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QSLs Received / Re: Radio GaGa QSL
« on: December 08, 2019, 1627 UTC »
I received mine also! Thanks a lot RADIO GAGA!

2118 UTC ID by YL, playing nice rock and soul oldies

SINPO 23322 in Germany. Will post a report to them asap tomorrow.

16.36 UTC The Andrew Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
16.39 UTC ID and e-mail given, piano, old information program about military activities
16.41 UTC Pearl Harbor attack by Japanese military
16.42 UTC ID by OM, spelled station name, applauding audience, Presidential speech
16.43 UTC date in 1941 given, speech about Japan attack, lives lost
16.46 UTC applause, about Japanese impact, interviews by reporter... how do you feel?
16.49 UTC ID by OM, The Andrew Sisters - Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree
16.51 UTC Station ID by OM, ends program Voice Of Pearl Harbor
16.52 UTC Air Raid Sirens
16.53 UTC e-mail given again and more Air Raid Sirens
16.54 UTC e-mail given again: voiceofpearlharbor@gmail.com
16.54 UTC Edwin Starr - War 
16.58 UTC The Andrew Sisters - Oh Johnny! Oh Johnny! Oh!
17.00 UTC Air Raid Sirens

great audio and signal on an Eastern US KiwiSDR
Thanks for the show, KVPH! Please eQSL to my addy!

Broadcast Announcements / Re: Radio Illuminati Frequency Change
« on: December 07, 2019, 0953 UTC »
Hmm, tAC, what a pity that you're going to change QRG.
For us Europeans it might become more difficult to catch your signals.
Anyway, we'll always give it a try!

22.04 UTC The Chieftrains - The Lily Of The West
22.07 UTC The Tannahill Weavers - Donald Maclean's farewell To Oban
22.11 UTC Liz Carolll - Clarke's Favorite /Pigeon On The Gate
22.11 UTC OM IDed as Radio Free Ireland, talk and laugh
22.12 UTC about girlfriend and Ireland visit, Radio Free Ireland, DJ
22.14 UTC Announcer, female singer Capercaillie - Lain Ghlinn' Cuaich 
22.16 UTC SSTV
22.18 UTC another SSTV
22.20 UTC 3rd SSTV with Radio Free Ireland colored letters above the pic
22.22 UTC sign off

nice on an SDR on US East Coast, SINPO 34433
Thanks for the nice Irish music! Please eQSL to my addy!

21.55 UTC Godsmack - Keep Away
21.57 UTC Wimpy comedy skit, talk
21.58 UTC ...you have found WREC ID by OM, Drowning Pool - Bodies
22.01 UTC Mudvayne - Happy
22.06 UTC Static-X - Push It? deep fading now here
22.07 UTC man speaks, WREC Radio, changes, existance, talk about 50th anniversary?!
22.09 UTC This is the end?... song about feeling?
22.10 UTC mentioned special day?....and sign off

weak in Northern Germany, SINPO 22222, QRM by OTHR
Thanks for the heavy metal show, PJ! I would love to receive your QSL!

20.24 UTC comedy skit, laughing
20.25 UTC ID by woman, Radio Diana International
20.27 UTC some tunes only in parts, e.g. Elvis Presley - Suspicious Mind
20.28 UTC Elvis Presley live song, talk, piano music and Elvis
20.28 UTC Rockabilly by Elvis, I Got Stung
20.30 UTC ID by woman: Radio Diana International Shortwave
song "Everybody's Alone", male singer Neil Young & Crazy Horse
20.34 UTC ID by woman: You're Tuned to R.D.I.SW., The Floaters - Float On
20.40 UTC WREC ID by OM, Radio Diana International signing on, Midi Interval signal
20.41 UTC R.D.I. signing on ID by OM
20.42 UTC Hüsker Dü - Eight Miles High
20.45 UTC ID by woman R.D.I.SW, new rock music X'Lents - Psychedelia
20.48 UTC female announcer and ID echo style, Canned Heat - Levi's Commercial
20.49 UTC ID by woman again, man sings about evil woman
20.51 UTC female announcer, man about ACID, ACID song
20.54 UTC Wendell Austin & The Country Swings - LSD
until 20.54 UTC fairly good at Eastern US KiwiSDR (N3JLY), SINPO 34443

now also directly in Northern Germany, SINPO 22222:
20.56 UTC Announcer, Smoke On The Water extract, ID by woman again
20.58 UTC Diana Ross - Upside down
21.01 UTC Fusion music, choir chanting
21.06 UTC YL ID BC around the globe, R.D.I.SW. woman sings Tainted Love

Thanks for the show and please QSL to my addy!

Received the same eQSL, thank you Cap'n!

23.07 UTC slow guitar Blues song by OM detected, very distorted and weak here
23.11 UTC annoucement...SW@gmail...

in NW Germany directly, but gone now under peskies.
I made a brief recording and will post it to the station tomorrow morning (local time here)
Thanks for the show anyway. Good night.
23.26 UTC faded in again with Country song by OM
23.29 UTC fast speech annoucement?!, woman or high pitched voiced male is singing
23.31 UTC clear ID by OM "This is Texas Radio Shortwave", e-mail given, guitar blues
23.33 UTC song refrain is "Who do you love", male singer
23.35 UTC new song, male singer

Hello André! The e-mail address of KR1 did not work, so I sent my report also to you!
You got it? Bye for now and thanks for any reply in advance!

is Radio Pamela testing

22.38 UTC Bush - Little Things
22.41 UTC ID by OM ERG Radio?! or Elk?
22.42 UTC All Time Low - Painting Flowers
22.44 UTC male DJ with ID: ERG Radio (EneRGy?!), advertisement?
22.45 UTC Bastille - Warmth
22.48 UTC ERG Radio - ENERGY, clear ID now by OM, music, male singer
signal dropped now suddenly
22.51 UTC male singer about ..."dying"?!
22.52 UTC flute music and woman sings Spanish

WOW! Quite clear in NW Germany directly, SINPO 23322
Thanks for the show! Please e-QSL to my e-mail address!

21.25 UTC Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town
21.28 UTC ID This is WDOG
21.28 UTC War - Low Rider
21.31 UTC OM with ID: This is the 70s... show on WDOG,
21.31 UTC music by Badfinger - Baby Blue
21.35 UTC Focus - Hocus Pocus
21.38 UTC The Knack - My Sharona (a dog is barking in background)
21.42 UTC Announcement, Ram Jam - Black Betty
21.45 UTC Announcer WDOG, Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing (I Believe In Miracles)
21.49 UTC deeper fading now, Golden Earring - Radar Love
21.55 UTC Announcement, HF trouble, tones, distorted Supertramp - The Logical Song

very nice signal on a KiwiWebSDR in NE of the USA, SINPO 44444
since 21.42 UTC reception also directly in NW Germany, SINPO 14321

Thanks for the great tunes of my youth! Please eQSL to my e-mail address!

16.44 UTC tuned in to music
16.46 UTC OM talks over the music, the war is one, Whitehouse, I wanna fire
16.47 UTC TOPLESS RADIO ID, music, female singer
16.49 UTC OM announces, about nuclear missiles to fire
16.49 UTC calm instrumental sound
16.51 UTC Miley Cyrus feat. Big Sean - Love Money Party
16.53 UTC Topless Radio within song, engineer, laughing, Topless Radio
16.54 UTC off

nice on a KiwiWeb SDR run by N4TVC in Burke, VA, SINPO 34443
Thanks for the show, OM, please verify to my e-mail address!

is Johnny Tobacco

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