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I caught RPI this morning by direct reception with my Perseus webSDR in Germany at 05.40 UTC
- unfortunately with strong fading and nearly illegible, but you can see the carrier -
and also via KiwiSDR at Pardinho, Brazil http://appr.org.br:8073/ with fairly good reception,
also still on at around 14.40 UTC with a relay of Radio Cochiguaz (nice Andean flute music)
and greetings to listeners for the recent reports! LPAM rules! Great stuff, Jorge!

already March 29th here...
05.50 UTC What about love song
05.53 UTC clear station ID Radio Pirana, website address and e-mail
05.54 UTC Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
05.59 UTC Michael Jackson - Thriller
06.03 UTC Male announcer, Radio Pirana, music
06.08 UTC Latin American local folk song  by male singers
06.12 UTC announcer, CW tones, IDs by OM 
fairly well heard tonight via CE3WAQ, Santiago de Chile OpenWebRX
also noticed clear carriers on 3 New Zealand (!) and Brazilian webreceiver PY2GN Pardinho at the same time!
Nothing in Germany tonight :-(

21.05 UTC Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox - Thrift Shop
21.06 UTC station ID by YL: This is not WMPR
21.07 UTC Parov Stelar - The Mojo Radio Gang
21.09 UTC station ID again, swing music
21.12 UTC ID, Tape Five - Geraldines Routine
21.15 UTC ID by YL, ragtime, Jamie Berry - Delight?!
21.21 UTC Dunkelbunt - Cinnamon Girl
21.26 UTC Victor Juan - Sweet Rascal
21.29 UTC ID again, Parov Stelar - Booty Swing
21.32 UTC ID by OM, Parov Stelar - Libella Swing
21.37 UTC ID by OM, Parov Stelar - Catgroove

via K2SDR tonight, fairly good signal, some fading, SINPO 23332-33333
Thanks for the great sound of electroswing. Please eQSL to my e-mail address!

QSLs Received / Re: TCSSR eQSL
« on: March 25, 2017, 1642 UTC »
Wow, I received the same for tonights BC of TCS!
Thanks so much John for your nice letter and reaction too!

Woohoo! I hardly can't believe this catch! We can see that LPAM is
made to circumnavigate the world! I'm very pround and RPI Jorge
should be also! I'll try again for more in the coming days and my
reports are on the way! BTW, I even was able to make a short recording.

23.30 UTC carrier detected on 6876,25 here now
23.33 UTC most likely station ID by OM then off or fade out
23.38 UTC now fading in again: 100% Steely Dan - Do It Again
23.43 UTC carrier gone shortly, into unknown tune, male singer
23.44 UTC fade out
23.53 UTC fade in again fast, Dokken - Breaking the Chains?
23.55 UTC TCS station ID now by OM, guitar music
00.04 UTC fade in again, talk by OM about Free Radio Campaign and QSL
00.19 UTC Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run faded in shortly
00.48 UTC Kansas - Carry On...
direct reception in NW Germany, wow! SINPO 13211, tiny audio, ups and downs
Awesome conditions, many deep fadings and then clear signals for a short moment.
Thanks TCS for the great music. I will write my report to you tomorrow! 

Latin American Pirate / Radio Pirana 6930 AM 2257 UTC 24 Mar 2017
« on: March 24, 2017, 2306 UTC »
22.57 UTC Enterhaken song in German "Piraten Piraten"
23.00 UTC VNV Nation - Radio
23.11 UTC music, but deep fading
23.15 UTC address given enterhaken@gmx.net, schönes Wochenende
23.16 UTC German rock song
obviously not from Europe, heard in NW Germany, SINPO 13211

02.18 UTC slow classical instrumental music, ID KIPM
02.19 UTC talk..I'll be back soon with another show... by OM
02.20 UTC Elkhorn Nebraska mailing address, POBox 69
02.20 UTC KIPM website given... materia
02.21 UTC strange noised "music", interstellar sythesizer sound    
02.27 UTC off shortly, talk again, heavy QRM now
02.28 UTC if you understand us... please come out
02.29 UTC talk by OM... telephone police ... this station.. you will not be harmed
02.30 UTC stay tuned to this station for the latest development, phrases repeated  
02.32 UTC KIPM IDs by OM, Illuminati... CW toned, correspondence to KIPM, Elkorn maildrop
02.33 UTC Elkhorn spelled, ZIP, again CW tones PW given
02.34 UTC music detected, electronic guitar sound
02.40 UTC CW again and off

Thanks for this show again Alan Maxwell, great to hear your station again after decades!
Please QSL again like in the old days! e-mail?
Is there anybody out there who knows whether the Elkhorn address still works or not?

