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1756 Xmas tune.
1812 "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus"
1849 "Santa baby"

Thanks 5150, love your station. Merry Christmas!
thanks !  ;) but also give thanks to the other respectable pirates who send me their content to be relayed by me and other respectable HF pirates who also relay content from each other as well.
its a happy and fun world in HF pirate land   ;D
Merry Christmas to you too and to all the respectable HF pirates out there who have been in this hobby as long as i have been - hats off to you.

interesting  :D
it appears to be a live relay from a remote receiver (i can hear the fades).
the frequency to tune is 6926.55 LSB 2.5K filter.
thanks for the relay of the relay, of the relay  ;D
18:53z - thought i heard an ID over the relay, something to the effect of "this is cool XLR (something frequency) AM" - 1919z - it was Radio Illuminati ID i heard

Were you on about 12:50 UTC? I heard something making it above the noise there, a woman singing for awhile and then in it gradually faded out a little after 13:10. It was weak and in and out at best. At least I finally heard something there.
yes, i was on at that time but i was testing/calibrating between 1000z and 1300z with different pieces of audio making sure the audio response was acceptable on the analyzer along with other RF/audio measurements and calibrations.
the station power is 50 watts utilizing daytime NVIS.
audio response is 5Hz to 5Khz.
thanks ! ;)

id like to take this opportunity to thank "Azimuth Coordinator" of "Radio Illuminati" for providing the live Christmas music feed  ;)
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to everyone !

Doing surprisingly well this morning, S4 @ 1330 with some fades to nothing.
thanks for that refmo but are you sure that its me ?
i dont generally get that far out west, not until dark, since i take advantage of NVIS during the day and really only cover just under 1K miles of a radius around the northeast coast.
that might be WBCQ 5130Khz you are receiving since they have a much lower angle of radiation beaming southwest.
lately, they have been active when im active, not sure what thats about though.
happy holidays ! 8)

without knowing whether the antenna is a multi-band or single band, without knowing the brand of radio being used and without knowing the type of coax he is using and whether or not he has a choke balun placed at the antenna would make an answer to your question difficult.
being that satellite and (modern) cordless phones are way up there in frequency, i would say its more than likely not possible that those devices are suffering interference from his HF station but again, i have seen some very strange things an HF station can do if the gear does not "agree" and "unite" together but appears to work properly to the user.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Just some grievances I have.
« on: November 02, 2016, 1308 UTC »
as far as "pirate" broadcasting on HF in the US, there are four things that could get you on the radar of those three letters operating at their current financial budget.
1) interference of any kind to anything and to anyone.
2) operating on a frequency and within the amount of frequency spectrum that you occupy of that frequency, that is legally assigned to another entity in the US or within the range of a non-US entity.
3) operating in close range of one or more ARO's who utilize the HF spectrum.
4) excessive and constant profanity.
there are also other concerns besides the above but what i have provided are the most important ones.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Pee Wee Radio 6955 USB 0119z 10/16
« on: October 16, 2016, 0121 UTC »
0120z alternate version of "aint no sunshine" - good audio
peaking to S5 via remote SDR in New Hampshire.
0123z - band condx very sporadic and strange, for one second it jumped to S7 and back down to the S2-S5 range.

i was just preparing to relay KCPR @ 6950Khz AM from the Sedona, AZ SDR, when KCPR went off the air, bummer.
maybe next time  ;)

i dont want to annoy RFW by saying anything but there appears to be too much low end, 40Hz and lower appear to be boosted too much creating the distortion you hear on both my station and the live stream with the music.
otherwise, it sounds great as always.
other than using a limiter and symmetrical clipper so modulation is regulated, the relayed sound is straight through

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