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18.31 UTC oldtime music, singers
18.32 UTC OM announcements CBS (?) calling Honolulu
18.33 UTC Harry James & Orchestra - You made Me Love You
18.36 UTC Free Whatever ID, Honolulu, Manila, talk by OM about war
18.37 UTC Japanese, Hawaian Island, O'ahu
18.38 UTC Sammy Kaye - Daddy
18.42 UTC Radio Free Whatever ID by OM, Jo Stafford - Yes Indeed!
18.45 UTC The Andrews Sisters - I'll be with you in...
via K2SDR today on 6925,2 kHz AM, very nice audio, good signal, SINPO 44444 at it's best
Thanks a lot comrades for this nice swing sound and historical excerpts.
Please eQSL again, it would be a real pleasure!

16.38 UTC song by YL
16.40 UTC station ID by OM, WREC, send me a reception report!, Slade - Cum On Feel The Noize
16.45 UTC OM announcer, thanks to listeners
16.49 UTC new song by OM... tough enough?!
17.10 UTC off or fade out

via K2SDR today, great signal, great audio! SINPO 34433

Thanks for being on again, PJ!

15.00 UTC Black Sabbath tune
15.08 UTC Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell (by shazam)
15.13 UTC station ID by OM, Amphetamine Radio
15.14 UTC Nick Lowe - Heart Of The City

via K2SDr today, great signal, SINPO 43433, some fading

00.30 UTC hmmm, had a carrier on my local Perseus SDR recorder,
but no audio came through tonight. Pity! :-(
00.40 UTC carrier gone

23.46 UTC turkey gaggling
23.47 UTC OM talking... needless to say
23.48 UTC Adam Sandler - Thanksgiving song
23.53 UTC phone cell tones, YL "oh yes, oh yes..." turkey gaggling
23.54 UTC Dee Dee Sharp - Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) by Shazam, maybe wrong
23.56 UTC old voiced OM with ID Old Turkey Radio, e-mail tent., illegible here
23.57 UTC talk by OM and YL
00.00 UTC talk and laugh, faded away again

faded into Germany, weak, SINPO 21221-22222, Ute-QRM
Thanks for the show and please eQSL to my e-mail address  

23.25 UTC Turkey Radio mentioned, much talk about Thanksgiving
23.26 UTC about thanksgiving and about Elvis and the Elvis tapes,
23.27 UTC ID You're listening to WTKY, Wild Turkey Radio, thanksgiving
23.29 UTC song about Turkey and thanksgiving, guitar, and audience screaming
23.31 UTC turkey for the girls and turkey for the boys,  Adam Sandler - Thanksgiving Song
23.32 UTC advertisement, announcement by OM: Country Radio (echo), song
23.34 UTC female announcer, ID by OM :This is WTKY, Wild Turkey Radio, talk
23.35 UTC speech by OM
23.39 UTC annoucement, ID again, Weird Al Yankovic - Eat It
23.42 UTC YL and OM talking, music, about Thanksgiving, bips, OM announces
23.44 UTC faded away in Europe :-(

now in NW Germany, SINPO 22222, wow
Thanks for the nice show and please e-QSL to my e-mail address!

22.07 UTC comedy and music detected, cow? moo
22.15 UTC cow is mooing again
22.17 UTC very tent. Pink Floyd song Sheep??
22.19 UTC carrier vanished, off?
22.23 UTC back again very strong now! Cows mooing and music
22.25 UTC Frank Zappa - Jumbo Go Away as background music
22.27 UTC music and moo, The Phantom Surfers - Nantucket Sleighride
22.30 UTC Cheech And Chong feat. The Bloaters - Bloat On (by Shazam)
22.32 UTC organ sound and moo
22.35 UTC piano new song by Alice Cooper - Mary Ann and moo
22.38 UTC OM with station ID, Voice of Porcupine?! into siren's wailing
22.40 UTC moo and air raid sirens again, ID The Love Cow?!
22.51 UTC "revolution" mentioned by OM, "time has been mesured"
22.53 UTC "through the darkness of space"...
22.55 UTC OM announcer, ladies and gentlemen...
23.13 UTc now the carrier is audible in NW Germany too, but now audio yet
23.17 UTC Beatles - Come Together , now audio made it into NW Germany!
23.20 UTC off

very weak on K2SDR, SINPO 22222, later up to 33433
Thanks for the show anyway, maybe you can verify my post with an e-QSL?!

