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Look at this also

QSLs Received / Re: Boombox Radio eQSL
« on: June 15, 2016, 0711 UTC »
Also received the same here...thanks DJ L.T.!

Wow, I received this one! Always a great eQSL design! Thanks to PJ Sparx!

the station was on 6965,2 kHz here also, and the next day I heard a clear
station ID and music by QBC International from Hungary.

01.53 UTC music, most likely sailor song with "yahoo, yahoo" in the lyrics
02.04 UTC another song about sailor heard (too weak for Shazam :-(
02.05 UTC seagulls screaming and short announcement... Radio, seals now?
02.06 UTC song by men: lyrics: you're the worst pirate in the world...
02.06 UTC female singer, but illegible
02.12 UTC seagulls screaming again and male announcer, maybe ID, too weak

tonight with my SDR recorder in NW Germany, but
very tough recording here, but some bits came through either
thanks for the interesting show and please QSL to my e-mail address.
SINPO 12211 only, pity!

02.28 UTC carrier on, unfortunately now audio came through
03.16,5 UTC sign off

01.17 UTC I heard The Strokes - Oblivius (thanks to Shazam)
then some more music came through but no records ascertained
02.25 UTC there were station announcements by DW or whatever  ;)
02.26 UTC sign off

weak SINPO 12221 in Germany at my SDR recorder

00.03 UTC carrier appeared on about 6976,7 kHz but illegible for any details until
00.51 UTC when I detected a female announcer
00.52 UTC into dance tune, very tent. Avicii - Wake Me Up, very deep fading
01.01 UTC another dance tune came through, but unknown to me
01.07 UTC announcement
01.08 UTC high voiced singer: you don't have the number (or similar)... I feel..
01.10 UTC most likely station ID but too weak to follow
01.11,5 UTC carrier disappeared for good (look at my pic)

I would say thanks for the show! Unfortuneately very tough to follow the tunes
here in Germany at my Perseus SDR, SINPO not better than 13111.
Anyway, an e-mail QSL of BBR would make my day! Thanks in advance!

22.49 UTC song by Pogo (said by Shazam)
22.54 UTC carrier only now
22.56 UTC Carly Simon - You're So Vain
23.00 UTC announcement now,low audio
23.01 UTC sign off and carrier vanished

can listen to this station in NW Germany, SINPO 12221, quite low audio,
but audible anyway, because the carrier is solid for US reception

QSLs Received / Re: WJD Radio Indiana eQSL
« on: June 11, 2016, 2154 UTC »
Also received the same nice eQSL here...thanks a lot, WJD!

I received this one tonight:
"KVPH is a North American based free radio station which started last year.
The broadcast you heard was relayed in Europe for us.
Thank you very much for the great reception report,
SDR screen shots and audio file.Thank you"
Wow, you just made my day - thank YOU, KVPH!

I received these QSLs also, so thank you very much, PJ Sparx, for the cool designs!

00.39 UTC start, song extract by male singer Testing 1-2-3, music
followed by all the songs that were quoted by the other listeners
01.05 UTC ID, Ike & Tina Turner - River Deep, Mountain High
01.13 UTC ID by male announcer
01.14 UTC Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't No Mountain...
01.36 UTC Echo ID Wolverine Radio
01.37 UTC SSTV picture, Scottie 1
01.38 UTC sign off

Killer signal again for US stuff and great audio, SINPO 34433
at my Perseus Web SDR tonight! Thanks a lot for this "mountains" show, WR!

yust only a carrier here tonight that vanished at 01.28,35 UTC

01.50 UTC Carrier appeared besides the noise-carrier
01.58 UTC Joe Strummer, The Mescaleros - Tony Adams (by Shazam!)
02.03 UTC another rock tune
02.19 UTC ID Insane Radio
02.22 UTC Green Day - Working Class Hero (by Shazam)
02.28 UTC Frank Zappa - Trouble Every Day (by Shazam)
02.35 UTC announcement by man, later heavy QRM again, co-channel carrier
02.37 UTC music
02.59,55 UTC carrier off (see pic)

I had Insane on my tonights Perseus SDR recording, quite good here
SINPO 23222 after noise carrier had gone. Made a recording, if Insane
OP should be interested.
Thanks for the show and please QSL to my e-mail address!

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