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20.35 UTC Steely Dan - Rikki Don't Lose That Number
20.36 UTC ID by OM Recycle Radio, e-mail address
20.37 UTC Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic
20.43 UTC ID by OM, e-mail, thank you, into SSTV
20.45 UTC sign off

via K1RA KiwiSDR in Warrenton, VA, fair to solid signal, SINPO 33333

Thanks for the show and please eQSL to my e-mail addy!

23.36 UTC Music started with rap style
23.40 UTC new song
23.46 UTC station ID by YL: ...and welcome to Clever Name Radio,
Hello to our listeners... rap style music again
23.54 UTC woman sings
23.59 UTC another rap sound

also like Cool AM before, so I guess the same TX?!
still nice in NW Germany

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6965 USB 2316 UTC 2 Sep 2017
« on: September 02, 2017, 2321 UTC »
23.18 UTC music detected, male singer
23.25 UTC station ID by OM Radio Free Whatever, new song

into NW Germany also, but weak, SINPO 13211

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6940 USB 2136 UTC 02 SEP 2017
« on: September 02, 2017, 2312 UTC »
23.05 UTC strange psychodelic 70ies rock music style
23.11 UTC CoolAM echo IDs, free radio becomes a way of life, CoolAM
23.12 UTC more psycho sound
23.27 UTC strange comedy about cold hat?, Mr. Roboto by Styx
23.34 UTC off

heard in NW Germany, SINPO 34333, very strong for US stuff,
nearly up to Wolverine quality

Great in NW Germany again! Super signal and great USB audio!
I was able to follow the complete show without any deduction.

That's the confirmation that I got for the last years operation!

QSLs Received / Dr Detroit relay #9 on Radio Illuminati eQSL
« on: August 14, 2017, 0557 UTC »
Thanks a lot for this very fast and nice eQSL, Dr Detroit and AC!

01.52 UTC SSTV of Wolverine Radio
but I copied the whole show, tremendous signal in Europe again!
Thanks for the great tunes and great audio, Wolverine!

recorded with my Perseus SDR in Germany

01.58 UTC SSTV with a dog

recorded with my Perseus SDR in Germany

I got a carrier here in Germany also, some audio also,
but Shazam did not work properly, so no tracks verified

00.06 UTC carrier on and program started, talk and music heard
carrier and low audio steadily here, so severe fading
01.05 UTC carrier vanished, so I think it was signed off

recorded with my Perseus SDR tonight, thanks AC for appearing again!
My report is on the way!

23.53 UTC program started with some speech extracts, off again for some seconds
23.53 UTC speech about US of A, peace, Japan
23.54 UTC emperor Japan, Pacific, American island, governor
23.55 UTC yesterday... Manila, yesterday launched an attack to Hongkong
last night, Japanese bombers... last night... island... this morning...
23.57 UTC pause, speech continued, applause, invasion
23.59 UTC I asked... what the congress... attack Japan... Sunday, December 7th, 1941
00.00 UTC annoncer about prayer on day, still speech, but continually faded away

Well, my late contribution herewith, copied this with my Perseus SDR, SINPO 24322
into Germany tonight, firstly quite good but later signals dropped

00.52 UTC OM introduced program.. Mr. Peaches as WGAY, hi ...body...this is Paul, info
00.53 UTC off again
00.54 UTC on, OM continues info, I hope that....Paul... I believe... call for asshole...
00.55 UTC off, on again, talk about... well... and off for good  

recorded with my Perseus SDR in NW Germany tonight, SINPO 23222

00.40 UTC music

Direct reception in Germany 34333, great again!

00.03 UTC Station ID by Charlie Loudenboomer, PRB, 25th ann., address
00.06 UTC music, talk, greetings
00.10 UTC music, male singer
00.19 UTC many jingles PRB congratulations by several friends
00.23 UTC Charlie announced previous track by Peter Tosh recorded in Boston
00.26 UTC Somewhere down in Texas sung by OM
00.29 UTC CL thanked George, Kirk Trummel and PJ Sparx for help
00.30 UTC e-mail address given, music
00.34 UTC jingle ID free independent music... piano music
00.37 UTC The Bee Gees - Massachusetts
00.39 UTC comedy about FCC and sign off

direct reception in Germany, QRG was 6850,5 kHz AM, SINPO 23222, nice!

Thanks so much PRB for your longtime existence and great support in Free Radio!
We will sadly miss you in the future!

23.02 UTC OM talks about Japanese invasion to Oahu, speech
23.10 UTC OM about victory... they fight...
23.11 UTC pray....brave men overseas,.... our people
23.12 UTC material support of our armed forces
23.14 UTC speech ends with "mighty god", off
23.16 UTC air raid sirens, OM talks about war, Winston Churchill
23.17 UTC speech about crocodile?!, strange dramatic music, 1937
23.18 UTC German speech, OM in English over it, Hitler. Czechoslovakia
23.21 UTC German speech, about war, and Heil Hitler, German...

wow, directly here in NW Germany, SINPO 23222

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