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Shortwave Broadcast / The Mighty KBC 9450 kHz 11/10/2012 2358Z
« on: November 10, 2012, 2358 UTC »
2348Z 35433 S6 Dead carrier
2358Z 35433 S6 On air. ID
2359Z 35433 S6 Johnny Otis "Willie And The Hand Jive"
0000Z Radio Republica on the air on 9490 kHz. Can see the spurs as noted last week. Four of them symmetrically around the 9490, with one  ~9497 and another ~9505.
0001Z 35433 S6 ID. Broadcasting from Bulgaria.
0001Z 35433 S6 Pretenders "Don't Get Me Wrong"
0004Z 35433 S6 ID
0004Z 35433 S7 The Proclaimers "500 Miles"
0008Z 35433 S7 ID
0008Z 35433 S7 Ray Stevens "Bridget The Midget"
0012Z 35433 S7 ID
0012Z 35433 S7 Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin "Je T' Aime .. Moi Non Plus"
0016Z 35433 S7 ID
0017Z 35433 S7 The Isley Brothers "Shout"
0019Z 35433 S7 ID
0019Z 35433 S7 The Hunters "Teen Scene"
0021Z 35433 S7 ID
0021Z 35433 S7 Love Sculpture "In The Land Of The Few"
0025Z 35433 S7 ID
0025Z 35433 S7 Ekseption "Peace Planet"
0028Z 35433 S7 Ad for radios
0028Z 35433 S7 Neil Christian "That's Nice"
0032Z 35433 S7 ID
0032Z 35433 S6 ELO "Don't Bring Me Down"
0036Z 35433 S6 ID
0036Z 35433 S6 Mickey & Sylvia "Love Is Strange"
0038Z 35433 S6 ID. "This is the station with the reputation."
0039Z 35433 S6 Ad for radios
0040Z 35433 S6 Creedence Clearwater Revival "Up Around The Bend"
0043Z 35433 S6 ID
0043Z 35433 S6 Jay Ferguson "Thunder Island"
0047Z 35433 S6 ID "You are listening to the giant jukebox on The Mighty KBC"
0047Z 35433 S6 Kiki Dee "Why Don't I Run Away From You"
0049Z 35433 S6 ID
0050Z 35433 S6 Eric Clapton "Cocaine"
0053Z 35433 S6 ID
0053Z 45434 S7 Elvis Presley "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
0057Z 35433 S7 ID
0058Z 35433 S6 Catapult "Let Your Hair Hang Down"
0100Z 35433 S6 ID
0103Z 45434 S7 ID
0103Z 35433 S6 The Knack "My Sharona"
0107Z 35433 S6 Buddy Holly & The Crickets "Rave On"
0109Z 35433 S6 ID
0109Z 35433 S6 Billy Idol "Dancing With Myself"
0114Z 35433 S6 ID
0115Z 35433 S6 Bobby Gregg And His Friends "The Jam Part 1"
0117Z 35433 S6 ID
0119Z 35433 S6 ID
0120Z 35433 S6 Bill Haley "R-o-c-k"
0122Z 35433 S6 ID "You are listening to the Mighty KBC. We blow you away."
0122Z 25432 S5 Jim Stafford "Spiders And Snakes"
0125Z 25432 S5 ID
0126Z 25432 S5 Dave "Baby" Cortez "The Happy Organ"
0128Z 25432 S5 ID
0128Z 35433 S6 Digital transmission QPSK125
0129Z 25432 S5 Dave Clark Five "You Got What It Takes"
0132Z 25432 S5 ID
0133Z 25432 S5 The Fortunes "This Golden Ring"
0135Z 25432 S5 ID
0135Z 35433 S6 The Doors "Riders On The Storm"
0141Z 25432 S5 ID
0142Z 25432 S5 Ad for radios
0142Z 25432 S5 Hot Butter "Popcorn"
0144Z 25432 S5 ID
0145Z 25432 S5 Boney M "Daddy Cool"   ;D
0148Z 25432 S5 Q 65 "Down In The Bottom"
0150Z 25432 S5 ID
0152Z 25432 S5 Mitch Ryder "Too Many Fish In The Sea"
0154Z 25432 S5 ID & signing off
0155Z 25432 S5 Ekseption "A La Turka"
0157Z 25432 S5 Digital transmission QPSK125
0158Z 25432 S5 Dead carrier
0159Z Off air.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

