pink Floyd "Great Gig In The Sky"
0210Z 44344 S7 Station came up on 6930 AM.
0212Z 44344 S7 ID
0213Z 44344 S7 Roxy Music "Love Is The Drug"
0217Z 44344 S7 Silversun Pickups "Panic Switch"
0223Z 44444 S8 Live Op
0223Z 44444 S9 The Vapors "Turning Japanese"
0227Z 44444 S9 ID + Live op
0227Z 44444 S9 Crowded House "Don't Dream It's Over" (for X-FM)
0231Z 44444 S9 Live op
0231Z 44444 S9 Dire Straits "Walk Of Life"
0235Z 33443 S7 Live op
0236Z 44444 S8 The Stranglers "Sweet Smell Of Success"
0239Z 44444 S8 Live op + ID
0240Z 44444 S8 Wall of VooDoo "Mexican Radio"
0244Z 44444 S8 Live op
0244Z 45444 S9 Belinda Carlisle "Heaven Is A Place On Earth"  Station at 6930 AM is off air.
0248Z 45444 S8 Live op
0248Z 45444 S9 Traffic "Shanghai Noodle Factory"
0254Z 45444 S9 ID + live op
0254Z 45444 S9 WAR "Low Rider"
0257Z 45444 S9 James McMurtry "Vague Directions"
0302Z 45444 S8 Live op
0302Z 45444 S8 Elmore James "Dust My Broom"
0305Z 45444 S8 ID
0305Z 45444 S9 SSTV
0307Z 45444 S9 SSTV
0309Z 45444 S9 SSTV
0311Z Off Air.

Great surprise on a Fri night and a fantastic show! Wish you were on every night.

Thanks a ton Wolverine- completely & thoroughly enjoyed it.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @25'

MW Loggings / Re: KiloKat7 burning up MW
« on: October 08, 2012, 0527 UTC »
Polynésie 1ère on 738 KHz: http://polynesie.la1ere.fr/radio/direct

Very nice. I was there May 2011 and heard them. That was the only local MW station. According to the 2012 WRTH, it puts out 20 kW (assuming that's accurate).

Did a lot of DXing while there and was able to pick up some U.S. MW stations on an ATS-909X using only the built-in loop. Checked my DX notes from the trip and nothing written down for the MW stuff. Rather odd as have plenty of HF & FM broadcast loggings. Know I picked up 830 from Hawaii (was hoping to get WCCO from Mpls). Picked up a few from California, but don't remember which ones.

MW Loggings / Re: KiloKat7 burning up MW
« on: October 07, 2012, 1502 UTC »

Last month brought some mind-blowing DX on medium-wave - Australia, Tahiti,...

Which station(s) did you hear from Tahiti?

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6940 C-QUAM X-FM
« on: October 07, 2012, 0101 UTC »

