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0148Z 45444 S9 Fiter "Welcome To The Fold"
0204Z 35443 S8 Filter "Captain Bligh"

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

Not a peep into MN.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925U
« on: April 06, 2012, 2349 UTC »
2348Z 35333 S7 Bob Dylan "Gotta Serve Somebody"
2358Z 35333 S7 ID "Rave On Radio. If its too loud, you're too old."
0005Z 35333 S7 Bob Dylan
0012Z 35333 S7 ID "Rave on Radio. Pirate radio music at its best"
0012Z 35333 S7 Bob Dylan "Everything Is Broken"
0020Z 35333 S7 ID "Rave on Radio. Broadcasting from a studio in the woods."
0025Z 35333 S7 Bob Dylan "Highway 61 Revisited"
0028Z 35333 S7 "Comin' at ya from a studio in the woods since May 2011. You are listening to Rave on Radio. Pirate Radio the finest music. We try hard. We hope you enjoy our music. Rave on Radio."
0029Z 35333 S7 Bob Dylan "Sugar Baby"
0036Z 35333 S7 Bob Dylan "Political World"
0039Z 35333 S7 Bob Dylan "The Times They Are A-Changin'"
0043Z 35333 S7 ID "Rave On Radio" "We aim to please. Rave on Radio. 6925 upper sideband. Pirate radio's finest music. We're playing music for ya because the times they are a changin'."
0043Z Off air.

Thanks for the program!

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

If this continues... more room for pirates.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925 AM Capt Morgan Shortwave
« on: April 06, 2012, 0226 UTC »
0225Z 35433 S9 On the air.
0225Z 35433 S9 Music
0228Z 35433 S9 ID "Captain Morgan Shortwave"
0232Z 35433 S9 Snooky Pryor "Bury You In A Paper Sack"
0242Z 25432 S7 More music. Signal dropping.
0245Z 25422 S7 ID "Captain Morgan Shortwave"
0255Z 15421 S7 Mostly static, but can still hear some music.  (S7 on the meter, but that's all static)
0303Z Off Air.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

The character to give someone who has everything.

0156Z 15411 Could barely hear him, but did hear the ID. Music before that.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925AM
« on: April 05, 2012, 0027 UTC »
0026Z 25322 S5 Hearing music. Mostly in the noise.
0029Z 35333 S7 Some sort of ID, but missed most of it. Heard something like 97.9 FM.
0031Z 35333 S9 Signal coming up, but lots of static crashes. Some talk over the music, but unable to understand it.
0033Z 35333 S9+ "Coming to you live on Liquid Radio 97.7. On the shortwave for Liquid Radio. Energy Radio in Minneapolis & St Paul. TransmissionFM.com on the UK."
0038Z 45344 S9+ "97.7 FM Liquid Radio"
0042Z 55344 S9+10 Music continues. Signal is getting stronger. Static crashes still being a bother.
0046Z 45344 S9+ YL "You are in the mix with Ryan Davis" (name may be slightly wrong)
0051Z 45343 S9 Music continues.
0100Z 45243 S9+ ID "97.7 FM Liquid Radio"
0105Z 45243 S9+ Op talking. Mentioned something about a DJ & Sweden. Hard to understand with the static crashes. Music still going.
0107Z Off air.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6935 kHz USB 0230Z
« on: April 02, 2012, 0244 UTC »
0231Z 25221 S5 Music. Above the noise level, but not by much.
0242Z 25221 S5 ID(?) "Magic Shortwave Radio" (I think it was an ID, but missed the first part of the sentence. This part sounded like an ID. But it may not be the ID).
0243Z 25221 S5 More music
0247Z 15221 S5 Op talking, but now barely above the noise. Hard to make out much.
0248Z Off air

0203Z 45444 S9 ID Renegade Radio. Testing. Think they may have a bad soundcard which may account for the hum in the audio.
0204Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "When It's Springtime In Alaska"
0212Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "All For The Love Of A Girl" No hum.
0214Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "Comanche"
0217Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "Sink The Bismarck" Part of the song was breaking up.
0220Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "Jim Bridger"
0223Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "Johnny Freedom'
0225Z 45444 S9 ID. Live Op. Hum is back. Thanking us for listening with the testing. Signing off.
0227Z Off air.