Other / Re: RTTY etc, 6940-6950 11-6-12 2255Z
« on: November 10, 2012, 2321 UTC »
The 6950 transmission seems to be gone, at 2130z.

Its gone now (2321Z) too, and the one around 15020. Was there earlier today (the single tone, not the RTTY).

I liked the music from that film. Found interesting that a pirate had a band playing live. Maybe that was some artistic license of the filmmaker, but if real, that was awesome.

Watched that other film you posted at the end... got a good laugh when the one guy was DF'ing the station with a regular portable radio for a few minutes in the middle of the road, then they drove away and nailed the op before that first song was done.

The remotes that I connect to are in Italy, SE Germany, & Austria, which give the best chance of hearing the Croats/Serbs/Greeks. Although as you say, not too hard hearing the Greeks. Was surprised when reading the link of pirates that Radio 811 runs 36kW into a full size 180m dipole.

Greek would seem consistent with what I heard on 1690... lots of Greek music.

With these guys would pop onto SW a bit more so have a chance of hearing them here w/o using a remote, even though the other pirates from the northern part of Europe have a hard time getting here on the upper bands (15 MHz and higher). Never heard any of the guys around 6300.

But, if the signal doesn't come here, then may have to go to the signal... a nice vacation to Croatia would be just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks for posting this. Enjoyed the Croatian film, but wish I could speak Croatian.

Last winter & spring, I had connected to remote receivers over in the region and found a bunch of pirates (no idea which ones) and enjoyed the broadcasts.

Hearing a bunch of them now from a remote in Italy. One of the pirates that I remember is currently on 1690 kHz. Has a distinctive voice & usually background noise when he's talking. Mostly plays music, but seems to talk over it a lot and cut it off so he can talk.

Last winter, he was talking with another guy on the air and it sounded like the other guy was on the other end of an FM two-way radio with the op was putting the mic near the speaker. Couldn't tell if the other guy was listening to the MW signal or they were both chatting via the two-way radio.

Other / Re: RTTY etc, 6940-6950 11-6-12 2255Z
« on: November 10, 2012, 1908 UTC »
Our new friend around 6950 is now just a single tone.

Noticed a little while ago that a new RTTY station showed up around 15020. That one is now also currently a single.

Perhaps that one and the one in 43m are related?

Complete nothing here.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: The Mighty KBC 9500 kHz 11/3//2012 2359Z
« on: November 04, 2012, 1644 UTC »
I e-mailed them letting them know I was hearing them - this was before the signal fell into the bottom of the lake, though I stayed tuned in - and they answered!  Apparently, they're going to be continuing transmissions to North America at the weekends through the winter.  Yay!  Skeezix, I thought you'd especially appreciate hearing that.  I know you and I were the ones definitely looking for KBC last week when they had transmitter problems. 

That loud annoying whistle was Radio Republica's signal, apparently; it quit when 9490 signed off.  Unfortunately, that was only a minute or two before KBC went too!  Darnit! 

Very happy to hear they'll be back. I heard them reading some items of interest, but it was too weak and missed almost all of it. And was waiting last week for the transmission that never came. But, that's the way it goes. They're making it up by showing up all winter.  :)

It was indeed R Republica's stupid signal and could clearly see the spurs in the SDR waterfall. They came on clean, but after a couple of minutes, the spurs showed up and stayed until they dropped carrier.