0100Z 45444 S9+ ID X-FM.
0101Z 45444 S9+ Computer voice. "This is radio station X-FM. The broadcast will begin in 5 minutes."
0106Z 45434 S9+ "X-FM is now on the air"
0107Z 45434 S9 Program is going now. Getting it synced about 85% of the time and is one really fine sounding signal.  
0111Z 45434 S9 Op gave ID & email addr. "Music to the power of X"
0114Z 45434 S9 Tool "Schism"
0122Z 45434 S9 ID
0122Z 45434 S9 Incubus "Stellar"
0127Z 45434 S9 KMFDM "Megalomaniac"
0131Z 45434 S9 Red Hot Chili Peppers "Parallel Universe"
0135Z 45434 S9 ID
0136Z 45434 S8 Avenged Sevenfold "A Little Piece of Heaven"
0150Z 45434 S8 Foo Fighters
0152Z 45434 S8 Röyksopp "This Must Be It"
0156Z 45434 S8 ID & giving shoutouts.
0201Z 45434 S8 Boney M "Daddy Cool"
0205Z 45434 S8 Stevie Wonder "Superstition"
0209Z 45434 S8 ID
0209Z 45434 S8 Bad Religion "The Streets of America"
0217Z 45434 S8 Stevie Wonder "Higher Ground"
0220Z 45434 S8 Jamiroquai "Canned Heat"
0226Z 45434 S8 ID
0226Z 45434 S8 No Doubt "It's My Life"
0230Z 45434 S8 Lowline "Disko Killers"   (awesome, Redhat. Rememer however, "Disco is the pop music of tomorrow" - Dick Clark)
0234Z 45434 S8 ID
0234Z 45434 S8 The Maccabees "Unknow"
0239Z 45433 S8 ID
0239Z 45433 S7 The B-52s "Summer of Love"
0244Z 35433 S6 ID + more shoutouts. Signal is S5-S8 and has been slowly dropping.
0248Z 25432 S5 Billy Thorpe "Children of the Sun"  Signal continues to drop & noise coming up.
0253Z 35433 S8 Signal came way up all of a sudden.
0254Z 35434 S8 ID
0254Z 35434 S8 The B-52s "Love Shack"
0258Z 25432 S5 The signal increase was only temporary and is back down again.
0300Z 35433 S5 Gusgus "Ladyshave"
0303Z 35433 S5 ID
0304Z 25422 S4 Hibernate "Submit"
0319Z 25412 S1-S6 Venus Hum "Hummingbird". Signal varies from completely in the noise to moderately decent.
0324Z 25412 S1-S6 Filter "Take A Picture"
0328Z 25412 S1-S6 Sheryl Crow "Anything But Down"
0332Z 25412 S3 Op. Talking about grayline.
0340Z 25312 S1-S5 Tom Waits "What's He Building In There"
0351Z 25312 S1-S7 Jesus / MC 900 "The City Sleeps"
0355Z 25313 S1-S7 ID
0357Z 25313 S1-S7 Depeche Mode "I Want It All"
0404Z 25312 S3-S6 ID. Signing off, on behalf of Redhat & the old professor.
0405Z 25312 S1-S7 A Perfect Circle "When The Levee Breaks"
0411Z 25312 S2 ID & signed off.
0411Z Off air.

Fantastic show Redhat!

Perseus SDR w/SoDiRa + 102' G5RV @ 25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6950 USB Wolverine Radio *0059
« on: September 30, 2012, 0103 UTC »
0100Z 45444 S9+ Wolverine IS & ID.
0107Z 45444 S9+ Fats Waller "Lulu's Back In Town"
0109Z 45444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0109Z 45444 S9+ Buddy Holly "Peggy Sue"
0111Z 45444 S9+ The Everly Brothers "Wake Up Little Susie"
0114Z 45444 S9+ Chuck Berry "Carol"
0116Z 45444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0116Z 45444 S9+ Fats Domino "Little Mary"
0118Z 45444 S9+ Ray Charles "Hardheaded Hannah"
0121Z 45444 S9+ The Beach Boys "Help Me Rhonda"
0124Z 45444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0124Z 45444 S9+ The Angry Young Them "Gloria"
0127Z 45444 S9+ Wilson Pickett "Mustang Sally"
0130Z 45444 S9+ The Hollies "Carrie-Ann"
0133Z 45444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0133Z 45444 S9+ The Who "Pictures Of Lily"
0135Z 45444 S9+ The Four Tops "Bernadette"
0138Z 45444 S9+ Jimi Hendrix "The Wind Cries Mary"
0142Z 45444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0142Z 45444 S9+ Country Joe And The Fish "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine"
0146Z 45444 S9+ The Turtles "Elenore"
0149Z 45444 S9+ Creedence Clearwater Revival "Suzie Q"
0153Z 45444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0153Z 45444 S9 Donovan "Jennifer Juniper"
0155Z 45444 S9 The Doors "Maggie M'Gill"
0200Z 45444 S9 Bruce Springsteen "Rosalita"
0207Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0207Z 45444 S9 The Grateful Dead "Loose Lucy"
0210Z 45444 S9 Little Feat "Juliette"
0214Z 45444 S9 Elvis Costello "Alison"
0217Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0217Z 45444 S9 Steely Dan "Josie"
0221Z 45444 S9 Van Halen "Jamie's Cryin'"
0225Z 45444 S9 George Thorogood "Ride On Josephine"
0229Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0229Z 45444 S9 Joan Armatrading "Rosie"
0232Z 45444 S9 Bruce Cockburn "Peggy's Kitchen Wall"
0236Z 45444 S9 Jon Astley "Jane's Getting Serious"
0240Z 45444 S9 Concrete Blonde "Caroline"
0246Z 45444 S9 Sarah McLachlan "Adia"
0250Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0250Z 45445 S9 SSTV
0251Z Off Air

Thanks Wolverine, great show as usual.

