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thanks for the fleetwood mac tunes on this bleak sunday.
pretty stable and little fades on a NY SDR.
good sound quality.
2324z - strong and stable on a NY SDR - enjoying the oldies tunes - thanks !
2328z - bit of silence then off - thank you for the entertainment today

i was just about to start a new topic but Joe Flips beat me to it lol
at first, i thought this was a front-end overload by a broadcast AM station, very good sound quality here, S7-9 on the K3FEF remote SDR (K3FEF keeps cutting out, too many users, not enough bandwidth, are you streaming on TS Chris ?)
i was trying to receive "Yeah Man" but couldnt find a free online SDR but i found "Radio Ola"
2124z - can hear the announcer quite well but audio is breaking up, bad connection with the microphone perhaps ?
2128z - very wide audio, above 10 Khz - now the audio on the microphone sounds excellent, near studio quality, just like the music

0520z - SSTV (we have leap-frogged into the year 20018 ! lol)
bet 2 dollars, no post.
Cuz he told me "What if we don't post anymore?"
Told him I don't give 2 craps.
No offense to him.
just be a unique and entertaining broadcaster, that is all you have to be if you want to capture the interest of people, even if youre not logged here or elsewhere, i can guarantee you that there is always more than one person that will be listening and the longer you broadcast, the better your odds of listeners.
even if all you can do is play music, try to play "different" and unique music, stuff people never heard, weird and unique stuff like mash-ups, remixes, extended versions, demos/outtakes, re-recordings, unreleased content, talented covers, etc. (have you heard the Metallica demos ?)
relaying the content from other pirates or other people is another excellent idea, ive relayed Radio Illuminati, Newport Pirate Radio, Radio Free Whatever, and many others.
shortwave radio hobbyists spend an enormous amount of money and time with their gear, the least we could do as pirates, is supply their gear with interesting and unique content other than the static and the religious fanatics that mostly comprise the shortwave radio spectrum of today.
i do listen to you even though i rarely post in the forums (id rather sit back an listen), though your style is uniquely fragmented, you are still a pirate and any pirate to me is a unique pirate and that to me is better than any commercially licensed station no matter how much they toot their horns about "free speech".
dont know why you keep deleting your posts, just trying to give you some ideas :)

0517z - SSTV (i got nothing to decode it, im pretty sure Chris will post the decode from his overnight recording if no one else does)

Ummm... Pretty sure he won't.
i guess we'll wait and see, hes usually good like that though, a seriously dedicated hobbyist, hats off to him.

good signal and sound quality of 3Khz with the occasional "peskie" whistling and yelling (i guess they dont appreciate good music lol)
enjoying the weekend nightly tunes with David Bowie "Space Oddity"
hats off and thanks for keeping the hobby alive :)
0445z - ELO - Telephone Line (great song)
0449z - sounds like another ELO song (not using shazam), ELO reminds me of of movie "Xanadu"
0454z - interesting song, never hear it before, sounds like its from the '50's
0456z - "and the sign you've got to have a membership card to get inside..." classic song
0515z - off mid song
0517z - SSTV (i got nothing to decode it, im pretty sure Chris will post the decode from his overnight recording if no one else does)
0520z - SSTV (we have leap-frogged into the year 20018 ! lol)

great programming tonight.
thoroughly enjoying it.
excellent variety mix of music tunes and humor :D
fantastic sound quality at 4Khz.
well worthy of a daytime relay ;)
i would like to hear:
"Little Darlin" by The Diamonds (thanks for playing it - got to admit, this song has to bring good memories of "those days")
"Solar Prestige a Gammon" by Elton John (CT Yankee turned me on to this rarely heard but very interesting song) (thanks for playing it)
if no one else has any requests and when you have time, i would love to hear "Come a little bit closer" by "Jay & The Americans" (i do enjoy the oldies, its when music was "music) - thanks for the play!
i can hear you breathing into the mic while the music is playing :D
thank you very much for the saturday evening entertainment, music and humor, great laughs, music and chuckles !
i wish i could hear this during the daytime work week.
amazing how the conditions of the band are still favorable at this time 0410z - sounding great
0411z - abruptly off mid-song of "Crosswoads" by Eric Clapton
0412z - back on with same artist and song as above
0414z - moved to 6960Khz USB because of QRM (other than intentional QRM, i was getting no QRM at 6950Khz though)
a song came to mind with the current one playing by Natalie Merchant "Carnival", its "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega, they have similar rhythms and beats, i wonder if a mash-up exists of both songs ?
0430z - thanks for the show, have a great weekend !