During the mess, switched to sync-AM/USB and brought the filter in to 3.5 kHz and that cleared out the noise. Unfortunately, most of the signal too. After Republica went off, put it back to sync-AM/DSB and 11 kHz and it sounded fine, although weak.

Hopefully it was just poor conditions last night that would explain the weaker signal than last time. I'll definitely be around next weekend for them.

1524Z 15411 S- Varies from in the noise to just above the noise with audible audio.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @25'

General Radio Discussion / Re: can you help me identify these sounds
« on: November 04, 2012, 0249 UTC »
That was my first time evar posting on this forum. I am so intensley happy that I finally have people I can ask questions to! I'm such an amateur though, that even half the stuff you guys posted is a total mystery to me but I look forward to learning more.

This is probably a dumb question, but how and where did you guys learn all this stuff? What's a good resource for newbies who aren't very smart but are completely fascinated by radio?

I'm just using a Grundig G3 world traveller so obviously my range and capabilities are going to be limited.

I third what Fansome & Beerus said.

The big thing is to listen & research.

Also check out RadioReference.com

0215Z 35433 S6 ID. Sounds like "Radio Free Mars"  (went back and listened to the recording and sounds like this)
0217Z 35433 S6 Elton John "Rocket Man" (Kdme Remix)
0219Z 35433 S6 ID
0223Z 25422 S5 Elton John "Bennie And The Jets"
0224Z 15421 S5 Song was cut off and was some OM talking. Now too weak to understand.
0224Z 15421 S5 "Bennie And The Jets" is back.
0227Z Signal has greatly faded. Mostly in the noise.
0236Z 25412 S4 Signal is way up & way down (S0-S7)

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

Shortwave Broadcast / The Mighty KBC 9500 kHz 11/3//2012 2359Z
« on: November 03, 2012, 2359 UTC »
2356Z 35433 S7 Carrier with no audio.  Carrier S4-S8.
2359Z 35433 S7 ID  "The Mighty KBC"
0000Z 35433 S6 George Thorogood "You Talk Too Much"
0003Z 34433 S6 Strong station on 9490 came up and its USB is interfering a little bit.
0004Z 34433 S6 Blues Dimension "Lovely Adorable Sue"
0006Z 34433 S6 Stevie Wonder "We Can Work It Out"
0009Z 34433 S6 ID
0010Z 34433 S6 The Sands Of Time "Where Did We Go Wrong"
0011Z 34433 S6 Few seconds of no audio. Back to the song.
0013Z 34433 S6 ID
0013Z 34433 S6 R. Dean Taylor "Window Shopping"
0016Z 34433 S6 ID
0016Z 34433 S6 Stereophonics "Dakota"
0021Z 34433 S5 ID
0021Z 33433 S5 Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers "Need Your Loving Tonight"
0023Z 33433 S5 ID
0023Z 33433 S5 Johnnie Allan & The Krazy Kats "Promised Land"
0025Z 33433 S5 ID http://www.kbcradio.eu
0026Z 33433 S5 Donnie Elbert "A LIttle Piece of Leather"
0028Z 33433 S5 CB ad
0029Z 33433 S5 Nazareth "See Me"
0034Z 33433 S5 ID
0034Z 33433 S5 Elvis Presley "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You"
0037Z 23432 S4 ID
0037Z 23432 S4 Eddie Cochran "Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie"
0039Z 23432 S4 ID
0039Z 23432 S4 The Snobs "Buckleshoe Stomp"
0042Z 23432 S4 ID.  KBC signal dropping. 9490 is still very strong and interfering. Also looks like some garbage from their transmitter is also making a mess with The Mighty KBC. KBC signal is S3-S7, avg around S4.
0042Z 23432 S4 Five Man Electrical Band "Signs"
0047Z 23432 S4 ID
0047Z 23432 S4 Earth & Fire "Memories"
0053Z 23432 S4 ID
0053Z 23432 S4 "Hit The Road Jack"
0056Z 23432 S4 Ruffle "Go Mean"
0059Z 23431 S4 Signal is fluttery.
0101Z 23432 S4 ID
0102Z 23432 S4 Dusty Springfield "Summer Is Over"
0105Z 23432 S4 ID
0105Z 23432 S4 The Everly Brothers "Muskrat"
0108Z 23432 S4 ID
0108Z 23432 S4 Huey Lewis & The News "Hip To Be Square"
0112Z 23432 S4 ID
0112Z 33433 S5 The Shadows "Quartermaster's Stores" (signal up a slight bit)
0114Z 33433 S5 ID
0114Z 33433 S5 Foo Fighters "Long Road To Ruin"
0118Z 33433 S5 ID
0118Z 33433 S5 The Motors "Dancing The Night Away"
0121Z 33433 S5 ID
0121Z 33433 S5 Secret Affair "Time For Action"
0124Z 33433 S6 CB ad & ID
0124Z 43433 S7 The Nice "America"
0130Z 43433 S7 ID
0135Z 43433 S7 Johnny Preston "Cradle Of Love"
0138Z 43433 S7 Tommy Quickly "No Other Love"   S4-S8 and still some flutter.
0139Z 33433 S6 ID
0139Z 33433 S6 Ringo Starr "Back Off Boogaloo"
0143Z 23422 S5 ID
0145Z 23422 S5 ID Signal down. Fluttery with deep fades.
0145Z 23422 S5 The Castaways "Liar, Liar"
0149Z 23411 S5 ID (could only understand a few words)
0152Z 23412 S6 ID.
0153Z 23412 S6 The Sir Douglas Quintet "She's About A Mover"
0156Z 23412 S6 ID & signing off
0156Z 23411 S5 Ekseption "A La Turka"
0159Z 23411 S5 Dead carrier
0159Z Off air