Kenwood TS-690S + 102' G5RV @ 25'

1749Z 34433 S6 Music. Decent signal.
1749Z 34433 S6 String a Longs "Wheels"
1750Z 34433 S6 ID "We are Borderhunter Radio"
1751Z 34433 S6 Deep Purple "Radio Special"
1754Z 34433 S6 Live op w/ID.
1802Z 14431 S- Mostly in the noise, but can still hear some audio.
1815Z 24432 S5 New Order "Blue Monday"
1819Z 34433 S7 ID "This is the Borderhunter"
1820Z 34433 S7 Alice Cooper "Poison"
1824Z 24432 S5 Bonnie Tyler "Total Eclipse Of The Heart"
1831Z 34433 S6 Santana "Black Magic Woman"
1836Z 34433 S6 Blood, Sweat, & Tears "Spinning Wheel"
1840Z 34433 S6 The Byrds "Mr. Tambourine Man"
1846Z 34433 S6 Dr Hook "Sylvia's Mother"
1851Z 34433 S6 Supertramp "It's Raining Again"
1854Z 24432 S5 Johnny Cash "Ring Of Fire"
1900Z 24432 S5 ID
1901Z Off air

Perseus SDR + G5RV @ 8m

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Romania Int'l 15310
« on: September 23, 2012, 1658 UTC »

1757Z 45444 S7 Signed on & playing music. Very nice signal.

1730Z Just a hint of a visible carrier in the waterfall. No audio.

1733Z 15431 S1 RSS is now on USB and can hear the music, but its very weak.

Perseus SDR + G5RV @ 8m

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Rave on Radio 6935 USB 2342 UTC
« on: September 22, 2012, 2344 UTC »
2344Z 35333 S7 Tom Petty "Here Comes My Girl"   (S6 noise)
2347Z 25332 S6 Tom Petty "Even The Losers"
2353Z 25332 S6 Tom Petty
2355Z 25332 S6 Traveling Wilburys "Cool Dry Place"
2359Z 25332 S6 Traveling Wilburys "Poor House"
0002Z 25332 S6 Tom Petty "I Won't Back Down"
0006Z 25332 S6 SSTV PIcture is quite noisy.
0008Z 25332 S6 ID "This is a test of Rave On Radio"
0009Z 15331 S6 Music
0031Z 25332 S6 SSTV
0033Z 25332 S6 "This has been a test of Rave On Radio. Test complete."
0034Z Off Air

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @25'

Equipment / Re: Using Sodira with SDR-IQ for C-QUAM decoding.
« on: September 15, 2012, 1653 UTC »
Why use Perseus s/w+VAC as well? I use SoDiRa directly with the Perseus radio and it works great. It demodulates C-QUAM (and DRM, others) and have control over the radio.

Also can save the I/Q data to a Perseus format file for later use. However, SoDiRa can't read that file and Perseus/Studio 1 don't decode C-QUAM. Can use regular AM/SAM from those programs to listen.

General Radio Discussion / Leonard Kahn Was an AM Advocate
« on: September 11, 2012, 2339 UTC »

Colleagues and friends of Leonard Kahn unanimously agree that the gifted engineer’s life would make for a remarkable storybook.

Kahn, who died in Florida in June at age 86, certainly lived a life worthy of documentation, they said.

The inventive Kahn, former chief executive officer of Kahn Communications, was described with words like determined, eccentric, brilliant, argumentative, unique and, in his later years, litigious. Colleagues said he was a man of many layers wrapped into one body of genius.

Kahn was well known for his Kahn AM stereo system and later the Compatible AM Digital system, known as CAM-D. Colleagues remembered his legal attempt to block Motorola from using its C-QUAM system in the United States in the 1980s — saying C-QUAM violated FCC emission bandwidth specifications — and his later bitter lawsuits against iBiquity Digital Corp.

Broadcast Devices Inc. President Bob Tarsio said, “Leonard was not crazy or eccentric, which I have seen written. He was a driven engineer only interested in what was right both in engineering, business and his personal dealings.”

Tarsio, who met Kahn in 1983, points to the 1960 edition of the NAB Engineering Handbook as evidence of the kind of engineer Kahn was.

