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03.00 UTC cell phone tones and "Standby for a broadcast from the Voice Of Uncle Don"
several time given out and tones alternating
03.01 UTC tones again and "This Is The Voice Of Uncle Don now signing on"
03.02 UTC jazzy oldtime music
03.06 UTC OM talk... welcome...all
03.11 UTC You are listening to the Voice of Uncle Don, send reception reports
to the TheVoiceOfUncleDon@gmail.com, again jazzy oldtime song
03.14 UTC OM reads poem rhymes of "Little Robin Redbreast":
Little Robin Red breast sat upon a tree
Up went pussy cat and down went he
Down came pussy and away Robin ran
Says little Robin Red breast Catch me if you can
Little Robin Red breast jumped upon a wall
Pussy cat jumped after him and almost got a fall
Little Robin chirped and sang and what did pussy say
Pussy cat said meeow and Robin jumped away.
03.16 UTC talk by OM, other children poems and rhymes by OM
03.18 UTC station ID and e-mail, .... "one lesson"... male speaker
03.19.30 UTC off

here on my Perseus SDR recorder tonight, nice and clear USB audio,
SINPO 23332, good catch again for NW Germany, Thanks Uncle Don
and please QSL!

00.02 UTC Russian National Anthem
00.04 UTC talk by DJ Dickweed, Radio Free Whatever ID at 00.05 UTC
00.06 UTC talk and female or high pitched speaker, music
00.12 UTC announcement
00.16 UTC music
00.19 UTC 2 DJs were talking then off or fade out...until
01.19 UTC Russian National Anthem again
01.22 UTC Talk by DJ Dickweed
01.29 UTC woman sings
01.41 UTC DJ announced tracks, but illegible here
01.46 UTC Arctic Snow - Burning Brides (per Shazam)
01.49 UTC music
01.52 UTC DJ Dickweed's joking and both DJs are laughing then
01.56 UTC Radio Free Whatever shoutout, ...very raw.. announced track, rock
02.00 UTC Rap sound... "party" as part of the song heard at 02.02 UTC
02.04 UTC music
02.07 UTC Free Energy - Dance All Night (Shazam did it for me again)
02.10 UTC talk
02.23 UTC announcement and "Do Whatever" bye and off

only tough copy tonight, but anyway audible in NW Germany! Had this on
my SDR recorder, SINPO 21221, because of weird noises and heterodyne tones
Thanks for the show, comrades! 

01.10 UTC Boston More Than A Feeling
01.27 UTC music, illegible and deep fading
01.38 UTC The Doors Light My Fire came through now
01.41 UTC The Scorpions Wind Of Change
01.48 UTC music again, but illegible
01.54 UTC Booker T. song and station ID by OM
01.55 UTC Lou Gramm Midnight Blue
01.59 UTC Alice Cooper Poison
02.04 UTC Hot Butter Popcorn
02.10 UTC instrumental sound
02.14 UTC station announcement by OM, e-mail given radio.illuminati6150@gmail.com
02.15 UTC Booker T. music again and announcement again, reception reports, e-mail
02.16 UTC sign off

Wow, direct reception here with my Perseus SDR in NW Germany!
Thanks a lot Azimuth Coordinator for the QSL. My report is on the way to you!
SINPO 22322 here.

here the other SSTV pic at 04.03 UTC

02.02 UTC Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall
02.13 UTC Dire Straits - Money For Nothing snippet
02.17 UTC again Dire Straits
02.22 UTC music again
02.43 UTC rock music
02.44 UTC some voice audio, but distorted, into music again
02.48 UTC off again...
03.38 UTC rock music again
03.45 UTC announcement by OM "Arista??? RFF (Tnx, Joe!) Pirate Radio 6935 kHz"
03.46 UTC SSTV picture (see attached file), off then until..
03.48 UTC Elton John - Sad Songs
03.52 UTC off
03.57 UTC rock music again
04.00 UTC announcement by OM again and off until...
04.03 UTC station ID again and another SSTV
04.09 UTC station ID again... Radio, orchestral music (anthem?)

I received this with my Perseus SDR recorder in NW Germany.
I'm happy with the result, but maybe someone can solve the riddle?!
Thanks in advance! SINPO was 22222

01.53 UTC Russian National Anthem
01.58 UTC anthem again
02.03 UTC and again
02.10 UTC Rush - Bastille Day (live)

SINPO 22222 in NW Germany with my Perseus SDR recorder

Dear friends,
Key Channel Radio will again broadcast Saturday, July 16, 2016
with our fourth broadcast on 6920 kHz from 13'00 to 01'00 UTC
( 15'00 - 03'00 CET ) . Such beautiful music of all genres from around the world.
Friday 15 and Sunday 17 we could send test transmissions .
Your listening reports are always welcome .
If you do not want in the future to receive our E - Mail notify us .

propagation towards Europe much poorer than yesterday and 2 days ago, but
finally at
01.31 UTC Hole - Miss World
01.34 UTC Rob Zombie - Feel So Numb

peaked across the pond again, 6945USB, SINPO 13221 here only on my Perseus SDR
in NW Germany and unfortunately signals vanished at about 01.40 UTC.
Anyway, thanks comrades for your show again!

