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Software / Re: DIGTRX working on windows 10 (solution)
« on: February 20, 2017, 1633 UTC »
Thanks!  I just remembered that I have a serial port emulator from Eterlogic so I will try that first.  If not, I saved the website just in case.
no problem.
alot of the older programs compiled in C++ throw simple exception errors but prior to windows 10, the older operating system would simply dismiss those exceptions.
in this case, DIGTRX doesnt see a serial port in device manager and it throws an exception error and closes.
with windows 10, the serial port may exist in device manager but it will be "greyed out" when viewed under "hidden devices" because it is not actively being used, this is why DIGTRX throws the error.
i recognized the exception error from my days of compiling programs using C++

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: Decoders (General Question)
« on: February 19, 2017, 2027 UTC »
For RDFT there is really only one generally available answer, DIGTRX, unfortunately it does not run under Win 10...
apologies for cross posting but i found a solution after "digging" into the DIGTRX program itself.

Software / DIGTRX working on windows 10 (solution)
« on: February 19, 2017, 2022 UTC »
if your computer does not have a physical serial COM port, DIGTRX will not function - serial COM port function was built into DIGTRX to enable PTT transceiver control.
in order for DIGTRX to work on windows 10 without the "error reading comcombobox1.comproperty: registry error" coming up, you will need to install a "virtual serial COM port".
if you plan to use a serial COM port from DIGTRX for PTT transceiver control, i would suggest purchasing a USB to serial COM port - a USB serial COM port will also enable DIGTRX to function without this error.
install "virtual serial driver" from > www.eltima.com/products/vspdxp/
this is trial/demo software that expires after 14 days but since we are not actually using the eltima program itself and the COM serial ports within DIGTRX, were only using it to get the DIGTRX to function - DIGTRX just needs to "see" a serial COM port.
after installation of the virtual serial driver, launch it and then press "continue demo", then press "add pair" and then close out the eltima software program.
then DIGTRX should be completely functional.
i do not know what the effects will be when the trial/demo expires after 14 days (probably cant use the ports but they will still be there enabling DIGTRX functionality) but there are other free options available to install a virtual serial COM port from a google search (use caution), i chose this one for its simplicity.
please let me know how this solution worked for you as it works flawlessly for me (windows 10 x64 pro)
if DIGTRX was coded to suppress exception errors, this issue would be non-existent. (it was coded using C++)

Equipment / Re: Realistic DX-150 service manual
« on: February 17, 2017, 1749 UTC »
Top of head response to the described issue;
voltage regs/power supply issue
my money is on a cold solder connection.

Equipment / Re: very interesting transceiver
« on: February 17, 2017, 1736 UTC »
you guys are way too funny  ;D

wow. thats ironic how you posted the same video i watched last night (made me sad) and i thought about posting that video today to commemorate RA's close to 100 years of broadcasting on shortwave.
i was actually considering using their program jingle on my station to commemorate them.
it makes me wonder what will happen to the neat an clean TX site with all of its equipment.
i certainly hope what happens to vacant abandoned homes and businesses in detroit does not happen to that beautiful facility.
what a shame.

Quote from: MDK2
...my wife got a great job review that will give her a nice bonus and pay raise
congrats ! :)
Quote from: MDK2
...I tried calling WWCR (they don't have an email address listed on their "contact us" page) but nobody answered...I did email WBCQ and Allan Weiner emailed back saying that they would take it from there, but what that means is anyone's guess.
its the same thing when i had called Allan earlier in the week to alert him that 5130 was on the air with zero modulation for several days, his response was "oh really ? ill call the station and see whats going on over there...im in florida at the moment" - as of today, 5130 is still TX'ing on and off randomly with a silent carrier.
Quote from: MDK2
Radio Mi Amigo is supposed to have another relay via WBCQ, but it will be on 9330 at 2200z tomorrow, Saturday the 18th. They're trying to see if it's worth their while to broadcast here, and I'm afraid that they're going to decline after this. They probably should have contacted WRMI instead, although I can attest to the fact that their reduction in broadcasts has adversely affected us out west. I hope that they start putting more good stuff and less Brother Stair on the beams that come our way. 11580 is hit or miss out this way, and 6855 sounds worse than more low power pirate operating on the east coast.
after the death of radio australia on 1/31 and other SWBC stations before them, the SW bands are much more silent now than they ever were, something tells me that this is a negative trend that is surely and likely to continue as we move into the future, as more and more commercial SW operations that are left, are manned by "zombies" and operated autonomously. (thanks Chris for the zombie reference lol)
its kind of sad to me in a way because the SW bands have changed so drastically much in the last few decades.
as far as me, i enjoy playing music while at work during the week days and enjoy relaying any broadcast from anyone.
i especially enjoy listening to the content i relay, its unique, eclectic and interesting and theres nothing quite like listening to it over the SW bands.

if WBCQ hadn't been off frequency, it probably wouldnt have been noticed.

