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a bit out of time, sorry, but anyway: I heard Radio Stasi also
in NW Germany that particular night. SINPO was 23322

I had 4 of the SSTVs quite solid, at 02.11, 02.13, 02.15 and 02.34 UTC
...and some more songs like these:
02.21 UTC Lord Huron - Ancient Names (Pt. 1)
02.26 UTC PhD - I Want Let You Down
02.36 UTC Roxy Music - Oh Yeah
02.41 UTC Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights
and 02.46 UTC ex GDR national anthem

I would love to receive any eQSL for my report, thanks in advance!

Possibly Radio Enterhaken, as I heard they were on air these times.

QSLs Received / Re: New WREC eQSL
« on: August 07, 2018, 1422 UTC »
My eQSL arrived also! Thank you very much PJ Sparx, as always!

skylineradiogermany@web.de for e-mail reports

I had it on my receiver also here,
e-mail was enterhaken@gmx.net


0906 UTC,  E-Mail address : empireradio@hotmail.com

Hello folks! The correct e-mail is empire.radio@hotmail.com Just FYI ;-)

QSLs Received / Re: The Crystal Ship 4th of July eQSL
« on: July 19, 2018, 1636 UTC »
I received the same eQSL, thanks as always John Poet!

Recently I received an eQSL for my report to enterhaken@gmx.net

QSLs Received / Re: X-FM via Relay Station eQSL
« on: July 05, 2018, 1654 UTC »
I received the same nice eQSL design! Thank you so much for the fast answer, Redhat!

03.36 UTC SSTV


tonight directly in NW Germany

02.29 UTC SSTV


02.31 UTC SSTV


both came in directly in NW Germany on a PerseusSDR recording!

00.35 UTC Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom
00.41 UTC Born In The USA
00.45 UTC song In America
00.47 UTC Lenny Kravitz - American Woman
00.51 UTC John Mellencamp - Rock In The USA
00.53 UTC James Brown - Living In America
00.58 UTC Toby Keith - American Ride

Obviously this show was repeated from some days before.

I had this on my tonight's Perseus SDR recording in NW Germany.
Solid AM signal here, SINPO 23322, not bad for US stuff!
Thanks for the music and please eQSL to my addy!

02.38 UTC male singer
02.43 UTC male singer
02.48 UTC male voice heard and trumpet fanfare
02.49 UTC sign off and carrier gone

I had the carrier on 6860,14 AM all the time from the start at 01.06 UTC
on my Perseus SDR recording, but audio was very low here, some traces first,
became better later, best at the end of the show,
but SINPO no better than 12221, sorry to tell.
Anyway, John, please eQSL to my addy! Thanks a lot in advance!

01.48 UTC sign on with US patriotic orchestral march music
01.50 UTC another march music
01.54 UTC another march music
01.56 UTC choir is singing
01.58 UTC tenor is singing, then the whole choir again
01.59 UTC US National Anthem
02.00 UTC another orchestral tune
02.03 UTC ID by OM: King - Kong - Radio, slower orchestral tune
02.04 UTC ID by OM: King - Kong - Radio followed by SSTV
02.06 UTC sign off


On my tonight's Perseus SDR recording in NW Germany,
very strong stgnal here, SINPO 43443!
Please e-QSL to my addy! Thanks for the patriotic tunes and SSTV!

00.05 UTC show started with song, woman sings
00.11 UTC e-guitar and woman sings
00.15 UTC piano music and OM talks
00.17 UTC IDs by OM, WREC, clear IDs and jingles
00.18 UTC Announcements, WREC, HF Underground mentioned
00.21 UTC Announcer, testing testing... record
00.22 UTC Let's Do It, PC midi sound (Tiny Tunes?) Interval Signal
00.23 UTC song with Yo-Ho's
00.24 UTC ID by  OM, rock music
00.29 UTC ID: my name is PJ Sparx, into usual WREC trailer by YL
00.30 UTC OM talks about internet, rock music
00.32 UTC Parody of "I Found My Freedom On Blueberry Hill"
00.34 UTC Announcer, promo trailer, violin + OM sings
00.37 UTC new comedy skit, laughing, operation
00.38 UTC ID, QSL card tonight, 2 addresses given P.O.Box 1 and 109
YL, your host PJ Sparx, WREC spelled by YL, comedy .. oh baby...
00.39 UTC Parody of rock'n roll classic "Sweet Little Sixteen"
00.40 UTC YL talk, advert about candy, the white ones, the black
00.44 UTC song Living In America
00.45 UTC ID by OM WREC, music and talk
00.51 UTC spoof advert about Everglades, another comedy ...experience
00.53 UTC OM talks about signals and 6 hours ...Oh My God...
00.54 UTC comedy skit, speech about free men and freedom
00.56 UTC ...one shot... screaming audience, rock music (Ozzy style)
00.58 UTC IDs by OM, 2 P.O.Box addresses, YL ID and WREC spelled
00.59 UTC allies report July 4th, we stike back, July 5-8 report,
01.00 UTC Independence Day, constitution, comedy
01.01 UTC cell phone talk about sexual things and genitals ...press.. ;-)
01.02 UTC another comedy, speech by OM
01.05 UTC station ID by YL, WREC, talk by YL and OM
01.08 UTC trailer by OM about icecream and other things, comedy
01.11 UTC OM announcements about station, TV, YL ID, WREC spelled
01.12 UTC sign off

I had WREC on my tonight's Perseus SDR recording in NW Germany! Great!
Thanks a lot PJ Sparx for this awesome show and good signal! SINPO 33333!
You made my day, OM!
Please QSL to my e-mail addy and thanks for your kind response in advance!

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