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Wow, I detected this one on +/-6935,6v kHZ AM on my Perseus SDR in NW Germany!

02.04 UTC music heard first, but illegible
02.09 UTC Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom
02.14 UTC OM sings Born In The USA (tent.)
02.18 UTC Lenny Kravitz - American Woman
02.19 UTC announcement by OM into new rock song
02.26 UTC Toby Keith - American Ride
02.27 UTC Kenny Chesney - American Kids
02.29 UTC Applause, Toby Keith - Courtesy Of the Red White And Blue
02.36 UTC sign off

SINPO 23432 was quite good for AM, modulation sounded loud here!
Signal improved up to the end of the show!
If the OP should B interested, I made a recording of the show.
Anyway, please eQSL to my e-mail address and thanks for the show!

15.30 UTC Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band - Old Time Rock'n Roll
15.35 UTC Announcer OM, about turkey, smash, Crusher 1000 beers
15.37 UTC final words, enjoy sunday morning, the Crusher signing off
15.37 UTC Eddie Harris - Listen Here

Reception via KiwiSDR Highland Falls, NY via WB2EEE
SINPO 33433

00.58 UTC Leonard Cohen - Everybody Knows
01.01 UTC ID by OM, broadcasting from Memorex, pirate recording
01.02 UTC Thank you for your kindness, C-Quam, relay station
01.05 UTC announcement about QSL-card, shortwave report
E-mail given out xfmshortwave@gmail.com, twice
01.06 UTC thanks to relay service again, Korn - Thoughtless
01.10 UT IDs and e-mail again, A Perfect Circle - Talktalk
01.15 UTC Royal Gregory - HolyF**k
01.18 UTC IDs by OM, Beck - Modern Guilt
01.21 UTC Announcement about Beck's song
01.22 UTC Foster The People - SHC

This was a nice reception on my Perseus SDR recording in NW Germany,
SINPO 34433, some deeper fading now and then.
Please e-QSL to my e-mail address and thanks for the show and relay!

00.43 - 01-25 UTC on 6950,3 kHz AM

01.20 UTC Blondie - Call Me
01.22 UTC Madonna - Celebration
01.24 UTC IDs as Hot Legs Radio and e-mail hotlegsradio@gmail.com
music continued and then sign off

I recorded the same records as mentioned above here in
NW Germany on my Perseus SDR, SINPO was 13321 only,
but I was able to identify most of the records anyway.
And the TX carrier was clearly visible!
As I'm a bit in a hurry today, I will drop my contribution
tomorrow and will sent a report to the station also.
Thanks for Madonna and Blondie and please e-QSL to my e-mail address!


Finally I had this station also on 6926,3 AM, disturbing the reception of
Hot Radio on 6925 USB from the USA. But no audio, just a carrier only.

QSLs Received / Radio Illuminati eQSL
« on: June 21, 2018, 0657 UTC »
Thanks a lot, Azimuth Coordinator, for another great eQSL!

I wanted to insert my eQSL picture, but was unable... strange.
"Attachments and other options" did not work properly.

Hmmm, is this the right way of posting? If yes, it's the one and only I will post here :-(

PS: No luck with your explanation, I'm no imgur-member and have no such assortments
on the right. Anyway, thanks for trying to help me out.

01.34 UTC show started with "Hot Radio" loop IDs by OM, drums
01.35 UTC many IDs by OM, echo effects
01.36 UTC Eric Idle - The FCC song
01.38 UTC ELP - Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression, Part 2
01.43 UTC condom parody, countdown
01.45 UTC song about delight, YL talk about satisfaction and sizes, song
01.46 UTC parody advert of derma drugs
01.47 UTC The station that kicks, Hot Radio, rock song
01.55 UTC Quicksilver Messenger Service song, tent.
02.00 UTC male singers
02.06 UTC Hot Radio adverts, echo effects, e-mail hotradio@outlook.com
02.08 UTC motherfxxxing song by OM, rap style
02.14 UTC another rap song
02.17 UTC ID, Rolling Stones parody of Start Me Up
02.19 UTC WW2 report, about chancellor Hitler
02.24 UTC woman sings about ...is in the army now...
02.26 UTC air raid sirens, fanfare
02.27 UTC Germany Calling, Hamburg, Bremen
02.28 UTC German WW2 song
02.28 UTC German WW2 report about U-boats and handling torpedos
02.30 UTC alarm, neutral ship from Sweden. Germany calling
02.31 UTC Grossdeutscher Rundfunk ID by OM, German female singer:
Zarah Leander - Davon geht die Welt nicht unter
02.33 UTC Interval signals and IDs, Lale Andersen - Lili Marleen (German)
02.36 UTC German radio announcement, "going back in time" jingle, Hot Radio ID
02.37 UTC woman sings English
02.40 UTC Hot Radio jingle, rock song, station trailers, strange song
02.45 UTC Hush, new song sung by OM
02.49 UTC German countdown, Rammstein - Sonne
02.54 UTC ID Hot Radio by OM, new e-guitar rock-blues song, male singer
03.01 UTC new song Rock Me... baby...rock me
03.04 UTC new song... take it easy baby..., some more records,
03.41 UTC computerized YL IDs and CoolAM address and Clever Name Radio ID
03.41,5 UTC "Thank you" and sign off