I was able to hear something underneath at times. I presume it was WBCQ but you're closer and in a better position to judge, I think.
ah, sorry, i totally misread the title of your post and messed up my reply to your post MDK.
after i watched your YT video a couple of times, i thought it was WBCQ in the recording with WWCR's heterodyne under it (due to WBCQ being a few hundred Hz off freq) since WBCQ plays the same talk content as WWCR.
now i understand, that was WWCR in the YT recording with WBCQ's heterodyne under it. (couldnt really see the spectrum detail in the YT video to determine who was who)
actually, despite poor receive using my TX antenna, i got the same thing you got in the YT video except that WWCR was much stronger than WBCQ since WBCQ skips right over me (not close enough for direct ground path) - the heterodyne was there but much much weaker.
WBCQ is the only USA station that is off freq by a few hundred Hz with their transmitters.
dont these guys communicate and work out some sort of airtime coordination to share 7490Khz ?
its not going to do any good when both of them are on the air at the same time, same freq but its happened many times in the past.
i know that 5130 was broadcasting for 4 straight days, day and night, on and off at varying power levels, with zero modulation.
im going to assume that you did not hear the radio mi amigo broadcast as well, i didnt.
i was going to check various online SDR's but didnt bother since i naturally assumed it would have been nothing but a heterodyne of a mess anyway.
it would have been great to hear radio mi amigo on a USA TX (other than religious yapping) but after tonights fiasco assuming RMA was monitoring it, who knows what will happen next.
on a side note, i browsed the SW bands for the better part of the work day today and all i could find was religious talk and the one lone UNID pirate that was playing "Cops".
its like the SWBC band has turned the other cheek to a vast deserted empty wasteland of static, not what i remember in the 80's and 90's.

if WBCQ hadn't been off frequency, it probably wouldnt have been noticed.

Equipment / very interesting transceiver
« on: February 16, 2017, 1655 UTC »
this is an SDR transceiver using a small form factor PC main board with windows 10, with the capability to use an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.
manufacturer - https://eesdr.com/en/products-en/transceivers-en/mb1-en
demonstration - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzkpFfLRURM&t=315s

hey Token, thanks for providing the audio and spectrum content of this mystery guy on your YT channel !
ive never been able to hear this guy (TX antenna doesnt do too well for RX) but have been very curious.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Brother Stair on WBCQ, 9330 kHz
« on: February 03, 2017, 1913 UTC »
Quote from: MDK2
I remember there was speculation that the FCC gave them 6915 to mess with pirates, before they were moved because they were interfering with MARS nets. I suppose if that had been the FCC's intent, they would have ended up at 6925 or 6950. Either way, it's a good thing that our unlicensed hobbyists have more spectrum to play with, isn't it?  ;D
yes it sure is, as long as we dont occupy a frequency and its bandwidth used, that is already occupied by another entity, and as long as we dont interfere with anyone and bother anyone, id say its all good then ;)

Thanks again 5150, at least I can go to work in a good mood!  ;)
hey, no problem, happy friday to you and everyone else :)
the tunes put me in a good mood today also while at work.
just doing my usual thing, sharing the tunes i play over the HF spectrum while i work at the job ;)
ive decided to broadcast 3 days during the week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so i have a chance to listen for anyone else who might be broadcasting during the daytime work week.
anyways, have a great weekend forward and a great day ;)

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Brother Stair on WBCQ, 9330 kHz
« on: February 03, 2017, 1652 UTC »
Quote from: MDK2
It's all speculation anyway. Stair is still on 6855, just not around the clock.
ah ok, anyways, i really miss shortwave radio from the 70's & 80's (not intending to hi-jack the discussion thread)
i had this exact radio, the zenith trans-oceanic, it had great sound and excellent reception, those were the days nearly all of the bands were populated with a plethora with a variety of interesting stuff.
imagine if they moved WRMI from 6915Khz to 6925Khz instead of 6855Khz ? :D

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Brother Stair on WBCQ, 9330 kHz
« on: February 03, 2017, 1543 UTC »
Quote from: MDK2
That has been true since WRMI and Stair cut his broadcasts on their transmitters way back. I'm guessing it's WRMI's doing, that even selling all that air time to him wasn't enough to pay all the bills. They shuffled other affected programming around.
i think it wasnt a matter of not being to get their bills paid since WRMI constructed an exclusive 24/7 transmitter at 6.855Mhz just for Philip Stair.
i think that Philip Stair (or someone else working for him) decided to stop using the 6.855Mhz transmitter, probably seeing to it that the coverage is pretty poor at 6.855Mhz when comparing it to other available frequencies and transmitters being used in different locations by other stations with their antenna beam azimuth in more favorable directions.

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