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Strong signal from XTC, chat about the 40th anniversary of Laser 558 going on the air, song by the Byrds.

The long-running Dutch MW pirate Barones currently being heard on 5840 with fair signal into SW England. Probably a relay of his broadcast on 1636 (which is strong on the Twente SDR).

Heard with Rod Stewart "Maggie May" and "First Cut is the Deepest," chat in Dutch.

Weekend Music Radio with usual strong signal on 6290, song "Breakfast At Tiffanys," talking about the listeners from the past who are still listening to WMR, playing archive Irish pirate radio recordings

King Shortwave ID heard at 1549, signal weaker than normal

XTC with strong signal playing The Saturdays "Issues," The Killers "Smile Like You Mean It."

Irish Paul on his blog noted the station going off air at 0600 UTC this morning. I'm guessing transmitter stays on all night, broadcast times seem to be 2000 to 0600 UTC. Station doesn't QSL and has no contact address

Polka music, good signal, Radio JVG is in the pirate chat with 6480 after his name

Strong signal from WMR, playing Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel "Judy Teen," then the WMR waterfall art.

6300 was Radio Grenswinkel

Heard at 1705 UTC with a relay of Radio Dutchwing by Radio Mexico, occasional IDs, traditional Dutch music, strong signal

It is WNKR with an old programme, confirmed by station operator in the chat

Dutch pirates QSOing on 6375 - taking part were Radio Blackstone, Radio Witte Reus, Radio Boomerang, Radio Baken 16, NMD Radio. Strongest was Boomerang

1139 UTC, XTC with S9 signal, chatting, reading out emails, playing jungle music, talking about the death of the DJ Steve Wright

Strong signal from WMR, playing 4 Non Blondes "Spaceman."

This is a message Jack, operator of Weekend Music Radio, left on his website last week: "More good news is that we are completely up to date with our QSLs.

"Something we don't do is study all the forum entries and blogs and logs, and send out QSLs to the email addresses listed. Anyone who requires a QSL, simply send the details of your reception to the email address and we can sort it out from there."


So anyone hoping for a WMR eQSL (a mega-17 page PDF) can drop him a line at info@wmrscotland.com

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