Wow! direct reception tonight in NW Germany, SINPO 24322  

QSLs Received / Re: HOT Radio eQSL
« on: February 22, 2017, 0820 UTC »
I received this design! Thanks to HOT Radio!

sorry for my late contribution - too busy here recently

14.19 UTC Misun – After Me
14.21 UTC Gorillaz – Dirty Harry (Pineo Remix)
14.24 UTC Advertisement by OM, hey…I can.. kids…adopt us?!...(website org?)
14.25 UTC OM, about fire breakout?, too tough for me to understand, sorry but listen
14.26 UTC OM DJ: Boom Box Radio, til the next time, this is DJ LT saying goodbye
“Guten Morgen, Happy Pirates”?, Female announcer: How are you
do this… your farther and I, the FCC’s gonna come down here….
14.26 UTC sign off

via K2SDR, NJ today, SINPO 34433 down to 33222
Thanks for the show, DJ LT. My report with audio file is on the way to you.

16.47 UTC Bad Company - Can't Get Enough
16.51 UTC Jimi Hendrix - Red House
16.55 UTC HOT Radio shortwave station IDs by OM and jingles, e-mail
16.56 UTC IDs by YL about relay station?, more jingles
16.56 UTC Petula Clark - The Show Is Over
16.59 UTC station ID about relay and off the show

solid signal on K2SDR web receiver in NJ, SINPO 34343,
noisy frequency again today

Thanks HOT Radio, I will drop a report to you soon!

21.58 UTC Cheap Trick - Girlfriends
22.00 UTC OM talk, lotsa laughing, comedy skit
22.02 UTC Dr. Gene Scottie comedy,  over Soviet transmitters, frequencies
22.06 UTC Radio Garbanzo ID heard, Brian Setzer - She Thinks I'm Trash
22.09 UTC ID Garbanzo, about ....anniversary program, 2 OM chatting
22.11 UTC phone call by YL
22.13 UTC about trained assholes (ooops! ;-)
22.16 UTC talk with kick-ass (2 OM)
22.20 UTC station ID Radio Garbanzo again, into Duff McKagan - Believe In Me
22.23 UTC off

great signal on K1RA KiwiSDR, Warrenton, VA (SINPO 44444)
Thanks for the funny show and please QSL to my e-mail!

21.13 UTC station ID Voice Of The Roast, cow moo
21.14 UTC The Rolling Stones - Bitch
21.18 UTC Station IDs again by OM, VOTR, cow moo
21.19 UTC Neil Young - Stupid Girl
21.21 UTC Cow moo again, Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls
21.24 UTC station ID, about Winterfest, cow moo
21.25 UTC rock song about "on way back to Georgia"
21.29 UTC cow moo again, Little Feat? - Oh Atlanta
21.33 UTC IDs again, Voice Of The Roast, Winterfest mentioned, coo moo
21.34 UTC sign off
via K2SDR, NJ web receiver. Outstanding signal SINPO 54444
Thanks for the great tunes and great audio and signal (At K1AR, VA it's 55555!).
Please QSL to my e-mail address!

16.48 UTC Mighty Quinn, sang by OM
16.50 UTC Station ID Radio GaGa broadcasting live from Zipper lake
16.51 UTC AC/DC - The Jack (live)
16.56 UTC Dr. Hook & The Medinine Show - The Cover Of The "Rolling Stone"
16.59 UTC The Guess Who - Star Baby
17.02 UTC Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face
17.07 UTC Station IDs and Waterfall pictures!, off
Via K1RA KiwiWebSDR in Warrenton, VA, SINPO 44444,
Thanks a lot Radio GaGa for todays great USB and nice music!

North American Shortwave Pirate / KVR 6930 USB 2254 UTC 11 Feb 2017
« on: February 11, 2017, 2301 UTC »
22.55 UTC Omnitica - Yo! Ho! And The Bottle Of Bass!
22.58 UTC Flogging Molly - The Worst Day Since Yesterday
23.02 UTC 3x CW ID KVR, then off the air

via K1RA KiwiWebSDR, Warrenton, VA, quite nice reception, SINPO 34433

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