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

0241Z 15331 S- Just above the noise level, but can still hear music.
0252Z 15331 S- Op giving ID & email. Very weak and unable to copy a lot of it.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6960 oct 31
« on: November 01, 2012, 0233 UTC »
Caught the last part (0220Z+) (but recorded it all). Signal 35433. Not as good as usual, but the quality is still fantastic.

0235Z 35433 S8 Marilyn Manson "Coma White"
0240Z 45434 S9 ID
0240Z Off air.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @25'

0123Z 45444 S9 Spooky sounds
0124Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0126Z 45444 S9 "I'm a Ghost"
0127Z 45444 S9 Kay Starr "Headless Horseman"
0130Z 45444 S9 Buck Owens "Monsters' Holiday"
0132Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0132Z 45444 S9 The Verdicts "The Mummy's Ball"
0132Z 45444 S9 Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross "Halloween Spooks"
0137Z 45444 S9 Bill Doggett "Monster Party"
0139Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0139Z 45444 S9 Andrew Gold "Haloween Party"
0141Z 45444 S9 Charles Sheffield "It's Your Voo Doo Working"
0143Z 45444 S9 Headstones "Cemetery"
0146Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0146Z 45444 S9 Marilyn Manson "This Is Halloween"
0150Z 55544 S9+10 Paramore "Monster"
0153Z 55544 S9+ Rob Zombie "Halloween"
0156Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0156Z 45444 S9 Shiny Toy Guns "It's Halloween At The House Of Spooks"
0158Z 45444 S9 Misfits "Halloween"
0159Z 45444 S8 The White Stripes "Walking With A Ghost"
0202Z 45444 S8 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0202Z 45444 S9 Concrete Blonde "Bloodletting (extended version)"
0208Z 45444 S9 Caribe Producers "Tropical Dreams"
0212Z 45444 S9 Stephen Lynch "Halloween"
0215Z 45444 S8 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0215Z 45444 S9 SSTV
0217Z Off air.

Thanks Wolverine!

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

0236Z 35433 S8 Music
0314Z off air

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