What a great signal in NW Germany tonight, SINPO 42432, but heavy QRM by a
local AM station on 6926.3 :-(. Thanks for the great tunes, Hot Radio!
Please e-QSL to by e-mail addy! Thanks for that in advance!

20.15 UTC unid live free jazz sound, trumpets and drums
20.18 UTC applause, into mellow saxophone solo

Wow, open band to the US now, reception
directly here in NW Germany,  SINPO 12321,
I cannot identify the music, but audible anyway!
Please e-QSL to my e-mail address. Thanks!

22.11 UTC clear signal in NW Germany also! SINPO 23322
22.18 UTC Molly Hatchet - Dreams I'll Never See

receiver is my tiny Sony ICF 2001D now into 45mB dipole

very good in NW Germany again, SINPO 34433! Super USB audio!
Heard on my Perseus SDR tonight
03.15 UTC Beach boys - Good Vibrations
03.19 UTC just "MIX" ID by YL, Sugarloaf - Green Eyed Lady
03.32 UTC Once Upon A Time
03.27 UTC ID by Woman, Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye
03.31 UTC ID by YL again, this ... brought to you, thank you for listening to MIX RADIO
03.31 UTC sign off

Thanks for the nice music. Please eQSL to my e-mail address. Thanks for your trouble!

QSLs Received / Re: Cool AM Radio QSL
« on: June 15, 2018, 0929 UTC »
I received the same as Davide! Thanks André, good job!

QSLs Received / Seven Trees' Radio eQSL
« on: June 12, 2018, 1045 UTC »
Thanks a lot for this e-QSL, Frank!

PS: For your info: I deleted the name on the eQSL just for safety-related reasons!

Ok, sorry for being late with my report here, but I was too busy!
It's June 10th now!

00.02 UTC ID This is CoolAM Radio, Derek & The Dominos - Layla
00.10 UTC Joh n Fred & His Playboy Band - Judy In Disguise
00.13 UTC ID Jingle, CoolAM Radio, Frank Zappa - San Ber'dino
00.19 UTC Willy DeVille - Gun Control (Due To)
00.24 UTC Jingle CoolAM, trailer, echo announcements, compurritzed voice
00.27 UTC e-mail given by OM and YL ID The Relay Station
00.28 UTC Lynyrd Skynyrd - Thuesday's Gone
00.36 UTC Blondie - Presence, Dear
00.39 UTC Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Crossfire
00.42 UTC Ten Years After - I Woke Up This Morning
00.47 UTC IDs by OM, email given
00.48 UTC The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
00.52 UTC Bruce Springsteen - Radio Nowhere
00.55 UTC ID by OM, e-mail CoolAMradio@hotmail.com
00.56 UTC Stealers Wheel - Late Again
00.59 UTC ID by YL, e-mail, Petula Clark - The Show Is Over
01.02 UTC CoolAM Radio jingles, time pips, OM Announcer
01.03 UTC announced frequencies, VOTW show

Wow, really nice AM reception! Signal became stronger and stronger from 23222-34433!
I had this on my Perseus SDR recording in NW Germany! Please e-QSL, André!
And thanks The Relay Station for providing airtime! You stopped your TX at 02.36 UTC

01.32 UTC Echo ID by OM and SSTV

Great signal again in NW Germany. Thanks Wolverine, I had the whole show in nice quality!

02.11 UTC station ID by YL (2x), Welcome to Clever Name Radio, e-mail clevernameradio@hotmail.com
02.12 UTC Parov Solar - Booty Swing
02.15 UTC short pause, on again, song Give it up
02.20 UTC usual station ID by YL, rock song
02.25 UTC YL ID: Good evening, welcome to C.N.R., Rock'n Roll (could have been AC/DC?)
02.30 UTC ID and e-mail again, strange music
02.35 UTC usual YL ID and e-mail, The Beach Boys - Catch The Wave
02.37 UTC The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
02.41 UTC ID again by YL (2x), 73 for now, thanks for listening, have a good night to all, off
again the signal was really nice here, SINPO was 34433! PerseusSDR catch in NW Germany!
I always have problems with USB and Shazam decryption, sorry!
Nice catch here in NW Germany again and I hope you can send an e-QSL to my e-mail addy?!
Thanks for your broadcast and the music.

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