In the handbook, continues Tarsio, “is Leonard’s paper on compatible single-sideband operation for AM broadcasting. You will find real explanations of system operation and most importantly the mathematics of how it all worked.

“Many so-called white papers that are written today are nothing more than sales pitches without science to back them up,” Tarsio said. “Verity in science and life — that was the kind of man Leonard Kahn was.”

RCA Labs

Kahn held many key patents in HF transmission and worked on shortwave and single-sideband transmission for RCA Labs early in his career. Tarsio considers Kahn to be one of the “legends of broadcasting” because of his contributions, including his work with Envelope Elimination and Restoration, or EER, “which eliminated and then restored the carrier in a linear modulation system that allowed for the use of a Class C amplifier to be used in a more or less linear mode, which saved power and reduced electrical costs.

“He’s right there with Armstrong, de Forest, Hertz and Maxwell,” Tarsio said.

EER, sometimes referred to as the Kahn Method, is used in many digital transmission schemes worldwide, Tarsio added.

“Leonard’s impact was that he was one of the last broadcast innovators who believed that technology for technology’s sake was not enough. If you developed a system it had to have efficacy and provide a true improvement and it had to be the best solution.”

Kahn Research Laboratories proposed the concept of AM stereo in 1958 and 1959, according to earlier Radio World coverage. About that same time, Philco Corp. and Radio Corporation of America proposed competing systems. However, the FCC stalled on a rulemaking procedure, citing a lack of interest in AM stereo at the time.

By the 1980s, five companies, including Kahn Communications, had developed AM stereo systems. The others were Harris, Motorola, Magnavox and Belar Electronics.

The FCC originally picked the Magnavox AM stereo system as the U.S. standard in April 1980, based on a complicated matrix of performance attributes to which the agency assigned scores, said an observer familiar with the selection process. Magnavox had the highest total of the five AM systems considered. However, many in the industry protested, calling the commission’s research and decision-making process incomplete and partially flawed. So the agency backtracked and decided to let market forces determine the winner.

However, by 1993, it became clear there needed to be one AM stereo standard in the United States. Other countries began adopting Motorola’s C-QUAM, and that’s what the FCC chose. At the time, of the 660 radio stations using AM stereo, 591 were using Motorola’s system. Fewer than 20 were using Kahn’s system, according to the agency.

AM stereo ultimately did not flourish in the marketplace; over time, for many in radio, the experience would come to be seen as a poorly handled technical rollout and regulatory debacle.

Kahn also created Symmetra-peak while working at RCA. This was a passive device that equalized the positive and negative audio peaks being sent to a station’s transmitter and helped increase modulation density before the days of sophisticated multiband audio processing systems, according to long-time acquaintance Herb Squire, vice president of engineering for DSI RF Systems Inc.

Another observer called Symmetra-peak “Kahn’s single biggest contribution to broadcasting. The technology later went on to become standard in nearly every name brand audio processor you can think of.”

Squire said, “Symmetra-peak restored the symmetry and balance between positive and negative peaks of voice signals, which tend to be asymmetric. It made the stations louder.”

According to Kahn’s marketing materials at the time, the Symmetra-peak “redistributed unequal positive and negative peaks symmetrically about the zero axis.”

Powerside, CAM-D

Squire, who knew Kahn since 1969, testified as an expert witness on behalf of Kahn in some of the lawsuits. Squire worked with Kahn’s AM stereo system at WQXR(AM) and WQEW(AM) in New York.

“I was in regular contact with Leonard [during that time]. He and his guys would come out and tweak the system. WNBC(AM) also had his AM stereo system. He was right there with the technology. He lived his work. That was his life,” Squire said.

Squire and other observers believe Kahn’s development of his AM stereo system, which dates to the early 1960s, was complicated at first by the FCC’s reluctance to adopt a standard while hoping the marketplace would settle the issue. Kahn used independently modulated upper- and lower-level sidebands for the Kahn-Hazeltine AM stereo system, used at one time by WLS(AM) Chicago.

Kahn’s Powerside, a system to minimize distortion of selective fading such as skip conditions, eventually led to CAM-D, which was an in-band, on-channel technology for AM digital radio, several observers noted. However, his legal dealings against iBiquity and Clear Channel — chronicled in Radio World at the time — had him mired in court for years beginning in 2006.