I found these 3 SSTV pics during my tonite's Perseus SDR recording in NW Germany.
Transmission times were (from left to right): 01.08UTC, 01.19UTC and 01.28UTC.

My guess: it has been Wolverine testing somewhat, because the signal
has been quite strong for Trans-Atlantic reception.

@refmo, seems there was no ID above on the globe pic

00.30 UTC Russian National anthem
00.32 UTC OM talking, about new bunker
00.35 UTC about this BC and bunker, 2 DJs
00.37 UTC Radio Freeeee Whateverrrrr, Rap song
quite weird USB modulation until 01.05 UTC, a bit better then
01.15 UTC rap song
01.18 UTC song with a refrain like "take me with the.."
01.23 UTC another song
01.25 UTC new song
01.29 UTC Radio Free Whatever ID, DW announced recent tracks having been
Heart Attack by Demi Lovato and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with Soft Shock
talk about Fox... on the air... tent. mentioned me too
01.31 UTC ...very basic... choice.. wonderful, Davep, Virginia, Maxwell, North
Carolina, thank you very much... Chicago, Joe Farley, R-E-F-M-O
01.33 UTC bunker breaking show, Radio Free Whatever
01.34 UTC strange sound, illegible
01.44 UTC talk by 2 OM again,
01.49 UTC shouts "What-ever" by male a cappella choir
01.49 UTC sign off

so, again here tonight, but tougher copy this time, USB was difficult for me
SINPO was 22222 only, much QRM by Brazilan (?)  fishermen
My Perseus SDR again. Thanks for the show and keep on rockin'
And my sincere wish as always: I would love to receive a QSL from you!
Thanks, Dick Weed!

Unfortunately too late for Europe, we already have bright daylight
at about 03.30 UTC now, sunrise is at about 03.00 UTC!
So keep it in your mind, dear operators, if you should claim to reach
the other side if the pond somehow or other!

01.09 UTC start of the program with guitar music
01.15 UTC woman sings "hey hey hey" ... in the sky
01.19 UTC repetition of the song for 1 minute
01.21 UTC new rock tune
01.25 UTC Rap song by male singer
01.29 UTC Russian National anthem
01.32 UTC song
01.37 UTC The Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrott Uniform Charlie Kilo
01.40 UTC song with "wow" screams
01.43 UTC The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?
01.48 UTC repetition of the song
01.51 UTC new psychodelic sound
01.58 UTC OM talking and thanking listeners at HFU as listed above
01.58 UTC talk about testing new location.. different location... far far way from we used to be
01.59 UTC in the name of Free Radio... more ...this is comrade..... and off

Arrgh, forgot to tell that reception was with my Perseus SDR in NW Germany, SINPO 24333
signal was good here, somehow nearly as good as Wolverine! So, comrades, you did a good job!
Thanks a lot for the test and please QSL to my email address!

QSLs Received / Re: Pirate Radio Boston eQSL
« on: July 01, 2016, 1557 UTC »
I got mine too for 2 reports! Thanks a lot Charlie!

00.15.35 UTC carrier appeared on my SDR recorder, into music
mostly illegible during that time period due to severe QRM by noise station
00.34 UTC announcements and talk, ID PRB and e-mail given
00.37 UTC Weird Al Yankovic - Eat It
00.40 UTC Announcemenrts again
00.44 UTC the word "Europe" heard but illegible for more
00.50 UTC Weird Al Yankovic - Canadian Idiot
00.55 UTC PRB IDs and e-mail given again, music then, but illegible until
01.26 UTC talk, sounded like a kind of comedy, but unsure
01.27.15 UTC carrier vanished

Wow, PRB made it again across the pond, but the QRG chosen was awful,
(see my pic attached), I had to reduce AM, even USB was better than real AM.
I just identified the records above, but most of the show was illegible.
The carrier drifted from 6873.4 up to 6873.6 at the end of the transmission.
SINPO was 21221 only, but anyway, thank you again Charlie for this nice show!

I had Wolverine on my Perseus SDR also tonight but the SSTV picture
at 02.12 UTC crashed somehow here during the transmission.
Before that I was able to listen to all those blues song with "gone" themes
SINPO 33333 here in NW Germany. Thanks Wolverine for the show!

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