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Recently I heard "Energy Power FM" there, maybe of Irish origin and relay!
No more infos yet. Sorry!

QSLs Received / Re: WREC Radio Free East Coast
« on: April 27, 2018, 1015 UTC »
I got my special JointBC-eQSL also! Great stuff! Thanks a lot, PJ!

20.00 UTC Rockmusic when I tuned in
20.01 UTC Charlie Loudenboomer announces, about live show, time 20.03 UTC
about Partial India Radio, ID and E-mail address given
20.04 UTC Rainbow - Man On The Silver Mountain
20.08 UTC Ren comedy, great stuff!
20.10 UTC Station ID by OM WREC Radio Free East Coast
20.10 UTC Eddie Money - Shakin'
20.13 UTC ID, OK, well, it seems conditions have changed, sign off here,
2 hours, special BC, WREC, PRB, Partial India Radio
20.13 UTC greetings to RainBrandy (thanks so much for shout out, PJ!) other listeners
20.14 UTC mike over to comrades in the studio, Sanjay, PRI, about DJ Stavin, RFW, laughing,
20.15 UTC we are all studio patriots ,Sanjay said goodbye, about spice, delicious
Charlie Loudenboomer, allowing us to destroy equipment, good comrade RainBrandy,
from Bundesrepublic of Deutschland ;-)
CL retired, thanks, special BC, special QSL card, e-mail given
20.17 UTC male OM comments WREC 15th anniversary, classical sound, dedicated to... who admired and loved him
20.18 UTC This concludes ... bye byes by woman, is everybody gone... GOOD!
20.19 UTC male singer sings "It's a real good feeling to know yoU're alive...., special day"
20.20 UTC song ended with fart and sign off
via K1RA SDR in Warrenton, VA! Wow! Great signal and audio, SINPO 55555! Awesome!
I made a short recording and will post a report tomorrow!
Many greetings to PJ Sparx and Charlie Loudenboomer and Sanjay too
These minutes of listening (I tuned in by chance!) were a bang and you made my day!
So many memories came back into my mind and I want to thank you for your friendship and help
since decades! I'm really touched! Have a great evening and weekend, my friends! Take care!

01.31 UTC man talks...commercial - All things on Wall Street - This is KOOT Radio
01.32 UTC The Kinks - Superman
01.35 UTC announcements about Superman
01.39 UTC radioplay?, saxophone instrumental 
01.40 UTC announcements, ID? KOOT
01.41 UTC woman sings oldtime jazz, very slow
01.44 UTC blues sound
01.46 UTC male announcer, another blues song, male singer
01.52 UTC new blues song
01.53 UTC male announcer
01.54 UTC woman sings
01.58 UTC another song
02.00 UTC announcer, The Beatles - We Can Work It Out (signal good now)
02.03 UTC male announcer, music my male singer "I looooove you"
02.04 UTC announcer about saturday or sunday, music
02.05 UTC another Beatles tune? "Baby let... my hand" ...tell me why...
02.09 UTC The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
02.10 UTC The Beatles - We Can Work it Out
02.12 UTC ID by OM... performed in 1980?!...
02.14 UTC new music, The Rolling Stones? - Satisfaction?!
02.18 UTC new song, guitar tune, Looney tunes final "That's all folks"
02.19 UTC sign off

My Perseus SDR catch of tonight, SINPO 22222, USB was not good here.
Thanks DJ KOOT for the show, Please eQSL to my e-mail address!

00.49 UTC The Doors - People Are Strange
00.51 UTC The Doors - Five To One
00.55 UTC Bob Seger - Old Time Rock & Roll
00.59 UTC BTO- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
01.01 UTC USB mode now
01.03 UTC SSTV picture (see below) in Scottie 1
01.05 UTC rock song, tent. AC-DC
01.10 UTC signal and carrier vanished
01.24 UTC on again in AM and
01.31 UTC Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
01.34 UTC night owl calling
01.39 UTC The Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash
01.54 UTC off again after many night owl screams
02.30 UTC Boston - Smokin'
03.00 UTC night owl screams again
03.15 UTC stomping music
03.17 UTC another SSTV in SC-2-120 (see at myteaquinn's contribution)
03.19 UTC off
My Perseus SDR catch tonight, really nice reception in Germany, SINPO 23332,
sometimes better, sometimes worser, but I clearly identified the records.
Thanks for the show! Please eQSL to my e-mail address!

I was able to record the complete show tonight, good USB audio
SINPO 34333 in NW Germany, thanks WR for the show!

00.33 UTC April 1st, SSTV see below

Hello folks,
there will be DX meeting in Southern Sweden organized by the
Malmö Kortvagsklubb MKVK (Malmoe Shortwave-Club) and a bunch
of DX enthusiasts will hit their receiver knobs to listen to Free Radio.
There are also some foreign enthusiasts on site and all participants
would be delighted to catch some US Free Radio stuff during the night from
Saturday 17th, 16.00 UTC to Sunday 18th 08.00 UTC. Most of the guys
will stay up all night hunting for shortwave and mediumwave signals. Thanks
for any sign of life from you! There also will be some activity from Europe!