0227Z Not quite off the air. Another station calling Radio Renegade.
0228Z Now off again.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB 1515 UTC
« on: April 01, 2012, 1523 UTC »
1522Z 35423 S7-S9 Sound clip: "Good Morning Vietnam"
1522Z 35423 S7-S9 Pink Floyd "Comfortably Numb"
1528Z 45434 S8-S9+ Music (instrumental)
1530Z 45434 S8 ID "Renegade Radio"
1531Z 45434 S8-S9 Hugo Montenegro "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
1533Z 45434 S9+ Styx "Renegade"
1538Z 25332 S6 Supertramp "Breakfast In America"
1540Z 45333 S7-S9+ Steely Dan "Hey Nineteen"
1545Z 45333 S7 ID "Renegade Radio"  Gave email address.
1545Z 35333 S7 ZZ Top "I Thank You"  
1549Z 35323 S6-S9 REO Speedwagon "Time For Me To Fly"
1552Z 35323 S8 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers "Refugee"
1556Z 35323 S8 "You have been listening to Renegade Radio."
1556Z Off air.

Good show. Hope to hear you again. Soon.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

1425Z 45444 S8 Live ID. "This is Dr. Benway at Undercover Radio." Gave email address & commented that condx to Europe are not as good as yesterday.
1426Z 35443 S7 Music.
1430Z 35443 S7 ID + "This is pirate radio broadcasting from the middle of nowhere."
1431Z 35443 S7 More music. Heavy metal?
1435Z 25432 S6 "This is Undercover Radio and I'm Dr. Benway." Signal is dropping.
1436Z 25432 S6 Sync is unlocking now & then.
1438Z 35423 S5-S7 Dead Can Dance "Yulunga"  Signal strength varies significantly.
1445Z 25422 S5 Can hear Dr Benway with an ID, but signal weak and unable to copy all of what he said.
1446Z 25422 S5 Music.
1455Z 35423 S7 ID.
1501Z 35423 S7 Segment about pirate radio
1501Z 35423 S7 Live ID. "This is Dr Benway with Undercover Radio" Said he'll be wrapping things up shortly.
1502Z 35423 S5-S7 Music
1506Z 35423 S5-S7 ID.
1507Z Off air.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6930.4 USB Unid
« on: April 01, 2012, 0303 UTC »
0304Z 35342 S8 Tons of static crashes and hard to make out a lot. But did hear we're listening to Crazy Altitude on the Northern Relay Service. The host is Oxygen.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6950 USB Wolverine Radio
« on: March 31, 2012, 2316 UTC »
2314Z 45444 S8 Wolverine Radio IS
2314Z 45444 S8 ID "Wolverine Radio
2316Z 45444 S9 Song from the 1920's.
2318Z 45444 S9 The Charleston Chasers "One Sweet Letter From You"
2321Z 45444 S9 Benny Goodman "No Other One"
2324Z 45444 S8 Cleo Brown "Me And My Wonderful One"
2326Z 45444 S8 Louis Armstrong "Public Melody Number One"
2327Z 45444 S8 Lena Horne "One For My Baby"
2333Z 45444 S8 ID "Wolverine Radio
2333Z 45444 S8 Amos Milburn "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer"
2336Z 45444 S9 The Shirelles "Dedicated To The One I Love"
2338Z 45444 S9 Clyde McPhatter "Little Bitty Pretty One"
2340Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
2340Z 45444 S9 The Chifons "One Fine Day"
2342Z 45444 S9 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas "Wild One"
2345Z 45444 S9 The Spinners "One Of A Kind (Love Affair)"
2348Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
2348Z 45444 S9 Brewer and Shipley "One Toke Over The Line"
2351Z 45444 S9 Stephen Stills "Love The One You're With"
2354Z 45444 S9 Santana "No One To Depend On"
2358Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
2358Z 45444 S9 The Allman Brothers Band "One Way Out"
0002Z 45444 S9 Bob Marley "One Love/People Get Ready"
0005Z 55444 S9+10 Eagles "One Of These Nights"
0010Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0010Z 55444 S9+10 Blondie "One Way Or Another"
0013Z 55444 S9+10 The Fixx "One Thing Leads To Another"
0016Z 45444 S9+ INXS "The One Thing"
0020Z 45444 S9+ Dire Straits "One World"
0023Z 45444 S9+ Howard Jones "Life In One Day"
0027Z 45444 S9 The Cars "I'm Not The One"
0031Z 45444 S9 R.E.M. "The One I Love"
0034Z 35443 S7 The Wallflowers "One Headlight"
0036Z 15-20 seconds or so of no signal, then back with the song and signal back up to S9.
0039Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0039Z 45444 S9 SSTV
0041Z Off air.

Another great show Wolverine. Thanks!

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

Moved to 15510.
1654Z 35343 S6 UB-40 "Red, Red Wine"
1657Z Fading deep into the noise.

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