Kahn touted CAM-D as a major improvement over iBiquity’s digital AM system. Kahn claimed his system did not increase adjacent or co-channel interference, Kahn told Radio World then.

“I think he was extremely frustrated by that time, but he was so dedicated to his work,” Squire said. “His years in the business overlapped so many generations. He knew Major Armstrong, of course,” he continued, referring to FM pioneer Edwin H. Armstrong, “and when you look at those two lives, there were a lot of similarities at the end, with the lawsuits.”

Kahn would often send Squire cassette tapes of various recordings to get his opinion on sound quality. He was notorious for balking over any constructive criticism of his products. Rather “thin-skinned” is how one former colleague recalled Kahn.

Kahn’s opinions and comments were published in Radio World, but he was critical of its coverage. During industry debate over AM IBOC operation, he wrote on his website that columns by “masked engineer” Guy Wire had taken his statements out of context. He called this “yet another example of Radio World type reporting and the reason we never send RW our press releases or authorize my associates at KCI to grant interviews to Radio World reporters.” He did talk to Radio World reporters at other times.

But in a letter to its then-parent IMAS Publishing, he stated that Radio World had staged an interview with a radio corporate director of engineering and displayed a “willingness to participate in a plan to deceive the broadcasters and the public they serve” regarding engineering characteristics of the IBOC system.

Robert Meuser, chief technical officer for design engineering company Engineaux, described Kahn as “a very complex figure. You either loved him or hated him. He could push very hard, but single-sideband technology was truly dear to his heart.”

Meuser read Kahn’s technical writings before meeting him in the 1970s; he described the period of the AM stereo wars in the 1980s as the time “when I first saw the cantankerous side of Kahn. You were either with him or against him. He was kind and generous to those who was on his side. There was no middle ground.

“As brilliant as he was, he really liked to keep the technology to himself. His AM stereo equipment (STR-77 and STR-84) was very difficult to adjust. We told him it needed to be more solid mechanically. This annoyed Leonard, very much so,” Meuser said. “I fell out of his favor around that time. But that is the way he was.”

Still, Meuser acknowledged Kahn’s work with the EER concept as “incredibly important” in the history of wireless communications.

Meuser said so many things in communications can be attributed to Kahn, from low-power digital devices to the way that HD Radio in the United States and Digital Radio Mondiale technology in Europe is used on AM.

“They all basically use the EER concept. When you look at European technical papers they actually refer to it as the Kahn Method,” Meuser said. “So deploying that and getting people to recognize EER is probably his biggest single contribution.”

Kahn’s wife, Ruth, preceded him in death in 2004, according to various reports. The couple had no children.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 AM
« on: September 05, 2012, 0041 UTC »
0040Z 35323 S7 Prince "Purple Rain"

Lots of noise and signal is somewhat fluttery.

0100Z 35433 S7 ID
0102Z 35433 S7 SoDiRa is sync'd and audio sounding great.
0107Z 35423 S5 Dave Gahan "Kingdom"
0108Z 35423 S5 ID. Gave email.
0114Z 35423 S5 ID
0114Z 35423 S5 Incubus "Dig"
0119Z 25422 S5 ID. Signal fading a little. Shoutouts. DJ Redhat.
0122Z 25422 S5 The Who "Eminence Front"
0128Z 25422 S3 Devo "Working In The Coal Mine"
0131Z 25422 S3 ID
0131Z 25422 S3 The Prodigy "Smack My B***h Up"
0137Z 25422 S4 ID
0138Z 25422 S3 White Rabbits "Temporary"
0145Z 25422 S3 ID
0145Z 25422 S3 Loverbody "Working for the Weekend."
0148Z 35423 S5 ID
0148Z 35423 S5 Versaemerge "Paint It Black"
0152Z 35423 S4 ID, shoutouts, email addr.
0153Z 35423 S4 Mike Oldfield "Tubular Bells"
0157Z 25422 S3 Jan Hammer "Crockett's Theme"
0201Z 25422 S3 Kasabian "Re-wired"
0205Z 25423 S4 ID
0206Z 35423 S4 Morning Parade "Headlights"   --- Note: Haven't heard much (if any) stereo separation. Unsure if its my settings. Will check that after the broadcast as recording the I/Q data and don't want to mess that up while screwing around.
0209Z 35423 S5 Kansas "Carry On Wayward Son"    THANKS!
0214Z 35423 S4 ID. DJ Redhat was talking on the phone with Mr. Bill.
0217Z 35423 S4 King Crimson "Three of a Perfect Pair"
0222Z 35423 S4 The Wallflowers "One Headlight"
0227Z 35423 S5 ID.
(0227Z 35423 S6 Also sounding great on a National NC-183D with a 100' wire & a NC-173 with a 75' wire)
0228Z 45424 S7 Deadmau5 Feat, Chris James "The Veldt"  -- Signal is up and now hearing some separation.
0238Z 25422 S3 Motorcycle "As The Rush Comes"
0246Z 25422 S3 ID
0246Z 35423 S4 Camper Van Beethoven "Pictures of Matchstick Man"
0250Z 35424 S5 ID
0250Z 35424 S5 Meat Puppets "Backwater"
0254Z 45424 S6 Lenny Kravitz "Where Are We Runnin'?"
0256Z 45424 S6 ID
0256Z 45424 S6 The Smithereens "A Girl Like You"
0301Z 45424 S6 ID
0301Z 35423 S5 Delphic "Doubt"
0305Z 25422 S2 ID
0310Z 25422 S2 ID
0312Z 25422 S2 Sarah McLachlan "Sweet Surrender"
0318Z 35423 S4 Deftones "Passenger"
0321Z 25422 S2 Signing off.
0325Z 25422 S2 Snow Patrol "Shut Your Eyes"
0328Z 25422 S2 ID
0328Z Off air.

