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It's Radio Voyager, heard giving out email address

Radio 3-1-9 jingle at top of the hour, oldies, good signal but deep fading

6280 is Lowland .... fair signal here

Radio Avia with a good signal, IDs at 1831. Not the clearest ID but operator confirmed in Tamara's WhatsApp AM app

Non-stop music, heard at 1858 UTC with The Beatles "Penny Lane," very strong signal, maybe Mike Radio, off air at 1902

1024 Laser Hot Hits International ID, Booker T & The MGs "Time is Tight," then "This is Laser" jingle, Dutch DJ hosting (LHH does have a Dutch DJ), strong signal

IDs, instrumental "Time is Tight", weak/fair reception. Another name for Dutch pirate Mi Amigo

1722 .... Radio Zomerzon ID, said closing down in a few minutes,
1724 .... Final ID and off air

New frequency for Rock Revolution (ex-1494). Clear channel heard with usual ID jingles, playing Pink Floyd "Hey Hey Rise Up," George Harrison "My Sweet Lord." Fair signal.

Zender Black Power - very good signal until sign off

It does work ... I've already had a eQSL from him. Reply came from: bluemoonradio188@gmail.com

Using 40W into half wave dipole ...


Fair signal for Radio Pamela in SW England playing Paul McCartney & Wings "Band on the Run", followed by ID and contact details, some bursts of utility QRM

Radio Akenzo with IDs and greetings, Pussycat "Hey Joe", Fischer Z "So Long", announced test on this frequency, strong signal in SW England

Yes, I update the list when I receive a new or updated address.

You're right Ray, there's a lot of stations that are no longer on the air and it does need a clean up!

In addition I maintain a list of Medium Wave (mainly Dutch) pirates at:


Good evening,
can anyone confirm if the Harmony broadcaster based in Belgium still broadcasts on this frequency?
I ask because on his home page it says that the shortwave broadcasts ended on 12.31.2022 or so I understand.

18:54 - Whatever Will Be, Will Be by Doris Day
18:56 - Fever by Peggy Lee

That's a different Harmony.

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