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At 2026 jingle "Kiss AM, playing the music of your life," then Van McCoy "The Hustle." Fair signal - not sure if a relay

SBRS from Ireland putting in a good signal into SW UK, playing Chrissie Hynde & UB40 "I've Got You Babe," IDs and asking for reports, then The Cure "Close To Me," Madonna "Like A Prayer."

Strong signal with music
ID in XAT chat as WMR

That is wrong. It is not WMR, no ID heard but music style sounds like Johnny Tobacco

ID heard at 1753, Radio 60 via Radio Mexico, greeting listeners, playing the Ramones

6305 is Radio Pandora, fair signal, talking about Achim's site, playing the Oysterband "I Fought The Law."

Radio Lowland, talking about setting up the studio webcam, playing "Lady Marmalade" (again) at 1847 then "Swing Your Daddy."

Voice of the Netherlands, strong in SW UK, off 1810

Good signal in SW UK, 1327 UTC, signing on now

Contikenzo with IDs, greetings, fair signal

Relay of Irish station Q102

Jack Russell was playing recordings of Radio Caroline 319 on Weekend Music Radio on his show this week.

N2MLP could have heard the rebroadcast via Shortwave Gold on 6160/3975. This show was due to run from 2100-2300 UTC (Saturdays)

I'm listening now on 6290 (20 Aug, 0937 UTC). Lots of clips with "Caroline 319" IDs from 1983

Playing 60s music, ID heard, weak signal in SW UK

ID heard for New Dance Radio

Boney M "Hooray Hooray It's A Holiday," greetings to listeners, Manfred Mann "Do Wah Diddy Diddy," strong signal in SW England

Radio Seabreeze ID at 1700 UTC then news in Dutch, relay via unid (maybe JVG)

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