Signal has been up & down all night. When its strong, it sounds very good with bw set to 15 kHz. Most of the time the signal strength was mediocre to decent with a fair amt of noise.

Thanks for a fantastic show including the great C-QUAM transmission.

Perseus SDR (with SoDiRa) + 102' G5RV @ 25'

Equipment / Re: POLL: What type of antenna do you use?
« on: September 02, 2012, 1648 UTC »
Been using a G5RV for many years, but as of late it seems to be picking up a ton of RFI. Not sure if something has gone wrong with it or neighbors with noisy electronics.

Also have a 100' random wire for another receiver while I'm not hanging out near the coax for G5RV. That seems to work well enough, since it runs from the back porch to the back yard.

Thinking about the Wellbrook, but a bit expensive. Recently read about the PA0RDT "mini-whip." Ordered some parts to make one and going to give it a try and see how well it works. Reports are favorable.  If it does work as well as people say, then will make a bunch of these for the various receivers, and even one for the car (have a Sony AM/FM/SW receiver in there).

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Renegade Radio 6925USB *0123
« on: August 30, 2012, 0135 UTC »

0134Z 45444 S7 Styx "Renegade"
0134Z 45434 S7 ID "Renegade Radio"
0136Z 45434 S7 Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Train"
0141Z 45434 S7 Guns N' Roses "Sweet Child O' Mine"
0145Z 45434 S5 ID "Renegade Radio."  Shoutouts to us on HFU. Thanked me for the logs, and I thank you for the music.
0149Z 45434 S5 Foghat "Slow Ride"
0153Z 35434 S7 Doors "Touch Me"
0156Z 35434 S5 Def Leppard "Foolin'"
0201Z 45434 S7 The Cars "Tonight She Comes"
0204Z 45434 S7 ID. More shoutouts. Some light hum on the audio while talking. Gave email & will take reception reports and send QSL.
0208Z 45434 S7 .38 Special "Rockin' Into The Night" Trying to listen for hum on the music, but not hearing it (but hard to say for sure)
0212Z 45434 S7 Op confirmed the damned hum and tried to fix it, but its still there. More shoutouts. Next song dedicated to all the kids going back to school.
0214Z 45434 S7 Van Halen "Hot For Teacher"
0219Z 45434 S7 Definitely heard hum between songs, so its not just the mic.
0219Z 45434 S7 Scorpions "The Zoo"
0224Z 45434 S7 Op. One more song, then that's it. Dedicated to the people down south enduring hurricane Isaac. Another shoutout. Have given up on the ground and we'll have to live with it (which is fine, it's not that bad). Saying good bye.
0226Z 45434 S7 REO Speedwagon "Ridin' The Storm Out"
0232Z 45434 S7 "You have been listening to Renegade Radio"
0232Z Off Air

Great show! Thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to hear you a lot more.

Yaesu FT-847 + 100' wire

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