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23.27 UTC Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Unwanted Number
23.30 UTC Beach House - Space Song (tent.)
23.35 UTC Porches - Unterwater (clear Shazam ID)
23.40 UTC GGOOLLDD - Underwaters (also via Shazam)
hmm, sorry to say, signal faded away at about 23.43 UTC

finally signal came up in NW Germany also, SINPO 12321 (QRM by USB station on 6950)
Thanks so much AC for making it across the pond again!
Please eQSL to my addy! Thanks for the great AM sound!

23.05 UTC Indian Chant
23.08 UTC ID by woman, illegible here, AC/DC now
23.11 UTC Station ID by YL, Brocket 99 (now clear ID here), e-mail illegible
... brocket99shortwave@gmail.com (tent.)
23.12 UTC another AC/DC song?
23.15 UTC Hank Williams Jr. - Kaw-Liga
23.19 UTC OM talking, phone in?
23.20 UTC advertisement?
23.21 UTC ID Brocket 99, AC/DC parts and E-mail given by another OM
23.22 UTC four minutes before 9 o'clock, Brockett 99, funeral 
23.25 UTC OM talks about Friday evening and Saturday, Brockett 99 announcer
23.26 UTC ID and e-mail, weather report by OM

nice in NW Germany also, SINPO 23222 (some QRM by an AM station 6955)
Thanks for the show and please eQSL to my addy!

22.50 UTC oldtime song detcted
22.54 UTC ID by OM: You are listening to the Voive of Uncle Don, e-mail
22.54 UTC new oldtime song by male artist, comedy?
22.59 UTC male singer about "hyper" ?!
22.59 UTC ID by OM and e-mail given again TheVoiceOfUncleDon@gmail.com
23.00 UTC music continued, new song, male singer is counting numbers
23.02 UTC ID by OM again, e-mail given, ...program...announcer
23.03 UTC signal vanished

directly in NW Germany tonight!, SINPO 13211, but clear ID
signal's improving until c/d
Thanks for the show and please eQSL to my addy, OM!

21.20 UTC tuned in to RH, shoutout for many HFU listeners
21.22 UTC OM singing "I like beer"
21.24 UTC ID You ar listening to R.H. On 6930 upper, time given, talk
21.25 UTC Peter Gabriel tune Solsbury Hill
21.30 UTC comedy tunes
21.32 UTC aurora, is my voice better now?, e-mail given
21.33 UTC OM is singing classical comedy tune
21.42 UTC ID, about records from Radio Free Oz from 90ies
21.42 UTC Voice of Oz mentioned, e-mail given, about HF feedback, micro' Kenwood Tx
21.43 UTC ID, drunken, shoutout to HFU listeners (even me!, thanks Humperdoo!)
21.43 UTC C&W song by OM
21.48 UTC OM song about "another beer"
21.51 UT C female C&W singer
21.53 UTC ID, I'm so drunk... talk
21.55 UTC shoutout to rainbrandy from Germany (tnx R.H., had a beer for you too)
21.56 UTC another C&W song
22.01 UTC OM sings "king of the road" and DJ belches (sorry I don't know the lyrics
22.05 UTC another C&W song
22.09 UTC time announcement 22.09, thanks HFU, to all posters and another C&W tune

started listening Via CM HFUNDERPANTS KiwiSDR, SINPO 44444
but finally now also directly here in NW Germany, SINPO 23222, WOW!
Thanks a lot Radio Humperdoo for the great show! Please eQSL to my addy!
I'm pleased having caught you directly on my antenna!

It was in fact Dr.Tim!

It has been Mike Radio!

Yep! ;)

It's JT (Johnny Tobacco), Skipmuck! 100% ID here

QSLs Received / Radio Parade Inetrnational
« on: December 15, 2018, 1904 UTC »
Thanks to OP Alex for this fast and nice e-QSL!


QSLs Received / Re: Green Monster Radio eQSL
« on: November 14, 2018, 1655 UTC »
I received the same awesome eQSL!
Thank you Pirate Wally!

15.58 UTC loud this time in NW Germany also
really nice loop sound
16.03 UTC loop again, slower than the preceding
16.05 UTC new sound, strange noises
16.11 UTC suddenly deep fading and fade out

Anyway, loud and strong modulated signal, SINPO 44444
I had this on my PerseusSRR recorder this afternoon!

23.05 UTC Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline
23.07 UTC The Outfield - Your Love
23.09 UTC Green Monster Radio ID and e-mail again
23.10 UTC announcement by OM, about Red Sox
23.12 UTC Ace Diamond - The Red Sox Are Back In Town
23.16 UTC IDs G.M.R. by OM, hip hop song, poppiedee

Direct reception! Crazy fair signal in NW Germany again, SINPO 34333

21.42 UTC Ain't nobody
21.47 UTC Supergirl
21.56 UTC "Keep the frequency clear" announcement by OM!
21.57 UTC SSTV suddenly, but illegible here, too weak!

Weak here only, SINPO 22322, deep fading

23.16 UTC radio drama, talk YL and OM
23.21 UTC shortly orchestral movie music to make drama, talk continues
23.22 UTC 17 years mentioned
23.23 UTC ...I don't even know you... (OM) , and strange laugh
23.24 UTC I'm going downstairs... some musical accords
23.26 UTC dramatical orchestral music, talk continues by OM, dogs barking
23.29 UTC strange laugh again, shut up...
23.31 UTC laugh again and some bits of orchestral sound, drama continues
23.34 UTC actor's names mentioned by OM, music bits
23.36 UTC signals gone
directly in NW Germany! SINPO 13221, but signal is improving!
at 23.33 UTC SINPO now best 23222

Thanks for the show, please QSL to my addy below!

I received this answer from the "real" X Minus One:
The broadcast you heard didn't come from the original X Minus 1 station.
Someone else has been airing the shows recently, when I do it I include station ID and email address.
I'm sorry but I can't verify this report because it wasn't aired by me.

What a bummer! :(

QSLs Received / Re: Ion Radio eQSL
« on: November 03, 2018, 2237 UTC »
I received mine too! Thanks a lot ION Radio for the awesome e-QSL! Great design!

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