0405z - ID as "deez nuts radio"
0439z - ID then off

"Country Comfort"
starting song for "Dog Day Afternoon" !
actually i think i got that wrong, "Amoreena" sounds very similar to "Country Comfort"
both excellent EJ tunes
"Taxi Driver" & "Dog Day Afternoon" - awesome movies and their songs respectively "Late for the Sky" & "Amoreena"


Glad to be of service and glad you are of service.  Can't think of a better way of spending Day 1 of vacation other than if I was receiving you in just swimming trunks on Key West.
thanks, i am just sharing a selection of tunes that i have and like to listen to while at work :)
you have a very good choice and selection of tunes.

a truly never played Sir Elton tune "Solar Prestige a Gammon"
yes i agree, its a great song, never heard it before and the lyrics dont make sense unless its in a different language but i liked that song alot actually, added that one to my list of songs i like.

2057z - om "he he he he, this is the evil LuLu, he he he he"
2100z - om "he he he he, where is that digital mod, he he he he"
enjoying the EC tunes too.
2117z - "he he he he, this is evil" and sign off

I would tend to agree that transmitting in SSB brings benefit, especially for low power broadcasters such as part 15 and pirate broadcasts, and although SSB has a lower fidelity than AM by traditional standards, that is because of a bandwidth restriction, rather than the inherent limitations of the mode itself.  If one were to use a 10 or 15 KHz audio signal to drive an SSB transmitter(without a narrowband filter of its own), the audio quality would be equal to or greater than an AM transmitter. the only 2 problems with this are as follows;
1. the average SSB receiver has a narrowband filter, which will limit the audio quality regardless of the transmitter.
2. the signal must remain very well tuned for the receiver to demodulate the audio properly.

In the modern age, with fancy SDR receivers and PLL or DDS transmitters than can be locked to an accurate frequency reference (WWV/GPS/OCXO/RubidiumTO) these problems are easily dealt with, and the savings of 66% of your power not used for the carrier, and another 17 not used for the other sideband, it may be the right choice in SOME situations.

(P.S. I love AM as much as the next guy, just saying its not the only right way)
and i agree with you but this is also the reason why i tend to keep the band pass audio on my TX at 5Khz since most receivers band pass filter (excluding SDR's) are generally fixed at 5-6Khz anyway.
even with 10Khz band pass audio, to effectively hear 8-10Khz requires the transmission to be received stronger than it would be at 5Khz so its pretty much useless for low power transmissions that are being received with less than an S9.

it started off at 1900z with a carrier for a few seconds then an OM yelling "anybody out there ? can anyone hear me ? no one is listening"
since then, ive been hearing interesting outtakes/demos from the beatles.
the transmitter in use has the same signature as others OP's i have seen posted, most of the audio is on the LSB side of AM, frequency shifts a bit with modulation, seems to be slightly FM, wide audio band pass (no brick wall filter).
id take a wild guess its a "LuLu" transmitter being used.
2005z - "its the nutty professor!" with unintelligible talking "thanks for listening bye!" - off at 2007z
thanks for the outtakes/demos from the beatles, it was different and enjoyable

ended abruptly at 1943z with a half second clip of "you dont know how it feels" by tom petty

not meaning to get off topic but its my experience the FCC is more interested in what brings them dollars and that would be commercial FM radio stations who deliver the cash to them to hunt down the FM pirates who allegedly take a "bite" out of the commercial FM listeners and their advertisement revenue.
the additional priority of the FCC is to combat radio transmissions that cause "harmful" interference brought on by complaints.
if you operate a clean low power transmitter on shortwave and do not cause interference to anyone and anything, you should be okay, choose a frequency that is known not to be occupied during your broadcast times and stay within the audio band pass of that frequency to avoid bleeding over to the audio band pass of adjacent frequencies that may be occupied, in my case it is radio rebelde at 5025Khz which uses 10Khz audio band pass (ends at the LSB 5015Khz) and WWV at 5Mhz which apparently uses 5Khz audio band pass (ends at the USB 5005Khz) which leaves +/- 5Khz usable audio band pass at 5010Khz.
Old Time Radio at 6770Khz is an example of this.

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