21.40 UTC only a tiny carrier at the K2SDR webreceiver, no audio yet

21.36 UTC station ID Up Against the Wall Radio and ships horn or similar
21.37 UTC OM is wishing nice Turkey day and gave infos about Thanksgiving behaviour in the US
21.40 UTC male singer, guitar and talk song by Arlo Guthrie - Alices Restaurant
21.45 UTC faded out into dust
21.55 UTC fading in again, male singer with guitar and laughing audience
21.58 UTC station ID, Om gave Wellsville maildrop for any QSL, zip 14895
21.59 UTC write in, 3 US postal stamps or equivalent, UATWR, happy thanksgiving
21.59 UTC Adam Sandler - Thanksgiving song, crowd is sreaming and clapping hands
22.03 UTC station ID echo style by OM and again sirene
22.05 ITC sign off

via K2SDR webreceiver tonight, fair to good signal, SINPO 33333 on 6925,2 kHz AM
Thanks for the show today and please e-QSL to my e-mail address!
Does anyone know whether the Wellsville drop is still valid or not?!

17.04 UTC comedy announcement by YL
17.05 UTC station ID by OM: Pirate Radio Network
17.06 UTC Röyksopp - What Else Is There?
17.09 UTC comedy about alcohol with OM and YL
17.11 UTC announcer about Thanksgiving, greetings also
17.11 UTC closed down

Thanks for the show, PRN, please eQSL to my e-mail address!
Reception today via K2SDR in NJ, SINPO 32332 only

13.05 UTC also on the K2SDR this Thanksgiving morning
13.08 UTC Echo ID by OM, You are listening to..., african? music
13.16 UTC Artem announcements, into female singer
13.20 UTC Artem announces track
13.22 UTC female singer Laritza Bacallao (is Shazam right?!)
13.25 UTC Artem is talking again about his trip to Cuba
13.26 UTC DJ is rolling the RRRRRR, music
13.29 UTC announcement and address?, spanish talking, e-mail by YL?
13.32 UTC Laritza Bacallao - Estres (Solo Se Vive Una Voz)

This in fact has been the actual #29 show of ARTEMS WORLD MUSIC SHOW compiled
with excerpts of audio recordings that he made during his last holidays in Cuba.

North American Shortwave Pirate / WJFK 6925.1 AM 1954 UTC 20 Nov 2016
« on: November 20, 2016, 2002 UTC »
19.58 UTC music detected, P.T. 109 - Jimmy Dean
19.59 UTC Dion - Abraham, Martin and John
20.03 UTC station ID by OM WJFK - Whiskey, Juliett, Bravo (!), Kilo, several times
then carrier only, off 1 minute later

via K2SDR today, nice signal, nice audio, SINPO 34333, some fading
Thanks a lot, WJFK, for this show, please QSL to my e-mail address!

17.46 UTC Moulin Rouge - My Heart Is Beating Boom
18.26 UTC female singer, hardcore dance music
18.30 UTC CW ID and trailer,
18.31 UTC SSTV now (Euro temtations #14 picture)
18.34 UTC SSTV again (euro temptations #13 picture)
18.36 UTC off

via K2SDR today, quite nice reception here, SINPO 33333, some fading
Thanks for the show, please QSL to my e-mail address

13.41 UTC station ID by YL
13.42 UTC Wynonie Harris - Keep On Churnin'
13.45 UTC Hank Ballard - Work With Me Annie
13.48 UTC station ID, Fitz And The Tantrums - Handclap

via K2SDR today, SINPO 23322, weak only, but steady
Thanks for the show, Mr. Moonlight

00.13 UTC heard orchestral instrumental music Carmen Overture
00.18 UTC Carmina Burana: O Fortuna
00.20 UTC Lohengrin exerpt
00.22 UTC Walküre
00.27 UTC OM announcement, station ID,
00.28 UTC CW ID

very weak in NW Germany, but audible, SINPO 22222
great orchestral tunes, thanks for the show and please QSL to my e-mail!

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