21.49 UTC music detected, female singer, disco style
21.51 UTC station IDs by OM and jingles LUKEWARM RADIO
21.52 UTC e-mail given as Lukewarmradioshortwave@gmail.com
21.53 UTC Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Lost In Emotion
21.58 UTC Lukewarm Radio IDs by OM within the track
22.00 UTC The Jets - Rocket 2 U
22.02 UTC jingles and IDs, free and independent, Lukewarm Radio
22.03 UTC "we're hot and we're cool", e-mail given again
22.03 UTC The Jets - Crush On You
22.07 UTC Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit 'em

via KiwiSDR N4TVC in Burke, VA, SINPO 44444
Nice to have you back, Lukewarm! Please e-QSL! Thanks in advance!

01.50 UTC The Rumjacks - Murder Shanty
01.54 UTC SSTV picture
01.56 UTC music again

fairly well in NW Germany on my Perseus SDR recording.
SINPO 22222

QSLs Received / The Fox - Winterfest Radio 2018
« on: March 04, 2018, 1907 UTC »
Thanks a lot Reynard for the very fast eQSL reply!
Highly appreciated!

00.45 UTC Todd Rundgreen - Bang On The Drum All Day
00.48 UTC Prince - Kiss
00.49 UTC nmow Tom Jones - Kiss
00.51 UTC applause and cheers, comedy skit with a speaker
00.53 UTC ID again, amigos, music sign off
00.54 UTC Interval signal with bagpipes, repeated very often
01.00 UTC Huey Lewis & The News - I Want A New Grug
01.02 UTC Hola, hola, Voice Of Pancho Villa, oooh amigos, Spanish, English
01.03 UTC Hola amigos, Voice Of Pancho Villa, English screaming DJ, amigos
"This is the Voice Of Pancho Villa", greetings to all the gringos at the SWL fest
01.18 UTC Bagpipes Interval signal again, also around 01.30 UTC
01.32 UTC rock music again, but signal decreased

Fair signal in NW Germany tonight, SINPO 22322!
I made a recording on my Perseus SDR!
Please eQSL to my e-mail address! Thanks a lot for the show!

killersignal at the N4TVC Burke, VA KiwiSDR! SINPO 44444

14.12 UTC start of show with IDs Voice Of Pancho Villa
14.14 UTC Talk with Mr. President, phone interview, oh Pancho.. Radio Duplicado/XEROX mentioned
14.14 UTC Mr. President, another question...
14.15 UTC Mexico, Mr. President, you don't care, we are going to hell
14.17 UTC Hillary Clinton, Listen Mr. President... you're fired, where do you stand
14.19 UTC are you talking about your wife... I will be... stronger... our country
14.20 UTC are you really... what about others... Mr. President, radio international broadcasters
14.21 UTC about big breasted women
14.23 UTC Pancho, latin guitar music
14.24 UTC male announcer... autocrats, democrats... recording..., music and sign off

Great catch for me! I hope you can verify my report here with your eQSL?!
Thanks a lot in advance, Pancho!

03.21 UTC music
03.23 UTC Status Quo - Pictures of Matchstick Men
03.27 UTC another song
03.30 UTC new song
03.36 UTC heavy guitar tune
03.38 UTC The Allman Brothers Band - Jessica
03.42 UTC new song, male singer
03.53 UTC progressive organ music

also in NW Germany tonight, SINPO 23322 on my Perseus SDR recording

Thanks a lot THE FOX aka Reynard for the fast eQSL!

02.00 UTC sign on with Huey Lewis & The News - I Want A New Grug
02.02 UTC Hola, hola, Voice Of Pancho Villa, oooh amigos, Spanish, English
02.03 UTC Hola amigos, Voice Of Pancho Villa, English screaming DJ, amigos
"This is the Voice Of Pancho Villa", greetings to all the gringos at the SWL fest
02.04 UTC Bruce Springsteen - Cadillac Ranch
02.05 UTC ID This is the Voice Of Pancho Villa, screaming DJ, maildrop Austin, Texas
02.08 UTC Todd Rundgreen - Bang On The Drum All Day
02.12 UTC Prince - Kiss
02.13 UTC into Tom Jones - Kiss
02.14 UTC applause and cheers, comedy skit with a speaker
02.15 UTC rockmusic
02.16 UTC ID again, amigos, buenas noches, madres...
02.16 UTC sign off

Wow, what a signal in NW Germany tonight, SINPO 34433!
I made a nice recording on my Perseus SDR!
Great stuff, Voice Of Pancho Villa! An eQSL would be highly appreciated
to my usual e-mail address! Thanks a lot for your annual BC!

01.47 UTC SSTV like this

direct reception in Germany, Perseus recording

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